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Running Shoes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

To have a correct performance in your training, you need to have shoes that adapt to both the anatomy of your feet and the surface on which you are going to move. Not just any shoe is suitable for the same sports activity. That is why it is best to carefully review the specifications of each of the models that catch your attention, thus avoiding making a hasty purchase. If you are looking for running shoes with which you can do sports and, in addition, use them in your day to day, then Nike Revolution 4 EUIt may be the model you are looking for. Its design has a pleasant aesthetic and has been made with high-end raw materials that will provide you with comfort, safety and durability. Another model that you cannot let go unnoticed is the Asics Gel-Pulse 9, which offers you lightness, stability and a correct grip on smooth or irregular surfaces.

Opinions on the best running shoes

The sporting goods market has a wide catalog of running shoes, so selecting the model that suits your needs may not be a quick task. In the following section, we present several models with high quality standards, which enjoy the support of buyers.

Running shoes for men

Nike Revolution 4 EU

Revolution 4 EU is a model of running shoes for men developed by Nike. Its elaboration was carried out with high quality raw material so that you can enjoy a comfortable, safe, stable and durable product. For the sole, the manufacturer used white rubber, a flat heel design and medium depth grooves.

In this way, you will obtain greater grip on different surfaces, as well as an adequate level of flexibility that adapts to your movements. The exterior of the men’s running shoes is made of polyamide fibers. This is a synthetic material similar to nylon that offers strength and stability.

The instep has two rows of seven holes on each side and a lace to intertwine them, allowing you to adjust the shoe to your liking. In addition, the interior of these men’s running shoes has a padded lining in gray cotton textile, designed to prevent damage to the skin from any type of abrasion when walking.

Nike Revolution 4 EU are men’s running shoes, made with high-end raw materials and a design that adapts correctly to both the shape and the natural movement of the foot.


Interior: The interior area of ​​the shoe incorporates a gray cotton textile lining, hypoallergenic treatment and a soft touch.  

Upper: The manufacturer used textile mesh with synthetic treatment for the outside of the shoe and reinforcements on the sides.

Closure: Along the instep you will find two rows with seven holes, designed for you to go through the laces and thus be able to adjust the shoe to your liking.

Sole: The sole of these running shoes has a flat and flexible design, which adapts to the movement of the foot.


Design: Despite the fact that the seller indicates that the shoes are black in the specifications, buyers have complained because the textile in the front area is green.

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Running shoes for women

Asics Gel-Pulse 9

This model of the Asics line for women, according to the experience of the buyers, offers great resistance, comfort and safety in each step. In addition, for some of them it perfectly answers the question of which are the best running shoes.

For the exterior design of these women’s running shoes, the manufacturer used synthetic material together with heat sealing technology, thus offering great stability and a feminine aesthetic by incorporating some details in fuchsia and silver.

For its part, the interior is lined with cotton textile fiber, which provides a soft touch and an adequate level of freshness. The sole of the footwear is made of rubber with non-slip channels, it has an approximate elevation of two centimeters and an EVA midsole, responsible for absorbing the impact by resting both the plant and the heel on the ground.

Both materials are flexible and adapt to your movements. Finally, we have that the instep of women’s running shoes has two rows of six holes to place the laces.

If you don’t know which running shoes to buy, you just have to review the pros and cons of this model. It is a design with a low cut, feminine aesthetics and great comfort when moving.


Design: The cut of these running shoes is low. Its aesthetic is designed for women, changing the blue color with some details in fuchsia, silver and white.

Heel: The sole of these shoes has a flat design with an elevation of approximately two centimeters in the heel area.

Cushioning: The manufacturer added an EVA midsole, responsible for absorbing the impact that the plant and the heel may suffer when resting on a surface to move.

Exterior: The exterior area is made with synthetic material and heat-sealing technology, being resistant.


Last: The manufacturer assumes that the last of the shoes is small, so you should buy one and a half sizes more, so you don’t have any problems.

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trail running shoes

Salomon Speedcross 4

This model belongs to the type of trail running shoes, offering its users a wide range of sizes from number 40 to 49 ⅓ EU, so that each person will be able to find a prototype of this shoe without difficulties. On the other hand, its black design stands out, although the manufacturer makes other color combination options available to the user to choose from, hence there will be no doubt that you will find a suitable one with your preferences.

These trail running shoes have a flat-type heel and are made entirely of synthetic material, since this raw material has been used for the composition, the lining and the outer structure, which represents a suitable level of resistance.

For adequate support, the model has a closure method using laces, hence it provides the appropriate level of adaptation to the foot. The weight of the footwear is estimated between 260 and 300 grams, being light for a better displacement.

This model has a special structure for runners, since it has resistant materials. Here its pros and cons.


Light: The weight of the shoes is estimated in a range from 260 to 300 grams, hence it is not too high.

Heel: The type of heel is flat, so that it offers a favorable foot position.

Material: They have a structure of synthetic material in all its parts, having adequate resistance.

Support: For support, the shoes are equipped with laces, offering a good level of adjustment to the foot.


Sole: Some users have commented that the sole is not suitable for long periods of walking on the asphalt, since it eventually wears out.

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Nike running shoes

Nike AJ3491

Among the best running shoes of 2022, you will find this Nike women’s model as a reference. It is a design that offers comfort and safety when stepping. Also, it is important to note that the product has a minimalist aesthetic where white predominates, enhancing the presence of the logo and the brand name in a pink tone.

The exterior of these Nike running shoes is made of heat-sealed mesh and with polyleather reinforcements on the sides. The interior has been lined with cotton textile to offer a comfortable space for the foot and, finally, the rubber sole with a flat heel will allow you correct cushioning when hitting the ground.

The instep has two rows with six holes each, through which a polyester cord is crisscrossed, allowing the level of adjustment to be varied before tying it. In addition, these Nike running shoes stand out for their lightness, being suitable for training.

Nike has all the necessary features to be considered the best brand of running shoes. Their designs are functional, with a pleasant aesthetic and made with top quality raw materials. Next, we present an example model of it.


Heel: The design of the sole of these running shoes has a flat heel with a high level of cushioning, avoiding injuring the heel.

Closure: The method of adjustment and closure of the shoe is by means of laces, which are intertwined in the two rows of eyelets on the instep.

Exterior: For the exterior area, the manufacturer used heat-sealed mesh with poly-leather reinforcements and some pink details to enhance the brand’s logo.

Interior: The interior lining is made of white cotton textile that is soft to the touch, providing resistance and comfort.


Sole: For one of the clients, the sole of the shoes is a bit slippery. Of course, this depends a lot on the type of surface where the user is.

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adidas running shoes

Galaxy 4

Those followers of this brand who consider themselves an Adidas man will not be able to let this product, positioned as the best running shoe, go unnoticed, as it combines high-end materials with a design that adapts to the anatomy of your foot, to provide comfort and security. Its exterior is made of light gray mesh textile, with some reinforcements in synthetic material of the same tone in areas such as the heel, the toecap and the sides.

In this way, you will enjoy an adequate level of stability, as well as keep yourself protected against impacts that may unexpectedly arise against a rock or pavement. The instep area has a total of four pins and blue laces, with which you can adjust the shoe.

Inside these Adidas running shoes there is a cotton fabric with antibacterial treatment, soft to the touch and breathable. The sole is compact, flexible and has some channels of medium depth, for a better grip.

To have at your fingertips the best running shoes of the moment, you should review this model that is characterized by its lightness, comfort, adequate level of perspiration and pleasant aesthetics.


Interior: Blue cotton textile was used for the interior, which will allow you to enjoy a comfortable and breathable support.

Exterior: The mesh textile exterior design has some synthetic reinforcements that offer greater protection and stability.

Sole: The manufacturer devised for this model a design of medium depth channels in the sole area. In this way, it will give you a better grip on smooth or uneven surfaces.

Closure: The shoe has an instep adjustment system, made up of a pair of rows with four pins each, crisscrossed with a flat design lace.


Last: The last of these shoes is a bit loose, as commented by one of the buyers.

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Asics running shoes

Asics Gel-Pulse 9

If you are looking for Asics running shoes, you can get to know this model, which comes in various color options, in 10 different shades, so you can choose the one that best reflects your personality.

In the same way, we must mention the resistance of the manufacturing materials used in the structure, combining a rubber sole, a synthetic inner material and a fabric lining, also allowing ventilation inside the shoe.

Regarding the heel, we must say that it belongs to the type of mini heel, with a height of 4 cm and added gel capsules. Likewise, the shoe fastening will be adequate, because it adjusts to the foot by means of laces.

These cheap running shoes are designed for women, offering sizes between a range of 36 to 42, so there will be no difficulty in finding the one that corresponds to the size of your foot. Likewise, the last is wide to facilitate the placement of insoles and the model will be suitable for runners.

This women-focused design is offered in a number of color combinations, so we’ve outlined its pros and cons below.


Materials: The footwear is made of synthetic materials in the different parts of the structure, providing resistance.

Design: This model is designed to be worn by women and comes in various color combinations.

Sole: The sole is made of rubber and contains gel capsules in the heel area, which provides a good level of support.

Sizes: The shoes are offered in a wide range of sizes, from number 36 to number 42, so that each user will find a suitable option.


Size: It has been mentioned that the size of the shoes happens to be smaller than the standard level, so order one or two sizes up.

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New Balance running shoes

New Balance M420 LK4

A model of New Balance running shoes that has won the preferences of users is this option that comes in a wide range of sizes, having various options to adapt to the feet of users. Also, you will find several color combinations to choose the one that most attracts your attention.

In order for the shoes to remain correctly adjusted to the foot, they are equipped with a lace fastening system. Likewise, they are manufactured with quality materials, since textiles were used for the composition, fabric for the exterior area and synthetic for the lining.

Also, we must talk about its sole, which is made of synthetic material, so that it offers a good level of traction and durability. Due to their design, they are shoes recommended for runners, having a good level of lightness.

In order for you to find a suitable model, here are the pros and cons of this previously recommended option.


Colors:   You will find these shoes in various color options to choose the ones that best suit your style.

Robustness: Its level of robustness is high, because materials such as textile, synthetic and mesh are combined.

Sizes: The model is offered in a wide variety of sizes, which includes many options.

Closure: These shoes fit the foot correctly, as they have a lace-up closure.


Shape: Some users have criticized the shape of the shoes, claiming that they are very long, but this is a changing perception.

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Running shoes for 100 kg

Adidas Ultraboost Clima

In case you are looking for running shoes for 100 kg, we invite you to discover this model that stands out for its level of ventilation, since it has a structure made of fabric and synthetic for the outer area and the lining, respectively. Thus, the movement on the road will be favorable to maintain a good level of freshness in the feet.

The sizes in which this model is presented also have various options, ranging from number 40 to 47 1/3 EU, so that you acquire a suitable prototype for you.

On the other hand, we must also highlight its good fastening system, which has been achieved using laces. As for the sole of these cheap running shoes, we must say that it is made of rubber and is convenient to perform well on the track, no matter how wet it is, as it has a special treatment to maintain balance and natural movement. of the heel

If you are looking for a model that offers ventilation conditions for your feet, then proceed to know the pros and cons of the following option.


Ventilation: Combines synthetic with textile material, so that favorable ventilation is achieved.

Adaptation: According to the structure of the footwear, it will have a level of adaptation to the foot, in terms of the execution of the movement when running.

Sizes: You will find these shoes available in various sizes, from 40 to 47 1/3 EU.

Laces: As the fastening is completed using laces, the footwear will always remain in the proper position.


Color: In this design it will not be possible to choose between several color combinations, since it is only presented in one option.

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Other products

Reebok Classic Leather

This model, made by Reebok and aimed at children, is a good purchase alternative if you are looking for the best value for money running shoes. Their design has high-end raw materials and technology, but they are also one of the cheapest shoes you will find in this list.

Aesthetically, the shoe retains the brand’s classic design with a low cut, which will allow the child proper mobility in the ankle area. The exterior is black in soft leather, incorporating some reinforcements on the toe, heel and sides, which have been carefully stitched.

The instep has two rows of six holes, through which a lace is crisscrossed to guarantee the fit to the foot. The interior is comfortable, it has a cotton textile fiber lining and a removable Ortholite foam insole. The EVA midsole absorbs the impact when walking and the rubber sole offers correct abrasion.

This model has a resistant, comfortable design that offers great stability to the foot. Also, it is among the cheapest running shoes.


Template: The manufacturer incorporated a template made of soft and breathable Ortholite foam, which you can remove whenever you want.

Exterior: Soft black leather was used for the exterior, thus offering protection and durability.

Closure: On the instep there are a couple of rows with six holes for you to intersect the laces. In this way, you can adjust the shoe to the shape of your foot.

Interior: The interior of the shoe incorporates a thin layer of foam, which in turn has been lined with breathable cotton textile with a soft touch.


Last: Users agree that the last of the shoes is larger than normal standards.

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Guide to buying running shoes

When buying running shoes, it is important to take into account a series of aspects to choose correctly, according to your needs. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best running shoes that you can read below.

Shopping guide


The materials in which the shoes have been made are one of the main factors that you should evaluate, knowing that they have a high influence on how much a model costs. The objective when looking at the materials is to analyze the level of robustness that they give to the shoes, leaning towards those options that offer greater resistance and at the same time a significant period of durability.

Also, keep in mind that the shoes are distributed in a main composition, the upper material, the lining and the sole. For each of these parts, manufacturers can use one or several types of raw materials. For example, we find models made of synthetic leather, fabric, rubber, rubber, mesh or other textile variations.

We cannot say that one material is better than another, because each model may vary. In this sense, go for the option that you consider more robust, knowing that if it combines one or more of the materials that we mention, it will have an adequate level of durability.


The support of the footwear is another element that frequently appears in the comparison of running shoes, because it will mean the fact of having comfort when moving through one space or another. Thus, the model must have a comfortable degree of adherence to the foot, but without being too tight to interfere with proper blood circulation. In this sense, the most common models are adjusted by means of a velcro closure or laces.

For running shoes, the lace-up fit is one of the most convenient, as the Velcro could eventually slip from constant movement. Hence, if the model you are interested in is fastened with laces, you should know that you are facing a suitable one.


A shoe can be good and cheap, but if it doesn’t fit your foot size correctly, you simply won’t be able to afford it. Therefore, it is of great importance that the model is offered in the right size for your foot.

Hence, it is recommended to inquire about the available sizes, remembering that the measurement nomenclature is not always the same for all manufacturers, so you can investigate the dimensions of the shoes in more detail and compare them with those of your foot or simply with the style of sizing, relative to the style that you regularly go by.

There are shoes that come in the European numbering, others are guided by the American numbering or other commercial destinations where the manufacturer brand belongs.


Regarding the design, we must start by saying that this does not directly influence the performance of the shoes, since it is more than an aesthetic element. However, the appearance of the footwear is of the utmost importance so that the user feels attracted to one model or another.

Most manufacturers are concerned with offering prototypes in as many colors, patterns and combinations as possible, while other models do not focus on this option. It cannot be said that a greater range is more convenient, but certainly the fact of having more options to choose from generates a positive impression of the brand on the user, because it implies greater customization options.

sole and heel

The lower area of ​​the shoes is one of the factors that determine comfort when using them. Therefore, the sole and the heel are two of the most important areas that you should evaluate separately.

Initially, look at the type of materials that have been used in the manufacture, taking into account that rubber, rubber or synthetic are used for the sole. Thus, there are some of them that are more suitable for running on asphalt and others are ideal for moving on race tracks, so you should think about the use that you will give to the shoes.

As for the heel, there are several types of them, so your choice cannot be made lightly. Some runners are more comfortable with a completely flat heel, while others prefer a certain level of elevation, which is not excessive and offers more possibilities to reduce the impact caused to the heel during each step.

Weight and last

Although not all manufacturers report the weight of certain shoes, try to find out if it is a light or heavy model. This is because, when running, the footwear will also represent an extra weight that you will have to deal with, hence the most convenient thing is that they are light running shoes that favor a fast and comfortable movement.

A model that weighs more than 350 grams can be considered as weighing on a medium-high scale, which you should acquire depending on the type of athlete you are, your physical build and the other benefits it offers.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to wash running shoes?

The most important advice on this is not to put the shoes in the washing machine, as this can considerably deteriorate the structure. It is recommended initially to remove the laces and insoles that have been added inside. Next, it is important to dry remove the dirt accumulated on the outside, especially in the sole area.

Then, have a container of water handy and add a quantity of liquid or powdered soap with a low chemical concentration. You don’t need to submerge the shoes in the container; simply start washing the outer area, until the entire shoe is complete, proceed to rinse in the same way and let it dry in the open air, without forcing the process by placing the footwear near heat sources.

Q2: What are ankle brace running shoes for?

This model of shoes serves to offer a better level of comfort in the face of frequent movement. In many cases, there are users who are forced to wear high-cut stockings, because the shoes come to rub too much the area in front of the ankle, so that with this type of footwear this problem is eliminated.

Likewise, it is possible to maintain a good level of flexibility of the feet, with an adequate angle of movement and, additionally, many users do without the use of stockings.

Q3: Which running shoes are better, Nike or Asics?

Both brands enjoy wide recognition in the commercial market. Perhaps, many of the Asics models can be considered more affordable compared to those of Nike, which, because they have more experience, can be more expensive to produce. Similarly, Nike’s expertise allows for the incorporation of certain treatments and technological advances that other manufacturers have not yet developed. In any case, in one brand or another you can find convenient options.

Q4: How to tie running shoes?

The truth is that there are multiple variations to tie the shoes and each person can consider one or another way of fastening as the most comfortable, so the answer to this question is relative. The approximation that we can make is that the braids will always be intertwined to a greater or lesser extent, because it is the only way to generate a certain level of tension to ensure fastening.

Thus, the way of placing the braids through the holes of the instep varies, while there must be some type of final knot, only that many users recommend doing it on the back of the foot, instead of the front area.

Q5: What are mixed running shoes?

Mixed running shoes are those that do not have the restriction of being used for a single running category, but are used for training or participating in competitions, regardless of the number of kilometers that must be covered.

In this sense, weight is one of the most important factors that influence this classification, since mixed shoes are a kind of middle ground between those for routes around 10 km, which must have a good level of lightness, compared to others of smaller routes, which usually have a higher weight level.

Q6: What advantage does c

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