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Skateboards – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

The popularity of skateboards has grown exponentially both as a piece of equipment for the enjoyment of speed and as a means of traveling short distances. Currently, there are many options for these four-wheelers. Among them, there are two that are usually among the favorites of the user community. In the first place we find Teamgee H5, an electric skateboard that has a remote control, integrated battery and double motor, which allows a constant speed of 35 km/h. Next, Sefulim Aluminum is a classic option with lightweight properties, which has been built with thin layers of wood.

Opinions on the best skateboards

Gliding down the street pavement and doing flips or jumps is something that can only be achieved with a skateboard. However, the wide catalog of alternatives in relation to brands, models and quality, makes choosing one complex. For this reason, we have made a list in which we explain the main characteristics of the best skateboards on the market according to the user community.

electric skateboard

Teamgee H5

With a light weight of only 6 kilos, this model is considered by many users as the best skateboard on the market, for having resistant properties that are combined with innovations. It is an electric skateboard that is equipped with a remote control and LCD screen, where you can see data about speed, battery level, mode of use and has an LED flashlight.

In addition, it has been equipped with two driving modes for two speeds, a low speed of 18 km/h and a high speed of 35 km/h. The incorporation of the battery was done discreetly and does not affect the aesthetics of the equipment.

It was built with 10 layers of Canadian maple wood and fiberglass, for a load of 90 kilos. Similarly, it has a double 380 W motor for a total of 760 watts of power, with a 25-degree tilt.

Few models are among the best and this is cataloged by many as the best skateboard of the moment.


Design: It has a modern, light and slim design that incorporates a battery in a discreet way.

Capacity: Thanks to the fact that it is made of resistant materials, its capacity is 90 kilos.

Construction: It has been built with 10 layers of flexible maple wood and one of fiberglass.

Power: Due to its 380 W double motor and battery, it reaches a maximum speed of 35 km/h.


Rotation: Some users have expressed that the rotation angle of this model is limited.

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HiBoy S11

Commonly mentioned among the best skateboards of 2022, this model from the manufacturer Hiboy has a relatively light weight of just over three kilos and has been made with resistant materials that give it a load capacity of about 100 kilos. This electric skateboard is equipped with a 2200mAh capacity Samsung battery, as well as a 350w brushless motor, which allows it to reach a maximum speed of 20 km/h.

In addition, it has a wireless controller that facilitates driving on the body of the skateboard. On the other hand, it is made with a structure of seven lightweight layers of maple wood and four large polyurethane wheels have been included that allow it to reach high speeds, with a stable and smooth ride on the pavement. Likewise, it has a smooth sandpaper surface that improves adherence and grip, being convenient when making turns and maneuvers.

Hiboy is a manufacturer with a long history, being a strong competitor to become the best skateboard brand. Read model details from him.


Capacity: It has been built with resistant but lightweight materials, which provide a load of 100 kilos.

Construction: Its structure is built with seven layers of maple wood and a smooth sandpaper surface.

Wheels: It has been equipped with four large wheels that improve stability for movement.

Motor: It has a 350W brushless motor, so it reaches a maximum assisted speed of 20 km/h.


Brakes: Some users have commented that the braking system is poor and wears out easily.

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skateboard freestyle

Sefulim Aluminum

For those who are in search of the best quality-price skateboard, it would be convenient to take a look at the properties of this model marketed by Sefulim, which is one of the cheapest. It is a lightweight equipment of 2.6 kilos and high-end properties.

The model has been manufactured with high quality and resistant materials, incorporating a base with five-inch aluminum axles, stainless steel bearings and a table structure with seven layers of Canadian maple wood, a smooth sanded surface that improves grip and PU wheels, for controlled movements on the pavement.

Due to its robustness, it has a maximum load capacity of about 100 kilograms. At the same time, it has a classic design, being a freestyle skateboard, so it is suitable for both beginners and experts, to develop technique or to move around.

In case you want to buy a model mentioned among the cheapest, then check the positive and negative details of this option.


Weight: It has a light weight of 2.6 kilos, with a load capacity between 90 and 100 kilos.

Construction: It is built with seven layers of maple wood and aluminum shafts that provide robustness.

Surface: It has a surface made of smooth black sandpaper, which improves adherence between it and the sole.

Design: It has a classic Freestyle style design, suitable for beginners and experts.


Unions: Some users consider that the unions are weak and although its load is 100 kilos, it is limited in movements.

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carver skateboard

Carver Triton Horizon 31

With a modern and elegant design, the Carver Skateboard Blue Horizon is one of the most recommended models by users, due to its attributes of quality and resistance. This board is appropriate and recommended for warm-up and training, thanks to its energetic and light design that guarantees quick responses on the pavement for extreme maneuvers.

The model is inspired by the sea and its waves, so its driving is free, with quick turns and simple movements. Its structure is built with seven layers of hard American maple wood, which have been treated and worked for a better result, with an Asian manufacture.

It also has a steel CX axis support and adherent sandpaper surface. Its dimensions are 31 inches and the skateboard is equipped with wide wheels, which improve the natural movement on the asphalt.

Carver Triton Horizon 31 is a competitively priced alternative that is worth learning about. Here its pros and cons.


Design: It has a classic design built for vigorous workouts, with quick responses.

Wheels: It has four wheels made of PU, with large dimensions that allow natural sliding on the pavement.

Materials: The board is made of seven layers of hardwood American maple.

Surface: Thanks to its surface made of highly adherent sandpaper, it is used to do tricks and maneuvers.


Capacity: Some users have commented that this model does not have a high load capacity.

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penny skateboard

Penny Nickel Complete 27

The manufacturer Penny presents a model that is usually the recommended alternative to those who wonder what is the best skateboard that can be obtained today. The Penny skateboard is equipped with four 5.9cm thick wheels with a hardness of 83A, so they are suitable for a smooth glide on the pavement. In addition, it has a set of Abec7 bearings, with four-inch axles. Its structure is made of high-grade quality and resistance materials, the table being made of resistant plastic, so it can withstand a maximum load of approximately 100 kilos.

As for the design, it has a retro type style and conventional cut, being appropriate both for regular movements, as well as for tricks and pirouettes. It is available in blue, with orange wheels.

For you to decide which skateboard to buy, you can learn the essential aspects related to this model.


Load: Although it is light, it has a high load capacity of approximately 100 kilos.

Materials: It is made with quality materials, including a plastic board.

Design: It has a classic design that is available in blue, with contrasting orange wheels.

Wheels: It has thick wheels that improve stability and movement on the pavement.


Packaging: Some users have commented that they have received the board poorly packaged and without the security seals.

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How to choose the best skateboard?

With a skateboard you can do all kinds of tricks and pirouettes. In addition, they serve to slide around the city and have fun, either alone or with friends. There are many models available. Being the complex decision, we have prepared a guide to buy the best skateboard on the market, with the considerations and properties that must be known for an efficient purchase.

Shopping guide


When comparing skateboards, one of the most important attributes to consider is the class or type of skateboard deck. In this sense, there are many models and designs, but in general two important classes can be identified. On the one hand, there are the traditional boards that move by the force or impulse that the user applies and on the other, there are the electric skateboards. The differences between both modalities are many, starting with the price.

Electric scooters usually have a higher cost because they include a greater number of elements, which increases their price. They are usually equipped with batteries and a motor, as well as controls or controllers, as well as screens to monitor activity. As in the traditional ones, these skateboards are used to make pirouettes. However, they are an alternative as a means of transport for short distances, since they reach an assisted speed of up to 35 kilometers per hour.


In relation to design, there are many alternatives available. There are short models and some longer ones, as well as some small, large, rounded or more pointed options. The differences in the designs tend to be a reference of the type of discipline that is going to be practiced, some being more convenient than others for urban displacement. So in the market you can get longboard, cruiser, freeboard, carveboard styles, among many others. In addition, in the design it is also possible to select the color according to the taste of each user. Some decks feature dynamic, colorful designs in fluorescent hues, as well as psychedelic prints.


An inexpensive skateboard is an alternative that attracts many users, but in addition to this feature it is appropriate to analyze the weight, with light boards being the most recommended because they allow greater versatility and freedom of movement, as well as gaining greater speed and being more comfortable. easy to carry. For this reason, it is recommended that they be low-weight models, not exceeding five kilos.


Although a model is light, its load capacity must be high so that the pirouettes can be done and allow different users to use it. Each brand and model has a load capacity that is generally given due to the manufacturing materials. It is convenient that the boards have a capacity greater than 80 kilos. In this sense, there are models that have a higher load capacity, which is between 90 and 100 kilos. This amount represents the average weight of the person. However, it is to be assumed that when doing the pirouettes, the weight of the pressure and force in the movement will be greater.

Manufacturing materials

If you want to have an idea of ​​how much a skateboard costs in order to make a purchase decision, you need to do an analysis of the materials that the manufacturer used to make the board. In general, the most expensive models are usually those that are made of natural wood. In this sense, the wood can be from different types of trees, with maple being one of the most popular and expensive.

Whatever the wood, you should know that it is delicately worked in the form of sheets or layers with flexible properties. These are then joined together and form the board that will be the central focus of the skateboard’s structure. Depending on the model, you can get skateboards with five or seven layers of wood. Similarly, some alternatives have an additional layer of fiberglass. On the other hand, there are options designed in plastic, their price is cheaper and they are convenient due to their low weight.


When choosing a skateboard, the surface must be considered, since the level of adherence will depend on this. In general, the vast majority of models are made with a smooth sandpaper surface in black, suitable for the soles of shoes and that allows various movements to be executed, without losing stability.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to brake with a skateboard?

Braking can be a challenge and something that makes beginners nervous, because the easiest thing is to gain speed and not be able to stop. However, there are at least two methods that can be used depending on the needs. The simplest and most popular is by placing your foot on the ground. While walking, turn your front foot so that it is parallel to the board. Then, without pressing, the foot is placed touching the ground and the contact of the sole of the shoe through friction will generate braking. The other method, which is a bit more complex, is tail braking. To achieve this, the rear foot must be brought to the end of the tail, so that the heel protrudes and a sharp blow must be made on the tail so that the front part is raised. It is convenient to extend the arms for greater stability.

Q2: What is a skateboard cruiser?

A cruiser skateboard is a board similar to a longboard, due to its size and length. These are models with a high degree of versatility for manoeuvres, so they can be used in different spaces, and are also a convenient alternative for getting around the city. They can be made of wood or plastic, depending on the model, the latter being lighter.

Q3: How to make a skateboard?

To do this you need to have some basic tools and knowledge. One of the advantages of the skateboard is that almost all the parts are sold separately, so it is possible to build a personalized board according to taste and with high levels of quality. The first thing is to select the pieces and then start assembling.

Q4: Can I take a skateboard on the plane?

The simple answer is that you can take a skateboard on the plane. However, it has its caveats. It is possible to carry it as checked baggage in the aircraft hold. Only boards that do not exceed 50 cm in length may be carried in the cabin. This is due to the rules of aeronautical regulation. So if the skateboard exceeds these dimensions, it must go in the warehouse and pay a monetary surplus that varies according to the company.

Q5: What safety equipment is needed to skateboard?

Expert skaters feel safe on the board, which leads them to do without, in many cases, safety equipment. However, they are not exempt from a fall, so it is recommended that everyone who is going to be on a skateboard wear a helmet, knee pads, wrist pads, gloves, elbow pads and skate shoes. Some advise that special clothing or at least pants that cover the entire leg should also be used, to reduce the risk of injury.

Q6: Which is better, freestyle skateboard or penny?

There really isn’t one type of skateboard that is better than the other. Everything will depend on the tastes of each skater. Freestyles have been designed to execute tricks and are usually made of wood, being resistant equipment and suitable for sliding. In the case of the penny, they are a kind of cruiser that is made of plastic and has a retro style, but is not very suitable for tricks. According to the modality or discipline, the most convenient should be selected.

Q7: Which is better, plastic or wooden skateboard?

Again it will depend on what type of discipline is practiced and the tastes of each user. However, when it comes to analyzing quality, the models made of wood are more resistant and worked in thin layers in order to give the result of a board that is balanced between flexibility and rigidity. In this sense, plastic skateboards tend to be more flimsy and are more exposed to wear.

Q8: How to change skateboard wheels?

First it is necessary to remove the nut from the middle of the wheel mounted on the skateboard with a special screwdriver of the dimensions of the nut. Once it is released, the wheel must be removed and a rod will be exposed which is where the new selected wheel will be mounted. Next, the bearings must be removed from the old wheel and then placed on the new wheel by pressing hard. Then, the wheel must be placed on the rod and the nut must be screwed on tightly. The same should be done with the rest of the wheels.

How to use a skateboard

Although it is common to see skaters on the street enjoying their boards and doing tricks, it is not a modality that everyone can do. In fact, there is a large majority who do not know how to use a skateboard, since it requires practice and technique to control stability. For this reason, below we will give some tips so that the use of the boards is more profitable and the activity is enjoyed to the maximum, while the useful life of the skateboard is extended and injuries are not caused.

Assemble the skateboard

Many skateboards come from the factory with all the parts included, but half-assembled, so it is necessary to complete the assembly before they can be used. To do this, place all the pieces on a flat surface and have a screwdriver at hand. In general, these teams do not have the wheels installed, being necessary to place them on the board. To do this, take the table comfortably with both hands and with the help of a screwdriver, place the wheels one by one, applying pressure to prevent them from coming off. Remember that in addition to the wheels, the bearings must be placed in each one so that they rotate properly.

Climb up and try skateboarding

After having placed all the wheels, it is time to place the skateboard on the ground and check with your hands that it remains stable on the surface. The next thing is to get on the skateboard. To avoid accidents, it is recommended to place the skateboard near a wall to have a support element. Carefully place one foot on the board and then the other. Afterwards, it is necessary to stand and stand on the board, but if you feel insecure, you can lean on the wall. Try rocking or sliding on the spot to make sure the wheels are seated correctly.

Use the safety equipment

When the skateboard is ready to use, it is time to take the safety equipment and put it on before riding the board for the first time, as this will provide greater protection and prevent injuries in the event of a fall. It is recommended to wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves. It is important that you wear suitable skate shoes.

Hit the streets on the skateboard

Once you have checked that the skateboard is in good condition and you have the safety equipment, you are ready to use the board on the pavement. Preferably, the first time you use the table, try to make it a sunny day and avoid sliding down sections with slopes. To do this, place the table on the ground and climb on it trying to achieve balance and stability, something that you will achieve progressively and through constant practice.

have fun and enjoy

Always keep in mind that the most important thing is to enjoy yourself, so little by little you can let go and gain speed. Remember to start with flat sections, then gain balance to ride short ramps, make turns and start doing simple tricks.

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