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Skateboard – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Buying a skateboard to enjoy speed, do tricks and improve your technique on the board is an appropriate idea. But there are many models on the market, making the selection complex. That is why, prior to purchase, it is recommended to identify the indicators that denote quality and analyze the available options, considering the opinions of users about the user experience. The Hiboy S22 model is usually recognized for being electric with a 2 x 350W motor and having a remote control, being capable of reaching a speed of up to 30 km/h. Sefulim Skull is another proposal with a classic and versatile style, made of maple wood.

Opinions on the best skateboards

There are many skateboard options that you can get in the market and for the purchase to be successful you must look for an appropriate model that fits your needs. To make your selection easier, we offer you a summary with the models that meet high standards and are positioned among the preferences of users.

electric skateboard

hiboy s22

If you are looking for the best skateboard on the market, you should consider the Hiboy S22 as one of your options. This model is an electric skateboard that is equipped with two 350-watt motors, providing the power to reach up to 30 km/h, and a 4,400-mah battery that provides up to two hours of autonomy and charges in a couple of hours.

In addition, it has a remote control, being suitable for beginners or experts. Although its weight is light, only 7.5 kilos, it is built with solid materials, since the manufacturer has incorporated seven layers of maple wood and dense polyurethane into each of its wheels.

Therefore, its displacement flows with stability and speed on different urban terrains. Likewise, the surface of the board is made of smooth sandpaper, providing adherence and the necessary grip to execute turns, jumps and improve maneuverability.  

To select the best skateboard of the moment, you must be attentive to the indicators that denote quality. Therefore, you should review the pros and cons of the Hiboy S22 model.


Control: This is a versatile and current model with electrical properties that has a remote control to facilitate driving for beginners and experts.

Motor: With this skateboard you can reach an assisted speed of up to 30 km/h, because it is equipped with two 350 W motors each.

Battery: The model is equipped with a high-range battery that provides autonomy of up to four hours, for an hour and a half of charging on the power source.

Durability: This table is built with seven layers of maple wood, being able to withstand a high weight and the wheels are made of polyurethane.


Power: It has been mentioned that this model lacks power for slopes, especially when carrying a high weight.

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Nilox 30NXSKMO00004

This model offered by the manufacturer Nilox is positioned according to the preference of the user community among the best skateboards of 2022, because it has a versatile design with a unisex style, so both women and men can use it.

In addition, it is an electric skateboard that offers interesting technical properties that improve driving. With this classic-style alternative you can move around the city with an assisted speed of up to 12 km per hour, with enough electric range for around 20 kilometres.

Thanks to the design of this model, speed is gained on slopes, due to its wide structure, with a pointed front, simulating a surfboard. The skateboard has a high-power motor and battery, plus it has been equipped with a remote control, to provide more fun on urban terrain. The charging time for this design is about two hours.

Nilox is a manufacturer that provides its products with high quality standards that offer better performance, which is why it is recognized by many as the best skateboard brand.


Style: The table has a classic and urban style, being convenient to be used by men and women, because its design is unisex and minimalist.

Design: The model has an appropriate design to gain speed on descents because it is light and wide, with a pointed front.

Autonomy: The driving and assisted speed of this skateboard are adequate for about 20 kilometers, although this limit may decrease according to external conditions.

Charging: The model is equipped with a high-power battery that can be charged in a couple of hours.


Speed: Although this is an electric model, it is only capable of reaching a maximum speed of 12 km/h.

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iWatSkate iWild

If you are wondering which is the best skateboard on the market, it would be convenient if you could analyze the properties offered by this model marketed by iWatSkate, which stands out for providing fluid, stable and fast driving.

This skateboard has dimensions of 98 cm by 22.8 cm and is equipped with two 400 W motors, which provide the power to reach a maximum assisted speed of up to 30 km/h, being capable of traversing slopes of about 20º.

In addition, it can support a capacity of up to 120 kg. Thanks to the combination between the motor and the high-power battery, with this electric skateboard it is possible to have a range of up to 20 km.

Regarding its stability, the design has a size that provides a balance between maneuverability and speed and has a remote control. Its structure is made with a dense wood base, with a sandpaper surface that improves grip.

It may be that among the number of designs available on the market you feel confused and do not know which skateboard to buy. Therefore, you should look for quality and good performance. These properties can be found in the iWatSkate iWild.


Control: This model is equipped with a remote control to control the speed and mode settings.

Stability: The model has a large dimension design that provides a high level of stability and balance on different surfaces.

Motor: For assisted driving, this model has been equipped with two high-power motors, each with 400 W.

Capacity: The design is made of high quality and resistant materials, being able to support a weight of up to 120 kilograms.


Design: Although it is not a criticism of the operation, this model has a simple and conventional design that can be not very versatile.

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skateboard freestyle

Sefulim Skull

For those looking for quality at a good cost, you may be interested in learning about the properties of this model, which is commonly recognized as the best value-for-money skateboard, as well as being one of the cheapest on the market and the lowest cost in our selection..

It is designed with a classic but functional style, with properties suitable for professionals or beginners because it is a freestyle skateboard. It has a hybrid structure with resistant wheels made of PU, with quality bearings and aluminum axles.

For this reason, it is a versatile skateboard, convenient to slide on different surfaces such as parquet, street or any other, providing fluidity, stability and agility in descents and ascents.

Likewise, its base is made of seven layers of high-density Canadian maple wood, with a sandpaper surface with waterproof properties, and can be used in hot or cold climates, making it suitable for improving techniques, movement and turns.

Sefulim Skull has a versatile and classic design, with properties that are suitable for sliding on different surfaces, being recognized by many as one of the cheapest skateboards.


Glide: The skateboard is equipped with high-density aluminum wheels, as well as a quality bearing, which increases the ease and ability to slide.

Design: The model has a conventional and traditional design, with a classic cut that is suitable for beginners or experts on wet or dry surfaces.

Materials: This skateboard is made with solid and resistant materials, incorporating a table with seven layers of Canadian maple wood.

Modality: Due to the structure of this model, it can be used in different modalities, being suitable for turns, jumps and other pirouettes.


Capacity: Some of the pieces that make up the structure of this model are a bit flimsy, so it does not support a high capacity.

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Sakj-b 22 inch

If you are looking for a model that is of quality and that also has the endorsement of the user community, you might be interested in knowing the attributes that characterize this model from the manufacturer Sakj-b. In this opportunity, a 22-inch freestyle skateboard is offered, so it is suitable for all street modalities.

It is made with high-grade quality and resistance materials, incorporating a table made of high-density PU that supports the weight of an adult without its structure being affected. Also, the four wheels are made of PU and an aluminum alloy.

Furthermore, this skateboard is equipped with a quality bearing that provides a controlled glide even at high speed, making it suitable for freestyle riding. In relation to its design, it is classic and is available in various colors: black, green, purple, red and yellow.

A skateboard must be versatile and support a high capacity to provide more options to the user, hence few are recommended. Therefore, it is convenient for you to know the pros and cons of the 22-inch Sakj-b model.


Modality: With this skateboard you can practice various modalities, because it has a design that is suitable for skateboarding, cruisers and longboards.

Bearing: The design is equipped with a high-quality ABEC-7 bearing, built for speed and agility.

Colors: According to your taste, you can select from various colors the one that best suits your skating style.

Materials: This model is made with high-grade quality materials, incorporating PU and solid aluminum, being light but resistant and suitable for various conditions.


Capacity: Although it is made of a resistant material, there are those who believe that being plastic, its ability to withstand a high weight decreases significantly.

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Skateboard Penny

Penny PNYCOMP156

When looking for a skateboard, this design is one of those that leads the recommendations of users for being made with quality materials. The manufacturer has incorporated a solid and elegant structure that is available in black, so that its style is sober and minimalist.

This lightweight Penny skateboard has a 56cm long deck that has been constructed from dense, solid plastic, providing a high degree of strength, capable of supporting the weight of a grown man. In addition, the upper part of the equipment is equipped with grids of non-slip material, guaranteeing greater grip and control while driving.

With the 5.9 cm Penny 83 A wheels, it is possible to slide in a balanced and stable way on different urban terrains, with a high level of slip and fluidity during the curves, as well as speed on the descents.

Penny PNYCOMP156 is a versatile and functional model that also has an elegant design in black, features that, together with a competitive price, make it a highly recommended skateboard.


Design: This is a model that has a surface of 56 cm with a classic design with a sober and minimalist style in black.

Driving: Thanks to its design and the Penny A83 wheels, with this design you have a high degree of control and stability while driving.

Materials: The model is built with a solid and resistant plastic structure, with high standard finishes and details.

Weight: Speed ​​will be your partner with this skateboard, which has been designed with a light weight of less than 2 kilos.


Structure: The structure of this model can be a bit flimsy and unsuitable for supporting weights above 90 kilos.

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Guide to buying a skateboard

To glide through the streets smoothly, do tricks and enjoy yourself, you will need a skateboard. Therefore, you need to be able to identify some attributes that must be present in these products. In order to help you with the selection, we offer you the following guide to buy the best skateboard on the market.

Shopping guide

Type and modality

To make a comparison of skateboards, you must include the style of skating for which you will use them, as this will help you define the type of board you require. An essential aspect is that you know in advance if you are looking for an electric or freestyle board.

In the first case, it is about skateboards that work through one or two motors, which have different powers to reach assisted speeds between 10 and 30 km/h, through batteries that are usually high power and that provide a electrical independence that can vary according to quality and brand.

In addition, these electric skateboards have driving modes that adjust to urban terrain, being able to select between at least two speeds. In the case of conventional boards, although they do not have motor-assisted propulsion, they do have a design that serves to improve curves, jumps and other types of stunts.

If you decide to select an electric skateboard, you should know that it is not suitable for environments with steep slopes and that you can count on its electrical attributes only for as long as the battery is kept charged, being necessary to have a power source available. In the case of conventional tables, these have lower attributes, but to take advantage of them you will only need your strength and skill.


Design is one of the key elements when choosing a skateboard model. That one of these skate boards has an affordable price is an attractive quality for many users, but it must also have a design that fits the taste and skating modality.

There are at least two types of designs, the classic and minimalist ones and the modern and technological ones. Classic designs provide a high level of stability and grip, with firm structures that are often appropriate for greater stability and control. They even respond appropriately at high speed, in curves and wide turns, with a wide, elongated nose design.

In the case of modern models, manufacturers tend to further develop technical qualities, leaving properties such as structure aside. Likewise, within the design it is possible to select from a wide variety of options in relation to the color or pattern that the skateboard has.

Some manufacturers present their equipment with pastel tones, others try to be more elegant by incorporating colors such as silver or black, while many others have bright colors that contrast the tone of the wheels with that of the surface.

Manufacturing materials

To get an estimate of how much a skateboard costs today, it’s wise to check the materials that the manufacturer included in the frame. This could give you an idea not only of the cost, but also of the quality of the product.

Although there are many types of skateboards, there are two that are most popular. The first is made of maple wood, because according to the density, each board has more or fewer layers, one of the most common being those made up of seven layers. The price of these models tends to be higher. However, they are slow to wear and provide more versatility.

The second skateboards are made with structures made of high-density plastic, with a cheaper price, but at the same time their level of resistance is much lower and their wear more accelerated. Both options have a polished sandpaper surface that provides a high level of grip and adhesion, which varies in relation to durability.

capacity and weight

According to your needs, you should select a skateboard based on capacity and weight. The most recommended by users is to choose designs with high capacity, but that are built with a light structure that provides a convenient driving level on any surface.

The models that are usually most recommended have a weight of just over two kilos, others are ultralight and avoid the use of force. In relation to capacity, although they are light, they must support the weight of an adult without damaging their structure, so you can get models with a capacity of 90 kilos, even others that have a capacity of over 150 kilos.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to manufacture a skateboard?

To make a skateboard it is necessary to have some basic knowledge of carpentry, since to make the board you must use wood and have some implements that allow you to manipulate it. Although it will be difficult for you to make a professional board, you can make a simple skateboard.

First of all, you should know that to make it strong you need to incorporate between five and nine layers of thin plywood that must be glued together. Each of these sheets must have a specific thickness and weight that will be reflected in flexibility and driving. Plywood and veneer sheets need to be glued and pressed for several hours.

In addition, you will have to shape them. Although it is possible to achieve it, it is recommended for safety reasons that you buy a table that meets the standards of the discipline. In the market you can get many models, even personalized in size and at a competitive cost.

Q2: Where was the skateboard born?

This activity is a popular street variant of surfing. The initial idea was to bring the pirouettes, tricks and slides of this discipline to the ground. Its origin is located between the years 1956 and 1965 in California, in the United States. For that time, it was a little practiced activity, even the boards were home-made and not very neat.

Years later, the discipline already had more followers and a market began for skateboards with technology developed for the modality that was gaining popularity. By the 1980s, skateboarding was present in almost every city in the world, becoming a sport practiced by both men and women.


Q3: What is a floating skateboard for?

There are two modalities that could be considered as floating skateboards, being possible to float on the water or on the air. In the first case, a skateboard that floats on the water is nothing more than a surfboard that allows you to stay away from the water and, when the wave arrives, ride it.

In the second case, there are Japanese brands that have developed boards that allow it to rise from the ground and float a few centimeters, being able to be used as a skateboard. This was achieved through superconductors and magnets that work against gravity, managing to lift the board and the user. However, this magnetic levitation is not very popular, since the table is a prototype and its cost is high.

Q4: Where to skateboard?

It depends on the city where you are and the modality you practice. Currently and with the rise in popularity of the discipline, many public spaces have been created to practice the sport safely, as well as planned to improve the user’s techniques and develop their potential.

Street skaters enjoy sliding on rails and stairs, because it is a free mode in which they can improvise, with the entire city being their practice place. This is unsafe and involves an invasion of public or private space. Depending on the modality, you can practice on manufactured ramps, as well as parks designed with large U-shaped spaces, where disciplines such as BMX, skating, among others, converge.

Q5: What is the best skateboard to start with?

There are many brands and manufacturers that offer suitable models to start in this discipline. The most recommended for beginners is usually the longboard, a board with an elongated shape that provides a high level of balance and stability, allowing greater maneuverability and facilitating driving. This type of table is used to travel long distances and its characteristics lend themselves to amateur users.

Q6: Which is better, the skateboard or the longboard?

This will depend on the modality you practice or the level you have on the table. These are different disciplines, but a longboard is usually recommended for beginners in the world of skateboarding. Initially, both tables have been conceived for different purposes.

With a longboard you will have greater speed for freestyle and sliding, having greater stability in your favor. With a skateboard, more tricks are usually performed due to its design and weight. This leads us to conclude that both options are suitable, so it will depend on how the user adapts to the table and what they want to do with it.

Q7: Which is better, a skateboard or ripstik?

You should know that they are tables used for different disciplines, even their structures are different. A ripstik tends to be more similar to surfing and snowboarding and its turning movement is 360 degrees because it has pivoting wheels. Users say that the sensation on this table is similar to that felt on the snow or sea, but performing tricks is more complicated.

While with the skateboard there is greater handling and freedom on wheels to do pirouettes. This leads us to conclude that a skateboard provides greater versatility. However, it will depend on the tastes of each user.

How to use a skateboard

If you want to use a skateboard for the first time to get started practicing this fun discipline, we have compiled some basic tips for you, knowing that one of the fundamental steps will be to make the right choice of product.

Check that you have chosen the right model

As you will be using this instrument for the first time, it is important that you verify that you have chosen the right model, otherwise you may end up choosing a professional model that will be more difficult to master and that could end up dissuading you from learning to execute such an activity.

In this sense, remember that there are models made especially for beginners, with a longboard design, which allow you to do the most basic movements. Also, you would have the option to acquire a model and customize it according to your requirements and the recommendations of those who already practice the activity.

Try to use skate shoes

Remember to wear the special footwear for skateboarding, since this has a special structure, specifically a sole with a higher level of adherence. In case you don’t have the shoes, don’t use the running shoes, since these are textured and limit the contact with the table. Thus, the type of sole recommended for the activity is a flat and smooth type.

Use protective accessories

To avoid any accident or that a simple fall becomes a serious problem, it is recommended that you use protective accessories, the helmet being one of the most important elements and, secondly, it is recommended to wear elbow pads. Of course, excess accessories can even make it difficult to move, but if you are a beginner, falls are very likely to occur and you should prepare for them.

Learn to stand up without falling

Skate experts and instructors explain that the first thing to learn when practicing the discipline is to stand up without falling, so proceed to that. This procedure may take more or less time, depending on your ability to balance. If you do not succeed at first, it is advisable to remain calm, be focused, not get frustrated and, above all, persist until you achieve it.

Avoid the initial desire to do tricks

If, for example, you manage to have a certain mastery during your first practices, you will feel the desire to start doing pirouettes, but this can be dangerous because you can end up falling or injuring yourself. The best thing is that you completely master the basic steps and movements and then get into the execution of pirouettes.

Find a way to cushion falls

A very important aspect that is taught to novice practitioners is to learn how to perform falls. This is because, at the moment when the person realizes that they are going to fall, there are certain ways of doing it in order to cushion any blow, which is very useful to avoid accidents and at the same time integrate again into the practice of the discipline.

be consistent

The key to success when using a skateboard is to be constant in practice, since it is difficult to master this instrument with a single session, so do not lose interest, and try to maintain a certain rhythm in your learning days.

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