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Sleeping Bag – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Whether you sleep in a shelter, shelter, tent, or outdoors, a good sleeping bag will keep your body warm, off the ground, and within proper temperature and comfort limits. For this reason, if you are an adventurer, this accessory that protects you from inclement weather should not be missing from your equipment. For this reason, today we present two of the best proposals offered by the market. Starting with the AKC Freetime Micropack, a comfortable sleeping bag that protects you from extreme temperatures. Another good quality option is the Terra Hiker TH0150-P, which is filled with down and is ideal for winter.

Opinions on the best sleeping bags

Choosing the best option to sleep outdoors could make the difference between going through hardships or waking up comfortable and relaxed to face the adventure. For this reason, we have prepared a selection with some of the best sleeping bags, so that you can choose the one that meets all your expectations.

Sleeping bag -20 degrees

Freetime Micropack AKC

If you are an expert mountaineer and you are looking for the best sleeping bag to face extreme temperatures, this model that we present to you today could be an excellent alternative. It is a -20 degree sleeping bag, so it is capable of offering you protection and comfort in sub-zero environments. To do this, it has a high-quality synthetic lining, made of chopped fiber filling that provides an excellent weight-to-warmth ratio.

It has a mummy format and its total dimensions are 220 x 80 cm and at the feet it measures 55 cm; making it ideal for any adventurer. Its structure offers you an exclusive external elastic system (AKS), which allows a perfect fit to the user’s complexion. In addition, its folded size is 35 x 22 cm and its weight is only 2 kg, making it easy to store and transport.

If you are going on an adventure to the mountains and you don’t know which sleeping bag to buy, this model could be what you are looking for. Learn more about the product in question.


AKC System: Thanks to this innovative elastic system, the sleeping bag adjusts and adapts perfectly to the user’s morphology.

Temperature levels: It is designed to offer a comfort temperature of 4 °C, a limit temperature of -9 °C and an extreme temperature of -19 °C.

Utility: It is a sleeping bag recommended for climbers, mountaineers and hikers in extreme conditions.


Utility as a blanket: Since it is a narrow sleeping bag closed at the feet, it cannot be used as a blanket.

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Mountain Warehouse Sutherland

If you are looking for a sleeping bag -20 degrees to practice your favorite sport or to go for a walk in the mountains where low temperatures require special protection, you need a model like this one that we bring to you. It is an extra warm sleeping bag, specially designed for snowy environments and for this, it offers you a comfort index of 3°C and an extreme temperature of -18°C.

It is made of ripstop polyester, a waterproof and tear-resistant textile that is comfortable, durable and robust. It also has a rectangular format that favors optimal rest and freedom of movement during sleep. Likewise, it has an internal pocket to store personal items and protect them from moisture. Its open dimensions are 220 x 98 cm, which favors the use of people of great stature and also, when folded, it only measures 32 x 45 cm.

This could be the best sleeping bag of the moment, since it not only offers you great benefits, but it is also one of the cheapest on the market. Read on for its pros and cons.


Zipper: It has a two-way zipper located on the left side, which facilitates the lateral opening of the bag.

Thermal insulation: Its filling is composed of Zip hollow fiber, which copes with sub-zero temperatures.

Format and comfort: It is a sleeping bag with a rectangular format, which offers comfort and spaciousness when sleeping.


Weight: According to some users on the network, this product with 3.7 kg of weight, has been heavy when transporting.

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sleeping bag for winter

Terra Hiker TH0150-P

Next, we present one of the models that stands out among the best sleeping bags of 2022, given its high quality, resistance, comfort and lightness. It has for this with a filling of 550 g of duck feathers, which provides a soft and fluffy sensation for a restful sleep; while providing you with an excellent thermal insulator.

Its comfort temperature range goes from 7 to -6°C, so it is recommended as a sleeping bag for winter; as it keeps you warm and protected in low temperature environments. Likewise, given its lightness and ease of compression, you can fold it to a compact size and transport it in your backpack without taking up much space.

It is made of nylon fabric that resists tearing, humidity, wind and adverse weather conditions; In addition, its mummy format design fits comfortably to your body.

With this sleeping bag you can comfortably enjoy the cold when you go camping. We invite you to read its pros and cons so that you know a little more about this model.


Compact and portable: With a weight of 1.2 kilos and a compact size of 30 x 18 cm, it is a portable and comfortable sleeping bag to carry.

Opening: Its two-way zipper (right side) favors opening from the inside and you can even open the foot area.

Comfort: It has feather padding and a nylon lining; It also includes a hood, drawstrings and closures for a comfortable fit.


Height: According to the manufacturer, this bag is recommended only for users with a height of up to 1.90 m.

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Alpine’s Lab HM-500

Having a winter sleeping bag is essential when you decide to venture into negative temperature environments. However, if you have a limited budget, you won’t have to worry, since this model not only offers you comfort and warmth at the time of rest, but also has an affordable cost. For this reason, many consider it the best price-quality sleeping bag of the moment.

It is an accessory that provides you with extra protection in freezing environments. For this, it has a 240 T polyester lining, warm and soft to the touch. Likewise, it offers a 300 g double-layer synthetic padding, which prevents heat loss. In addition, it is a light, compact and easy to compress sleeping bag; so it is an ideal equipment for the backpack of mountaineers or hikers.

If you are an adventurer who takes advantage of every season to enjoy nature and the outdoors, this sleeping bag could be your best ally. Read more about this model below.


Format and design: It has a comfortable enveloping sarcophagus-type format, retractable hood, internal pocket and two-way closure.

Storage and transport: You will receive it with a practical waterproof bag where you can easily compress, store and transport it.

Utility: It is recommended for cold nights camping, hiking or bivouac, at any time of the year.


Side seams: According to an isolated comment left by a buyer, the side seams could be improved.

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child sleeping bag

Highlander Kids Sleephaven

If you are one of the parents who go on a family outing and you wonder what is the best sleeping bag to protect the smallest of the house, this model could be what you are looking for, since it is not only the cheapest, but it also offers great benefits.

It is a model manufactured with the comfort and safety of children in mind, making it a children’s sleeping bag that has earned the trust of many. In addition, it offers a rectangular and extra wide design, so that your child sleeps and stretches in total comfort.

It has a padded and soft-touch surface, which favors warmth and comfort. Its dimensions are 170 x 80 x 80 cm, which makes it ideal for children of different ages. It also has a two-way zipper that makes it easy to open.

When it comes to the rest of our children, we must think about the best brand of sleeping bags and Highlander is a good option. We invite you to continue reading about this model.


Temperature range: This model offers a high limit temperature of 13º C, a comfort temperature of 3ºC and a low temperature of up to -2.8ºC.

Colors and design: You can choose between pink or blue and its rectangular design favors freedom of movement when sleeping.

Utility: It is ideal for use in camping, school trips and also to sleep at home during the fall and winter.


Age: For children over 12 years old, this sleeping bag might be small.

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Boy’s sleeping bag

Trespass Bunka

When choosing a sleeping bag for a child, as parents we must opt ​​for a model that not only provides an attractive presence, but also provides the warmth and comfort that they deserve. In this sense, today we present you an ideal sleeping bag so that little ones with colds sleep comfortably on nights with low temperatures.

It is a model made with poly cotton textile and a warm lining on the inside. It also has a practical and useful interior pocket to store your mobile phone or any small object. Likewise, it has a sarcophagus-type format, which wraps the child comfortably and keeps him away from the cold.

Its open dimensions are 165 x 60 x 40 cm and once compressed inside its storage bag, you can store it without taking up much space in your closet.

If you want to provide your child with extra warmth and comfort on cold nights, this attractive and functional sleeping bag could be an excellent alternative. Here are the pros and cons of it.


Cost: It is an economical product, compared to other similar models.

Functionality: It is a model recommended for children over 3 years of age and can be used both at home and in various outdoor activities.

Design and colors: Its mummy-type design provides comfort and warmth and you can choose from several available colors.


Hot climates: Given the heat it maintains inside, it is a recommended bag to use on cold nights; Therefore, it is not suitable for use in hot climates.

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military sleeping bag

Mil-Tec Bivy Sack

This model of military sleeping bag is an excellent option when you are looking for a versatile, practical and functional product to use in any season and in any environment. It is an equipment that offers you a waterproof shelter, with the right size for your morphology and texture. Likewise, its bivy sack design is compatible with the vast majority of sleeping bags with a side zipper on both sides.

You can use it as a cover inside a sleeping bag in low temperature environments or also as a bag to sleep outdoors during the summer. It has a three-layer structure made of high quality materials and which provide adequate comfort, depending on the weather conditions. It is recommended for mountaineers, hikers and campers; In addition, it is light and portable, since it can be easily stored and its weight is 930 g.

If you are looking for extra warmth to complement your equipment in winter, this model could be a good purchase option. For more information, read its pros and cons.


Materials: It is a waterproof bag made with three layers of polyamide and polyester and with sealed seams against moisture.

Format and dimensions: It has a comfortable rectangular format and its dimensions are 230 x 90 cm.

Colors and design: It is available in several colors to choose from, it offers zippers, velcro closures and a hood with hook closure. In addition, it is compatible with various bags.


Breathability: Some users miss greater breathability in the material.

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double sleeping bag

Eono Essentials Eonodsb

For those who prefer to enjoy a camping weekend in good company, this double sleeping bag could be the best option to rest and warm up. It is a large model, with dimensions of 221 x 150 cm, which makes it ideal for two people to sleep comfortably in contact with nature.

Its design offers two comfortable pillows that provide a plus for the comfort of sleepers. Likewise, it is a sleeping bag made of waterproof and very soft materials for a restful sleep; It is also wind and weather resistant. For this, it has a cotton filling, warm and soft.

It has a large zipper that allows you to separate the double bag into two individual bags, so you can use it according to your convenience and needs. In addition, it is easy to wash and dries quickly.

If you want a sleeping bag to share as a couple on camping nights, this could be an economical and functional alternative. We invite you to read more about this product.


Versatile design: It is a double bag that, thanks to its design and zipper with handles, you can easily separate into two individual pieces.

Construction: It is made of waterproof 210T polyester and filled with 300 g/m2 hollow fiber, which provides comfort and warmth.

Pillows: It has two comfortable pillows, with dimensions of 40.6 x 25.4 cm.


Padding: According to the comments of some people, the thickness of its padding could be improved to be used in low temperature environments.

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light sleeping bag

Active Era SB-E200

If you’re hosting a sleepover at home or planning to spend a summer night outdoors, this lightweight sleeping bag could be your best friend. It is an ideal model to use in between seasons, since it offers you a comfortable temperature range that goes from 10 to 15°C.

It has a 200 g/m2 hollow fiber filling and an outer shell made of 170T polyester, strong and durable. It is also a portable model, since it has a light weight of only 950 g and includes a waterproof storage bag, in which you can fold the bag and take it with you anywhere.

Its dimensions are 190 x 75 cm, so it is ideal for a person of average build and its wide rectangular design favors any user. In addition, you can machine wash it without losing its qualities.

Due to its great versatility and low cost, it is a model that has won the acceptance of many users. Next, its pros and cons so you can learn more about the product.


Utility: It is recommended for use in homes, shelters, tents and summer camps. Also to spend the night at a friend’s house or to travel in spring-summer.

Design: Its rectangular and wide format provides comfort and convenience; In addition, you can open the zipper and use it as a blanket or quilt.

Maintenance: You can comfortably wash it by machine.


Winter: According to some people, this sleeping bag is not recommended for use in sub-zero temperatures.

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Guide to buying a sleeping bag

We know that with so many options available, choosing a model could be complicated; so we offer you this guide to buy the best sleeping bag. Here you can find relevant information that you should take into account, so that your decision results in a successful purchase.

Shopping guide


There is no sleeping bag that heats by itself, since its primary function is to preserve the heat generated by your body. For this reason, its value lies in preventing the loss of body heat and keeping you safe when you are exposed to inclement weather; where wind, humidity and cold could easily cause hypothermia.

However, these accessories offer great versatility, since they not only favor warmth and comfort in cold mountain climates; but they are also very useful for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking, in summer or in any other season of the year. The idea is that you can reconcile a restful sleep and wake up the next day, refreshed to continue with your activity.

Fill and use

When making your comparison of sleeping bags, it is essential that you establish the use that you are going to give to this equipment. Whether you’re going mountain climbing in sub-zero temperatures, camping at the beach, backpacking in cold environments, or just need it to sleep over at a friend’s house; All these scenarios and environments are relevant to choosing the most suitable type of fill.

In this sense, the best brands use three types of components to fill the bags. Starting with bird feathers or down, this natural fill is one of the most expensive, but carries better heat retention and thermal protection. They are the most suitable to face extreme temperatures, they are also more compact and lighter than their synthetic fill counterparts. Its main drawback is that some models cannot be machine washed and once wet, they take time to dry.

We also have bags with synthetic or fiber filling. They are recommended to deal with humidity, they are easy to wash, dry quickly and are usually cheaper than feather ones. However, its disadvantage (depending on the weight-heat ratio offered by the bag) is that some models are not the most appropriate to face negative temperatures.

Finally, we have those models that integrate cotton in their padding. These bags offer great softness and high moisture absorption; however, they are products that could be heavy for a mountaineer’s backpack, so their use would be limited to the home or when you travel by car for a weekend camping trip.

Temperature range

The temperature range is a parameter that tells you the minimum temperature at which you can stay warm. Everyone has a different metabolism and the sensation of cold could vary from one person to another; however, the standards according to the EN13537 standard indicate 4 temperature ranges.

Starting with the maximum temperature, which is the one in which the bag could be too warm and not comfortable. The comfort temperature, on the other hand, offers you a peaceful and restful sleep inside the bag. We also have the limit temperature, which tells us the lowest temperature you could bear to sleep without being cold. Finally, the extreme temperature; in which you could sleep with a certain level of cold, but without suffering from frostbite.

size and design

Regardless of how much a model costs and how warm it can retain, you’ll need to find a sleeping bag that suits your style, your complexion and also your height; the idea is that you feel comfortable and that your whole body is protected inside it. Likewise, there are formats and designs that fit all users: babies, children and adults. There are also sleeping bags in suitable colors for adults and for the little ones, you can always find attractive designs and colors of their own.

In the same way, you will find sleeping bags with the classic rectangular format and also the modern sarcophagus or mummy style. Rectangular models are recommended for camping and offer greater freedom of movement when sleeping; however, given their size, they could be heavier and more difficult to carry in a backpack. The mummy formats, on the other hand, are narrower and mold to the body with ease; They are also easily portable and ideal for extreme mountain climates.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to tie the sleeping bag to the backpack?

If you don’t have internal space, modern backpacks have fastening straps or tie-down points at the bottom, so you can put your perfectly folded sleeping bag there and inside its compression bag. However, if it is the case that your backpack does not have straps, you will have to improvise by using a string or some type of resistant nylon to tie your bag. You just have to go around the bag, without adjusting it sharply so as not to damage it, and hold it to the rings or tie points of your backpack.

Q2: What is the comfort temperature of a sleeping bag?

The comfort temperature for a bag or sleeping bag is one at which a person of average weight can sleep comfortably at a comfortable temperature and without additional warm clothing, even if it is in a sub-zero environment. It is a range that is defined by the European standard EN13537, which establishes that all sleeping bags must have a label that indicates the temperature limits. The idea is to offer a safe use with respect to its thermal properties.

Q3: How to make a homemade sleeping bag?

If you have a good waterproof cover in your house, a soft and breathable textile to line the interior and some type of synthetic padding, you will only have to make a pattern to design your own custom sleeping bag. Once the design and materials have been defined, proceed to cut out the pieces (four equal ones, two for the front and two for the back), leaving a little more fabric so that when they are joined, an inner hem remains. Sew them without closing them completely to introduce the filling evenly and easily, then you put the zipper and finally attach the hood and the drawstrings.

Q4: How to sleep properly in a sleeping bag?

Depending on the design of the bag, the quality of its manufacturing materials and the thermal insulation it can offer you, some of the best brands and experts recommend sleeping in tight-fitting underwear with long sleeves. Likewise, it is not advisable to get into the bag with many loose and warm clothes; you just have to close the zipper well, adjust the velcro and put on the hood to prevent body heat from escaping.

Q5: How to wash a sleeping bag?

If it is very dirty or smells bad, the first thing to consider when washing it is the type of padding material (synthetic fibers, feathers or cotton). To do this, you must pay attention to the cleaning instructions given by the manufacturer, in order not to damage its insulating and thermal capacity. However, you can wash by hand or use the machine (depending on the model), adjusting to the gentle cycle and using warm water so as not to affect its structure. It is not recommended to wash your sleeping bag every time you use it, just clean the dirty area with a soft brush and let it air; since washing it too often can shorten its lifespan.

Q6: What should be put under the sleeping bag?

The market offers you a wide variety of accessories to place under the sleeping bag, in order to provide optimal cushioning between the ground and your body. Among the available options you have foam mats, self-inflating mats or simply (depending on the place) a blanket or quilt. However, the thicker they offer you, the heavier and bulkier they will be, so it is best not to carry excessive weight when you go hiking and go for a light self-inflating one.

Q7: How to fold a sleeping bag?

There are different types and models of sleeping bags, so the folding instructions do not adapt to all formats. However, a handy way to do this is to lay it flat on the ground and depending on the size, start folding it widthwise once or twice so that it is half as wide and twice as thick as you roll. Next, kneel on the base of your feet and roll it up as compressed as you can, in order to eliminate the air inside it. Finally pull the strings to keep it tight and then put it in its compression bag. If you don’t have one handy, use a waterproof sweatshirt or bag to keep it away from moisture and insects.

How to use a sleeping bag

Sleeping bags not only provide you with a comfortable shelter to rest and spend the night, but also provide extra warmth to face low temperatures. Here are some tips to get the most out of this important piece of equipment.

Prepare the place where you are going to sleep

First of all, you must prepare the area where you are going to spread out your sleeping bag. It is advisable for this, that you use an insulator or a self-inflating one that avoids direct contact with the ground. In the case of having to sleep in the snow, it is important that you put several layers in between (jackets, backpacks, etc), in order to be as far away from it as possible. If, on the other hand, you plan to spend the night in the field, make sure that the place is free of stones, branches and any sharp objects.

Pull out the sack and prepare to enter

Take the bag where the folded bag comes and carefully remove it. You must shake it well so that the fibers or feathers separate and increase their volume; then, he proceeds to enter the sack. It is important that the clothes you wear are completely dry, since humidity increases the cold inside the bag. Likewise, it is advisable to enter while you are at a comfortable body temperature, since if you do it with a very cold thermal sensation, it will be very difficult for you to warm up. Experts advise drinking a hot soup or an infusion before entering the bag, with the idea of ​​generating more heat.

Take some precautions against the cold

If you consider that your sleeping bag is not warm enough for the environment, you can add a down jacket that gives you extra warmth, you can also sleep with long-sleeved garments; so your shoulders and arms will be more protected from external temperatures.

Provides protection for your head

Because there is a higher concentration of nerve cells in our head and neck, this area is up to five times more susceptible to changes in temperature. For this reason, it is important that you cover your head with the hood of the bag and use a wool cap that provides heat to this area of ​​the body.

try to rest as much as possible

Once inside the bag and with all the comfort possible under adverse weather conditions, proceed to close the zipper, adjust the hood and collar and try to sleep so that you recover your strength. You can use a backpack as a pillow and if the heat increases and you don’t feel comfortable, you will always have the option to open the zipper and let the accumulated heat escape a little.

Fold your bag correctly

Once your journey is over and you need to fold your bag for transport, insert it into its compression sleeve being careful not to damage the feathers or the fiber. It is important that you store it when it is completely dry. If this is not possible due to bad weather, try to ventilate it inside the tent so that it loses moisture.

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Sleeping bag – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

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