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Snowboard – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Snowboarding is a discipline that requires constant training, as well as adequate equipment that allows you to move on any terrain, without any difficulty. Depending on the style you want to practice, it will be the format of the table, so keep an eye on the specifications of the different models on the market. In this way, you will acquire a table that suits your needs. Among the options most commented on by buyers, two are the ones that they frequently recommend. If you are looking for a model to practice snowboarding for the first time, we recommend the Burton 10695104000, which has a curved upper structure and a convex main base, which help to adopt a suitable position, reducing the irregularities of the ground. Likewise, it is possible to choose a size from size 55 to 155. As a second option, there is the Nitro Snowboards model 830238, which is made with premium quality and adapts to a wide range of terrains.

Opinions on the best snowboards

Acquiring a snowboard is a task that requires time, since not all models are suitable for practicing the same style. So check the main specifications, so you can take the one that suits you best. In the following section, you will find several products aimed at men, women and children. To learn more about them, continue reading.

burton snowboarding

Burton 10695104000

If you are looking for a Burton snowboard, this model may interest you, as it has a design designed for beginners, with a curved structure in the upper area, while its base is convex, thus providing better control and balance management when riding. be on her

The board is of the all-terrain type, so that you will be able to slide on various surfaces, without fear that the fluidity levels will decrease when moving. Likewise, a good level of resistance is offered, because part of the structure is made of fiberglass, one of the most used materials in the manufacture of this type of implement.

Regarding the appearance of the table, we must say that it is offered in multicolored models, combining shades such as black, blue and red, achieving a visually pleasing appearance. In addition, the manufacturer offers an important guarantee for a period of one year.

In case you are looking for a model to slide on the snow for the first time, this model may be convenient, as it has a design designed for it. He proceeds to analyze its positive and negative characteristics summarized below.


Resistance: The table was manufactured with high-resistance materials; such is the case of fiberglass.

Design: The design of the board is made to promote balance, with a curved structure in the upper area and a convex central area.

Sizes: With this model it is possible to choose between several sizes, with availability from 55 to 155, representing several options to adapt to different users.

Terrains: This table is manufactured to achieve a good level of sliding on all types of terrain.


Color: Apparently, it is not possible to choose the color of the model, but rather a copy with a random tone is received.

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nitro snowboard

Nitro Snowboards 830238

In case your search is directed towards the Nitro snowboard manufacturer, you can review what this model offers. This example has a directional shape that benefits the slide on various types of terrain, so that the table has a versatile use.

On the other hand, it comes in size 163, this being one suitable for men. Its width level is standard, so it meets the regular requirements to provide the expected performance.

This table is also recommended for those who are new to the use of this type of implement. In the same way, users have praised its level of flexibility, which allows for better sliding on slopes, as well as a convenient level of fluidity.

Regarding its appearance, we must highlight the good finishes that the Nitro snowboard has, having a BI-Lite type laminate, a type of special pigment that has a considerable level of transparency, managing to maintain a pleasant sensation to the touch and the brightness of the surface. structure.

With a design focused on the male public and a recommended use for beginners, this model is another of the options promoted by users, so we present their respective pros and cons below.


Size: It has a size of 163, which is a recommended size for men, so it fits a wide group of users.

Shape: The directional shape of the structure notably favors the sliding of the board, making it easier for the person to reach balance.

Laminate: The structure has a BI-lite type laminate, a type of polymer that helps preserve shine and generates a sensation of softness to the touch.

Flexibility: Its level of flexibility has been positively commented, which is highly convenient for those users who are starting to practice snowboarding.


Design: The design does not support the possibility of customization, since it is not offered in varied color options, but in a unique print prototype.

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snowboard captain

Capita 181112

Another model that has gained the interest of users is this Capita option, which among its advantages stands out for having a resistant construction, combining beech wood with carbon fiber. In this sense, the structure achieves a good balance between resistance and lightness.

On the other hand, the table has the important FSC certification, which not only indicates that it is of quality, but also that it was manufactured in compliance with important ecological principles. Its finishes are complemented by a resin made from special ingredients, which gives the surface the right look.

Likewise, we must mention its upper and lower structure with a biaxial shape, thus favoring its sliding. Another important aspect of this Capita snowboard is that it is offered in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 148 to 161, even though this specific model is size 152.

Next, we summarize some details about this model, so that you know its functions from its positive and negative characteristics.


Robustness: The table has a high level of robustness, since it is made of beech wood, carbon fiber and a special resin that gives a correct finish.

Sizes: This model is offered in a wide range of sizes, going from size 148 to 160.

Designs: Three print designs are presented, which, although they do not vary too much between them, represent a certain differentiation to personalize.

Structure: The structure of the table has a biaxial shape both in its lower and upper area, favoring fluidity when using it.


Professional: It is equipment designed for professional use, hence if you are a beginner, the model may seem more advanced than you expect, without becoming an impediment to its use.

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solomon snowboard

lotus lotus

The market is so wide that no user target is left without offers. In this case, we will talk about a model designed especially for women, having a colorful design with feminine touches. This board is one size fits all, designed to fit the build of ladies.

This Salomon snowboard model belongs to the line of all-terrain boards with a high level of adaptation to various types of surfaces, since it also has a flat design, in combination with an extruded-type sole at its base.

In the same way, we must mention the quality of the coating that the structure of the table has, since acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, better known as ABS, was used. Likewise, we have that the structure has a 4×4 type assembly, which also gives an idea of ​​its resistance level.

The following are the pros and cons of a model that is specially designed for women, with an attractive design and a resistant structure designed to work well on various types of surfaces.


Design: This specimen has a colorful design combining bright tones that add a lot of eye-catching to the table.

Structure: The structure that this prototype has is made flat, a favorable position to offer adequate sliding.

Coating: The table has an important coating made of ABS, so that it can resist contact with snow or other types of slopes.

Resistance: The model has a good level of resistance, since its main material is wood.


Size: Although it is designed in a standard size for women, it may happen that the size does not suit all users.

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gnu snowboard

Gnu Riders Choice Asym C2X

With a presentation in various sizes you will find this model, which is offered in sizes from 151 to 161.5 cm, to choose the most convenient, depending on your physical build. On the other hand, sliding down various types of mountains and slopes can be executed efficiently, thanks to its advanced asymmetric structure in the core, lateral areas, and contact.

On the other hand, we must talk about the design of this Gnu snowboard, which brings together a combination of colors such as orange, red, yellow and black, adding eye-catching to the structure. Likewise, the table was made with environmentally friendly materials, many of them coming from a recycling process.

The type of construction of this prototype is the sidewall, while it also has a high traction treatment, which means a certain level of ease to hold the board, which is very beneficial for beginner users in this type of practice.

Another design manufactured with special characteristics to meet the needs of users who use this type of board for the first time is this one, whose pros and cons we present below.


Resistance: It has a good level of resistance due to its manufacture in wood as the base material, with synthesized tex and ecological materials, a product of recycling.

Asymmetry: Asymmetry is the main characteristic of the structure, which can be evidenced in the core, the contact and the lateral zones.

Magna traction: The support of the table will be easier to achieve, because it has been equipped with a mechanism of magna traction, which is evident in its curved shape on the edges.

Sizes: The model is presented in various size options, so that each user will find a prototype adapted to their needs.


Print: The main print will be the same in any prototype, so few customization options are offered, even though it does not represent a limitation of use.

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Other products


AIRTRACKS is a renowned manufacturer in the sports world, which according to the opinion of the buyers is characterized by the elaboration of products in high-end, resistant materials and with quality finishes. This model for men has managed to position itself in a very short time as the best snowboard.

It is a kit made up of a 156-centimeter board, twin tip design with a flexible middle, with striking aesthetics in green, yellow and red colors, on which the brand’s name is superimposed in black.

The fasteners have great compatibility with other brands and on a scale of 1 to 10 for softness – stiffness, they are located in a range of 6 to 7. For their part, the included boots provide comfort, flexibility and impermeability. In addition, in the purchase package you will find a spacious 175 centimeters bag with zipper and grab strap, so you can transport the equipment with ease.

With a resistant, flexible, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing design, you will find this model that is positioned as the best snowboard of the moment. Know its pros and cons.


Storage: The manufacturer incorporated a storage and transport bag, made of black nylon fabric with a white zipper and a fastening strap.

Resistance: The materials used in the elaboration of the entire snowboard set have high quality standards, so they offer durability, stability and flexibility.

Fasteners: The pair of fasteners included in this model have an intermediate level of softness and rigidity, as well as great compatibility with various brands on the market.

Design: The board has a design called “twin tip”, which allows you to develop properly on the ground and aesthetically combines cheerful colors.


Boots: The last of the boot is a bit tight, so it is advisable to buy a size above the one usually used.

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Rossignol Diva

The sporting goods market has a list that compiles the best snowboards of 2022. Among these products is this model for women, made with robust, resistant raw material and with an adequate degree of flexibility. In this way, you can slide on the snow in complete safety.

Its format has length, height, width measurements of 144 x 27.9 x 7.6 centimeters and its weight is only 2.67 kilograms, with specifications that will allow you to handle it correctly both when using, transporting or storing the board, since it is quite light.

Its multicolored aesthetic offers you a design of brushstrokes in shades of blue, orange, yellow, green and fuchsia. For its part, the other side of the table retains the aforementioned colors, but with another line where the brand name is highlighted. Also, it is important to mention that the manufacturer incorporated a one-year warranty.

For those who want to have a spacious, resistant, light and multi-colored kit, they can’t help but review the main aspects of this model developed by Rossignol, considered by buyers as the best snowboard brand.


Design: The design of this snowboard has a multicolor aesthetic, designed for the female target.

Dimensions: It is a table with a format of 144 x 27.9 x 7.6 centimeters, which adapts to any anatomy so that you slide comfortably.

Weight: You will be able to manipulate the equipment without causing any discomfort, since its weight does not exceed 2.67 kilograms.

Warranty: The manufacturer incorporated a warranty certificate valid for a period of time corresponding to one year.


Accessories: Among the buyers, it was indicated that they had missed the incorporation of a pair of fasteners in the purchase package, with the purpose of facilitating the assembly of the boots.

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Bextreme Banana Bamboo

There are many people who, after reviewing several purchase catalogs, still wonder which is the best snowboard. If you are one of them, check out this freestyle model with the Bextreme quality seal, belonging to their 2017 collection.

The table has a size of 150 centimeters and has been made of bamboo, thus offering a resistant, flexible and safe support for the practice of this sport. In addition, the manufacturer incorporated bidirectional technology and complemented the design with other fibers that give the core greater flex, to facilitate the performance of manual tricks.

As for aesthetics, you won’t have to worry if you’re a man or a woman, since one of its faces is degraded in purple with the brand name and the reverse in a brown tone incorporates the logo and identifies the model, being considered by buyers as a unisex outfit.

Due to the multiple existing models, deciding which snowboard to buy can take a little longer than you expected. Next, we present the pros and cons of a team that is highly flexible, durable and also visually pleasing.


Format: This snowboard has a 150-centimeter format, which you can easily handle and store.

Material: 100% bamboo was used to make the board, which gives the equipment a stable, resistant and durable surface.

Design: The model has a unisex design and a nice appearance. One of its faces is purple and the other brown, counting both shades with a gradient technique.

Flex: The manufacturer incorporated some additional fibers to provide greater flex to the core of the board, as well as bidirectional technology.


Cost: The cost set for this model is a bit high, as commented by one of the clients on a web portal.

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If you are looking for the best value for money snowboard, then you should consider this model among your options, since it is one of the cheapest boards among the recommended products that make up this list.

The design is aimed at the smallest of the house from two years of age. The structure of the table has been made of robust polypropylene, offering a strong and secure support. In addition, it is a material free of BPA or other agents that can be aggressive to the environment. Regarding the dimensions of the equipment, we have that its format is 95 centimeters and supports up to 23 kilograms.

The manufacturer did not incorporate edges to the design, that is, the edges do not have a sharp edge. In this way, when the child moves on the snow, he will not acquire great speed and the movements will be short.

This snowboard model has a safe, durable design with an adequate level of load, suitable for small children. But, in addition, it is one of the cheapest boards.


Safety: The manufacturer did not incorporate edges on the edges of the table, in order to avoid accelerated and long movements, which could cause some type of accident.

Table: The table is made of robust polypropylene, which provides stability, resistance and durability to the equipment.

Support: According to the recommendations set out by the manufacturer, the table is designed to support a maximum load of 23 kilograms.

Design: It is a 95 centimeter table, whose design has been designed for young children from two years of age.


Packaging: Among the buyers, there are those who have complained about the poor quality of the product’s packaging.

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Flow Enigma

The products developed by the Flow house are widely accepted by buyers, who praise the design, the quality of the finishes and the materials used in the different models offered in their purchase catalogue.

If we focus on the main characteristics of this model of snowboards for men, we have to indicate that it is a Freeride style equipment. This means that the board has been designed to adapt well to rocky or sandy terrain, being able to acquire a good level of speed and turn quickly despite riding on hard snow.

The shape of the board is flat in the nose area and slightly narrower in the tail. The format is 162 centimeters and the black aesthetic denotes both minimalism and sobriety. Finally, we cannot fail to mention the incorporation of a one-year warranty card, which makes this model compete with other brands such as Burton or Nitro.

This snowboard model is characterized by having a Freeride style design, which adapts to any terrain and offers an adequate turn. In addition, the design is minimalist and its format is spacious.


Design: This model has a minimalist design in matte black, designed for the male target.

Format: The table has a size of 162 centimeters, which adapts correctly to different types of terrain.

Style: The structure of the equipment is freeride type, so the nose area is flat and tapers a little in the tail.  

Warranty: The equipment has a warranty of up to one year, and it is necessary to activate the card code included in the purchase package via the web to enjoy this benefit.


Cost: There are those who comment that the cost of the board is high. However, these are variable comments from one person to another.

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Guide to buying a snowboard

Snowboarding is one of those implements with which we can experience the adrenaline rush of sliding down slopes, mountains and similar surfaces, but its choice requires taking into account certain quality criteria, which will mainly allow us to determine which model is the right one for you and which You will be efficient enough to use it. Read the following guide to buy the best snowboard below.

Shopping guide


The materials from which the structure is made are a main indicator of quality. Wood is one of the most used, hence if the board you are interested in is made of any type of wood, it may have a point in its favour, although beech wood is one of the most recommended.

Likewise, there are models that complement the snowboard with other materials such as steel, carbon fiber, fiberglass, some types of robust plastic, as well as ecological components. Any of these raw materials has a range of adequate robustness and the combination of them then supposes a higher resistance level.


In the comparison of snowboards, consideration about sizes cannot be ignored, since the implement must have the appropriate dimensions with respect to the physical structure of the user. In general, the size of a table of this type is given by its length in centimeters, so you can find models from 1.40 cm to 1.65 cm approximately.

Each one of them has different variations that can be just 5 millimeters more or less, taking into account that the smaller models are the most oriented for women, while the longer ones are generally used by men. However, there are also unisex models, so that the limitations for the use of one size or another are strictly reduced to the physical build of each user.

Likewise, the weight of the user also influences the choice of size. In this sense, according to the recommendations, size 145 is for users weighing between 45 and 55 kg, with a height of 155 and 165 cm. Size 152 is intended for people weighing between 55 and 70 kg, with a height between 165 and 175 cm. Size 157 is for users from 70 to 85 kg and height from 175 to 183 cm, while size 160 or more is indicated for people from 85 kg and 183 cm and above.


The design of the table does not influence its performance directly, although it does influence how much it costs. There are models that use prints and colors oriented towards the female public, others to the masculine and a part prefers to manufacture models adaptable to both sexes. The choice in this sense is subjective, knowing that those options that allow more customization possibilities are generally the most recommended by experienced users.


In addition to a model being good and cheap, it is recommended that it has a quality coating. The coating is a layer of some sealing product that allows to obtain the final finish of the structure and helps it to maintain durability, to have a surface that is pleasant to the touch, to have a shine and a good appearance in general.

Thus, there are various materials used for this, such as resins, ABS plastic, ecological resins and specialized polymers. If the model you are interested in is not coated, consider continuing your search for one that does.

terrain types

Another factor that you should investigate has to do with the types of terrain in which it is possible to slide the table. The designs are very diverse and you will find specialized models only for snow or others suitable for mountain slopes. Thus, we cannot say that one is better, since the choice depends on your purpose of use when purchasing the snowboard.

Therefore, if you want a model to be used on any type of incline, proceed to choose a model suitable for all types of terrain, while if you prefer a model only for snow, then choose one with a specific manufacture.


Some prototypes have various certifications. These are aimed, on the one hand, at ratifying the quality of the models and, on the other, they indicate that ecological materials have been used in the manufacture of the table, either due to their production or origin from recycling processes. If the model you are interested in has some type of these approvals or labels, you should give it another positive point compared to the other options.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: When to sharpen snowboard edges?

Edge sharpening is one of the maintenance tasks that must be performed on snowboards. The main recommendation is not to sharpen the edges so continuously, since each time it is done, there is a risk of reducing the size of the structure.

In any case, there are some signs that it is time to proceed with sharpening, when the edges look warped, torn, show signs of rust or a porous surface is observed on the surface of the edge. Likewise, if the presence of scratches on the sheet is recorded, especially in models made of steel.

Q2: How to snowboard at home?

Snowboarding at home is one of the most useful initiatives to get used to the feel of the board, as well as to keep your balance more and more. In this sense, you can place yourself in the garden or a flat area and add a bar that has a cylindrical shape or module style, so that it is inclined but stable.

Place the table on it and stand on it, performing various balance practices and positions. You can also try placing an object in the form of a roller, in order to train stability and control of movement.

Q3: Who created snowboarding?

The creator of the snowboard was Tom Sims, who was a fan of skateboarding and developed a new board design, since in addition to the wooden sheet, he added a layer made with aluminum sheets. At that time, in 1960, the young man was studying eighth grade in the state of New Jersey, USA.

Ten years later, the commercialization of this initial model took place. However, other creators contributed with other proposals and modifications, such as Jake Burton, who added water ski accessories, managing to patent an important brand that would become a commercial success.

Q4: How to jump with snowboard?

To proceed with jumping, the user must already master the basic movement phase. When making the jump, the recommendation is to be moving at a medium speed, preferably on a flat surface. The visual point should be oriented towards where the stop is expected to be made and the arms should be slightly bent in a position parallel to the board.

As for the feet, the leading foot will be in the lead and the first impulses must be

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