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Soccer Ball – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

A soccer ball must have certain characteristics that adapt to the needs of the child, adolescent or adult who is going to use it. Remember that not just any model is the right one, so you will need to verify some characteristics such as its size, hardness and comfort to the touch. For those who are unrelated to this topic, they will be able to verify these quality indicators based on the experiences of other buyers on the web and thus compare the different models. Among the recommended products is the Mikasa FSC62S model, made with high-end raw materials, with a reinforced leather cover that has been sewn by hand, in addition to having a replaceable valve and automatic closure. In addition, it is the official ball of the Madrid Football Federation. A second model isNike Nk Ptch Team, a model made up of 32 panels, which has been sewn with the latest generation techniques for greater durability against wear.

Opinions on the best soccer balls

Given the wide variety of soccer balls in today’s sporting goods market, you need to know that each model is designed to provide a different level of performance on the pitch. For this reason, in the following section we present the recommended products, which lead the preferences of buyers.

futsal ball

Mikasa FSC62S 

If you are looking for quality, you must make your choice among the best models available on the market. Thus, you might be interested in knowing the characteristics of this futsal ball from the manufacturer Mikasa.

The ball is made with high-end materials. Its manufacture incorporates a synthetic leather cover and hidden seams that have been made by hand to guarantee its durability and aesthetics.

The design of the model adapts to the dimensions of an official futsal ball, so that it is smaller and lighter, numbered four, measuring 62 cm.

The model is white with black details and the brand’s lettering in red. In addition, it includes the certification of the Madrid Futsal Federation and the homologation by the Royal Spanish Football Federation. For inflation, it has a replaceable valve and automatic closure.

Mikasa FSC62S is a ball of high standards, being suitable for its low level of wear.


Durability: Thanks to the manufacturing techniques, it is suitable for hard surfaces such as cement with a low level of wear.

Valve: For inflation, it has a replaceable valve with automatic closure that conserves air.

Size: It is designed with a size of 62 cm, being number four, designed for futsal.

Materials: It is made with a synthetic leather cover that has been sewn by hand.


Color: Although it is not a negative characteristic, some users explain that, being white, it stains easily.

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Nike soccer ball

Nike Nk Ptch Team

The soccer balls designed, manufactured and marketed under the seal of the prestigious Nike house have high quality standards in terms of raw materials and finishes. Regarding this model, the first thing we must emphasize is that TPE-U or thermoplastic polyurethane was used for its cover.

It is a polymer that provides great resistance, elasticity and softness to the touch. In addition, it offers a low level of wear on grass or sand, as well as adequate air retention, due to its internal chamber.

The Nike soccer ball has a total of 32 panels, which have been joined together with the help of a specialized machine, to prevent any type of breakage due to friction or impact. Aesthetically, the sphere is fluorescent yellow and has some geometric details in a dark violet tone, also highlighting the emblematic brand logo.

Nk Ptch Team is a model of soccer balls belonging to the catalog of the well-known manufacturer Nike, which offers a youthful design with cheerful tones, a cover that is soft to the touch, but very hard to wear in the right conditions.


Panels:  This model of soccer balls has a total of 32 panels, which have been sewn together with a specialized machine.

Cover:  On this occasion, the manufacturer used thermoplastic polyurethane, known for its elastic properties, resistance and softness.

Design:  The fluorescent yellow design is quite striking. In addition, it has some violet details including the Nike brand logo.

Packaging:  The ball has been packed deflated in a plastic cover, which in turn you will find inside a box identified by the manufacturer.


Use:  One of the buyers used the ball several times on concrete surfaces and has noticed significant wear, so he advises only playing on grass or sand.

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Real Madrid soccer ball

Adidas Real Madrid Fbl 2017/2018

If you are a fan of the white club, you will surely be interested in getting the Real Madrid soccer ball. A segment in which there are several proposals to choose from, such as the Adidas Real Madrid Fbl.

This model, which was a firm candidate to be the best soccer ball of its season, is manufactured by Adidas and has an official license from the brand and the club. Something that is perceived in details such as its dimensions, typical of size 5, or a high-resistance construction, typical of the best soccer ball of the moment.

Regarding its appearance, the ball is presented in white with gray tones, having both the club’s shield and the Adidas brand printed on its surface. However, the ball has three other different finishes to choose from, as it suits you.

Enjoy a fun game of football thanks to this interesting high-quality ball, worthy of the club it represents.


Official product: This ball is official from the club and has its approval, which is evident in its appearance and finishes.

Manufacturer: We are talking about a ball manufactured by Adidas, so you will not have to worry about its quality or its resistance when playing.

Style: The ball has a white design with the club’s shield printed on its surface, along with the brand’s logo.

Measurements: The ball has the usual measurements of a size five, so you will not have problems when playing a game.


Age: The model belongs to the design of the 2017/2018 season, so it is not one of the last balls to hit the market.

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Soccer ball League 2018

adidas FIFA Knockout Top Glider

If you are one of those who like to play like the greats, whether with the 2018 League soccer ball or the World Cup soccer ball, the adidas FIFA Knockout Top Glider model is all you need. This adidas ball is a replica of the one used during the World Cup in Russia, with a quality construction and at an affordable price, compared to the real ones. 

The ball features a durable, interlocking mesh panel construction, suitable for both traditional grass pitches and modern artificial turf pitches. A ball that, in addition, maintains the official FIFA measurements for adults both in terms of the dimensions and the weight of the product, being size 5 to be specific. So playing like the greats is as easy as pumping up the ball and letting the game begin.

Play like the greats with this elegant replica ball of the one used in the last World Cup, which we analyze below.


Structure: The structure of the ball offers pleasant sensations when playing, dribbling or shooting on goal.

Measurements : The measurements correspond to the sizes of a ball for adults, there are also smaller children’s measurements.

Finishes : Accounts with two different finishes, according to those used during the World Cup.


Aggressive surfaces: The ball can deteriorate on aggressive terrain, such as dirt or concrete fields.

Replica : We are talking about a replica, efficient in design, although not so much in the materials used.

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beach soccer ball

Softee Equipment 0000701

If you are looking for a beach soccer ball, it would be appropriate for you to know the characteristics of this model patented by Softee. The ball has a unisex design and is available in a color scheme that makes it stand out on the sand, so players can follow it with ease.

The structure of this design is made with materials of a high degree of quality and resistance, each being high-end. Within its construction, a five-layer surface of soft leather stands out, made up of 18 panels that have been carefully sewn by hand.

Its size is 62 cm and it is considered a ball for professional use due to its dimensions and structure. For inflation, it is equipped with a butyl valve that keeps the air inside and provides greater durability. In addition, it incorporates a latex bladder and is equipped with Air Celle technology. It is suitable for recreational activities or professional games.

The ball offers high-end features at a competitive price, making it an arena-friendly model.


Panels: The model is made up of 18 panels that provide the ball with a fluid path.

Materials: The manufacturer has equipped this model with a five-layer soft synthetic leather surface.

Stitching: The panels of the ball have been hand-sewn using state-of-the-art techniques to provide greater control on passes.

Valves: It is equipped with a latex chamber and butyl valve to improve filling and air containment.


Inflation: It was commented that the inflation process is complicated and the air escapes.

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2018 world soccer ball

Adidas Top Glider

Designed for professional games, this Adidas replica is a 2018 world soccer ball that was used for the tournament held in Russia and is among the most recommended models today. This ball has the dimensions of a ball used for professional competitions, being its size number five.

It is made with a structure of wide panels sewn with the latest techniques, to provide a more fluid ride. The aesthetic design of this ball is classic, due to its white background with some gold and copper details, as well as the “Fifa World Cup Russia 2018” brand with the respective cup.

It is made with high-grade quality and resistance materials, with a soft synthetic leather surface that withstands shocks with a low level of wear. This ball meets professional standards as a size five, suitable for professional-type games or training.   

Adidas Top Glider is a ball with classic properties that has been made with high quality materials at an affordable cost.


Size: It is a size five, so it is suitable for professional matches and training.

Panels: It is equipped with several wide panels, which improve the fluidity of the trajectory.

Seam: To guarantee greater durability, it has been sewn with the latest technology that reduces wear.

Design: It incorporates a classic design with copper-colored details and a print alluding to the 2018 Russia World Cup.


Inflated: It is delivered deflated, so the filling process is annoying for some users.

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Other products

Adidas Tango Glider

If you want to take with you the best value for money soccer ball, you have to verify and analyze the proposals that the market has for you. One of them is this model belonging to the Adidas catalog, which is also one of the cheapest on the list.

Its design has a TPE-U cover. This is the abbreviation used to refer to thermoplastic polyurethane or elastomeric polymer, molded by injection and capable of offering a high level of abrasion. The inner chamber is made of butyl, to provide greater resistance to tearing, elasticity and thus preserve the shape of the ball for longer.

On the other hand, we have the seams that join each of the panels to each other, which have been made by machine and reinforced for greater resistance to constant impacts. Aesthetically, the equipment is white with black and its touch is soft. Also, it is important to remember that the manufacturer recommends its use on grassy surfaces to avoid rapid wear.

It is a soccer ball with a traditional design and pleasant aesthetics. Its cover and interior are made with resistant, flexible and non-deformable materials. In addition, this model stands out among the cheapest.


Seams: The panels that make up the ball have been joined with reinforced seams, made by machine.

Cover: The manufacturer used a high-end polymer such as thermoplastic polyurethane for the outside of the ball, thus offering a resistant cover with a soft touch.

Chamber: For the interior of this model, a butyl rubber chamber is incorporated, responsible for offering elasticity and preserving the spherical shape of the ball.

Design: Its design shows a classic aesthetic in black and white, considered by users who have purchased it as a “nostalgic” model, as it recalls the first designs of soccer balls.


Valve: One of the buyers commented that he had to inflate the balloon every two days, since it loses air very quickly.

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Mikasa SWL-337

With such a variety of designs and brands on the market, it can be a bit complicated for any user to determine which is the best soccer ball. The following model developed by Mikasa will most likely be the answer to this question, since it has a series of positive characteristics in terms of its construction and performance on the court.

The cover of the ball has been made of four-layer polyleather and has several panels joined together by means of thermo-welding technology. This is a process that supplants machine seams and instead heat-fuses the polymer, providing a strong, long-lasting and airtight seal.

The interior incorporates a butyl rubber chamber that was also filled with polyester material. In this way, you will enjoy a futsal ball with adequate air retention once inflated and greater control in each of the rebounds.

For those who have doubts about which soccer ball to buy, then we recommend carefully checking the pros and cons of this model, which stands out for its resistance and easy-to-control bounce.  


Cover: The exterior of the ball offers great resistance and softness to the touch, since it was made of four-layer polyleather.

Chamber: The manufacturer filled the inner butyl chamber with polyester, to provide a higher level of control in each of the bounces.

Panels: Each of the panels of this ball have been joined using heat-welding technology.

Design: The design of this ball is visually pleasing, with a soft touch and is certified by the Royal Spanish Football Federation.


Logos: One of the buyers has indicated that the logo of the National Futsal League is not incorporated in this model, because it is no longer an official ball.

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The practice of football requires the implementation of a suitable ball, which adapts to the field of play and the anatomy of those who are about to use it. It is for this reason that if you are looking for a team of this type, you should review among the best soccer balls of 2022.

Among them you will find this model made by the JOSMA SPORT house, which has the support of the followers of the Barcelona Football Club, since the exterior design is allusive to it. The format of this futsal ball model is size five, recommended for adults or children over 13 years of age, due to its large dimensions.

Aesthetically, it is blue, red and yellow, it has the FCB shield in the central area and certification signatures in the lower area. The cover is made of polyleather, the interior is made of butyl and the panels have been machine-sewn.

JOSMA SPORT has been valued as the best brand of soccer balls, according to some of the users. So be sure to review this model, which has a resistant design inspired by the Barcelona Football Club.


Size: The manufacturer conceived the design of this ball with a large size five format, so that it can be used by adults or children over 13 years of age.

Cover: Polyleather was used for the cover. This is a resistant synthetic material that offers softness to the touch.

Panels: Each of the panels of this soccer ball has been joined with reinforced machine seams.

Design: Aesthetically, it is a design that has the FCB shield and some official signatures on a background that combines the colors red, blue and yellow.


Swollen: Some of the users agree that the fact that the manufacturer delivers the ball deflated is a disadvantage. However, this is an isolated assessment.

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Guide to buying a soccer ball

For those who practice soccer frequently, it is necessary to have a soccer ball with which you can develop your potential and use both for games and for training. To help you, we present the following guide to buying the best soccer ball. With it we offer you these properties that you should look for so that your purchase is efficient.

Shopping guide

Size and weight

Soccer balls have different dimensions that are usually expressed in sizes ranging from one to five. Each size has a size that adapts to a sporting level, so you can get balls suitable for children’s modalities, for youth, adults and other versions that meet the official regulatory dimensions of the first division.

While the ball should have the perfect circumference, it can vary in size and weight. The most common are models from size three to five, three being for beginners aged between 7 and 8 years. These balls have a circumference of 58.5 to 61 cm.

The size four balls are made for young people between 8 and 12 years of age, so they have manageable dimensions. While the size five are balls designed for adults, so their use is recommended for people over 13 years of age and their circumference can vary between 68 and 70 cm. On the other hand, size one balls are usually recommended as models for acrobatics, as well as to practice and improve control.

As for the weight, this is calculated based on the size. The weight for size three is estimated at 310 grams, for size four 360-370 grams and for size five it varies between approximately 410 grams and 450 grams.


A cheap soccer ball can be a good option for many, but beyond that, it must be adapted to the sport for which you want it. Although the balls look similar, there are models that are designed for indoor soccer, others for 11-a-side soccer, as well as designs that are made for beach soccer tournaments.

The dimensions, weights and even manufacturing for each discipline are different, so before making a random purchase, it would be convenient for you to be clear about the game mode. Remember that, for example, futsal is usually trained on parquet or cement, while field soccer is on artificial or natural grass, so the level of wear is different.

Manufacturing materials

There are different raw materials that are used for the manufacture of each of these products, so that, according to the material, you could know how much a soccer ball costs. The most popular models are made with a synthetic leather surface that can be polyurethane.

Similarly, there are other designs that incorporate other types of synthetic material that are usually resistant. In addition, the balls have cotton inside. To determine the quality of a ball, you can also analyze the number of coating layers; the more you have, generally, the better its quality and resistance to wear.

Seams and panels

If before buying, you want to make a comparison of soccer balls, you could include the panels and the sewing method of the structure as elements to contrast and that can help you make the purchase successful. In the market, you can get different models, from some balls with wide panels, to other smaller ones that incorporate a greater number of them.

There are some spheres that have only four panels, others include 18. In fact, there are manufacturers that offer prototypes with up to 32 panels. In general, professional-type balls tend to have a higher quantity. These panels can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, this surface being responsible for providing the player with a superior level of adherence, with stability and aerodynamics for controlled passes.


If you want a soccer ball, you will be able to select from many designs, from some classic and simple, to others that are more modern and striking. The traditional spheres combine a white base with black details, other more versatile models incorporate striking colors. These shades are used so that the player has a better vision of the movements and turns of the ball and does not lose sight of it.

Likewise, there are manufacturers that provide their models with designs alluding to club teams from different leagues or national teams. For this reason, it is common to get designs with the colors and shields of Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester, Juventus or the Spanish national team, among many others. Likewise, the brands also make available to the user the balls that have been used for the different world cups, so their design corresponds to each of these editions.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to inflate a soccer ball?

The vast majority of soccer balls come deflated from the factory, so it is necessary to inflate them to be able to use them. This process is very simple, but the amount of air must be taken care of so that there is a balance. To achieve this, you will need a needle and a pump, as well as a pressure gauge. In general, the amount of air will depend on each model and is defined in pounds or bars.

When you know the pressure level, you should connect the inflator to the needle, then secure the needle with the inflator’s locking system and place the other end in the opening of the ball. Next, begin to exert force and inflate until you reach an appropriate amount of pressure that allows you to feel the ball firmly, but you must make sure that the air pressure is adequate with the help of the gauge.

 Q2: Which soccer ball to use for cement?

In general, futsal is played on courts that can be made of cement, so acquiring a model for it should meet the standards and properties required by this surface. However, there are some models frequently recommended for playing on concrete and asphalt, as they are strong and hard with a low level of wear.

Manufacturers such as Adidas, Nike and Mikasa present balls with several layers of heat-sealed synthetic leather and PVC that are usually suitable for cement, and can be used without their structure being damaged after a short time.

Q3: How to drive the soccer ball?

There are some theoretical tips that could help you drive a soccer ball, but in this discipline many factors are combined and it is on the pitch where you can learn the movements to be a good player. For beginners, there are soccer schools that train their players with various techniques to control the ball, as well as touches, passes and shots, both short and long.

To do this, the goal is for the player to gain resistance, speed and coordination with the ball and to learn how to drive the ball you can also practice with cones and pass the ball from one foot to the other.

Q4: How does a soccer ball for the blind work?

Although it is not a very popular discipline, there is football for the blind, this being a modality that differs from the traditional one in some aspects such as the ball. In general, it is made of a body or synthetic leather, but the difference is inside, since these designs incorporate a sound system, which can be bells, which allow the player to know its location and follow it to make passes. and movements.

Q5: What measures does a regulation soccer ball have?

It will depend on the modality or discipline of the sport that is being played. A futsal ball has different regulatory dimensions than a ball designed for field soccer, as well as for beach soccer.

The most popular modality is soccer and the balls used in almost all professional leagues have a circumference of between 68 and 71 cm, as well as a weight that goes from 400 to 450 grams, with an air pressure between 8.5 and 15.6 PSI and a diameter of 1.65 cm and 22.29 cm.

Q6: What ball is used in soccer 7?

For this modality, the rules of the game indicate that a size 4 ball must be used. It must be spherical and made of leather or another material that has the same effect. In addition, it must have a circumference of no more than 66 cm, but not less than 62 cm. The weight of this ball must be between 340 and 390 grams, with a pressure between 400 and 600 g/cm.

Q7: Can a soccer ball be customized?

Of course. There are several ways to customize your soccer ball. You can do it by paying an additional cost, since there are some manufacturers that provide this option, allowing the user to add details such as the name and number, as well as some phrase. Also, you can do it yourself with the help of a permanent marker. The problem will be that as you use your equipment, it is likely that the labeling will deteriorate due to the constant rubbing and friction of the ball with the pitch and with the boots.

Q8: Should I buy a soccer ball without a tube?

If you want a ball that is durable and that will serve you for official matches and training, you should not buy one without a tube. The chamber guarantees you the possibility of regulating the air pressure if necessary. These balls are not very popular, however, you can get some models that offer interesting attributes.

Q9: What is the official soccer ball of the 2018 League?

Each year a new ball model is incorporated to fulfill the official football season. It must be remembered that the 2018 League began in 2017. For the 2018/2019 season, the sports manufacturer Nike renewed one of its models, with the Nike Merlin being the official ball.

This design incorporates several wide panels, with a pomegranate and hexagonal structure that has been equipped with ACC technology, making it resistant to different climates, including humidity. Its color is striking, so there is adequate visual monitoring. From the model you can get sizes for field soccer, soccer 7 and even smaller sizes for practicing movements.


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