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Football Shirt – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

For those who practice soccer, it is necessary to have a shirt that adapts to the needs of movement on the field. Also, if it is a garment alluding to your favorite team, then the wearing experience is much more pleasant. For this reason, before purchasing a specific model, it is advisable to compare the raw material, design and quality of the finishes applied to the different models available. Among the most recommended options is the Joma 100052 model. We are talking about a shirt without a brand or relationship with any team, at an affordable price and with a comfortable design. In addition, it comes in a wide variety of sizes and colours, all of them plain. Another outstanding model is the Adidas Real Madrid, made of white polyester textile with Climacool treatment, for better ventilation and sweat absorption, without forgetting its decoration, identical to that of the white club.

Opinions on the best soccer jerseys

When selecting a sports garment, you must be careful, since the market has multiple models and all of them have different manufacturing patterns that you must evaluate. In this way, you will be able to acquire a product that adapts to your needs of use. That is why in the following section you will find some models of soccer jerseys for adults, adolescents and children that, thanks to the evaluation of the buyers, are among the first places in the preference lists.

cheap soccer jerseys

Joma 100052

Whether you have a group of friends or if you don’t want to spend too much when it comes to equipping yourself, you will surely be interested in knowing some of the cheap soccer jerseys that the market offers you. Among them, the Joma 100052 model stands out. 

This shirt has a traditional design, using the brand’s own interlock fabric. This fabric is characterized by offering a very soft touch, drying very quickly and leaving hardly any wrinkles. Something that gives you good comfort both when playing and when washing the garment. 

In addition, the range of sizes is also wide, so you will not have problems finding the ideal shirt for your body. On the other hand, you also have a wide variety of colors to choose from, so you will probably have a hard time sticking to just one shirt.

Since looking stylish and enjoying pleasant comfort when playing does not have to cost more, we give you some more details about this model.


Fabric: Its interlock fabric dries quickly, does not wrinkle and offers a very soft touch.

Comfort : In addition to the tight fit of the shirt, it has high breathability and comfort.

Colors : You have a very complete list of colors to choose the one you like best.

Breathable: The product is highly breathable and does not generate the sensation of heat of other more dense models.


Finish: Although there are many colors to choose from, they are all plain and can be somewhat bland when it comes to dressing.

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Adidas Teamtrikot Chelsea F.C. 

If you are looking for cheap soccer jerseys, you may find it convenient to know the attributes of this model from the German manufacturer Adidas, because it has a competitive cost and features that improve the player’s performance on the pitch.

The shirt is equipped with the latest generation textile technology, through Climacool fiber that keeps the body cool and dry because there is constant ventilation. In relation to its design, this model has the license of the Bayern Münchenn team, so it presents the colors in vertical striping of the club.

On the other hand, the print is made with high quality standards, it has the Bayer name on the back and the phrase “Mia san Mia” on the back of the neck. Likewise, the model incorporates the team’s shield in the left pectoral area and the brand’s logo in the right pectoral area. It is available for adults and children in sizes from “S” to “XL”.

Adidas offers different models of soccer jerseys that stand out for having a high degree of quality and providing better performance to the players. Here you can know the pros and cons of the Adidas Teamtrikot Chelsea FC.


Design: If you are a fan of Bayern, this model will be the one for you because it has all the prints and shields of the German team.

Technology: The shirt has textile technology applied to the fibers, being adequate to allow better ventilation.

Sizes: The shirt is available in various sizes for both adults and children and you can select from “S” to “XL”.

Performance: With this model you can improve your performance on the court because it keeps your body dry and cool, isolating sweat.


Fit: The shirt is a bit tight to the body, according to the opinion of users through a web portal.

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Adidas Spanish Federation 2nd Kit

There are many cheap football shirts, but there are few that offer high quality standards, which is why this model of the second kit of the Spanish Football Federation is one of those that leads the preferences of users.

This shirt is available in various sizes for children and is a garment that has been made with attention to detail, being made of a resistant material such as polyester. It stands out for being breathable and soft, so it does not cause discomfort.

Its design is striking and corresponds to the 2016-2017 football season. Despite being a white flannel, it has a print with the colors of La Roja, in addition to having the shield of Spain embroidered, with the champion star. of the world on the left pectoral and the Adidas logo on the right pectoral. The design has short sleeves and a round neckline.

There are few models of football shirts that have an attractive design and are made with high-end materials. Here you can learn about the attributes of a model that meets the standards.


Season: If you are a fan of the Spanish team, you will enjoy wearing this shirt that corresponds to the 2016-2017 season.

Sizes: The garment is made with a cut that fits the body of the little ones of the house, being available in various sizes.

Design: The shirt has a short-sleeved design and a round neck, with a red and yellow print alluding to the Spanish team.

Materials: The model is made of breathable polyester, so that it keeps the body cool and dry from sweat.


Technology: The shirt is not equipped with textile technology, so it does not provide the same conditions for the player on the pitch as other models.

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Spain Soccer Jerseys

Adidas Real Madrid

If you want to take the best soccer jersey with you, then you should know a little about the elaboration of this model developed by Adidas. It is made with white textile material with a soft touch, resistant and that has been provided with Climacool technology. It is a special treatment that will allow you to enjoy better ventilation, as well as offering greater comfort due to the fact that it absorbs perspiration, keeping the body feeling fresh during training.

The design of this copy of Spain soccer jerseys has a “V” cut neck, the shoulders have three blue stripes superimposed with seams, the sleeves are short and on one of them is the shield of the “Soccer League of Spain”. Spanish professional. The Real Madrid badge has been embroidered on the left side of the chest, the brand’s logo on the right and the name of the sponsorship “Fly Emirates” is printed in the center. This model has been valued by some of the users as the best football shirt of the moment, since it offers a resistant, breathable design and high-quality workmanship.


Design: The t-shirt is white with some blue details, short sleeves and a “V” cut neck.

Textile: The textile selected to make the garment is 100% polyester, but the fibers have also been treated with Climacool technology for better ventilation.

Embroidery: Both the league badge and the brand logo were embroidered with cotton thread, offering a high-quality finish.

Cleaning: The cleaning technique used for this garment can be carried out in a washing machine or manually, avoiding the use of detergents with bleach.


Logo: One of the buyers indicated that the jersey he purchased did not have the league logo.

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kids soccer jerseys

Green Turtle Champions

According to the evaluation of the buyers, Green Turtle Champions is the best quality-price soccer jersey, allusive to France World Cup Russia, since it has a resistant, hypoallergenic and breathable textile, but it is also one of the cheapest in this category. ready. The garment, made of 100% red cotton fiber, is available for children and adolescents from 3 to 15 years old.

The design of the T-shirt is short-sleeved and with a round neck, for which the manufacturer incorporated 3% elastin. In this way, the user will be able to insert the head comfortably without deforming this upper opening, which is why it is a good option for children’s football shirts.

In addition, the image of the French flag, a soccer ball and the phrase “World Champion 2022” are included on the front. All this done with high printing technology, preventing it from deteriorating with use, application of detergents, when rinsing or with the heat of the iron.

This garment is a good purchase alternative that has a breathable, resistant design that will aesthetically attract the attention of your little ones. Also, it is among the cheapest on this list.


Design:  This is a red t-shirt for children, on the front area it has the French flag and the phrase “World Champion 2022”, short sleeves and a round neck.

Textile:  The model has been made with 100% cotton textile fiber, as well as 3% elastin in the neck for greater flexibility.

Printing:  The manufacturer used high-tech printing, so you won’t have to worry about the deterioration of the images and phrases on the shirt.

Cleaning:  You can wash the garment in a washing machine or manually. Whatever the case, it must be turned upside down and at a low temperature.


Neck:  The neck of the shirt deforms with constant use, as commented by one of the users on a web portal.

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retro soccer jerseys

Adidas Entry 14 JSY

If you like the classic style, this model marketed by Adidas could be the one for you, because it is one of the retro football shirts that usually leads the market preferences.

The jersey is available in several colors, so you can select the one that best suits your sporty style. The textile structure of this design is made of polyester, incorporating Climalite technology in the fibers, providing greater ventilation and rapid absorption of sweat for better performance on the pitch.

Aesthetically, the shirt is simple and minimalist, it is a single color with three white stripes superimposed on the seams at the height of both biceps, as well as the Adidas logo embroidered on the right chest. Due to its design, it is a garment for men and you can get it in different sizes from “S” to “2XL”.

Adidas Entrance 14 JSY is made with high-end materials and technologies that provide better performance. Here we leave you its pros and cons.


Technology: The shirt has been equipped with Climalite technology applied to polyester fibers, which improves ventilation and quickly absorbs sweat.

Design: The shirt has a simple and minimalist design, unicolor with three overlapping stripes and the manufacturer’s embroidered logo.

Size: According to your build, you can select a size that fits the body according to your preferences, loose or fitted.

Colors: According to your tastes, you can select from a wide range of colors from red to yellow, black, orange, blue or green, among many others.


Fit: Some users have indicated that the model is fitted to the body, but the sleeves are loose, looking strange.

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Official soccer jerseys

Adidas Chelsea 2015/2016

If you want to acquire a garment made under high quality standards, then we recommend you review the best soccer jerseys of 2022. Among them you will find this model developed by the Adidas house, belonging to the Chelsea Football Club, so it is among the jerseys of official soccer team.

The manufacturer used blue polyester textile fabric with Climacool technology, which is a treatment applied to the fibers to provide extra ventilation, as well as correct and rapid absorption of sweat.

The neck of the shirt is round and incorporates an opening with interior buttons, the sleeve is short and three superimposed white stripes stand out in the shoulder area. On the chest you will find the print of the name of the sponsor “Yokohama Tires”, on the left side the official badge of the league and on the right the logo of the brand. These last two have been embroidered with cotton thread.

This model is considered by buyers as representative of the best soccer jersey brand, as it incorporates cutting-edge technology in its design, a resistant, breathable and lightweight raw material that allows you to perform better when training.


Weight:  This sports garment has a light weight, which offers greater comfort.

Neck:  The cut of the neck is round, but at the same time it incorporates an opening with interior buttons.

Logos:  On the front there is the Adidas house logo next to the Chelsea Football Club logo. Both have been woven with cotton thread to prevent deterioration.

Textile:  The manufacturer used 100% polyester textile fiber to which is added the innovative Climacool technology, which allows greater perspiration and sweat absorption.


Size:  According to what a buyer commented, it is necessary to buy a larger size than the one normally used, since the cut of the shirt is a bit fair.

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Other products


To find out which is the best football shirt, it is necessary to review the options present in the sports clothing market, so we invite you to check this official FC Barcelona licensed product. It is a textile made with fibers composed of cotton and polyester blue with red, offering a correct level of breathability, lightness and comfort due to its soft touch.

The product is aimed at an adult target, the cut of the shirt is size “M” with a length of 73 centimeters, a chest length of 54 centimeters and a sleeve of 20.5 centimeters. Regarding its aesthetics, the name of its sponsor “Rakuten” stands out frontally, as well as the embroidered shield of “Barcelona Fútbol Club” on the left. For its part, on the dorsal you will find the number 10 under the name of Messi and the Unicef ​​logo. All of them printed in yellow with the highest professional technology, which will prevent deterioration in contact with the different detergents.

Analyzing the pros and cons of the sports garment that we are going to acquire is of great importance, especially when we are not sure about which soccer jersey to buy. That is why we present below some highlights of this model.



Design: The t-shirt is blue with some details in red and yellow, short sleeves and a “V” neck.

Size: The garment measures 73 x 54 x 20.5 centimeters, belonging to the length, dimension of the chest area and sleeve size.

Printing: The shirt has some printing on the back, chest and sleeve. All of them made with high professional technology.

Cleaning: Due to the resistance of the composite textile used for the shirt, you can wash it directly in the washing machine without it deteriorating.


Cost: For one of the clients, the cost of the shirt is a bit high. However, it should be noted that it is an official product of the sports club.

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Guide to buying a soccer jersey

There are many models and brands that sell soccer jerseys, so selecting one that has high quality standards can be complicated. Therefore, it is necessary to consider some indicators that will make a design more or less suitable for the requirements of each user. With the following section, we offer you a guide to buying the best football shirt on the market, where we detail these attributes that you should know before making a hasty purchase.

Shopping guide


The most renowned manufacturers in the sports market have developed a series of textile technologies that provide greater attributes, which translate into better player performance on the pitch. So if you are wondering how much a soccer jersey costs, you should consider the technology that the manufacturer has equipped the garment with.

Depending on the model, you will be able to get some designs that have been endowed with special treatments to guarantee the ventilation of the body, through a constant intake of air that allows maintaining the temperature regulated and that, in addition, absorbs sweat.

Likewise, other brands have incorporated technologies applied to textile fibers into their designs, making them quick-drying, improving the sensation of freshness and avoiding heat strokes during matches and training. Therefore, it is recommended to select options that provide comfort for better results.

Manufacturing materials

According to the model, there are different materials that are incorporated in the making of a football shirt. In the opinion of the users, alternatives should be selected that are light, breathable and comfortable in contact with the skin, while they recommend avoiding dense or hot fabrics that stick to the body and can cause irritation due to sweat.

Most manufacturers use textile fabrics such as polyester, a soft, fresh fabric to which it is possible to add technologies that improve the player’s performance. In addition, some brands incorporate models with hypoallergenic properties onto the market, with fabrics that can be made up of both polyester and cotton fiber.  

The general recommendation for this type of clothing is that they be resistant and light, that they can be machine washed and do not lose color due to the chemicals in the detergent or the intensity of the washing.


Before buying, it is necessary that you establish a comparison of soccer jerseys considering the design. Thus, you will be able to have a broad impression of the options that you will get in the market and you will be able to select one that suits your style.

Each manufacturer has designed their t-shirts with a specific shape, so you can select from a diverse range, since the same brand can even present completely different designs.

Some t-shirts are designed with a V-neckline and short sleeves, others have a round neckline and long sleeves. Also, you can get some shirts that incorporate button-down openings or long necks. According to taste, you should select a design that fits your style or needs.


A good and cheap shirt is always an attractive option for the vast majority of users, but beyond these two properties, before buying you should analyze the size of the football shirt.

There are models that have been designed for a child target, so the sizes will be small and adjusted to the dimensions of children. Meanwhile, other models have been made for adults, with the regular sizes “S”, “M”, “L” and “XL”.

Although selecting a size can be easy, not all brands have the same measurement standard. So a size M t-shirt from one manufacturer could have different dimensions and cuts in relation to length, sleeve and chest length than the same size t-shirt from another brand. Therefore, it is recommended to review the size chart of each manufacturer.

color and season

A property that you should also select is the color of the football shirt, since this usually depends on which team it corresponds to. If you are a fan of a club or national team, the most common is that you want to wear the colors, badges and shields that represent the team, as well as the label with the name and number of the player of your choice.

Therefore, if you are a fan of Juventus, it is likely that the shirt you get will be white and black. While if your team is Barcelona, ​​the azulgrana will be present on the shirt. Remember that this characteristic is subjective and does not necessarily affect the quality of the product, when it is valued from an aesthetic point of view. Also, you should keep in mind that the color sometimes varies according to the season to which the model belongs, so you should pay attention to it when choosing.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to iron a soccer jersey?

The first thing you should keep in mind is that soccer jerseys are made with an extremely delicate material. Therefore, to avoid damage when ironing one, turn it upside down and choose a low temperature. Pass the iron with a light touch and without waiting too long on the shirt, as this can burn it and remove the number.

Also, you can use a damp handkerchief and place it as a protection on the fabric, to iron without any inconvenience. Many are those who take other options such as taking it directly from the washing machine, placing it on a hook and exposing it to the sun as a substitute for ironing. In this case, it must be remembered that so much time exposed to the sun also makes the football shirt lose quality, because it is very abrasive.

Q2: How to remove the number from a soccer jersey?

Just as if you were going to iron the shirt, lay it on a flat surface. You must cover the dorsal part with a piece of wax paper. Later, turn on the iron and wait until it is hot enough to place it on a part of the bib. Wait for the heat to work for several seconds, then remove it from the shirt. The next step is to check that you managed to remove the tip of the bib and gradually remove the rest.

Q3: What can I do to distinguish a replica soccer jersey from a real one?

There are many characteristics that differentiate one design from the other. Such is the case of the national team crest, because the real shirts have the outline of the crest embroidered and the replicas have it printed. The lightness of the fabric is also different in each one, as well as the adjustments in micro perforation and the fit.

But, in general, the big difference is marked by the price, since the original is more expensive and the replica is usually cheaper, because it has a lower production cost. Although the quality of the fabric and the embroidery are important elements, experts say that the only way to acquire an original jersey is for it to come from the official stores of the teams.

Q4: How to stick letters to a soccer jersey?

Seeing the letters and numbers peeled off a soccer jersey is very common due to use and heat. In order for you to stick them and wear a shirt like new, you must have a cloth, an iron and a special glue at hand. At first, use a palette to spread the glue over the letter; remember that it is necessary to do it on the letter and not on the shirt.

Then apply pressure until it feels completely stiff. You should moisten the cloth a little and place it on the shirt. Subsequently, use the iron until the steam stops coming out, which will make the letter or number adhere well to the shirt. Do not forget to pass the iron for a few minutes to avoid inconveniences.

Q5: Can original soccer jerseys from past seasons be purchased?

Yes, the shirts can generally be purchased in online stores that offer a variety of these and that correspond to past seasons, especially from teams that made history, as well as the winning soccer teams and the most outstanding players, since they are very sought after by fans. Generally, garments from previous seasons tend to be a little cheaper than those from recent collections.

How to wear a soccer jersey

Both for matches and training, it is necessary to have the clothing that will allow you to feel more comfortable on the pitch and the shirts fulfill part of this function. In the next section we show you how you can use them, to get the most out of them and extend their useful life without having to buy a new model.

Check that you have chosen the right model

A t-shirt is a basic product, but although they look similar, they are not all the same, so once you have purchased it, you need to make sure that you have selected the right model for your requirements. Remember that there are fitted models to use with jeans and other looser ones that are specifically used for sports activities, allowing movements and passes to be carried out more easily because they increase ventilation.

Unfold and try on the t-shirt

Once you have verified that it is the correct model, you must proceed to unfold the shirt and try it on. To do this, unfold the garment and shake it, then pass your arms inside the sleeves and insert your head into the neck of the shirt. Remember that for this step it is necessary that you do not have any type of clothing on your torso. Once you have tried it on, you can remove it.

wash the t-shirt

Before its first use, it is recommended to wash the garment, since it may contain impurities that, when in contact with the skin and sweat, cause rashes or discomfort. Depending on the shirt, it can be machine or hand washed. For hand washing, add water at room temperature in a container, then apply an amount of liquid detergent and dilute.

Subsequently, put the shirt in the liquid and after a few minutes remove the soap with plenty of water, checking that there are no traces of detergent, as this could damage the textile fiber. For machine washing, it is prudent to wash the shirt on the delicate cycle without other clothes.

dry the t-shirt

Once the hand or machine washing process has been completed, you must dry the shirt avoiding the use of a dryer. Therefore, it is appropriate to hang the garment on a hook without forcing its textile structure and leave it in an area where it receives indirect sun and enough wind. Remember that direct sun for many hours or days can ruin the quality of the original color.

Remove and save

Once the t-shirt is dry, you can remove it from the line and then fold to store in a cool place like the closet, along with the rest of your regular clothes. Remember that the longer it remains stored and without ventilation, the greater the pos

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