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Spinning bike – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

The purchase of a spinning bike requires taking into account a series of aspects and, above all, the consideration of a good number of models, looking at what other buyers have said about their experience of use. This is because it is a product that you will use frequently to do sports and the objective is to do it with the best equipment, which allows you to achieve maximum physical performance. Among the most recommended models, the Ultrasport F-Bike Advanced appears at the top of the list, an exercise bike that incorporates an LCD screen for better activity monitoring, a comfortable gel saddle that provides comfort, sensors to measure your heart activity and a folding structure. It doesn’t take up too much space. Another frequently recommended model is theBH Fitness H9135RF, a bicycle designed for indoors with a weight of 32 kilos and an anatomical height-adjustable saddle.

Opinions on the best spinning bikes

For your spinning training day at home to be as profitable as possible, having the right bike is essential. For this reason, here we present in a summarized way the models most recommended by users for this important series of sports implements.

Static spinning bike

Ultrasport F-Bike Advanced

If you want to find the best value for money spinning bike, then analyze this model, which is one of the cheapest bikes you will find. It stands out for its LCD screen which in turn functions as a control console.

The equipment puts at your disposal a total of 8 resistances, so that you can increase or decrease the level according to the type of training you want and, of course, your physical capacity. On the other hand, the saddle is very comfortable as it is filled with gel and can be adjusted according to height.

As for stability, this spinning stationary bike has ball-shaped bearings, placed in a double row, keeping the structure always in the same place. Also, we must mention its important measurement functions of the different indicators of cardiac activity, thanks to its pulse sensors. When folded, it has a structure of 131 x 43.5 x 45 cm and can support 110 kg of weight.

Among the cheapest spinning bikes is this Ultrasport F-Bike Advanced model, for all the positive aspects it has, so we list them below.


Sensors:  The bike incorporates a variety of sensors that allow you to measure various indicators of cardiac activity, so you have more precise control over your training session.

Foldability:  It has a folding and unfolding mechanism that is simple to execute and reduces the size of the structure to store it when not in use.

Saddle:  It has a saddle that offers comfort, because it is filled with gel. In addition, it is possible to adjust the height of it as best suits you.

Screen:  It incorporates an LCD screen that allows you to view the main functions of the equipment and control them by means of various built-in buttons.


Height:  Several users have pointed out that, although the saddle can be adjusted, sometimes it does not offer the necessary height for tall people, so that they cannot be comfortable on the bike.

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BH spinning bike

BH Fitness H9135RF

The proposal from the manufacturer BH Fitness stands out for being a suitable model for beginners in the practice of spinning, with a flywheel that is capable of supporting about 18 kg. The saddle is anatomical and comfortable to support your weight and at the same time give you a proper posture for pedaling.

To make the adjustment, you should know that you can adjust it horizontally and vertically, so you must position the handlebar or the seat support. This will allow you to adapt the bike to your anatomy and height.

The design of this BH spinning bike is focused on indoor spaces, with rubber bases that provide stability, as well as a pair of wheels in case you need to move the bike around. Likewise, it has a special compartment for you to place your mobile so you can listen to your favorite music. The dimensions of the product are 104 cm long, 49 cm wide and 107 high, with a weight of 32 kg.

Those who are just starting out and do not need a high-end bicycle can find an attractive alternative in this model from the manufacturer BH. Here its pros and cons.


Compartment:  The structure of the bicycle has a special compartment to place the mobile, so that you can play music on it and have it close at hand during the exercise day.

Regulation:  The equipment supports regulation in horizontal or vertical mode, changing the height of the seat or the handlebar, depending on your needs.

Security:  For greater security, a blocking system has been included that can be activated in an emergency, to prevent any incident.

Resistance:  It offers several levels of resistance, allowing you to explore and develop your abilities. This system is carried out by means of friction, reaching considerable resistance indexes.


Pedals:  Some users mention the lack of cleats on the pedals, but being for non-professional levels, it becomes a requirement that can be dispensed with.

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Fitfiu spinning bike

Fitfiu Besp-22

With a weight of 45 kilos, this Fitfiu spinning bike is among the main choices of users for being made with a resistant structure made of coated steel, capable of supporting up to 120 kilos.

The model has a new silent belt transmission system that reduces sound during pedalling, without reducing speed or dynamism. Its modern and elegant design combines black with red and silver. In addition, it incorporates a bottle holder, non-slip aluminum pedals, heart rate monitor, adjustable saddle and handlebars, with a 24-kilogram flywheel.

The equipment offers a mechanical resistance system through friction that can be adjusted manually, providing versatility for full or interval training, depending on the routine. Due to its properties, it is suitable for indoor training, being possible to select between different types of resistance. Additionally, the model is provided with an emergency braking system.

Fitfiu Besp-22 is a machine with high quality standards that offers versatility for training in a modern and attractive design.


Capacity: The bike has a weight of 45 kilos, but it is designed for users up to 120 kilos.

Materials: It is made of steel with a coating that repels splashes of water and protects from humidity.

Properties: It has a bottle holder, an integrated heart rate monitor, transport wheels and a flywheel. 

Security: To provide greater security to the user, this model has an automatic braking system.


Console: It has been commented that the console and screen stopped working after a short time of use.

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professional spinning bike

Cecotex Extreme

When trying to identify the best spin bike for you, it can be difficult to decide on a model. For this reason, you should also know about this option, which consists of an exercise bike, developed by the well-known manufacturer Cecotex. This equipment is suitable for professional or home use, depending on the needs of each user.

On the other hand, it has a folding structure to be able to store it or change its place without difficulties, in addition to incorporating two wheels in its front area, with the aim of facilitating its transfer.

The equipment incorporates a control panel made up of an LCD screen, in order to configure and take advantage of its functions in a better way, which is why it is considered a professional spinning bike. As for the adjustment, it is possible to adjust both the seat and the handlebar, so that you can be comfortable and have the support that corresponds to your build. It has several resistance levels for you to test your limits.

This Cecotex model can be an answer to the search for the best spinning bike brand. Therefore, below we summarize its most important positive and negative aspects.


Adjustable:  This bicycle can be adjusted to adopt the most suitable position, according to the user’s ergonomics. It admits adjusting the seat and also the handlebar.

Silent:  It has the Silence Fit system, designed to allow better quality pedaling but at the same time generate a lower noise level, producing less noise pollution.

Mobility:  For the mobility of the bicycle, the structure has been equipped with two small wheels, which were placed in the front area, facilitating its movement when necessary.

Screen:  It has an LCD screen that works as a control panel, including various buttons to configure the various options of the equipment.


Screws:  Some users have recommended tightening all the screws of the structure when receiving it, since otherwise its stability is put at risk.

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Magnetic spinning bike

V-Fit CY067

Getting the best spinning bike can be a complex task, but this model is among the top choices of the user community. The equipment is equipped with a console with a six-inch LCD technology screen where you can see the measurements of time, speed, heart rate and configure the options.

The model is a magnetic spinning bike with eight resistance levels and manual mode, which includes sensors and a five kilo flywheel. Aesthetically it is elegant, it is available in silver with black details. In addition, it stands out for being ergonomic, since it has a saddle with a soft and padded backrest with adjustable properties, as well as non-slip pedals with toe clips.

The base of the bicycle has been equipped with a rubber that prevents slipping and protects the surface. The dimensions of the product are 135 cm long, 100 cm high and 64 wide, with a capacity of 115 kilos.  

If you are looking for a magnetic spinning bike that provides a high level of resistance, consider the V-Fit CY067 among your options.


Capacity: It is suitable to support a capacity of up to 115 kilos, being its domestic use.

Console: Through its console you can configure and observe the progress of the activity in relation to time, distance, calories and heart rate.

Resistance: According to the training level, you can select between eight resistance levels or manual mode.

Ergonomics: It has a soft, padded and height-adjustable saddle that allows greater comfort.


Manual: Although it has a manual, it is not available in Spanish, which makes it difficult to understand.

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folding spinning bike

SportPlus SP-HT-1003

For those who have little space at home, it would be convenient to purchase a folding spinning bike, this SportPlus model being a suitable alternative. The equipment is equipped with eight resistance levels, as well as manual adjustment, so that the user can adapt the training to their level and routine.

Because it has a magnetic braking mechanism, it works silently, without emitting annoying noises. The equipment stands out for being a cheap spinning bike, considering the multiple features it offers, such as a comfortable and height-adjustable saddle with backrest, as well as the ability to support up to 100 kilos of weight.

In addition, the bike is equipped with a versatile screen where you can see the data collected on the user’s time, speed, distance and pulse during the activity. Likewise, it has pedals with protection straps and its weight is only 16 kilos, making it possible to carry it from one place to another.

SportPlus offers a versatile, functional and lightweight model at a competitive cost. Here you can read its pros and cons.


Sensors: It is made up of several sensors that measure cardiac activity during the training session.

Capacity: Although it is a lightweight device, it is capable of supporting a weight of up to 100 kilos.

Screen: The bicycle has a display where you can see values ​​of distance, time, route and calories burned.

Levels: According to your exercise routine, you can select between eight resistance levels or manual mode.


Instructions: Some users find the assembly and operating instructions difficult to understand.

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Other products

Sportstech SX200

This model is included among the best spinning bikes of 2022 for having an advanced feature, which consists of managing the bicycle via Bluetooth, through an application compatible with the mobile or tablet, also having access to other programs such as Google Maps, in street view mode, which will make your training a pleasant experience.

Likewise, it has a resistant structure and designed essentially for comfort, which is evident in aspects such as padded armrests, protection against sweat on the handlebars, a compartment to place a water container with its respective bottle included and non-slip pedals.

In the same way, the bike has two built-in wheels, to facilitate movement when moving it from one place to another. It also stands out for its high support capacity, which reaches 125 kg, while its control panel is smart and easy to use.

Finding the best spinning bike of the moment may be possible with this model, whose pros and cons have been previously analyzed by other users, who consider this bike to be a good option.


Application: This model can be controlled externally, since it connects via mobile or tablet, providing access to the iBiking application and other similar ones such as Google Maps.

Support: The level of support that this bike has is 125 kg, one that is high compared to other models included in this list.

Wheels: The structure incorporates a pair of wheels in the front area, which are used to move it when necessary, preventing the user from having to support all the weight.

Flywheel: The bicycle has a flywheel that can support a considerable weight of 22 kg, so you can lean on it without limitations.


Assembly: Some users have criticized the assembly process, claiming that, on the one hand, the instructions are not enough and, on the other, the help of another person is needed.

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Fit-Force X24KG

Dilemmas about which is the best spinning bike are always present, especially when models like this one from the manufacturer Fit-Force appear, which has a handlebar capable of supporting 24 kg, being a high and favorable level to hold in various positions when pedaling.

It is a model of outstanding robustness, since the structure is made almost entirely of steel, which especially supports the frame and wheels. In the same way, it allows the proper adjustment in the seat area, as well as in the handlebars.

For those who want to always stay hydrated, the bike includes its respective compartment to place a bottle of water. Regarding the screen, this is of the LCD type and shows the complete information about the training day. It also has small wheels, for when it is necessary to move the structure from one place to another.

In case you still don’t know which spinning bike to buy, proceed to read the specifications of this model, which is also among the recommendations.


Robustness: The bicycle is almost entirely made of steel, so it is quite robust and durable over time.

Handlebar: Its handlebar is capable of supporting about 24 kilograms, representing an important support option for certain positions during pedaling.

Displacement: In order for you to move the structure without difficulty, the manufacturer added two wheels distributed in the front area of ​​the bicycle.

Bottle: Users have positively valued the fact that the bike incorporates a compartment to place a bottle of water and that, in addition, it includes it.


Instability: Buyers have commented that the structure is a bit unstable in the handlebar area.

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Guide to buying a spinning bike

Before selecting a model in a hurry, it would be convenient if you could recognize some characteristics and properties about its performance and quality that make it suitable for different purposes and training goals. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best spinning bike on the market, a section in which we explain the basic features and properties that you should know.

Shopping guide


When establishing a comparison of spinning bikes, it would be convenient for you to include the folding system within the characteristics, since there are models that incorporate it and others that do not. Most home bikes tend to have the option of folding to reduce their size and save space in the home.

If you are interested in one of these alternatives, it is appropriate that you select one that has a simple and fast system. In addition, that allows to reduce its size to half of its dimensions.

In general, these models tend to reduce the size of the bicycle from a horizontal to vertical form, in order to store in small places when not in use. In addition to folding, it is important that the devices have a closing system or mechanism that prevents the bicycle from opening accidentally.

wheels and base

To make a model more comfortable and transportable, you could purchase an alternative that incorporates wheels within its structure that facilitate its transfer from one place to another, so you will not have to carry the entire weight of the equipment. In addition to the wheels, it is necessary for bicycles to incorporate a non-slip rubber base so that the device does not slip and does not cause damage to the surface on which it rests.

This rubber can be on the entire base or only on some support points, the one that is on the entire base being more convenient, because it provides greater safety for both the user and the floor.


Depending on the space you have at home, you can select a model that suits your needs. There are some models promoted as a good and economic option, being its small size, but providing high-end features.

Similarly, you can get other larger alternatives that look like professional gym machines. These, in general, take up more space and tend to be more versatile in relation to their functionality. You can also get other models with more compact dimensions. Therefore, according to the space you have available, you must select a model that is appropriate.


The weight of a spinning bike can vary according to the prototype model, so you will find on the market some lightweight designs that weigh 17 kilos or less, to heavier ones that weigh 45 kilos. A light weight will be easier to load and move, while with a heavier weight this task becomes more difficult and may require the help of a second person.

Although it is common to think that the greater the weight, the greater the capacity, this is not a constant, since there are models that have been manufactured with solid and resistant materials, but that end up being light structures with great capacity.

The reverse case can also occur. For this reason, beyond the weight, you should consider the capacity of the spinning bike, and it is recommended that you select the models that have the greatest capacity.

Thus, its usefulness will be more versatile and can be used by people with different builds. Some manufacturers introduce models to the market that have a capacity between 90 and 100 kilos, others go a step further and have a capacity of 150 kilos.


Ergonomics cannot be neglected when purchasing a spinning bike, since you will be on this device for several minutes a day, requiring you to be comfortable during the activity. To guarantee comfort, it is necessary to acquire models that have height-adjustable saddles, in addition to being padded and soft in contact with the skin. Additionally, some alternatives have a different design that incorporates a backrest.

Sensors and display

If you want to know how much a spinning bike costs, you need to consider the sensors that are incorporated, since their price varies according to them. Most models tend to include an LED or LCD technology screen in which the values ​​collected by these sensors can be seen.

The more sensors it has, the more data you can track. The most common designs have a pedometer, calorie counter, timer, distance and resistance.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is the difference between exercise bike and spinning bike?

These models are similar, however, they differ in some features. The main differences lie in the flywheel and belt drive. In the case of spinning bikes, these have a fixed gear and a higher level of resistance.

In addition, they also differ in the handlebar, because in the spinning ones it is of the triathlete type, while in the static ones it is with two horns. Likewise, an exercise bike can be adjusted in height, both the saddle and the handlebar, but for spinning bikes it is necessary that the distance between both elements of the structure can also be adjusted, to improve the user’s position.

Q2: What is the maintenance of a spinning bike?

For a spinning bike to function properly, regular maintenance is required. This will prevent wear from increasing and the general mechanism of the bicycle from breaking down.

These machines have their structure made up of various mobile elements such as belts, bearings, pedals, handlebars and saddle, so after each training session it is appropriate to check all these parts to ensure greater safety in the next use and extend the useful life of the equipment..

In addition, the most common maintenance is to keep the parts lubricated as they lose their original properties, greasing is recommended to reduce friction, at least once a month.

Q3: How to adjust a spinning bike?

Almost all designs follow a general pattern. Before riding, it is necessary that you make a correct adjustment to avoid injuries to the muscles and bones involved in the activity. First, you must adjust the height of the saddle to the hipbone, then you must make sure that the pedals are at a suitable height and tilt the saddle parallel to the ground.

Then, you must adjust the height of the handlebar a few centimeters above the shoulders, but not to a distance that contracts them and ends up generating discomfort in the cervical area. After this, you can close the distance between the saddle and the handlebar according to your height. Finally, it is convenient to adjust the resistance level.

All this is usually regulated through small wheels, being a quick and simple process. If you have doubts and you do not feel comfortable, you need to ask a spinning instructor and check the position you maintain on the bicycle.

Q4: How to make a spinning bike training plan?

This varies according to the user, weight, height and goals that have been set, since toning up is not the same as reducing measurements and burning calories to lose weight. In all cases, instructors recommend running the activity regularly, at least three times a week for an hour a day. For goals, the difference lies in the intensity of the exercises.

Those who want to lose weight often apply higher speed and lower resistance for more intense aerobic activity. On the contrary, those who seek to tone the muscles of the legs, usually apply a greater resistance that supposes a high degree of intensity on the muscles. Training plans should not exceed the individual capacity of each user.

Q5: What does a spinning bike with a simulator provide?

These models that incorporate a simulator provide a different, modern and more entertaining experience, similar to conventional cycling, since you can even enjoy variations in the terrain, being able to connect online and compete with other cyclists.

They can be used from anywhere and increase resistance in training, making the experience more competitive and immersive, so the athlete gives himself to training and has fun pedaling during the session.

Q6: Which is better, spinning bike or elliptical?

This will depend on the tastes and goals of each user because each of the models brings benefits to the body and are suitable for training. The spinning bike tends to have a high degree of impact on the legs, while on the elliptical the weight and intensity are distributed between the leg and arm muscles.

Also, spinning bikes tend to be more practical for burning calories and building muscle. In both it is necessary to maintain an adequate position to avoid injuries. This leads us to conclude that both models bring benefits to the body.

Q7: How should a spinning bike be for tall people?

These bicycles must have larger dimensions than conventional ones, that is, have a few additional centimeters in height so that they better fit the height of this type of person. In any case, most bicycles can be adjusted in height of the saddle and handlebars, the important thing is that when you get on it you can have one leg fully stretched and the other flexed, without this causing discomfort or inconvenience.

Q8: Which is better, a spinning bike or a trainer?

This depends on the tastes of each user. The roller also requires a traditional bicycle to install on it and be able to start the activity, while the spinning bike only requires this device. Both suppose a high level of resistance and a high pedaling capacity.

Professional cyclists prefer the trainer because it is more like a cycling experience, only it can be used without leaving the comfort of home. So no model is better than another, it will depend on the equipment you have and your preferences.

Q9: Is a used spin bike worth it?

This depends on how long you’ve been using the bike and what conditions it’s in. For this reason, before acquiring it, it is necessary to know the real state of the bicycle and establish a list with the pros and cons according to the price. Currently, you can get some models that have interesting features at a competitive cost.

Preferably, a new machine will have a longer useful life and you will be able to make use of the guarantee in the event of problems with its mechanism or operation. Meanwhile, with a used bike you run the risk of it breaking down in a s

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