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Swimming Pool – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

The hot summer has arrived and we are thinking of buying a new home pool to keep us cool at all times, so the ideal option is to buy one of these products, with which we can stay cool in summer in our garden, without the need for construction. Among the models that stand out today is the Intex 28271NP, which is a completely removable rectangular pool thanks to its tubular structure with dimensions 260 x 160 x 65 centimeters. If, on the other hand, you prefer an inflatable pool so that your children can enjoy themselves without taking any risk, we recommend the Bestway 54006.

Opinions on the best swimming pools

Choosing the best pool requires a prior study of the most important features and aspects offered by each model. Also, more importantly, it is to know your basic needs and what you will use the pool for.

removable pool

Intex 28271NP

This removable pool stands out for having a completely removable rectangular design thanks to the Intex Small Frame tubular system. In addition, the steel, PVC and aluminum structure measures 260 x 160 x 65 centimeters, which allows a water capacity of up to 2,282 liters, which is the same for four people simultaneously.

This model of the Intex brand, considered the best pool brand, made with anti-rust epoxy steel parts that stands out for its ease of assembly, which allows you to have the pool ready in just 30 minutes. On the other hand, you can easily empty the contents of the pool thanks to its drain plug, which can be connected to any type of drain hose. In addition, the canvas is made with materials that stand out for their durability and resistance to water. This is a high quality rectangular removable pool. 

If you are looking for a pool for your garden that takes up little space, this is your best alternative, as it is considered the best pool at the moment. Remember the great benefits that contact with water has for the human body, reducing stress and improving a large number of discomforts and body ailments.

If you don’t know which pool to buy, we recommend you take into account a series of factors and characteristics to choose the model that best suits your needs.


Capacity : This model has the advantage of being able to store up to 2,282 liters of water, so you can hold large gatherings with your best friends.

Structure : The manufacture of the exterior structure is of good quality, since it is made of anti-oxidant epoxy and steel.

Canvas : The canvas of this pool is covered with a three-layer material with super hard technology that increases resistance and durability.

Dimensions : Although it comes in various sizes, this product is 260 x 160 x 65 centimeters.


Treatment plant : This model does not include a treatment plant, so if you are looking for an alternative that includes one, you should choose another pool.

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inflatable pool

Bestway 54006

If you are looking for an inflatable pool that you can use at your children’s parties, we recommend this inflatable model with approximate dimensions of 262 x 175 x 51 centimeters. It offers a rectangular design with which all children will have a space to play.

This inflatable pool model is made of a 0.27-millimeter-thick vinyl material, so it provides great resistance, in addition to having two symmetrical rings to facilitate emptying thanks to its valve. This family pool model allows up to 778 liters of water.

This model has a design with very wide side walls, in addition, it has an extra strong patch in case of any breakage. It is a product indicated for children over six years of age. It weighs approximately 4.96 kilograms when empty.

If you are looking for the best value for money pool, we recommend you look at this model, as it has one of the best prices on this list.


Design : This product has a rectangular design, which facilitates the enjoyment of more people in the pool.

Safety valves : This product includes two practical safety valves that will allow you to use this pool in the safest way.

Capacity : This product has a maximum water capacity of up to 1,161 liters.


Deflated : If you are not careful with this type of pool, you can easily puncture the bottom of the product, causing water to leak.

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Intex pool

Intex 28110NP

If you are looking for a removable Intex pool with an inflatable top ring, we recommend this model that measures 244 x 76 x centimeters and that, thanks to its design, can store up to 2,419 liters of water, which is equal to a space for about 3 or 4 adults.

The canvas is made with Super Tough technology and has three layers with extra resistance that provides greater durability and resistance. In addition, the installation is super simple, you only have to fill the upper ring and finish filling the empty space with water.

You can easily connect the drainage system of this pool water hose to facilitate the exit of stagnant water in the pool.

If you still do not know which is the best pool on this list, we recommend you look at the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Materials : Intex brand products are made with high-quality materials, passed through triple-layer super-tough technologies for durability.

Installation : In just 10 to 30 minutes you will have your Intex pool fully inflated, depending on the size of your model.

CD : Some models have an installation DVD that will make your job much easier.

Capacity : This product has a water capacity of 2,419 liters, which allows up to 3 or 4 adults to enter.


Design : This model has a very unconventional design, so it is flattened and feels a bit weird when swimming in it.

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Pool Bestway

Bestway 57270

This Bestway pool stands out for having a 305 x 76 centimeter hydro pump, which is made of three layers of polyester and PVC that are highly resistant. In addition, this model is equipped with valves that facilitate emptying

This model stands out for having a liquid storage capacity of up to 3,638 liters and weighs, when empty, up to 9.7 kilograms. This device incorporates a pump of 1,249 liters per hour.

The pool has a 50 x 50 centimeter floor protector. In addition, it has a cover with which you can have the water in your pool clean enough. On the other hand, it has an access ladder that is approximately 84 centimeters, to facilitate access for some users.

If you are looking for one of the best swimming pools of 2022, we recommend you look at the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Hydro pump : This device has a 305x76cm hydro pump with which you can fill the pool without any effort.

Quality : It is a product of great quality and resistance thanks to its three layers of high-resistance PVC.

Emptying : On the other hand, this device has an emptying system that will help you keep the pool empty.


Overflow : Water overflow can occur especially if the pool has been overfilled or if it is exposed to direct sunlight.

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prefabricated pool

Gre M295049

If you are building your summer house and you are planning to install a prefabricated pool, we recommend this pool model made of quality materials. These products are cold treated, with galvanizing, priming and phosphating treatments. In addition, they are manufactured in Europe, so they offer a higher quality of production with products that respect the environment.

These types of pools are insured for a period of 4 years, so the durability will be incomparable with other pools you have had. This product measures 500 x 300 x 150 centimeters and weighs about 403 grams.

This home pool kit includes a complete sand scrubber set, stainless steel coated ladder for durability, and a protective floor blanket.

Before choosing your next pool, it is important that you take into account the budget you are willing to invest. Next, we present the most important aspects of this model.


Dimensions : This garden pool model has dimensions of 500 x 300 x 150 centimeters.

Ladder : For the smallest users, this model includes a practical ladder that will help them get in and out of the pool with 4 steps.

Kit : This product includes a complete pool kit that includes a sand filter, protective blanket and ladder.


Depth : This pool has a depth of up to 1.50 meters, so if you are looking for a model that your children can easily use, we recommend choosing another option.

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children’s pool

Intex 57444NP

This is a model of inflatable games center with pool for children that stands out for having a dinosaur-themed design, which has a maximum capacity of 216 liters of water. In addition, it has dimensions of 249 x 191 x 109 centimeters.

The material with which this product is made is resistant vinyl and is designed for children up to 3 children, supporting a weight of up to 80 kilograms.

This children’s pool is an inflatable play center with water, which stands out for its dinosaur-shaped design with six bags and connection for the hose. In addition, it has a water pressure regulation valve.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest models on this list, we recommend you take into account a series of relevant factors regarding its quality and price. Here are the positive and negative aspects of this product.


Design : The dinosaur shape that this inflatable product has will be the attention of all children.

Dimensions : This is an inflatable pool for children due to its dimensions of 249 x 191 x 109 centimeters.

Slide : This game includes a fun slide that all children can safely slide down.


Durability : Depending on how you use the device, the pool can last you more or less a year, so you should protect it from scratches.  

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pool accessories

pool treatment plant

Intex 28604

To carry out a correct maintenance to the pools, it is very important to be attentive to the state of the filter, which is among the most important pool accessories that we must change, since this product is a very efficient pool treatment plant of the brand Intex that is used to filter 2,006 liters.

In addition, this product improves filtration thanks to its Hydro Technology aeration system, increasing the purity of the water by regulating the amount of negative ions. On the other hand, it includes an air bleeder that offers fast operation. Includes hoses with 32 mm connection.

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pool cleaner

Zodiac W70668 MX8

Another accessory that we usually use when we do maintenance on our pool is the pool bottom cleaner, which is a device that connects to the end of the hose to be able to clean the pool floor without difficulty. This model allows efficient cleaning of pools with rigid walls of 12 x 6 meters maximum.

With this pool cleaner you can suck up and store debris in the pump filter and it has an X-Drive navigation system that stands out for its totally random movement, achieving automatic changes of direction, which helps you achieve greater coverage of pool cleaning. It has a minimum power of 1 CV for tile pools.

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pool liners

Gre FPROV610

Sometimes, the pool you have installed could lose water through a fissure or crack caused by the time of use, which is why manufacturers have developed materials similar to tarpaulins, which are placed at the bottom of the pools to prevent leaks and water leaks.

This product, known as a pool liner, stands out for its great efficiency in containing the water in any pool, it also includes a hanging system that facilitates the installation of the product. This model comes in different formats and designs that you can choose to match the style of your pool. It measures 610 x 375 x 120 centimeters and comes in blue.

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pool ladder

Intex 28074

There are pools so deep that the only way to get in and out of it when you are cleaning it and it is completely dry is with a handy ladder. In addition, it is advisable to acquire a removable ladder that allows you to move it to the place where you have to do your work.

This pool ladder is 52 inches thick and has dimensions of 130 x 33 x 182 centimeters. This ladder model has a design with four plastic steps on each side. This product stands out for having non-slip and impact-resistant steps. In addition, the structure is made of steel coated with anti-corrosion paint. This product supports up to 136 kilograms.

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pool cover

Intex 29028

It is very common to see pools that have a kind of canvas on top that covers the water, protecting it from dirt, dry tree leaves, as well as other purposes. Among the most important functions of the pool cover is to prevent up to 98% of the evaporation of the pool water, in addition to allowing the water temperature to be maintained.

This Intex brand cover is specially designed for a 4000 x 200 centimeter pool, while the complete measurements of this cover are 378 x 186. This product is made of polyethylene and is made up of a series of sealed air bubbles that have a thickness of up to 160 microns. In addition, this product includes a transport practice.

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Thermal pool blanket

WilTec 60248

Any protective pool blanket is an accessory that you should not overlook. These products have a large number of benefits for the pool and the water it contains. This product has a dual function: first, it traps the sun’s rays, which allows the water to be heated, since the transparency of the blanket allows the sun to reach the darkest spaces.

As if that were not enough, this thermal blanket for swimming pools continues to work at night as an insulator, so that it is not possible to lose as much of the heat accumulated during the day. Obviously, the cover protects the water from the number of dry leaves and insects that often fall into an unprotected pool.

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pool pump

vidaXL 90464

Last but not least, one of the vital accessories for the operation of any swimming pool is the water pump. This allows to maintain a constant flow of clean water to be able to enjoy the water. This electric pool pump works with 500W. It is powered with a voltage of 230V and 50 Hz.

This product has a maximum lifting height of 10 meters and has a cable that is approximately one meter long, which has a plug at its end for easy connection. The dimensions of this pump are 42 x 19 x 22 centimeters, making it easy to install in small places.

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Guide to buying a swimming pool

The hot summer days make us think over and over again about wanting to be in a pool cooling off and how many times have we not wanted to have one at home. However, we quickly gave up on the idea when remembering all the money, all the works and earthworks that the installation of a pool requires. You can rejoice, since there are summer pools that are easy to install and with all kinds of sizes, both for adults and children. The key is knowing how to choose, for this reason, we wanted to design the following guide to buy the best swimming pool, with which you can help yourself make a better decision.

Shopping guide

Types of pools

In any comparison of swimming pools, one of the most important aspects that you should look at is its type. In the first place, we mention the pools that are buried, which stand out for the great advantage they have in being able to integrate into the space in a more natural way and without affecting the decoration of your garden. In addition, they are the most durable models, so it is expected that they will have a much higher price. Remember that in order to install one of these pools, you must have enough land to dig.

Obviously, its installation is much more complex than its similar buildable and inflatable ones, so you will have to dig the ground where you plan to install the pool, in addition to the fact that it is a job that must be done by professionals who have the necessary machinery to carry out that work and have the necessary permits to carry out the work. It is worth mentioning that it is important to take into account the area of ​​the garden where you plan to install the pool, you are not going to affect any internal pipe previously placed there

As for PVC pools, these types of pools are considered good and cheap. This is why manufacturers have developed a large number of sizes and depths. Some suitable for children, while others with greater depth for adults. There are models that can reach 10 meters in length.

Sometimes they are popularly known as tubular or inflatable pools, so, in addition to their main advantage, these models can be moved around very easily and change their location from time to time. On the other hand, if you have a small space where you can place your new pool, this model is your best alternative since they do not take up much space and are completely portable.


Before choosing your next pool, another aspect that you should take care of the most is the material that the manufacturer has used, so that it is a comfortable, resistant pool and that the plastic does not generate any reaction on the skin. The materials directly affect the price of the product, therefore, before looking at how much the pool you like the most costs, it is advisable to look at the quality of its materials. 

You can find pool models on the market made of PVC, wood, cement, and endless other metal alloys that allow the liquid to be kept inside. However, it is important to take into account that this aspect can significantly affect the price of the model, so if you are on a short budget, we recommend you analyze the material of the pool.  


Remember that the bigger the pool, the more friends of yours will be able to enter, so it is not surprising that in all pool buying guides, the dimensions occupy an important space between the aspects that you cannot miss. Some pre-installed pools allow a maximum of users, so if it is exceeded, the product risks breaking and spilling the water. 

On the other hand, there is the possibility that you yourself give the indications of the size you want your pool to have, however the expense will be much higher and you will, very surely, have to hire specialized labor. 


All users appreciated that the purchase they made brought them as a reward a large series of gift objects and accessories that allowed them to carry out various activities, such as, for example, keeping the water clean from the dry leaves of the trees, or taking care that no individual falls inside unsuspectingly, which is why a series of special canvas covers have been invented that add protection and safety to the product. Whenever you go to buy a pool for your new home, make sure it includes a ladder for the little ones, as well as a cleaning system or basic leaf catcher at least. 

There is also a series of special accessories for protection against children or animals, which are alarm systems that are activated as soon as the pool door is lifted by a person other than an adult. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to install a swimming pool?

First of all, you must identify the pool model that you are going to install in. We recommend separating all the components, so that you can follow the manual perfectly. If your pool model is oval, place the omegas or, failing that, the squares, then mount the profiles that are in the inner area and install the stamping pieces. Next, install the sheet metal and unfold the PVC strips. The next step is to place and unfold the cover. Proceed to install the upper and vertical profiles and then install the beaches and protective covers. Finally, fill your pool with water.

Q2: How to raise the pH in a pool?

It is important that, if you own a pool, you know that the pH level should be around 7.4 and 7.8 if you want to avoid any time of injury or eventuality with your family, so it is advisable to have the elements completely controlled of maintenance. To raise the pH level of the water in a pool, you must add caustic soda, we recommend that you be very careful when handling this product, as it is highly corrosive. Amounts greater than 100 grams per 10m3 of water are not recommended. Distribute the Soda evenly starting at the deepest part and make sure the water pump is running. You will need to wait an hour or so to see if the pH level has risen.

Q3: How to heat the pool water?

There are several methods to heat the water in your pool, or at least keep it warm, for when you want to swim. Among the most common and popular accessories are solar rings, which are based on a very effective method to keep the water at the temperature you like. The idea is to cover most of the pool with this product. Its manufacture consists of a hula hoop and any type of black cloth or plastic, which will help you raise the temperature approximately 3 degrees per disc, helping you keep the water acclimatized during the night, in addition to reducing evaporation.

Q4: What do I put in the ground of a removable pool?

Before laying out a above-ground pool, most manufacturers recommend placing some type of material on the bottom of the pool so that grass, stones, and other objects can damage the pool base and cause water to leak. Among the models of pool protectors for the ground is the plastic floor. It is a product indicated for inflatable or tubular pools and it is a plastic tapestry or canvas floor, which adapts perfectly to any pool model, in addition to having a very affordable price, so your purchase is worth it. completely worth it.

Q5: How to clean a swimming pool?

First of all, make sure you have all the supplies you need to clean the pool. You should start by collecting the dry leaves that are floating, brushing the pool with a special brush. It is advisable to have a telescopic tube, so that you can easily reach the bottom of the pool. In addition, adapt a net to the end of the telescopic tube to collect small leaves that are floating or at the bottom of the pool. Another very useful accessory for cleaning pool floors is the brush. Make sure you have one to be able to scrub the floor of the pool well and eliminate the fungus paid.

Q6: How to make a construction pool?

It is worth mentioning that it is recommended to hire a construction professional to build a construction pool in your home. However, if you plan to venture on your own, this is what you should do: first of all, get a building permit surely with the neighborhood association, so you could end up paying taxes in case you do not request them. With the help of an excavating machine, dig a hole the size that the pool is going to have and then proceed to level the land. He then lays the pipes and walls inside the pool and installs the electrical system for the water pump. He lays the floor and finishes the walls. Some users fill the outside of the pool with gravel or wood and finally fill the pool with water.

Q7: How  to add salt to the pool?

Adding salt to pools keeps pools clear, free of algae and stains, and a sufficient amount of salt in pool water keeps the system working optimally. Remember that, when adding salt to the pool, make sure to turn off the salt chlorine generator, however, leave the water pump on so that the pool can circulate the water evenly.

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