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Tent – ​​Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

One of the best ways to enjoy an outdoor meeting without suffering from the inclement sun, rain or cold is by using a marquee. Therefore, it is necessary to be informed about its main characteristics, such as design, manufacturing material, uses and installation. Currently, it is possible to find models of all kinds, however, here we will focus on the most outstanding. In this sense, the JOM 127097 tent has a folding installation mechanism and includes a transport bag. On the other hand, there is the Homdox 3024067031, which offers a surface of 9 m2 and transparent windows.

Opinions on the best tents

When you decide to buy a tent, you must take into account some key aspects that guarantee its quality, so that it fulfills the most appropriate functions according to your needs. For this reason, it is important that you review in detail the information that we provide you about the favorite models of some users.

folding tent

JOM 127097

It is the best multipurpose garden tent according to some users, so you can install it on the beach, in the mountains, information stands, markets and even during celebrations or walks. In addition, it has dimensions of 3 x 3 m, it has an entrance with a zipper system and 3 walls with windows.

Its structure is made of telescopic metal rods, which makes it light and solid at the same time. Also, it has a screwless folding mechanism that facilitates its installation, since you will not need additional tools. It also includes tension cables, pegs and velcro closure.

On the other hand, the walls and roof of this folding gazebo are made of water-repellent 200D Oxford fabric, specifically designed to protect you from light rain. Likewise, as an accessory it includes a carrying bag with handles, which will allow you to carry it from one place to another with greater comfort.

If you want to acquire the best tent of the moment, then it is advisable to look for quality and functionality in principle. In this sense, it is important that you consider the pros and cons of this model before making a decision:


Installation: Its installation mechanism is foldable and, as if that were not enough, it includes tensioning cables, a velcro closure, pegs and a fixing system.

Design: It has a roof, 3 walls, 3 windows and 1 entrance, in addition, its walls can be dismantled.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 3 x 3 m, so it offers a large space to have a meeting with friends and family outdoors.


Material: Some users consider the material of its walls and ceiling to be too thin, so it could break if proper care is not taken.

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TecTake 401620

If you are wondering which is the best tent, this model could offer you the answer, since it is an easy-to-install folding tent, which has anchorable legs and maximum resistance crossbars, in this way it provides good support to the ground.

It has a height of 280 cm, the ceiling surface measures 2.8 x 2.8 m, it occupies a space of 3 x 3 m once installed and it weighs approximately 1.5 kg. It also includes the necessary tools for its installation, such as 4 tensioning ropes, 8 stakes, assembly instructions and a transport bag.

Its walls and roof are made of 100% polyester, but it is also a completely waterproof model, which means that it will protect you from UV rays and rain. It is also available in green, black, white and red colors.

For those who do not know which tent to buy, the TecTake 401620 offers a good alternative, so you should know its most prominent pros and cons in detail:


Roof: It has a waterproof roof that will protect you from both the sun’s rays and the rain.

Installation: As accessories, it includes 4 tensioning ropes, 8 stakes, mounting material and instructions to facilitate installation.

Dimensions: Its dimensions are 2.8 x 2.8 m, it occupies a space of 3 x 3 m and has a height of 280 cm.


Bag: A user thinks that the transport bag could be smaller than expected, which makes it difficult to store.

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3×3 folding tent

Homdox 3024067031

This tent is considered by many users as one of the best tents of 2022, since it is made of polyester and its tubular frame is made of aluminum, which gives it resistance to corrosion and impermeability. Likewise, it is a fully foldable model, so you will not need additional tools during its installation.

Its structure can be assembled with or without the side walls, so it is very practical for outdoor celebrations, however, if you want to use it completely closed, it is capable of cutting the wind and providing greater privacy. In addition, it has 2 side windows that allow the entry of natural light.

On the other hand, it is a 3 x 3 m folding tent, which can accommodate several people simultaneously. However, it is available in 6 different colours, as well as in a double presentation of 3 x 6 m, to adapt it according to your tastes and needs.

Having the best brand of tents can provide you with greater quality and functionality, so it is important that you analyze the most important characteristics of this product before making the purchase:


Design: Its attractive design includes a zippered entrance, 4 walls, 2 transparent windows, a roof and a folding system to use as you prefer.

Materials: It has a tubular aluminum structure that prevents corrosion. Likewise, the surface material is made of waterproof polyester of 270 gx m2.

Installation: Its folding system facilitates its installation and subsequent storage, so you do not need other tools.


Roof: Some users indicate that the roof collects water during rain, so it is recommended that the fabric is completely taut during installation.

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camping tent

YuMai BlueCharm

It offers a modern hexagonal design and does not cost a lot of money, for this reason, some users consider it to be the best value for money tent. In addition, it has 360º visibility, so you will be in greater contact with the environment.

On the other hand, it also serves as a tent, since it has two layers to protect you from the rain and the sun. The upper axis of the tent is made of fiberglass, so it offers greater resistance when opening and closing, in this sense, it has a spring for automatic and quick installation.

This camping tent has capacity for 2 or 3 people and offers sides covered by a mosquito net type fabric, to protect from insects. Also, this product has 6 sides and two of them can be disassembled to facilitate entry. On the other hand, it has internal measurements of 220 x 180 x 115 cm, which provides a large and comfortable space. However, its dimensions when folded are 78 x 14 x 17 cm and its weight is 3 kg, so you can easily store it in any space.

Those who enjoy outdoor walks should have a tent that is easy to install, so it is advisable to review the most outstanding features of this model in advance:


Functions: It is breathable and waterproof. As if that were not enough, it has a mesh that prevents the entry of pests.

Design: Offers a hexagonal design that provides a 360º view. In addition, it has removable walls for greater comfort.

Installation: Provides an umbrella-type quick-opening system for easy installation and storage.


Capacity: It is one of the smallest of its kind, so its capacity is reduced only for a couple or a group of three people.

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beach tent

Uquip XL Buzzy

It is a beach tent that will allow you to take shelter from the sun, rain and wind, since it has a UV 50+ protection factor. In addition, it has the practical and attractive Pop-up design, which, thanks to its automatic Easy Up system, will allow you to extend and shrink its structure with just two manoeuvres.

It has dimensions of 215 x 150 x 115 cm, which provides enough space to accommodate your whole family. Likewise, its structure is made with fiberglass rods and connections, which together with the sandbags provide stability and firmness.

On the other hand, it has 2 windows with curtains, which can be opened or closed as needed, in addition, two of its walls can be removed for greater comfort. Also, it includes 8 studs, straps, sandbags and a bag for transport and storage.

A good quality tent can also be one of the cheapest, however, it is important that you review its main characteristics beforehand. In this sense, it might be convenient to pay attention to these details:


Installation: It has the automatic Easy Up system, which allows the tent to be assembled and disassembled with just two movements.

Dimensions: It offers a large shelter surface, thanks to its dimensions of 215 x 150 x 115 cm.

Structure: Its main structure is made of fiberglass and includes sandbags to give it greater stability.


Windows: It only has two ventilation slots, which could be insufficient when the tent is completely closed.

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terrace tent

Outsunny 84C-044GN

This terrace tent has a hexagonal design that allows you to enjoy a complete view of the place around you, thanks to the fact that its walls were made with mosquito netting, suitable for keeping insects away. Also, it has a double door with a zipper closure system and slats to hold the doors open when necessary, thus offering an attractive, delicate and comfortable design.

It has an accordion-type assembly and storage system, which allows you to save time, since you do not need instruments or tools to obtain a good result. Also, its walls and roof are made of waterproof polyester, so it is mainly intended for use on patios, terraces or gardens, either during the holiday season or in temperate climates.

On the other hand, it has 4 walls, 2 doors and includes plastic connectors, pegs and tension cables to fix it to the ground. Once installed, it is capable of covering an area of ​​3 x 3 m, that is, 9 square meters.

One of the best ways to enjoy an outdoor meeting is through the use of a tent, so you should analyze the pros and cons of this model before making the purchase:


Materials: Its structure is made of steel tubes, the roof has polyester fabric and the walls are made of mosquito netting.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 390 cm wide, 250 cm high and its eaves measure 197 cm.

Design: It has 4 walls, 2 doors and a waterproof roof for added security.


Zipper: A user thinks that the closure system could be uncomfortable when you have to go in and out several times, however, it has tapes to fix and avoid discomfort when entering.

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3×6 folding tent

Goutime Pop-up

It is made with steel tubes and high-quality polyester fabric, which gives you greater resistance at the time of installation, in addition, it does not require additional tools. It is suitable for resisting light rains and protecting its interior up to 90% from UV rays.

This 3 x 6 folding tent is suitable for holding events with family or friends, such as weddings, birthdays, baptisms, among others. In this sense, it has a rectangular shape with 6 spaces that allow better visibility of the environment.

Likewise, the walls can be disassembled or fixed with velcro closures for a better fit and visibility. For this reason and thanks to its versatility, it can also be used for advertising or commercial purposes. It has a double design and for greater functionality it includes a bag with wheels to transport it.

Buying a marquee to host parties with friends and family can be a daunting task. For this reason, it might be important to carefully review the pros and cons of this model before making a choice:


Materials: Its structure is made of stainless steel tubes and its walls are made of polyester, thanks to which it is able to resist the intensity of UV rays.

Design: It has 6 windows, 6 removable walls and 6 straight leg racks.

Accessories: Includes 6 stakes for the ground and their respective ropes to tighten the tent. In addition, it has a transport bag with wheels for more comfort.


Wind: A user thinks that this model of tent could be little resistant to wind, so it is necessary to fix it correctly to the ground.

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coleman tent

Coleman Pro Silver

This is one of the strongest, most durable and cheapest tents on the list as it comes in size XL with dimensions of 450 x 450cm. In addition, they can withstand winds of up to 65 km/h and, as if that were not enough, they have WS 450 mm water resistance.

This Coleman tent is made of 100% woven polyester in gray, it also has windproof material and has a 100% PVC window. Likewise, it is provided with a sundayzaza clip system, to open and close the tent with ease. Also, it has a UV Guard security system for protection against the sun’s rays.

On the other hand, the unique dimensions of this cheap tent can favor its use in any outdoor activity, however, it is recommended above all for camping days and outdoor meetings with friends and family.

If you are looking for a practical, affordable and spacious tent, you might be interested in this model from the prestigious Coleman brand, so you should know its most outstanding aspects before deciding:


Dimensions: It is a large tent, with dimensions of 450 x 450 cm, which will allow camping with the family.

Materials : It is made of polyester and PVC to guarantee its resistance to water. In addition, it offers UN Guard 50+ sun protection, for greater safety.

Versatility: It is a good alternative if you want to camp outdoors in the mountains, beach, park or terrace.


Installation: This model comes completely unassembled, so you may need additional help to install it in the shortest possible time.

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3×4 tent

MCTECH Waterproof tarpaulin

The design of the pavilion has a spaciousness that casts a great shadow, as its ceiling dimensions are 300 x 400 cm and its total height is 250 cm, thus providing enough space for comfort and freedom of movement. In addition, it does not require additional utensils during its installation, since it has all the necessary tools.

It is a practical 3×4 tent to use for beach parties, open fields, mountains and gardens. Also, its rustic blue look makes it a great choice for markets and advertising stands.

Its structure offers firmness, since its main support is a highly resistant light steel frame, which also has protection against corrosion, thus providing greater durability. On the other hand, it has three side walls with a window each, which allows you to maintain contact with the outside.

If you like outdoor meetings, such as camping and participating in fairs, then you need to have your own tent, so you should consider the features of this model:


Design: It has a zippered door and 3 of its walls have windows. In addition, it is available in blue and white.

Materials: Its walls and roof are made of 110 g x mt2 polyethylene and, as if that were not enough, its structure is made of steel for greater resistance.

Accessories: Includes connection system, cable tensioners, velcro accessories and pins that facilitate installation.


Windproof: According to the opinion of some users, this model could be not very resistant in case of very strong winds.

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gazebo tent

Festnight Pavilion

This pavilion is designed for large celebrations, especially outdoors. In this sense, it is a model that provides spaciousness and freshness, since it has modern and attractive windows on each wall. In addition, it has a striking blue color and a smooth texture.

For this reason, it is a model that can be used for weddings, baptisms and large family celebrations, however, it also works as an advertising point, point of sale or information space.

The structure of this gazebo is supported by an anticorrosive steel frame, likewise, its roof and removable walls are made of a weather-resistant polyethylene canvas. This material guarantees long years of good performance and, as if that were not enough, it is easy to install, since it includes accessories and does not require special tools to assemble.

A good quality tent can be your best ally when you have to hold meetings outdoors, so it is recommended that you know in detail the negative and positive aspects of this tent:


Fabric: Its walls and roof are water resistant, as they are made of high-quality polyethylene.

Dimensions: It measures 6 x 3 x 2.5 m, so it can accommodate a group of your closest friends and family.

Design: It has an elegant and attractive design in blue, with white windows that make it suitable for formal meetings, such as weddings and conferences.


Weight: It could be heavier than other models on the list, since it is a large structure made of steel, so its installation could require two or more people.

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Guide to buying a tent

The tent is a practical and functional solution if you are one of those people who love nature and the outdoors, because it allows you to enjoy yourself without having to endure the harmful rays of the sun or when the rain surprises you during a walk. In this sense, we have prepared a guide to buy the best tent, where you will be able to know the characteristics that a good quality one should have.

Shopping guide


A comparison of tents should start by differentiating the types that exist, in this way you can have a clearer idea of ​​the benefits that each model offers.

The Canadian could be the oldest of all, since it has the classic gabled roof and is made with very strong fabrics, so it is capable of withstanding the roughest treatment. Likewise, the igloo type is one of the smallest and is possibly the most used due to the lightness of its materials, the practicality during its installation and its aerodynamic designs. Both are generally used in the mountains, beaches, rivers and natural parks.

On the other hand, there are the structural tents that are usually more functional and versatile, since they can be used in the countryside, in the city and even for gatherings in the garden to share with your closest friends and family. These tents are also usually larger and may require the assistance of two or more people to set up.

This type of marquee can also be adapted for commercial uses, such as markets, festivals, information stands, concerts, conferences or simply to relax and enjoy the weather outdoors.


Tents offer a wide variety of designs and models depending on the use you are going to give them, so it is necessary to study in detail characteristics such as their structure and colors. In this sense, there are round, square, rectangular and even hexagonal tents, also, regarding the colors you can find a great variety, among which blue, orange, green, white and cream stand out.

There are tents that include 1 or several windows for greater ventilation, as well as to favor the entry of light. However, you can find those that only offer small openings, designed to protect you from the cold. They can also include mesh or mosquito nets that prevent the entry of pests and dust, so you can have a more peaceful stay, despite this. On the other hand, if you want a larger space, there are models with folding or removable walls that provide more freedom to move around the space.

In this sense, the dimensions will indicate the capacity of people that it can accommodate inside, so the smallest ones are usually for one or two people and the large ones can give shelter to 20 people. In this way, some can measure up to 6 meters long and 3 meters wide, likewise, some can have a height of up to 2 meters.


You should consider the convenience it offers during the setup and storage process, as this could affect how much each model costs. For this reason, it is necessary to know that the most used system is the folding structure, since it is the easiest to control, even by a single person, so that at the time of opening or closing it takes less time. However, you can find tents with multiple pieces for their installation, which normally require the help of several people, however, these usually have a larger size and greater firmness on the ground, so they are appropriate for use by several people. in very windy areas.

In addition, the doors must have an appropriate closing system to provide you with security and practicality, as well as so that all your things remain inside. The zipper is usually the most used system by manufacturers, since it provides ease of opening and closing.


The materials used in its manufacture are another key factor that directly influences its quality, so if you want a good and economical tent you should check how many accessories it offers, as well as the type of fabric on its walls and ceiling. In this sense, it can be made of polyester, polyethylene and 200D water-repellent Oxford material, which mostly offer protection against UV rays and impermeability.

The windows are generally made of transparent PVC to allow maximum visibility, as well as a greater entry of natural light. However, if you want more privacy, a more closed model or with fewer windows could be the one. On the other hand, you should know that most of the walls of large tents are fastened with Velcro and hooks, so they offer greater firmness and resistance in difficult conditions. Likewise, they must have anchorable legs and tensioning cables, which allow a better fastening to the ground and more stability.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to disassemble a pop-up tent?

Disassembling a self-assembling tent is so simple that with just a few movements you will already have it stored. It only requires joining the two edges of the base with the two upper edges of its structure, starting from the door.

With the four edges together, just place that figure in a vertical position to proceed to make the first fold, in the middle and down, in this way the tent takes its position and all the rods are aligned to form a circle that is held with a elastic rubber. Then you can store it in its respective bag.

Q2: Which is better, a canopy tent or an igloo?

It is important that you take into account your needs to know which one is the most appropriate for you. In this sense, igloo-type tents are generally lighter and smaller, they are also waterproof and do not require a completely flat terrain for their installation.

However, Canadian-type tents have a larger and more comfortable interior, since they tend to provide greater height and have stronger poles, in addition, they are capable of providing greater resistance.

Q3: What tent to buy for mountain?

The recommendation of the experts when choosing a mountain tent is the igloo type tent, basically because in addition to being much lighter and more stable than any other, you can also select its capacity according to your needs.

In addition, the mountain ones have rods with a larger diameter to offer more comfort inside, they are able to resist rain, wind and are breathable to prevent heat condensation.

Q4: How does the self pitching tent work?

The self-assembling tents have a practical mechanism that with a few movements allows you to have it assembled and ready to use. In this sense, what you must do is open the zipper of the storage bag, to extract the tent and the installation tools that complement the structure, such as pegs and tensioning ropes.

Next, you must remove the rubber band that holds the tent in its closed position, release it in the air so that its rods take the proper shape, however, it may require a little help to tension correctly. Finally, the pegs and ropes are fixed to the ground, the position of the door and windows are adjusted and it is ready.

Q5: Which tent is better, Doite or National Geographic?

The Doite brand offers the most suitable tents to enjoy with the family, because they provide protection against UV rays, their impermeability can vary from 3000 to 7000 mm and they have aluminum rods, which are lighter and stronger.

As for the National Geographic tents, we can say that they are much more affordable in price and, although they are relatively new on the market, they offer good resistance to difficult weather and the conditions of different types of terrain.

Q6: How is a tent fixed without anchors?

A tent without anchors is a good alternative to install in places with uneven surfaces. However, it is necessary to look for other alternatives to keep the tent in position and thus overcome the difficulties of the weather.

Among the most used alternatives for this purpose are fillable bag counterweights, either with sand or stones. In this sense, there are sandbags of up to 30 cm in diameter or pyramid bags that can be filled with water, all of which must be fixed with hooks or Velcro to the legs or edges of the tents.

Q7: What material should a waterproof outdoor tent be?

Outdoor tents are made with different types of fabrics that prevent water from seeping inside. In this sense, one of the most used is polyester, since it is a light fabric, capable of repelling the sun’s rays and does not absorb water.

Another of the fabrics is polyamide nylon, which offers great elasticity, so it does not corrode easily and resists abrasion, it is also quite light and repels water. On the other hand, there are the coatings that improve the support capacity of the tissues, such as the silicone, polyurethane or PVC induced coating.

Q8: How to store a folding tent?

The best way to store a folding tent is using its own transport bag, since they are usually made to measure for each tent, with handles and a zipper closure to adequately protect its contents and ensure a long useful life. Some of them may have wheels to facilitate their transfer.

It is worth remembering that for greater durability it is important to clean the tent before storing it, in this way you avoid damage to its structure that could be caused by humidity or

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