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Treadmill – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

To improve your physical form, it is advisable to do cardio exercises, such as those you can do thanks to modern treadmills. Products with which you can forget about bad weather and that allow you to train from the comfort of your home. In addition, thanks to its variable resistance, you can even increase the training requirement, with an increasing pace. Among the current models, we find options such as the Nero Sports Pro. A treadmill with a powerful motor, Bluetooth connectivity to better control your training and that incorporates 12 automatic programs already configured. Also attractive is the Cecotec RunFit model, also equipped with 12 training modes and an efficient motor, which generates a power of 1000 W.

Opinions on the best treadmills

Before making a hasty purchase, we present a section with which you can learn about the treadmill models that tend to lead market preferences.

folding treadmill

Nero Sports Pro

The folding treadmill from Nero Sports is a comfortable and interesting proposal to carry out your cardio exercises without problems. To this end, this model incorporates a powerful motor and 12 different operating programs, which you can adjust according to what you need. You also have a speed control system, variable from 1 to 10 kilometers per hour, depending on your preferences.

A model that incorporates other novelties such as the heart rate monitor or its Bluetooth connectivity, with which to control these workouts even better. Task in which you also have an extensive control panel, where you can manage all these functions. 

It’s finished off with an efficient foldable design, so when you’re not training the product doesn’t take up space and is easy to move around for storage.

We leave you more details of this model and everything you can expect during your workouts.


Programs: Includes 12 different programs, with which it is much easier to improve your fitness.

Heart rate monitor: The model incorporates a heart rate monitor on the belt, to better control your performance.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth connectivity and the included app help you better record your training data.

No assembly: The treadmill is shipped 99% assembled, so you can start running almost instantly. 

Foldable: The product features a foldable design, which saves space at home when you are not using it.


Weight: The model has a weight support of 90 kilos, so it is not suitable for users of a certain corpulence.

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Gridinlux 070026

The Gridinlux 070026 treadmill is another suitable model so you can train in the comfort of your home. The device is based on a 1,000-watt motor, with which it can reach speeds of up to 10 kilometers per hour. These speeds are adjustable through the front control panel, where other interesting options are included, such as the program selector. 

A safety brake system is also included, which stops the movement of the tape in case of problems. This model also incorporates two handlebars on the sides, which make it easier for people of a certain age to walk with the product safely. 

For the rest, the belt is easily foldable and can be stored comfortably almost anywhere, having two wheels with which to facilitate this movement.

If you want to run comfortably and safely, keep reading what this treadmill offers you.


Motor: Its 1,000-watt motor offers smooth operation, so you will have no problem when shooting.

Safety rope: This rope cuts the operation of the tape in case of problems such as falls or trips.

Easy to store: The treadmill is fully foldable and includes front wheels, with which it is easy to move it wherever you want.


Noise: The level of noise generated is higher than would be desirable, according to some comments on the matter.

After- sales support: The support offered by the company to the client is quite improvable.

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electric treadmill

Cecotec RunFit

If your search engine is based on an affordable cost, it is possible that this Cecotec model is the one for you, because it is recognized as the best value for money treadmill, being one of the cheapest.

It is an electric treadmill that is equipped with a motor that works with a power of 1000 watts and has twelve preset programs, as well as four speeds and three manual incline levels. Each of these functions allows you to improve sports performance starting from 1 to 10 kilometers, being possible to regulate time, speed and distance.

Also, the incline level allows you to simulate a slope to make the activity more challenging. The machine incorporates a screen with LED technology where it is possible to control and display values ​​such as speed, time, distance and calories consumed.

On the other hand, this belt can be folded to reduce its size when it comes to storage, thus saving space, being easy to transport because it includes two front wheels.

Also, for added safety, this cheap treadmill is equipped with an automatic and magnetic braking system. Among its design features, it has a foam grip arm and bottle holder.

Cecotec RunFit is a machine that offers several training programs and incorporates a screen to control the activity, all this at an affordable cost, being recognized as one of the cheapest treadmills.


Screen: The model is equipped with an LED screen where you can see values ​​of distance, time, speed and calories consumed during the activity.

Programs: With this tape you can vary the sports activity according to your training level, since it has 12 preset programs and various speed levels up to 10 km.

Ergonomics: The belt is comfortable, it has grip arms with soft and padded foam, as well as bottle holders for greater comfort.

Transport: This model can be folded reducing its size for storage. In addition, it is easy to transport because it includes two front wheels.


Dimensions: The model has a tape that is narrow, so it is unstable for some users.

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Sportstech F10 

It is not easy to determine which is the best treadmill that can be found on the market, but this model marketed by Sportstech could come close to the quality standards that many users look for in this type of machine .

This electric treadmill is equipped with a quiet one horsepower motor, allowing you to use it for walking or running to reach a speed of up to 10 km/h. Also, the model is equipped with twelve preset training routines and a free routine that can be customized by the user.

Within its properties, the tape is suitable for its low negative impact on the knees and joints, since it has a multilayer surface. In addition, it has side arms lined with non-slip material to reduce risk and is equipped with a tablet holder and two bottle holders.

The manufacturer has equipped this model with an LCD technology console that can display time, distance, speed and calories consumed, also incorporating a pulse sensor, so that activity can be controlled. The machine has folding properties and a pair of wheels that facilitate its transfer, weighing about 27 kilos and supporting 120 kilos.

For those who do not know which treadmill to buy, it would be appropriate for them to know the pros and cons of the Sportstech F10 model, which stands out for providing versatile training routines.


Power: The model has an engine that works with a power of one horsepower, which allows it to reach a maximum speed of 10 km.

Console: The treadmill is equipped with an LCD technology control console, in which the user can view values ​​such as calories consumed, time, speed and distance traveled.

Capacity: The model is made of resistant materials that give it a weight of 27 kilos, for a capacity of up to 120 kilos.

Design: This treadmill has a practical design because it is foldable, has two front wheels to facilitate transport and bottle holder.


Manual: The assembly and operation instructions can be a bit complicated to understand for some users.

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BH treadmill

BH Fitness WG6458RF

When looking for a treadmill, this model from the manufacturer BH Fitness usually appears on all lists, as it is equipped with quality and versatile properties. Although it is not a cheap treadmill, it provides a high training system since it has a powerful 1.5 horsepower motor, which allows it to reach a remarkable maximum speed of 21 kilometers per hour.

It also incorporates 15 incline levels to make the route more difficult and more intense. This BH treadmill has a multilayer surface, which generates low impact on the joints and is wide, 51 cm, making it comfortable for people of different builds.

The software of this machine is configured with 36 preset modes and one manual mode. Likewise, it is equipped with a pulse sensor on the handlebar and an LCD technology screen, from where you can control physical activity, as well as buttons to regulate the intensity.

The design has a modern and elegant style, it has a space to comfortably place personal items and water bottles and incorporates fans to keep the body temperature regulated. The equipment can be controlled through the touch screen of your smartphone.

The BH Fitness WG6458RF has many practical functions for the user, making it high-end. Here you can read its attributes and disadvantages.


Monitor: The model is equipped with an LCD screen that allows viewing the values ​​collected during physical activity, incorporating a pulse sensor.

Design: The machine has a modern and elegant design that includes a pair of fans, bottle holders and a wide belt of 51 cm.

Power: The treadmill works with a power of 1.5 horsepower, being possible to reach a maximum speed of 21 km/h, offering 21 routines and 15 incline levels.

Capacity: This model is built with quality materials, so it has a high capacity of 130 kilos.


Price: It is a machine with multiple options and beneficial properties for the user, but its cost is high.

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BH Fitness Levity RS1 G6140RF

This BH treadmill offers several features to improve physical condition. To display the data collected during physical activity, the model incorporates an LCD technology screen.

The treadmill has been equipped with a powerful 2.75 horsepower motor, which generates power for speeds between 1 and 16 km/h, and can be used for walking or jogging. Unlike other models, this tape is silent, since it does not emit annoying noises.

To make training more versatile and add difficulty to the activity, the user can select between two incline positions, with the intention of producing better results on the day.

The software of this model has been equipped with 12 predefined training programs, as well as a body fat test. It has a classic, simple and functional design with space to store a bottle of water, personal items and has a capacity of 100 kilos.

Safety is provided with a magnetic automatic braking system. In addition, it is a tape with foldable properties, so its size can be reduced for storage.

BH Fitness Levity RS1 G6140RF is listed for its favorable features, which we will proceed to identify below in a list of pros and cons.


Capacity: The model has a high weight of about 60 kilos. However, the treadmill is suitable for people of different builds, as its capacity is 100 kilos.

Screen: This treadmill has an LCD screen where values ​​of distance, time and calories consumed during the activity can be displayed.

Programs: The model incorporates twelve programs for training. In addition, it allows selecting speeds between 1 and 16 km/h, with two degrees of incline.

Folding: To reduce its size, the model can be folded, saving space when storing.


Instructional: The user manual is confusing, since the instructions for use and assembly are not clearly presented.

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Fitfiu treadmill

Fitfu MC-200 

The Fitfiu treadmill is equipped with high-grade quality and resistance materials that give it a weight of 30 kilos, with the maximum recommended load capacity being 90 kilos.

The machine has been equipped with a silent high-power motor that works with 1500 watts, and it is possible to control the speed between 1 and 14 kilometers per hour. In addition, to avoid accidents, the treadmill is equipped with an automatic emergency braking safety system, which stops movement in the event of slipping or falling.

To display the data collected by the handlebar sensors during physical activity, the treadmill has an LCD screen that provides information regarding heart rate, time, speed and calories burned.

Likewise, the equipment’s software has been preloaded with 12 training programs that range from light routines to higher intensity modalities, being suitable for beginners or experts.

Within its conventional design, the wide console stands out, which is equipped with an audio input, speakers, support for tablets and an area to store bottles. For easy transportation, this design has two front wheels and a collapsible frame to reduce its size.

Fitfiu MC-200 features 12 varied training programs, a large console with speakers, a powerful high-capacity motor, all at a competitive price. Here you can know its attributes and disadvantages.


Folding: You can reduce its dimensions to store thanks to the quick folding system that allows you to save space.

Power: The treadmill is equipped with a 1500-watt motor that provides the power to go from 1 to 16 kilometers per hour.

Screen: The model incorporates an LCD screen on which the data collected during physical activity can be viewed.

Console: The machine has a large space with audio input, speakers, supports for tablets and bottles of water. In addition, it incorporates sensors on the handlebars and a braking system.


Size: The model may be a bit short and narrow for tall people, so it is necessary to check this property before buying.

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Guide to buying a treadmill

Before buying a treadmill, it is recommended that you consider some aspects that help determine the functionality and quality of a model, according to your needs. Through a guide to buying the best treadmill, we present these attributes to make your choice successful.

Shopping guide  


Although these are exercise machines, many manufacturers have endowed them with functional and comfort features that make the experience more fun and entertaining. There are different types of consoles and the most popular incorporate a screen, controls to regulate exercise, tablet support, water bottle support and even a space to place some personal items such as keys or mobile.

Other models even offer consoles with ventilation devices, headphone jacks and speakers. All this with the intention of improving the quality of training time.

Incline and speed

A good and cheap treadmill is an option that is attractive to many users, but beyond these qualities, the machine must have a powerful motor that generates the force for the equipment to produce greater speed.

There are many alternatives on the market. Some work with a maximum power of 1000 watts, others reach 1500, as well as there are machines that have been equipped with motors of up to one and a half horsepower. The power of the motor provides the speed variants.

Therefore, in your search you will find models of treadmills with maximum speeds ranging from 10 km/h, to others with greater power that reach 21 km/h. To make the activity of walking or running more challenging, they have different levels of incline that simulate slopes or mountain routes. There are models that have a standard level, others offer between two and four height options, while some more expensive treadmills have up to 15 different levels.


The screen is usually for many users one of the key components to select a model, plus it could give you an idea of ​​how much a treadmill costs. The vast majority of designs use screens of small sizes, but which allow the correct visualization of the data collected. The most popular are LED or LCD technology, offering similar standards.

The design of the screens in these sports machines is aimed at keeping track of physical activity, since data such as speed, time, distance and calories consumed during the journey are expressed in real time. These values ​​are collected through the sensors and the more complete the information, the better the count that will allow you to increase performance.

capacity and weight

If before selecting a model you want to make a comparison of treadmills, it is necessary that you include characteristics such as capacity and weight, since according to these you will know if the prototype adapts to your needs. There are those who look for designs of low weight, but high capacity, being models of easy transfer.

There are models on the market that range from 20 to 60 kilos, which are generally capable of supporting a minimum of 90 kilos. The most popular tapes today have a capacity of 130 kilos, with a weight of approximately 25 to 30 kilos. Other models have a capacity of up to 150 kilos.


The use of a tape involves risks of falls. It is possible that while you are running on it, the speed exceeds your capacity and you slip or another incident occurs where you have to slam on the brakes to stop the movement. For this reason, the models that lead the users’ preferences are equipped with automatic emergency braking systems.

These systems work through a magnetic mechanism with two points: one is attached to the machine and the other to the garment. Thus, when there is a disturbance of the tip attached to the tape, the mechanism stops, no matter what speed it has been at.


Some models of treadmills are equipped with a folding system that allows you to reduce their dimensions and place them vertically to save space and be able to store. So if you do not want a prototype to leave fixed in a space, it would be convenient for you to acquire a model that can be compacted. There are even prototypes that have been equipped with front wheels, so regardless of their weight, it will be easier to move them.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which is better, electric or magnetic treadmill?

Both models are a suitable option for cardiovascular training. The difference lies in how the force or power that generates speed is created. The magnetic tapes do not have a motor, but are activated by pushing backwards while walking, so that the effort and speed will be generated by individual strength.

The electric ones reach a power through a motor, being able to select a level and go up. This leads us to conclude that the electric ones facilitate the activity and are more modern, while the magnetic ones involve more effort. Therefore, the fact that one model is better than another will depend on the objectives of each person.

Q2: How to lubricate the treadmill?

Keeping the machine lubricated allows correct operation, while it is essential to avoid technical problems and increase the useful life of the belt. The process requires lifting the band on the right side and applying a quantity of lubricant between the wood or board and the tapestry; then the same should be done on the left side.

Afterwards, it is necessary to start the belt at low speed so that the lubricant spreads. Some prototypes use Teflon or liquid silicone lubricant, being more comfortable and easy to apply in the form of a spray.

Q3: Where can I buy treadmill lubricant?

Before buying a random lubricant, you should know what type your machine uses, since it can be silicone-based oil or Teflon. Once the lubricant is determined, you can buy it in sports or fitness stores. If you do not want to go to one of them, there are many that have online catalogs.

Q4: How to tension the treadmill?

Most treadmills include a user manual that specifies how the belt can be tightened, as this varies by brand and model. In the most popular models, the machine should be left running at an average speed of 4 km to verify that the belt is loose.

Then, with an Allen key, turn the screws one turn clockwise. Once the procedure has been carried out, it is verified that there is no skidding and it can continue to be used on a regular basis.

Q5: What is the difference between a mechanical and electric treadmill?

The difference between both tapes is the way the force is generated to reach the speed. The mechanics need a starting effort that is achieved through continuity and acceleration when walking or running. While in the electric ones, the belts are activated by themselves by the power generated by the motor at a controlled rate and speed, through an automatic program.

Q6: Which is better, using a treadmill or running on the street?

This will depend on the tastes of each user. There are those who do not change the feeling of the asphalt or walk on any side, others have no problem jogging on a machine. The truth is that running on a treadmill involves a lower degree of effort, since the movement is controlled and there are no irregularities on the ground, in addition to the fact that the temperature is constant, which facilitates training.

Both methods have their benefits. Treadmills are an option for cold and rainy days. In addition, you can train from the comfort of your home or in a gym. While the street provides you with leisure time and enjoy the scenery.

Q7: How to unfold a treadmill?

Folding and unfolding a treadmill will depend on the brand, model and series, since each one has its specific system that differs from the others. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the steps indicated in the manual or user guide where the steps appear. The process is usually simple and instinctive, having to loosen some locking mechanism or press a button for the structure to expand.

Q8: Why is my treadmill making a lot of noise?

There are different reasons that generate this. There are models that are equipped with silent motors that work emitting a low sound of between 60 and 65 decibels and other models tend to emit higher noises, especially when the speed is increased. However, these sounds are common.

On the other hand, if it is an annoying and strange noise that is increasing, it is likely that there is a fault in the mechanism, which must be corrected to prevent the entire operation from being compromised. Lubrication or adjustment of some part will probably be required, so a technical review is appropriate.

How to use a treadmill

Using a treadmill is not complicated, although some important steps and tips that we have summarized below should be taken into consideration, so that you have a better experience using said sports implement.

Wear the right clothes

Before starting the activity, remember to wear the appropriate clothing for it. This implies that you should wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move smoothly on the treadmill, stretch your limbs correctly, as well as maintain air circulation. Remember that in addition to clothing, you should wear the right shoes for walking or running.

unfold the machine

Depending on the model you own, you will need to unfold the machine so that it adopts the appropriate size and position to start the march. Thus, it proceeds to activate the folding mechanism, which depending on the type of machine will be a button or lever, located on the side or in the rear area of ​​the main structure. Naturally, before doing this, you should take the machine to the area where you have decided to place it to train.

Turn on the equipment and set the training program

Now it is time to connect the equipment (if it is electric), turn it on and configure the training program on the control panel. Depending on the time you have available and your willingness to train, you can choose a preset program or simply the countdown mode to walk or run for the length of time you prefer.

Adjust the security mechanism

If your treadmill has a safety mechanism, don’t forget to adjust it. You should probably just place the piece on your clothes or doll, depending on the design it has.

Take an upright posture

When running or walking, it is important that you adopt an upright posture, trying to keep your back straight. Also, you should bend your legs enough when running to reduce the impact generated in the feet and ankles.

Gradually increase speed

Remember that you should not start at the highest speed, but gradually increase it as your body warms up. Thus, you can spend the first few minutes at low speed and then start running at a continuous level, with intensity peaks if you wish.

Keep hydrated

Keep in mind that hydration is essential when doing sports, so you should drink water during the session. To do this, it is recommended to have a bottle at hand, which you can probably place on the machine if it integrates the corresponding compartment.

Slow down progressively

When the training time you have programmed is over, proceed to reduce the speed progressively, that is, when slowing down you can stay a few minutes at the lowest levels, so that the impact of rest is not so high.

clean the machine

It is recommended that you clean the machine, as beads of sweat are likely to fall on the treadmill or even the screen. This can cause the equipment to deteriorate in the long term, so it is advisable to maintain hygiene and its good condition.

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Deluxe 1000 W

Al buscar la mejor cinta de correr del mercado, hay algunas características relacionadas con su funcionamiento y estructura que hacen que un modelo sea atractivo y adecuado, llevando al usuario a inclinarse por él. Este equipo deportivo está diseñado para quemar calorías, equipado con un motor eléctrico que genera una potencia de 1000 vatios.

Además, es una cinta de correr plegable que incorpora un sistema de cierre que reduce su tamaño para almacenar. También, ha sido equipada con un display y pantalla de tecnología LED, con un panel de control donde podrás configurar y llevar un conteo de valores como velocidad, tiempo, distancia y calorías consumidas durante la actividad.

Asimismo, esta máquina deportiva ofrece tres programas ajustables de entrenamiento que se adecúan a diferentes objetivos, así como permite regular el nivel de inclinación y tiene sistema de

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