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Trekking Shoes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Trekking shoes are an essential accessory for any lover of hiking and outdoor sports, since this type of footwear provides the protection and stability that the feet require in this type of journey. In addition, its sole is designed with special channels to achieve a complete grip on any terrain. Among the most widely purchased models, Northwest Territory Ladies Montana stands out, a pair of shoes that have been made with leather, mesh and a Gore Tex membrane, thus offering resistance, an adequate level of breathability and impermeability. Another very popular model is the Weweya X-AH8037, which incorporates two types of rubber to create a cushioning effect in the midsole and grip on the sole.

Opinions on the best trekking shoes

Each sport requires specific clothing and outdoor tours are no exception. So if you are a lover of hiking, climbing or excursions, you should have footwear that adapts to both climatic conditions and the terrain you are going to move through. Here is a selection of the best trekking shoes.

Women’s trekking shoes

Northwest Territory Ladies Montana

If you want anatomical, comfortable, resistant trekking shoes for women with a pleasant aesthetic, you cannot let this model with the Northwest seal go unnoticed. It is a design that could well represent the best trekking shoes, as commented by the followers of the brand.

The footwear has been manufactured with certified materials such as the Gore Tex membrane, which gives it the necessary impermeability to move on wet terrain. Likewise, it incorporates breathable mesh and leather reinforcements for both the toe and the sides, providing the foot with stability when walking.

In addition, the seams have been reinforced and the finishes well made. The laces of these shoes are of the Trainer Shoe type, so they offer you a quick and secure fit, while the sole has been provided with a 2.54 cm high heel and a series of grooves to offer adequate traction on the ground. smooth or irregular.

This model stands out among its competitors as the best trekking shoes of the moment, offering a resistant leather exterior, comfortable, breathable and waterproof interior.


Waterproofing: Due to the use of a Gore Tex membrane, you will enjoy waterproof footwear.

Closure: On the instep you will find Trainer Shoe laces, for a secure closure.

Sole: The design of the sole is with channels for correct traction and a 2.54 cm high heel.

Seams: These shoes feature a series of reinforcements joined together with reinforced seams, which serve as decoration.


Wide: The last is a bit wide compared to other models, so you must be careful in the selection.

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Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX

These women’s trekking shoes from the Salomon house have great attributes, which buyers comment positively on purchase portals after using them on their most extreme journeys.

Among the main characteristics of this model of Gore Tex women’s trekking shoes we have its high level of impermeability, which will allow you to always keep your feet dry. Likewise, some Sensifit and 3D Chassis reinforcements stand out on the sides, which provide greater stability with each step. The interior has been provided with an OrthoLite-type insole and a preformed EVA rubber arch, thus adapting to the natural shape of each foot.

We cannot fail to mention that these shoes have a Contagrip Wet Traction sole, which gives the athlete a correct grip on any surface. In the same way, you will have Quicklace laces, so you can adjust the shoe according to your needs and without having to tie any knots.

Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX is a shoe with high quality standards and attractive design, which will adapt to your sports needs.



Sole: Thanks to the Contagrip Wet Traction sole, you can use the shoes on smooth, uneven, dry or wet ground.

Reinforcements: Both on the sides and on the tip you will find Sensifit and 3D Chassis reinforcements.

Laces: The manufacturer provided Quicklace laces for a secure and easy fit.

Waterproof: A Gore Tex-type waterproof membrane was incorporated, which will allow you to move in a humid environment.


Stiffness: The shoes could be a bit stiff at first. However, after a couple of runs they start to give way.

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Men’s trekking shoes

Weweya X-AH8037

This model from the Weweya house stands out among the best trekking shoes of 2022, since its design is robust, anatomical and capable of offering the stability that your feet need to move safely.

We will start by talking about the sole of these men’s trekking shoes, for which two types of high-end rubber were used. This is how you will enjoy a midsole that cushions the impact energy when stepping and an outsole with a higher level of hardness, provided with a series of channels, which provide correct traction.

The body of these Gore Tex men’s trekking shoes has been made with blue and black leather, incorporating a yellow waterproof membrane lining. The closure method is by means of laces, which intersect in two lanes with eight holes arranged on the instep. For many, these sneakers are suitable for any season of the year.

There are those who consider Weweya to be the best brand of trekking shoes, which offers you a robust, comfortable and safe model. Read their pros and cons.


Sole: The manufacturer had soft rubber for the midsole and a harder one for the sole, providing cushioning and a correct grip on the ground.

Exterior: The exterior is made of robust leather, which offers the person an adequate level of protection.

Interior: The inner lining was made of breathable and waterproof membrane.

Closure: The instep has two rows crossed by laces.


Sole: The quality of the sole has been rated as low, as it tends to wear out quickly.

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Always having good equipment for hiking and other outdoor activities never hurts for any enthusiast of this type of sports. So if you are one of them, you should know about this footwear patented by the well-known CAGAYA house. It is a model that today is positioned as the best value for money trekking shoes.

These are cheap trekking shoes with a simple and stylish design. Its construction involves breathable mesh and spatial leather in the reinforcements, which provide stability and protection to the foot.

For the sole, non-slip and resistant rubber was used with a design of deep channels, which improve traction when stepping. In this sense, you will enjoy trekking shoes for men designed to adapt to a large number of surfaces with mud, grass, dirt, wet paths, smooth or with any irregularity.

This model not only offers durability, safety and a correct grip, but it is also one of the cheapest options.


Traction: The sole has a series of medium depth channels that allow you a correct grip on any surface.

Exterior: Some leather reinforcements have been implemented for the toecap and sides, thus offering stability and protection.

Breathable: The design incorporates breathable mesh, which will allow you to always keep your foot cool.

Aesthetics: The shoes have a simple and stylized aesthetic in black.


Sole: The sole of these shoes is much thinner than that of other models.

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Salomon trekking shoes

Salomon XA PRO 3D

After reviewing the different cheaper options that the market has for you, you will surely have some doubts about which are the best trekking shoes. In this sense, you should review the specifications of this model belonging to the Salomon house catalog. Its design is aerodynamic, resistant, breathable and will keep your feet protected at all times.

Among the characteristics of these Salomon trekking shoes we have their weight of just 400 grams, sides with SensiFit reinforcements and Quicklace laces on the instep, which will allow you to enjoy a simple adjustment and great stability in the heel area, without neglecting the freedom of movement.

It is important to mention that this model is among the best trekking shoes, since it incorporates a Wet Traction Contagrip sole with studs that provide good grip, regardless of the surface where you move. In addition, the insoles have been made with a preformed arch in EVA rubber.

When asked what trekking shoes to buy, the invitation is to read the pros and cons of this model.


Reinforcements: Both the sides and the tip incorporate SensiFit reinforcement, which provides stability and protection.

Weight: The 400 gram weight of the shoes is quite light.

Sole: The sole used is Wet Traction Contagrip and the design has a series of spikes that offer better grip.

Closure: On the instep you will find a practical and safe closure by means of Quicklace laces.


Last: Its last is a bit tight, so you must select a size above the one used.

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Adidas trekking shoes

Adidas Terrex AX3

As expected, a product patented by a brand as prestigious as Adidas would have to meet the highest quality standards. This is the case of the Terrex AX3 Gore shoes, designed to offer athletes comfortable, breathable and safe footwear that adapts to any anatomy.

These are Adidas trekking shoes with a discreet aesthetic in shades of blue and black, while the finishes of the cuts have been well cared for and the seams reinforced. The exterior incorporates breathable mesh and the reinforcements on the sides, toe and heel are synthetic.

In addition, thanks to the Gore Tex membrane, you will enjoy an adequate level of waterproofing. In this sense, you will be able to use this footwear in all your journeys, regardless of the unpredictable climatic changes. The sole is made of non-slip rubber and has been provided with a series of moderately deep grooves, which allows a better adaptation to different terrains.

For those looking for a unisex, resistant, comfortable design that adapts to any terrain, the recommendation is this model with the Adidas quality seal.


Waterproof: The manufacturer used a Gore Tex-type membrane, which provides protection against water.

Breathable: Due to the incorporation of mesh on the outside of the shoes, you will get the correct level of breathability.

Sole: The sole has a flat heel, has channels and was made of robust rubber.

Reinforcements: The design includes some synthetic reinforcements on the sides, toe and heel that serve as protection and stability.


Stiffness: There are those who comment that the shoes are a bit stiff. However, this will depend on each person.

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Waterproof trekking shoes


CAMEL CROWN is a manufacturer with a presence in the sporting goods market since 2005, which this time incorporates these waterproof trekking shoes into its purchase catalogue.

It is a design with a shaft that reaches the ankle, with closure by means of polyester textile laces, which intersect through the nine eyelets arranged on the instep. Regarding the body and reinforcements of the footwear, we have that they were made of aged black leather. In this sense, they offer adequate support and stability for the foot.

With regard to the sole, its non-slip rubber construction, heel with a height of three centimeters and moderately deep channels, which allow a correct grip on irregular or smooth ground, stand out. We cannot fail to mention that these women’s shoes can be used in any outdoor sports activity and that their size ranges from number 36 to 42.

These women’s shoes offer a robust, attractive, resistant and waterproof design that will capture your attention from the first moment.


Manufacturing: The manufacturer selected leather as the main material for making the shoes.

Sole: The sole stands out for being made of robust rubber, with grooves to improve grip and heel.

Closure: The closure of the shoes is by means of laces intertwined by two rows of nine pins each.

Sizes: The last of the shoes was designed from size 36 to 42.


Hard: The template could become a bit stiff for some people, it is recommended to wear thick socks.

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Kids trekking shoes

Columbia Youth Redmond Explore

Columbia knows that the little ones in the house also require the correct equipment to perform well in their outdoor sports activities, which is why it has included trekking shoes for children in its shopping catalogue.

It is a shoe that recreates the design of the models belonging to the adult target, but with a smaller format. The exterior of the shoes has leather and breathable textile reinforcements, while the interior has been padded and covered with synthetic material. All the seams have been reinforced and the finishes of the cuts elaborated with precision.

For closure, an easy-adjust lacing system stands out, arranged in the instep area. The robust rubber sole has a flat and grooved format, so you can step on or move at speed on any surface. Also, it is important to mention that these shoes are unisex and waterproof.

If you want to offer the little ones in the house quality, resistant, comfortable footwear with which they can perform on any surface, consider purchasing this model from Columbia.


Sole: The rubber sole with medium depth grooves is suitable for any terrain.

Closure: The shoes incorporate two rows of pins on the instep where the laces intersect.

Exterior: The shoes were made of leather and breathable mesh.

Interior: The interior has been provided with a synthetic and padded lining.


Size : The sizes presented by the manufacturer can be a bit tight, so you should buy a size above your usual size.

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Guide to buying trekking shoes

The shoes are an implement of great importance when moving and even more so if they are going to be used to carry out a sports activity such as outdoor tours. In this sense, having trekking shoes would be ideal. This way you will take with you a shoe that adapts correctly to your needs of use. Here is a guide to buying the best trekking shoes, which we hope will be of great help to you.

Shopping guide

Resistance and impermeability

Both the resistance offered by the materials and the level of impermeability are two of the main characteristics to highlight in any comparison of trekking shoes, since the protection and durability that the product can offer will depend on them.

Among the raw materials mostly used by manufacturers we have leather, which provides protection and stability to the foot. This material can be used to make the entire shoe or placed strategically on the toe, sides and back, being combined with polyester textile mesh for greater breathability.

On the other hand, we have the issue of waterproofing, which is very necessary when undertaking an outdoor tour. Let us remember that climatic changes are unpredictable and it is better to be prepared in case of precipitation. Thus, it is best to buy shoes that incorporate a Gore-Tex membrane, a material with insulation properties with respect to moisture, which will help keep your feet dry.

sole and grip

The ideal is to get trekking shoes capable of offering optimal performance on any surface, so we cannot let the design of the sole go unnoticed. Always keep in mind that the type of terrain on which we can move will depend on this aspect. It is probably a feature that can influence how much the product costs, but in the end it is about our security, so it is not convenient to skimp.

There are models that incorporate a soft rubber midsole, which is responsible for absorbing the energy generated when the foot hits the ground, as well as a sole no larger than half a centimeter in harder rubber. On the other hand, there are robust rubber designs with flat soles, low heels or a slightly more pronounced heel up to three centimeters high.

Whatever the selection, the important thing is that you make sure that the rubber is non-slip and that the sole has studs or a series of medium-depth channels drawn on its surface. In this way, you will be able to step safely and thus achieve correct traction on uneven surfaces, wet, dry, with grass, dirt, mud, among others.

closing method

The method of closing a shoe is essential, since it is responsible for keeping the foot in place. Let us remember that when walking it is important that both the ankle and the heel have a certain level of immobility, so that when stepping on an irregular surface an internal slip is not generated that leads to an injury. Of course, when we talk about immobilization, it is about maintaining the stability of the foot without limiting its mobility or sacrificing comfort.

It is recommended that the laces are on the instep, that they are made of a synthetic, resistant material that repels water. Likewise, that they provide a secure and easy closure, such as the Trainer Shoe or Quicklace, which do not require ties.

It is important that you always keep in mind that if the closure of the trekking shoes that caught your attention does not offer a correct fit, then it will not matter how good or cheap they are.

indoor comfort

The comfort offered by trekking shoes is a determining factor for any athlete, especially if you plan to undertake a long journey. Therefore, you should check the inside of the shoe, making sure that the seams and finishes are not exposed. It is important that it incorporates soft textile padding or lining, which provides comfort and prevents the foot from rubbing against these areas. In this way, you will not have to worry about the appearance of those annoying blisters.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What to do so that the trekking shoes do not slip?

When we talk about slipping, we can approach it from two different perspectives, the first of which is the interior of the trekking shoes. Keep in mind that when stepping on uneven ground, the foot can slip inside the shoe, causing an injury to the ankle area. Therefore, it is important to immobilize it correctly through the adjustment of the laces, but without limiting movement.

On the other hand, we have the sole, which, if it does not have medium-depth spikes or channels, could not offer proper traction and, therefore, slip when stepping on certain types of terrain. So you must verify these specifications and, in addition to them, confirm that the rubber is non-slip.

Q2: How to stretch trekking shoes?

To stretch the shoes, you can resort to a homemade trick that is infallible. Start by finding some old newspapers, needing to fold them into little paper capsules. If you wish, you can place them inside a plastic bag and tie it. Next, you need to insert these pieces of paper that you built into the inside of each of the shoes, but make sure you fill them all the way in and press the paper as tight as possible.

Once this step is finished, you will have to wait a few days to remove the paper. In this way, the synthetic material or leather will stretch a little and when you put them on you will not feel discomfort in your feet.

Q3: How to clean trekking shoes?

To clean trekking shoes, it is recommended to use a damp cloth and some mild detergent to rub the exterior, which will allow you to remove accumulated dirt. Regarding the interior of the shoes, you will have to loosen the laces and place the shoes outdoors so that they are ventilated, thus avoiding the proliferation of bad odors. You can also apply some antibacterial powder. It is important that you do not forget to check the instructions provided by the manufacturer on the labels or on the product package.

Q4: How to tie the trekking shoes?

The lacing of the trekking shoes will depend on the selected model, since some of them incorporate Quicklace-type laces, which do not require ties. In this sense, they offer a quick and easy adjustment to execute.

For their part, designs that do not have these laces require a conventional adjustment method. To do this, you will have to take the ends of both laces and pull them simultaneously, until you get the level of adjustment necessary to stabilize your foot. Then, criss-cross them and knot them vigorously, thus preventing them from coming undone.

Q5: What advantage do trekking shoes with Gore Tex have?

The first thing you should know is that Gore-Tex is a waterproof type membrane, which is used by a large number of sports shoe manufacturers in their designs. The purpose of using it is to offer users a high level of protection against moisture. In this sense, we could say that the advantage of trekking shoes with Gore Tex is that they will allow you to move calmly during your journey, without fear of unexpected precipitation or small puddles of water that you may get on the ground.

Q6: Is it safe to wear trekking shoes without laces?

Generally, it is not. The laces are a fundamental piece in trekking shoes, since they provide the foot with the necessary adjustment so that it remains stable inside the shoe. Always keep in mind that the use of laces is not a matter of aesthetics, but of safety.

Q7: Which is better, high tops or low tops?

Although high-top trekking shoes provide greater warmth and stability in the ankle area, it is also true that low-cut shoes incorporate lateral reinforcements to properly immobilize the foot, preventing slipping inside the shoe when walking. Therefore, we cannot say that one model is better than the other. Both cuts in the shaft of the shoes offer protection for your feet, when moving on different terrains. So the purchase decision will depend on your taste, style and needs of use.

Q8: What is better, trekking shoes or boots?

Each sport or outdoor sports activity has specific equipment, designed to facilitate the performance of the person and provide greater safety when moving. Therefore, if you are going to go hiking or climbing, it is better to take trekking shoes with you than boots. Remember that the sole of the shoes is designed to offer a correct grip on any terrain, whether wet, dry, smooth, irregular, with mud, dirt, grass, among others.

How to wear hiking shoes

For lovers of outdoor activities, having the right shoes is more than a luxury, it is a necessity, since on each journey they will need footwear that adapts to the needs of the terrain. Here are some steps for you to learn how to use trekking shoes.

Check the sneakers

After opening the purchase package, the first thing you should do is check the good condition of the shoes, making sure that the exterior does not have any type of imperfection with respect to the seams and cuts of the reinforcements. Likewise, check that the interior does not have exposed seams that could rub against your skin and mistreat it when walking. Don’t forget to check that the pair of laces has been incorporated, that the sole meets the manufacturer’s specifications and that the last adjusts correctly to the anatomy of your foot.

Place the laces on the instep

On the instep of the shoes, you will find two rows of pins or eyelets through which you must carefully crisscross the laces. The procedure is pretty easy. You just have to insert the cord through the first pair of holes from the tip upwards, match the ends of said cord and continue crisscrossing.

put on a pair of socks

The use of socks is imperative, since the friction exerted between the foot and the inner lining of the shoe can cause irritation or blisters. Likewise, in the long term we would be deteriorating the textile of the lining and the insole. So select comfortable socks that provide protection, freshness and comfort.

Put your foot in the shoe

When putting on your trekking shoes, the first thing you should do is move the laces away a little, which will allow you to start introducing your foot. Most of the models incorporate a bra at the back, which is a piece of textile that stands out. If this is the case, you will have to pull it to facilitate the entry of the heel and achieve the correct coupling between the foot and the insole. Also, if you have a shoehorn at home, you can use it to speed up the process.

adjust the laces

Getting the correct fit between the sole, heel, ankle and the inside of the trekking shoe will depend largely on the closure of the laces. So pull them evenly until you achieve correct immobilization of the foot, which will allow you to maintain stability and comfort without fear of unexpected internal slippage when stepping. Also, the foot should not be too narrow, but not too loose either.

clean the shoes

If the shoes are made of leather, you can pass a damp cloth to remove the dirt accumulated after the walk and then apply wax cream, which will provide a protective layer to the material. For those who own a model that incorporates synthetic material and mesh fabric, it is recommended to rub a soft-bristled brush and neutral detergent over the entire surface, rinse with water to remove excess, and dry in the open air. Also, it is important that you put antibacterial powder inside to absorb bad odors generated by sweating or humidity.

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