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Weights – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

If you want to gain muscle mass without having to go to the gym, you will need some weights that you can work with from the comfort of your home. However, remember that there are many models on the market that offer different attributes, so it is important to establish your needs and capabilities. In this sense, we have the CPSports Vinyl, a disc format kettlebell that adapts to any user, practical, versatile and available in different colors and sizes. The next option is the Adidas Ankle model, weights with an unconventional design and recommended for exercises focused on the lower part of the legs.

Opinions on the best dumbbells

If you have decided to buy some weights, whether to improve your build, maintain your muscles or simply to exercise your limbs, it is appropriate that you can make an efficient selection that will help you achieve goals and lead to better results. For this reason, we present a section with the weight models that lead the preferences of buyers, where we explain the main characteristics of each of the options.

Russian weights

CPSports Vinyl

These Russian weights or kettlebells are sports equipment that favors the training of anyone, regardless of whether they are an elite athlete or a beginner. These are practical, accessible and versatile weights, since they allow different exercises to be carried out in order to significantly improve strength, mobility, resistance and coordination.

Its design with disc format and straight base, provides a correct position and thanks to its vinyl plastic cover with rubber bases, the floor will be protected against scratches; while training is silent. It is filled with concrete and shows on its upper part the specifications of the kilos it contains.

It is a type of dumbbell that does not take up space, so for storage you can easily leave it in the closet. In addition, you can choose the weights in the size and color you want, for which the manufacturer offers a wide variety.

If you are looking to tone your body without the use of machines, this model could be the best option. Read their pros and cons.


Versatile: It allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises and even with cross training.

Scope: It favors the work of different joints and muscle groups throughout the body, which helps you achieve tone and resistance.

Transport: Given their individual disc format, they are easy to transport and store.

Variety: You can select the color of your preference and the size appropriate to your needs.


Rubber feet: The puck’s rubber feet could be more robust; to better tolerate practices with a lot of weight.

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ankle weights

Adidas Ankle

If you want to train to define the muscles of your limbs, but you don’t want to spend too much money on it, this Adidas model may be the one for you, because it is usually recognized as the best value for money dumbbells on the market and the cheapest on the market. our selection of recommended products.

Available in black, these ankle weights have an unconventional design, because they are made for focused training, so they simulate a kind of weighted anklets. They serve to lift weight on the legs, allowing them to increase their strength.

You can select between two weights, a pair of one kilo each or a pair of two kilos each. They are easy to use and have a velcro closure. Its weight is given by sand inside, distributed in bags to balance the load on the ankles. They take up little space and are comfortable.

This Adidas design is competitively priced and they are some of the cheapest weights on the market. Here are its pros and cons.


Weight: The model allows you to select between two weights, one of one kilo and the other of two kilos, according to the needs and training plan.

Design: The weights have been designed in a similar style to the anklets, but with weight inside, allowing you to strengthen the muscles.

Functionality: These are weights designed for focused training of the legs, after knee injuries, in order to regain strength in the joints.

Closure: Its closure mechanism is through a strong and resistant velcro, which holds the weights firmly to the ankle.


Use: Although its functionality is versatile as it is suitable for recovery and strengthening, the model is only for a specific area of ​​the body.

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weight set

Sportstech AH300

If you want to stay in shape in the comfort of your home, a good set of weights like this Sportstech model could be the most recommended. It is a versatile and functional set, since it has a 2-in-1 design; so you will have two dumbbells and also a barbell.

This is possible thanks to its two functions integrated into the design, its efficient screw mechanism and the connecting tube that favors easy and quick change. Thanks to which, you can practice with dumbbells for muscle stretching and contraction exercises and with the weight bar, to improve tension and muscle development.

Likewise, it has non-slip handles for an optimal grip and star-type caps that improve the user experience. Similarly, it includes a removable cover made of silicone that protects the floor and the discs.

If you want to maximize the development of your muscle mass, this set of weights could be the most suitable option. Get to know this model in detail.


2 in 1: Thanks to its easy adaptation mechanism, you can convert the dumbbells into a barbell for multiple workouts.

Set: The set includes dumbbells with their respective tubes, thumbscrews and a connecting tube.

Discs: Includes several weight discs of 1.25 and 2.50 kilos, to strengthen your body according to your capacity.

Materials: The set is made of high quality iron, resistant and durable, which provides a long service life.


Cost: It is one of the most expensive products in our selection. However, it is a worthwhile investment.

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weight kit

Proiron 20 Kg

For those users who are looking for the best dumbbells on the market, it would be appropriate to pay attention to the attributes that this Proiron model presents. It is a set of dumbbells that total 20 Kg, being suitable for gym workouts or for home.

They are made with a high-grade quality material, with lead-free cast iron making up its structure. This kit includes two dumbbell handles, 4 x 0.5kg plates, 4 x 1.25kg plates, 4 x 2.5kg plates, 4 collars and an extended bar.

The design of this weight kit is non-slip, ergonomic and versatile. They have rubber to prevent the dumbbells from slipping and a comfortable 1.43 cm wide handle, to improve grip and lifting. In addition, the steel tube facilitates free connections to incorporate the weight that the user requires, allowing variants for weight adjustment.

A model that provides versatility to achieve better results in the extremities, with an ergonomic grip, is considered quality. For this reason, the Proiron design is usually recognized by many users as the best weights of the moment. Here are its pros and cons.


Weight: The design is made up of a set of weights of different weights that total about 20 Kg, in addition to the weight of the steel bar.

Versatility: The weights are offered in a kit that provides multifunctionality of use, for different training objectives.

Materials: The weights are made of solid cast iron, free of lead, being a strong and resistant material for prolonged use.

Ergonomics: This model is equipped with a functional and wide grip, which prevents the weights from slipping and hurting the hands.


Nuts: The nuts that attach the weights to the bars can easily become loose, causing them to loosen regularly.

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Other products

vidaXL Black

This model from the manufacturer VidaXL is usually one of the most recommended designs by users, because it is conventional-looking weights but is still multifunctional. There are two weights of 15 kilograms each.

Although they are not kettlebells, due to their design and dumbbell shape they are suitable for doing open or closed leg squats, working biceps and triceps and even chest. Each of the weights is equipped with rubber handles that facilitate grip and prevent slipping.

In addition, the kit has four nuts that provide adequate support to the bar and prevent the discs from falling to the ground. Both the bars and the discs are made of high-density metal. In the case of the discs, they are filled with sand and have an outer rubber protection to reduce risks and injuries.

VidaXL provides functional and versatile sports pieces, because it incorporates quality materials and weights in its designs that adjust to different routines. Here are the pros and cons of its design.


Game: The weights are made up of two dumbbells of 15 kg each, for a total of 30 kg.

Nuts: This model is equipped with two nuts, one on each side of the dumbbell, to provide security and prevent the plates from falling off.

Ergonomics: The dumbbells have an ergonomic, non-slip grip mechanism that does not hurt your hands and prevents them from slipping.

Materials: They are made with high-quality materials, since the metal of the bar is combined with discs made of outer material made of rubber and filled with sand, which reduces noise and the risk of impacts.


Padding: These weights are not solid metal. Its weight is given by a filling of sand, which is impractical for some people.

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Weight accessories


Tunturi Barbells

This barbell model is designed for use by adults, whether men or women. The bar has a convenient strength structure, as it is made of robust metal and a layer of chrome-plated steel.

On the inside, it has a textured surface, which means a better holding experience for the user. Likewise, its dimensions are 120 centimeters long, with a diameter of 30 mm, which will adapt adequately to the holes of the discs.

To hold the weights, two washers have been incorporated that will allow a fixed position of the disc, preventing accidents. In addition, it is made to support a load corresponding to 110 kg, this being an adequate level.

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weight discs

ScSPORTS 4 units

If you are looking for a model that stands out for having quality attributes, then you must make your selection among the best dumbbells of 2022. Therefore, it would be convenient for you to stop to review the characteristics of this ScSports model. It has a conventional and simple, but functional design, suitable for bodybuilding work at home.

The set is made up of four weight discs made of solid iron, which can be placed on dumbbells or used for squats, according to the needs of each user. Each of the discs has a weight of 2.5 kg, for a total of 10 kg.

They are designed in glossy black. They are useful for working the extremities with barbells and weights, according to the objective outlined by each user. The dimensions of this disc model are 16.5 cm in diameter, 3 cm in the central hole and 2.3 cm in thickness.

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Weight support

HOMCOM ESB1-00140731

A resistant weight support is this model made of steel, which allows it to have a considerable maximum load of 150 kilograms.

Its design is designed to place bars of various sizes, since the panels are separate and it is possible to place them in the most convenient position, depending on the length of the bar.

On the other hand, there will be comfort when using support benches, since the support is capable of adjusting to up to 10 different heights, depending on the requirements, with a wide range that goes from 105 to 170 centimeters in relation to the ground.

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Guide to buying weights

The selection of weights requires taking into account a series of aspects, which for the most part will allow you to know, first of all, which are the best quality models and then which are the ones that adapt to your needs. Thus, we made a guide to buy the best dumbbells, in order to help you make that selection.

Shopping guide


The manufacture of the weights is one of the main aspects that you must take into account when choosing one. Manufacturing encompasses not only the assembly process, but also the materials used. In the finishes of the scale, it will be possible to estimate the level of quality that the process has had.

For its part, the most used materials to make weights are metals such as steel, cast iron, chrome, sand, cement, as well as layers of plastics such as vinyl or neoprene, to provide a soft touch appearance. There is no better material than another, although those that provide a higher level of solidity will always be the most recommended by experienced users.


The most important classification of these implements is made according to weight and it is on this factor that you should initially focus when choosing. Some dumbbells can be really good and cheap, but if they don’t meet the weight you’re looking for, you simply won’t be able to afford them. There is no recommended weight level, because everyone’s needs are different.

What you should know is that there is an innumerable range of classifications and options, knowing that you will be able to find models from 500 grams, through specimens of 700 g up to 1 kg. From there, availability can go up to large plates of 20 or 25 kg, always varying the format of the weight. Depending on the style of weights you want to purchase, there are models that offer a higher level of customization in terms of weight, while others do not.


In the comparison of weights, it is of great importance to evaluate the style of the weight, knowing that there are dumbbell-type models, which come in a single piece or have interchangeable discs, to give the user a better level of customization. Likewise, there are also designs of ankle weights, which are like a kind of padded belt that is placed on said extremity.

Likewise, you will find the kits with a bar, which have different discs with different sizes and weights, with bars of different thickness and length. The decision for one model or another will depend on the user’s preferences, as well as the space available for training and even the budget.


When choosing dumbbells, the quality of the handle should be taken into account, as this directly influences how much a model costs. Keep in mind that the ideal is that the handle is comfortable when in contact with the touch, to achieve a prolonged but firm hold at the same time. So this piece must also be resistant, to support the weight of the disks or heads located on each side.

Fixed dumbbell models generally come with a layer of neoprene or vinyl, which makes it easier to grip, while barbell designs have a kind of texture in the structure, which helps maintain balance. If the model meets any of these two characteristics, then you are facing a good alternative.


Some sets of dumbbells or plate-style weights come with various accessories to enhance the experience of use. One of them is the support to place the implements, which is very important in those models that bring several units, since it is important to maintain the organization in the space, for a faster location and better use of the area where you have located the implements..

On the other hand, we have the hooks, rings, nuts, bars and other elements for the discs, since these are models that require a certain level of assembly and to achieve a personalized dumbbell, this type of accessories will be necessary. In this sense, depending on the model that interests you, analyze this factor and assess the one that provides the appropriate additional elements.


Remember that there is a difference between weight and size. Thus, it is possible that two models have the same weight but not the same dimensions. In these cases, it is recommended to prioritize those weights that have a more compact design, since they will be easier to store and even assemble, in the case of an interchangeable disc model.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Is it better to do cardio before or after weights?

This has been a debate discussed by several coaches. There is a group that considers that doing cardio before weights achieves better results in fat loss, while others mention that it is better to complete weight training and then proceed to cardio when glucose stores in the body have been depleted. the organism.

However, a third group of experts mentions that neither of the two options are fixed and recommend just doing 5 to 10 minutes of cardio before lifting weights, to finally do a more extensive cardio session that can range from 15 to 25 minutes. This will also influence the physical state of the person and her goals when training.

Q2: What should a weight training routine for people over 50 include?

This cannot be said exactly, because it largely depends on the physical condition of the person, since someone who has been more sedentary and decides to change their lifestyle is not the same as a person who is used to exercising regularly. regular way. In any case, it is mentioned that the routine should focus on strengthening muscle mass, since from this age it begins to decrease.

Likewise, the metabolism also slows down, so that the performance of cardiovascular activity must go hand in hand with the weight routine. All muscle groups can be trained, both for the lower and upper body, with a moderate load according to the user’s capacity.

Q3: What weights should I start with?

If the person will use the weights for the first time, the weight to be used should not be so high. However, those who already perform some type of physical activity will have a higher level of resistance than those who are just beginning to exercise. There is also no clear distinction between the recommended weight for women or men. In any case, you should know that the lower weight range goes from 500 grams to approximately 4 or 5 kg.

Q4: What exercises with kettlebells are recommended?

There are many recommended kettlebell exercises out there. One of the most frequent when training is the kettlebell swing, which is nothing more than lifting the weight from the front, which allows the stimulation of several muscle groups at the same time.

Another option is sumo-style squats, which consists of placing benches and placing your feet on each one, so that when you bend down, the kettlebell reaches the same height as the benches. It is recommended to keep your back straight when doing the movement. Another common exercise is to bring the oar up to your chin, holding it with both hands and maintaining an upright position.

Q5: Are weights bad for the heart?

No. What can harm the heart is raising the heart rate too much, especially above what each person can withstand. On the other hand, weights belong to the modality of strength exercises, hence this statement cannot be made.

Q6: How to make cement dumbbells?

There are several proposals for this. Initially, it is recommended to determine what size of weights you want, which will be determined by the type of containers you will use as a container or as a mold.

In the first case, simply proceed to fill the containers with the cement, which you must have previously premixed. These can be water, soft drinks or the like. If you want larger weights, then you can use cans, paint cans, or similar containers.

Cut the circumference of the bottom of the container and leave it in the same position as if it were a lid. Now add a tube that is the thickness of the one you will use as a bar and proceed to pour the cement. Let dry for two days and add the tube to the holes left in the discs. Adjust them with screws until the proper fixation is achieved.

Q7: Why does lifting weights increase testosterone?

By doing weights, you are performing so-called strength exercises. This type of effort to which the body is exposed puts it on alert and causes growth hormone to develop and, therefore, contributes to the increase of a hormone that is so important in men, such as testosterone.

Q8: When to lift weights, before or after running?

This will depend on how long it takes you to run. If the jogging session lasts 5 to 10 minutes, you can do weights after running, because this activity would only be part of the previous warm-up.

On the contrary, if you are going to be running for more than 10 minutes, it is best to complete the weight routine first, because you would be doing cardiovascular activity as a complement to lower glucose levels in the body.

Q9: What are the benefits of ankle weights?

The benefit they provide has to do directly with the stimulation and strengthening of the muscles that are part of the lower body. These are the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

However, an even more obvious advantage is comfort, since having a structure in the form of a belt to adjust to the ankles, they do not need to be held with the hands, allowing a greater capacity for movement and, therefore, the possibility of focus the strength on the lower body.

Q10: Is it healthy to lift weights without eating breakfast?

Expert opinions on this issue are contradictory. There are those who say that it is healthy because the body uses energy that is already reserved, to meet the needs during physical activity.

For their part, other professionals respond that the source of energy that the body uses, in this case, comes from muscle mass, so that its levels are decreased. There are people who mention having better results with one or another option, so the lifestyle of each person should also be taken into account.

Q11: What is better to do, crossfit or weights?

Both types of exercises offer good results and the practice of one does not necessarily negate the other. In fact, sometimes certain types of weights are used in CrossFit, so it cannot be said that one is better than another.

How to use weights

The use of weights means taking into account a series of tips and precautions that users with little experience are probably unaware of. Thus, we have decided to contribute to making your experience with these implements as successful as possible, summarizing some basic tips for using them.

Select a suitable weight

Before starting the training session, identify the types of weights you have and proceed to select the model that you consider appropriate, based on your level of resistance, the type of exercise you are going to perform and even the space you have available for it. execution of movements.

The importance of training with an adequate load lies in the correct execution of the exercise, injury prevention and, above all, obtaining the expected results, according to your training objectives.

Make the assembly

If your weight model is with interchangeable discs, then it is time to mount it. Place the bar between the discs that you have previously selected, inserting it through the hole located in the center. Next is to add the hooks or nuts that should be included in the kit you purchase. Make sure that the settings are made correctly, to avoid inconveniences.

Holds the dumbbell correctly and adopts a proper position

Now proceed to perform your exercises. When executing the movements, proceed to pay attention to the way you hold the weight, taking into account the recommendations of your trainer or those made in the  source of information that you have used to make your routine. Generally, an important requirement is to keep your back straight and, when bending over, bend your knees instead of rounding your back.

Be careful when placing it on the surface

When you are going to place the weight on the surface, you must be careful in two main aspects: in your posture when bending over and in the way in which you leave the weight on the surface. The position should be the one explained above when bending down, while when placing the weight on the ground you should avoid releasing it abruptly, because even if it has a coating, a strong blow could eventually damage the ground.

Eliminates dust and sweat gradually

Don’t forget to remove dust and sweat, which will eventually accumulate on the dumbbell. This will ensure that the material of the structure is better preserved, assuming a convenient level of useful life. To do this, use a damp cloth with water or a low-impact detergent.

Store the weight in the corresponding support

Unless you have a special area to place the weights and do the workouts, you should worry about placing the weight in an adequate space. This has several benefits.

Initially, it allows you to have a more organized training space, which means the simple identification of the weights, depending on the load, types of exercises and movements that you must perform. Secondly, poorly placed weights can cause accidents, trips or falls that can cause the structure to deteriorate.

» Review information from previous years

Physionics HSTA31

Si con la cantidad de opciones disponibles te estás preguntando cuáles son las mejores pesas del mercado, entonces puede que sea apropiado que no pierdas detalle de este modelo de Physionics. Este práctico modelo es funcional y versátil, porque incorpora varias piezas que proporcionan un juego de musculación que se adapta a diferentes requerimientos deportivos.

Este juego de pesas consta de una barra cromada dividida en dos piezas, dos discos de 5 kg, dos discos de 7,5 kg y 2 cierres de seguridad con arandela de goma que aseguran los discos para evitar accidentes.

En total, este set de entrenamiento tiene un peso de 30 kg, adicional al peso de la barra, que destaca por tener un agarre con superficie estriada de unos 12 cm, con espacio para los discos de 18 cm a cada lado. Además, las pesas poseen un revestimiento en plástico, proporcionando menor impacto de los discos sobre el suelo.

Siendo tantos los diseños y modelos disponibles, es posible que te sientas confundido y sea complicado distinguir las cualidades de calidad presentes en cada opción, de modo que si no sabes qué pesas comprar, puede ser conveniente que conozcas los atributos y desventajas de las Physionics HSTA31.


Peso: De acuerdo a la rutina de entrenamiento, con estas pesas podrás variar el peso, ya que poseen discos de 5 kg y de 7,5 kg, para un total en discos de 30 kg.


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