The best winter hats for men

Winter hat for men – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

During cold days it is necessary to have all the clothing to protect yourself from low temperatures, especially if you are in contact with snow and strong winds, where the important thing is to keep the body warm. One of these accessories are winter hats, which protect the cranial area and the face. Before purchasing a random model, it is advisable that you can establish a comparison between the available options, so that the purchase is efficient. There are many models and manufacturers recognized for their characteristics. The first is the Black Heekpek, a model made of acrylic material that protects from low temperatures, while it is available in various colors, being suitable as an accessory to combine and define the style. Next, there is the modelVbiger Unisex, a cap with a high degree of protection, covering the cranial circumference and part of the face, available in two colours.




Opinions on the best winter hats for men

If you have decided to buy a winter hat for men, before selecting a model at random you should consider that there are many available options that offer quality standards, but not all of them are convenient, and it is appropriate that you analyze the characteristics present in the designs. For this reason, we have prepared a section with the five models that have the endorsement of buyers. With this summary we present the attributes that stand out in each of these options.

Heekpek Black

For those who are looking for the best men’s winter hat on the market, it would be appropriate to consider the properties of this model from the manufacturer Heekpek.

This hat is soft and warm, suitable for use during winter days or extreme cold. It has an elegant and dual design, since it is reversible and protects on both sides, since both its interior and exterior are made with materials that repel the cold and it incorporates a scarf for greater protection.

It is available in several colors: blue, black, gray and red. The design of this hat is made of thick acrylic fabric and a soft, comfortable and cozy fleece lining, which provides a suitable sensation of warmth.

Although it is a model for men, it is for unisex use and one size fits all. Its dimensions are between 56 and 60 cm in circumference, by 26 cm high, adapting to different cranial structures.

Versatility, functionality, quality and elegance are characteristics that must be present in all clothing accessories, which is why this model is recognized by many as the best men’s winter hat of the moment. Read their pros and cons.


Reversible: This model can be used on both sides, since one of them is made of wool and the other is made of polar material, which gives it an elegant style.

Materials: The hat is made from soft and cozy materials that provide an appropriate level of warmth, incorporating acrylic, wool and cotton.

Size: The model is one size fits all, its dimensions adapt to various structures, being suitable for men or women.

Colors: According to personal taste, you can select between black, gray, red, brown and blue, to combine with the rest of the outfit.


Seam: The seams of this model are made with the same material as the hat, being this resistant, but not very aesthetic.

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Vbiger Unisex

During cold days or when practicing winter sports, it is necessary to have accessories that protect, so it is recommended to make the selection among the best men’s winter hats of 2022, so it would be convenient to consider this Vbiger model as one of your options.

It is a universal size cap, for head circumference dimensions between 55 and 50 cm. It is available in two colors: blue and black. It stands out for having an elongated design that covers the cheeks, ears and mouth, to keep the temperature regulated.

It is recommended as an accessory for sports such as skiing or cycling, which must avoid the speed of the wind hitting the face. It is made with quality materials and resistance.

The manufacturer has incorporated waterproof nylon, cotton and a thick plush lining into its structure. It has straps and buttons at the chin level, to guarantee the correct fastening.

Vbiger is a manufacturer with experience in winter sports, hence it is a strong competitor to become the best brand of winter hats for men. Next, the advantages and disadvantages present in its unisex model.


Materials: The manufacturer has made this model with quality waterproof materials that protect from cold and wind, using nylon, cotton and plush.

Design: With this hat, not only the head area is protected, as it has an elongated design to cover ears, cheeks and nose, so that it has straps and buttons to hold the mask.

Color: It is available in various colors to select the one that best suits the user’s taste and style.

Functionality: It is made like a hat to cover the days of low temperatures, being versatile due to its usefulness for winter sports.


Size: Being a standard size, this model may be a bit large for people with small cranial structures.

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The North Face Ascentials

If you are wondering which is the best winter hat for men, you may want to review the characteristics of this model from the manufacturer The North Face. The cap has a classic and conventional design, covers the entire head circumference and is available in one size or universal, so that it adapts to the shape of the head of people with different measurements.

With this model you can select between two colors: black or grey, both with the brand’s logo embroidered in white. It is made of high quality and resistant composite materials that provide durability, as well as providing comfort and a suitable level of cozy warmth to protect against low temperatures.

Additionally, the design is equipped with a band made of fleece to protect the ears. It is recommended as an accessory to be used in the autumn and winter seasons, as well as on cold days.

It is possible that with the variety of models and brands you are unsure about which men’s winter hat to buy, so it is convenient to know the attributes that favor and disfavor this model.


Design: For those who enjoy a conventional model, this hat is designed with a classic but casual style.

Functionality: It is designed to be used during the cold days of the winter and autumn season.

Materials: This is a model made with high quality and resistance composite materials, as it has incorporated a fleece lining into its structure.

Protection: Being a model with classic attributes, the manufacturer does not neglect the protection of sensitive areas such as ears.


Size: The model is available in one size, but it can be a bit large, even for large head circumferences.

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Beechfield Peaked

If your selection criteria is based on the lowest value and you want the best price-quality winter hat for men, then this model from the manufacturer Beechfield may be indicated for your requirements, because it is one of the cheapest and the lowest cost. of the selection.

It is a hat for winter or cold summer, autumn or spring nights. It has a modern style that can be worn as an accessory for casual nights out. Its design is striking, it looks like a cap, because it is equipped with a visor and a ribbed fold that can be removed so that the ears are protected from the cold, increasing its level of protection and insulation.

It is made from materials with a high degree of quality and resistance, incorporating 100% of its acrylic structure that is soft to the touch. It is black in color and is available in one size.

This Beechfield model is a men’s winter hat that offers high indicators of quality and versatility of use due to its design, being one of the cheapest on the market. Here its attributes and disadvantages.


Cuffed: Depending on the intensity of the cold, this model of hat can be worn with the fold loose or gathered to protect the ears.

Colour: The hat is available in black, an elegant and neutral tone, so it can be used by men or women.

Design: This model has a modern and unconventional design, since a visor is incorporated into its structure, making it suitable for use on casual outings.

Size: The cap is available in a single or universal size, being possible to adapt it to different dimensions of cranial circumferences.


Thickness: This hat has large and indelicate properties, being somewhat cumbersome due to its thickness.

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Levi’s 14148-11

The Otis men’s knit beanie from Levi’s is made from high-quality wool, with a very modern and comfortable design. In this case, it is an anthracite-colored, knitted hat, without prints and with the iconic red label sewn on the bottom.

Due to its classic and sober style, it can be considered an ideal garment for those users who want to complement their wardrobe. It is available in several sizes, from S that measures 55 cm, to XL that measures 62 cm. 

It should be noted that because it does not have elastic bands that tighten, it is very comfortable. In another order of ideas, it is possible to choose the color among the 6 available solid tones offered by the manufacturer and that go very well with any garment, because they are easy to combine tones. 

On the other hand, the fabric is highly breathable and can be machine or hand washed, being very resistant to wear and tear.


Design: The design of the hat, beanie type, is very comfortable, adapting well to the head without squeezing and without disturbing, since the fabric is soft.

Sizing: The different sizes make it a good fit for all head sizes.

Material: The material of the hat is of high quality and soft texture, so it does not “itch” or be annoying when worn for a long time.


Seams: The seams of the upper part are somewhat rigid, which can interfere with its adaptability to the contour of the head.

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DC Shoes Chester

Este es uno de los modelos más recomendados por los usuarios por tratarse de un gorro de invierno para hombre de estilo clásico, que incorpora un pompón en la parte superior.

El gorro está disponible en varios colores, pudiendo seleccionar desde el convencional negro con detalles de la marca en rojo, hasta otros tonos como gris, marrón y azul, cada uno de ellos combinado con otros colores.

El modelo se adapta a diferentes dimensiones de estructuras craneales porque es de talla única o universal. Está confeccionado a partir de tejido de punto acrílico, que proporciona un apropiado nivel de calor, siendo acogedor y suave al tacto.

Este modelo del fabricante DC Shoes está recomendado para noches frías y días de invierno porque repele el frío y mantiene el calor, protegiendo la cabeza y parte de las orejas, no siendo apto para nevadas o ventiscas.

Hay muchos modelos prácticos por sus características de calidad y coste competitivo, lo que los hace atractivos y funcionales. Dentro de la variedad de opciones, el DC Shoes Chester suele destacar, siendo apropiado que puedas conocer los elementos positivos y negativos de su confección.


Materiales: Este modelo está confeccionado con una estructura 100% fabricada en tejido de material acrílico resistente y suave.

Diseño: Un diseño cómodo, práctico y clásico es lo que conseguirás con este gorro de invierno para hombre.

Agregados: Aunque su diseño es clásico, el fabricante ha incorporado en su estructura un pompón llamativo que lo hace resaltar.

Color: De acuerdo a los gustos, el usuario podrá seleccionar entre diversos colores el que mejor se ajuste a su estilo, desde negro, hasta otros tonos como azul o marrón.


Protección: El modelo resguarda la cabeza del frío, pero es poco práctico para proteger otras áreas como orejas, mejillas y cuello.

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