The North Face Hedgehog Fastpack GTX Reviews

Main advantage:

The North Face presents low-top hiking shoes suitable for doing this activity comfortably and safely, allowing you great freedom of movement on rocky terrain. In addition, thanks to its sole made of Vibram, you will get an excellent grip to achieve firmer steps.

Main disadvantage:

The last of this shoe is wide, therefore, if you have a very narrow foot it may not fit correctly and when you walk it could slip. However, using a special insole could make the shoe fit better.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Thanks to its waterproof outer membrane made of Gore-tex, you can keep your feet completely dry during rainy days and cooler thanks to its breathability.

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Main Features Explained


Various opinions point out that among the most important components that these shoes have, the sole is one of the most remarkable, since they are made of Vibram, a material that provides great resistance to abrasion and wear, as well as adapting optimally to the surface, avoiding involuntary slipping on wet ground. In addition, the sole makes use of a special technology that positions the heel in a way that guarantees greater stability on uneven terrain. Likewise, the tread of the sole has a design that allows greater fluidity of liquids and less concentration of mud, so that the paddles remain free for longer.

On the other hand, it incorporates a double-density “EVA” and “Cradle Guide” rubber midsole, which is molded with a compression process and, together with the insole, provides greater comfort when walking. Let us remember that the soles are of great importance, so if you are interested in acquiring one of the best hiking shoes, it is advisable that you take good care of this aspect.


The type of closure used by these shoes uses high-quality round laces that, thanks to their stainless steel eyelets, allow an optimal fit to the foot. Therefore, they are easy to put on and suitable for everyday wear thanks to their low-cut design, which allows greater freedom of movement and they look good to wear for almost any occasion.

Considering that the shaft varies according to the type of boot and that each of its heights has a clear objective, the design presented by the shaft of these shoes is properly padded, which makes them very comfortable shoes and prevents injuries caused by the chafing On the other hand, to facilitate the process of putting them on, each one incorporates a practical handle with which you can use your fingers to insert your foot inside quickly and easily.


Just as its name indicates, The North Face Hedgehog Fastpack GTX have a Gore-tex membrane or mesh on the outside, which provides a very attractive waterproofing and breathability factor. This guarantees greater enjoyment, comfort and protection when making your favorite hiking trails. 

Thanks to this quality, you will be able to keep your feet dry, eliminating all moisture as you go along the path. The features offered by these shoes could make their price a little higher than similar ones, however, the level of protection they provide to the feet is well worth the investment.

For its part, the outer material of these shoes is made with parts of leather fabric and polyurethane coating, which provides great strength and durability. In addition, each shoe incorporates a protective toe box or semi-rigid helmet for the tip that covers the area of ​​​​your toes and that prevents the damage that can be caused by a kick or tripping over a rock. With a similar objective, the heel has a coating that stabilizes it, providing greater security in each step. To this we must add its “Wick Dry” technology, which provides effective thermal regulation, reducing the risk of blisters.


To close this analysis of the most important characteristics of these hiking shoes, it can be said that they are suitable for the most demanding hikers who are looking for resistant footwear, breathability and traction. It is a robust product but still light enough, so you can walk long routes in hot conditions without feeling discomfort in your feet. Specifically, they have an approximate weight of 850 grams, which places them in a mid-range within the specialized market for mountain and hiking footwear.

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