The route of the 7 gorgs in Catalonia

The route of the set gorgs, route of the 7 waterfalls in Spanish, is a route that runs through a natural environment located in Campdevanol, Girona. A circular route, accessible to all types of hikers and that allows you to enjoy a very pleasant experience.

One of the biggest attractions for those who like to put on some hiking shoes (you can find some purchase options at this link) and go for a walk through our natural environment is water. The waterfalls, pools and streams always add an extra to any route we walk, providing freshness in summer and generating pleasant sensations during winter. 

This is precisely the main attraction of the Campdevànol set gorgs route, also called the route of the seven waterfalls. A circular route, accessible to all types of users and in which it is even possible to find several of the best waterfalls in Catalonia to bathe or relax, both for its safety and for the environmental conditions.

How to get?

The start of the route is in the municipality of Campdevanol, province of Girona. This town is located about 105 kilometers from Girona capital and about 115 kilometers from Barcelona. In both cases, to get to the town it is recommended to take the C-17 motorway, which connects directly with the N-260, the road that takes us to our destination. 

Regarding the travel times, depending on the traffic, it usually takes an hour and a half to two hours to get there, from any of the two capitals that we have mentioned.

Once we reach the town of Campdevanol, we will still have to make a second trip to the starting point of the route. However, this is much shorter. Just follow the signs and follow the GI-401 for about 2.5 kilometers, until you reach that starting point. In this area, we will see the parking, where to leave the car. The problem is that this parking, without surveillance, costs 10 euros. If you don’t want to pay it, you can always leave the car nearby.

Technical data

This route has a total distance of 10 kilometers and is circular, so once we finish it we will return to the starting point. Its level is very simple and accessible to almost all types of users, since it does not have large slopes or slopes, except for access to some gorgs. By the way, the capacity is limited to 600 people during the summer season and it is necessary to pay an entrance fee of 5 euros per person. On the website of the town hall it is possible to manage reservations in advance.

the gorgs

The Gorgs del Torrent de la Cabana, the stream that causes this beautiful natural, are a total of seven pools of different characteristics, which we will access as we walk along the route. In general, they are usually easily accessible, although there are some exceptions, as we will see below.

Gorg of the Cabin

This small pool is one of the most complicated to access. It takes approximately 15 minutes from the starting point and its access is marked with a sign. The descent slope is quite steep, although at least there is a rope that makes it easier to reach the bathing area. Its complexity makes it quiet and one of the best preserved.

Gorg of Tosca

The Gorg de la Tosca is located 5 minutes away from the initial path but in the opposite direction. As always, it is signposted for greater comfort. Its access is very simple and it is also surrounded by an idyllic setting. The only downside is that if you don’t like cold water, you may not feel like bathing much, since the sun hardly shines in this area.

Gorg of I’Olla

This is another nice and highly recommended setting for the bathroom. The advantage is that its approach is similar to that of a natural pool , so the environment is ideal to enjoy a dip. The only but that it has is that the waterfall that feeds it with water is not especially big.

Gorg of the Bauma

This is one of the least frequented gorgs on the route, mainly because of its access. This one has a bit of a slope and is not as comfortable as the one in other areas that we have commented on. In return, the environment is very pleasant. We can even stand at the foot of the waterfall, which is not always easy. However, care must be taken, since there is a small whirlpool in the pool . A phenomenon that can be dangerous, if not taken into account.

Gorg del Forat

This small pool is another one that has a more complicated access, being quite hidden among the vegetation. In return, the environment offers calm, clean waters and a well-preserved area.

Gorg del Petit Colomer

Penultimate station of our route. Its waterfall is small but, in exchange, the pool has large dimensions, where it is very easy to move. In fact, this area is more like a natural beach than a forest pool.

Gorg del Colomer

Last stop on this interesting route with some of the most outstanding waterfalls in Catalonia. This is the largest gorg of all and the one with the highest influx of visitors. Its waterfall is thirteen meters high and offers clean and very pleasant waters, although this also depends on the rains, as usual. By the way, it is possible to reach it without having to go through the others, which causes this greater influx. Here there is also a beach bar, ideal for recharging your batteries.


After passing this last pool, we would have traveled approximately half the way. Here we have two options. One of them is to return by the same path that we have traveled. The other, complete the circular route, crossing the river, and enjoy the pleasant natural environment of the area. A path that is clearly signposted and easy to navigate.

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