Tips for visiting the Grand Canyon of the Colorado

The Grand Canyon, called the Grand Canyon in English, is considered by many to be the most famous American landmark. Like other canyons, the Grand Canyon was under water for a long time, but erosion, aridity and extreme weather lowered the water level to create this imposing rocky landscape.

Most of the photos taken by tourists do not allow to fully capture the real dimensions of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, since it is a large gorge of land, so only an aerial view allows you to see the entire area. that makes it up. However, if you decide to venture out to discover this wonder of the world , then we will mention some of the main characteristics of the Grand Canyon, as well as some tips to fully enjoy this place.

The Grand Canyon: A unique place in the world

If you are wondering where the Colorado Canyon is, you should know that it is located in northern Arizona, in the United States, specifically in a space called Grand Canyon National Park. Its walls have formed naturally thanks to the Colorado River that used to flow through its center. Because of this, the Grand Canyon of the Colorado is 450 km long, 1,300 m deep and 5 to 30 km wide depending on the geographical area you are in.

The Grand Canyon offers thousands of kilometers of routes, so it is necessary to have enough time if you want to know it fully. In this sense, going down to the river can take up to two days round trip. Also, some level of hiking experience is necessary , as these are difficult trails that could be dangerous for some people. For this reason, the Grand Canyon tour is usually reserved for professionals.

How to go prepared to the Grand Canyon?

It is very important to be prepared for any type of unforeseen event, so it is advisable to have one or more travel bags that allow you to carry food and camping equipment, especially if you intend to sleep in the Grand Canyon. In this case, you should know that, depending on the time of year, the Grand Canyon authorities usually charge for camping. In any case, it is advisable not to make a budget that is too tight, since other expenses could arise during the trip.

If you are wondering what the weather is like in the Grand Canyon, you should know that it is usually sunny and hot, but during the winter it is usually very cold, while in summer the temperatures rise much higher than normal. For this reason, you have to be prepared according to the season in which you decide to travel. Likewise, it is advisable not to carry too much weight to avoid fatigue.

Which airport to choose to go to the Grand Canyon?

There is no international airport exactly in the Grand Canyon, so it is necessary to land in a nearby city depending on the tour you want to take. In this sense, it is advisable to go on an excursion to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, since this city has McCarran International Airport, which is the closest to the Grand Canyon and leaves you at a distance of only 4 hours by car. Also, it is possible to travel from Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver or California.

What to do in the Grand Canyon?

Most tourists usually stay on the ridges for about 1.5 days. During this time, it is possible to see a sunrise and a sunset, which are the magical moments of the Grand Canyon. Also, while you wait, you can do some activities, such as a helicopter flight or even rafting on the Colorado River. However, to carry out any activity in this area, it is advisable to have a professional guide and the appropriate equipment to enjoy a safer experience.

What places to visit in the Grand Canyon?

All the canyons are formed in the same way, due to a geographical feature produced by a river . Therefore, the parts of a cannon are usually the same. In the case of the Grand Canyon, its dimensions are so large that it is necessary to get around by car or bus. However, depending on the season, cars may be prohibited. In this case, the buses are usually very used and, in general, they make stops in the most important areas of the Grand Canyon.

In the South Rim Grand Canyon, which is the southern area, it is possible to access parts of Route 66, as well as some areas of Sedona, also called the most beautiful city in the world, since it is made up of red rocks . Also, if you’re coming from the south, you can catch the train at Williams Station or Route 66, which can take you directly to the Grand Canyon. Similarly, getting on this train is usually a tourist attraction, because it offers a design similar to that of old trains.

On the other hand, if you go to the Grand Canyon through the West Rim Grand Canyon and North Rim Grand Canyon, which are the western and northern areas respectively, then it is possible to visit other highly attractive national parks, such as Mesa Verde, Zion, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Canyonland and Arches.

Also, among the most touristic places to visit in the Grand Canyon is the Yavapai Geology Museum, as well as the Tusayan Ruined Village, which also has a museum.

On the other hand, there is the Desert View Watchtower , which has rustic walls and murals painted by an artist from the Hopi indigenous people. This tower is perhaps the main viewpoint of the Grand Canyon, as it provides a mesmerizing view of sunrise and sunset.

It is important to mention that there are several walking routes that are fast and suitable for all people. However, there are others that require a certain level of hiking experience, which is important to consider before starting to hike.

Finally, it is good to mention that the Grand Canyon was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979, because it is a unique and valuable natural monument . Therefore, if you have the budget and the time available, then it can be a magical place to visit.

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