Top 10 camping games

Going camping with friends is, in the opinion of many people, an activity that everyone should experience once in their life. Being in contact with nature, in an environment different from the ordinary, activates the senses and allows us to satisfy the exploring spirit that we all carry within.

Staying at home and watching the best Harry Potter movie can be a hobby that the whole family enjoys. But do not forget to consider that, if the weather is favorable and the city is not the place you want to be, there is nothing better than going out to get some fresh air and enjoy nature. 

This can be an excellent idea, but it is also true that if it is about organizing your first family outing with the idea of ​​having a great time, you may feel a bit lost if you do not have a plan of camping activities for cover a few hours of leisure, in order to make the experience even more rewarding. 

Do not worry, the only thing that is needed is for someone to assume the role of monitor or coordinator of the events and explain what each activity is about, without forgetting to have some previously identified materials. In reality, there is a lot that can be done and to show you, we bring you a selection of 10 entertaining games of various types, with which both children and adults can have a great time.

competition games

A bit of adrenaline cannot be missing in a camp and this is achieved by a good game that invites the participants to give their best, to be the first or for their team to obtain the agreed prize.

1. Obstacle Courses

Among the classic activities in a camp and that do not need much preparation are the circuits. It will be enough to travel a distance balancing with some object on the head. It can also be done by carrying a small object in a spoon, which is held in the mouth during the journey. If the object falls, you will have to start over.

Another advantage of the circuits is that they can have variants both to be done personally or to be games for large groups, where each team will try to be the fastest to finish the course.

2. Treasure hunts

Seek and find dynamics are not only considered as camping games for children, adults can also participate in them and have a great time. If you add a little more difficulty, they will become a very attractive challenge, which will test your knowledge and skills. For example, clues can include coordinates or be related to cardinal directions. If there are children in the teams, the adults could teach them to use compasses to orient themselves, this will make the experience more playful and entertaining.

In addition, it must be added that the searches are one of the most fun orienteering games in a camp.

3. Clue games

Another variant of the treasure hunt can be the clue games. This time you will have to solve puzzles, so that little by little the final objective of the game is discovered, which could be to find a special place in the place where the camp has been made.

If the complexity of the puzzles is adapted to the age of the participants, then it could also be a clue game for adults or for children. 

gymkhana games

Testing the physical ability of the participants can be a good option for group games. In this sense, gymkhanas provide a lot of fun. Here are some ideas that you could consider and that are suitable for camping games for children from 6 to 12 years old. It will only be necessary to take into account that if the test implies being impregnated with flour, mud, etc. It will be essential to plan how to clean yourself. 

4. Search for objects in a container of flour

This activity can be more fun than you think. The texture of this material makes it difficult to find an object and the participants have to overcome their resistance to getting dirty, which makes the moment more fun and can become an excellent opportunity to take photos to remember.

5. Camouflage

To go unnoticed in a test, team members can be asked to camouflage themselves with leaves, which they will have to adhere to their body with some kind of mass.

Gymkhanas for young people and adults

If most of the participants in the camp are over 12 years old, then more complex events can be prepared and resort to adventure gymkhanas. These activities can also be organized as group games and team building.

6. Mountain circuits

If the place where the camp takes place allows it, a good option for gymkhana tests for teenagers is to include a mountain bike route.

7. Rappelling

Climbing up a slope can be an interesting challenge if you want to include gymkhana tests for adults in your camp. Although some young people may discover that they also have great skills in this type of dynamic.

8. Olympics

If you need fun tests for adults and are looking for ideas for themed camps, you can organize a small Olympics. By using a pair of white ribbons around the waist the torso of the participants you can set a camp in the “Greek” style. As you can imagine, some tests such as archery, long jump and javelin throw will be included.

catch games

Collaborative games can also be a lot of fun and organized for large groups. Two variants that are considered classic in the camps are the following:

9. Flag Game

This game is about dividing the area into two parts, each section belongs to a team and the objective is to steal the flag of the opposing group to take it to their area without being captured.

10. Cops and Robbers

This traditional game could not be missing from our list. In this activity you do not have to divide the field and you will have to distribute the players by assigning them a position. The game ends when the one that represents the “flag” in this case is captured, and that can be hidden to add greater difficulty to the game.

We hope that with this selection of activities you are guaranteed fun at your next camp and that it becomes a pleasant experience to remember.

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