Top 5 Ab Wheels of 2022

Ab Wheel – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The abdominal wheels or ab Wheel are another of those products that help us improve our physical condition and work the muscles of the middle and lower trunk in a simple way. As long as the product has the quality and resistance necessary to meet our needs, of course. As a favorite model of users we find the Ultrasport AB Roller wheel, which offers a high-quality double wheel with smooth rolling and progressive movement. All accompanied by a mat that guarantees a comfortable and stable movement. A short distance follows the Songmics AB Roller Wheel, which has a foam handle and a main body where PVC and steel are mixed to offer optimum resistance and quality of use during its operation.



Buying Guide – What is the best Ab Wheel on the market?

To maintain optimal physical condition, building a strong midsection is essential, especially for those who regularly engage in activities that require a lot of strength. The Ab Wheel works not only the abdominal muscles, but also the lower back, which optimizes results and reduces the negative impact on the spine. If you are interested in acquiring this product, and you want to choose a good and economical option that allows you to achieve the best results, we recommend you review the following guide to buy the best Ab Wheel on the market today.

Why buy an abdominal wheel?

The abdominal wheel or Ab Wheel is a device that consists of a small wheel, with a handle in the center that allows it to be easily rotated on the ground.

This wheel allows us to carry out the exercise and the movement in which the entire abdominal wall is going to be involved, in addition to the muscles of the lower back, obliques, and the entire middle area of ​​our body in general. Its size is usually quite compact and practical, so we can use it perfectly at home or take it to the gym without problems, it can also be purchased in most online or sports stores and is generally quite cheap.

The important thing is that the device allows us to maintain an appropriate technique to avoid excessive stress on our muscles. For this, a stable wheel is necessary, which has a suitable and ergonomic handle and which slides firmly but smoothly on the floor in order to be able to effectively contract the abdomen and avoid exaggerated arching of the back.

Therefore, it is an easy-to-use device with which you will achieve extraordinary results in much less time and effort than traditional abdominal exercises. Here are some features you should know to choose a quality model, according to your needs.

wheel design

The wheel is an essential aspect of the Ab Wheel, since it is what allows movement and therefore the performance of the exercise, therefore it is important to consider its characteristics to choose an efficient model. In short, it is a wheel or roller, whose size and number may vary depending on the device model and purpose, made of PVC, plastic or rubber with non-slip relief for a better grip on the ground.

The vast majority of models have a single wheel with grip handles on the sides, although there are also models with two parallel wheels, which improve stability and in many cases allow a greater variety of movements, such as lateral movements, to be able to work as well. the oblique abdominal muscles.

There are even tricycle-type three-wheel models, specially designed to provide maximum stability to beginners, although their range of mobility and versatility is less than the one- and two-wheel models.

Many Ab Wheels have brakes and springs to improve the safety and ease of the exercise.


When making an Ab Wheel comparison, there are certain aspects to take into account to choose an efficient model, one of these aspects is the stability of the device.

It is important that the wheel has a suitable handle, preferably covered with rubber or some non-slip material to guarantee a firm grip and avoid accidents. Many models have curved handles that adapt to the shape of the fist, which improves firmness and allows us to focus the effort of the movement on our abdominal muscles.

It is also important that the wheel has a non-slip coating and adequate grip on the ground. In this regard, there are also several models that have brakes to prevent accidental slipping, this especially helps beginners and people with less flexibility.


Another question we ask ourselves before choosing a particular model is how much it costs, and in many cases this is very important in determining our choice.

We can say in this regard that in general it is a low-cost device, we can find models from 5 euros to prices close to 80 euros, depending on the manufacturing materials and number of wheels, the brand and the features of the devices.. Some incorporate various accessories such as non-slip mats, garters, knee pads and other accessories, which can increase their price but it is interesting if you need them.

Although the most expensive is not always the best, in this case it is important to choose a model that suits our needs. Always consider your safety first, the ease with which the equipment allows you to perform the exercise, and your physical condition.

The 5 Best Ab Wheel – Opinions 2022

Shaping our body implies looking for all the tools to do a productive exercise that tones the abdominal area. The fact of acquiring an ab Wheel translates not only into giving aesthetics to our image, but at the health level, even improving lumbar problems. Taking these points as a reference, we dared to create this list for you to buy the best ab Wheels of 2022.

1. Ultrasport AB Roller Abdominal Machine

Main advantage:

If we live in a small apartment and want to work at home, we will appreciate that the design of our AB Wheel is quite ergonomic, so that we can work on our sports routines with it without the typical space complications. That is precisely the main advantage of the Ultrasport AB Roller, since its manufacturers have developed a device with a fairly ergonomic design in every way: light, practical and takes up little space.

Main disadvantage:

Some devices are so well made and received by users that the disadvantages found are rare, and that is precisely the case with this device, since its users agree that they do not find faults or defects, nothing to complain about. However, it is good that you keep in mind that being a small product, it may not be as comfortable for large people.

Verdict: 9.9/10

No matter what your work routine is, the hours you dedicate or the achievements you want to achieve, the AB Wheel is a good help to reach your goals, while doing it quite comfortably taking up little space in your house or apartment. This product is a good recommendation for users with small flats.

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If we want to work our abs or back at home, we are going to be grateful that the manufacturers of this device have given it a fairly ergonomic design. We know that most of the AB Wheels are quite light and small, so they are manageable taking up little space, but the Ultrasport AB Roller takes these characteristics and takes them to another level to improve our experience training with this type of device.

It turns out that the Ultrasport AB Wheel has very little weight, so we can move around the house without major inconveniences. Apart from this, it is also a very small device and this makes it easier for us to use, since we are not going to collide with other devices or accessories in the house, especially if we live in a small apartment. Also, this little AB Wheel is a fairly easy device to store; we can store it almost anywhere and take it out again when we need it.

protection and comfort

The Ultrasport AB Wheel has been manufactured with the comfort and protection of users in mind; The manufacturers of this good device have taken into account the positions we adopt on the ground when we use it and have incorporated a resistant surface where we can support our knees while working on it. This surface is quite comfortable, so that not only will we be protected from the ground, but we will do it comfortably.

As if that were not enough, the device has a quite comfortable grip system that will allow us to hold on to its handles without hurting ourselves; this is important especially considering that we are going to spend a lot of time holding it, depending on the type of routine we have chosen and the level of effort we want to achieve

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2. Songmics AB Wheel Wheel for Push Ups Abs Workouts

With its double wheel and the extension of the same, it increases the stability of the exercise or stretching that our muscles perform while we use it. It will not easily tilt to the side which gives us security. In addition, the Songmics AB Roller Wheel comes with a cushion to support the knees and prevent injuries during exercise.

The fact that an exercise device contributes to maintaining a healthy life makes it convenient for us to think that any model is the best ab Wheel, just by positively influencing our health. It is one of the cheapest available on the market, added to all the features it has, it could be the best ab Wheel in its quality and price ratio.

Its use is simple, just take the steel tube that is surrounded with high quality foam and start the exercise. The Songmics AB Roller Wheel is made with polyurethane on the outside so as not to cause noise or damage to the floor where it is used, it is also friendly to the environment since it is odorless.

If you are determined to acquire and take home the best AB Wheel of the moment, we will help you with a brief list of its most outstanding features so that you can determine if it really fits what you want and need.


Cushion: It has a cushion that will be very appropriate to protect the knees while you do your exercise session.

Wheels: Designed in resistant material with an outer ring made of polyurethane for greater protection of the equipment and the ground.

Material: It has different buildable parts, designed in PVC and steel to provide greater resistance and high durability.

Compact: It has a compact and lightweight design so you can take it even during your vacations or any day you want.

Capacity: This model has the capacity to support a maximum load of 130 KG, which will be enough for a large number of users.

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3. Body Sculpture Roller for hypopressive abs

The Body Wrappers Exercise Wheel is a device that focuses on strengthening the abdominal muscles, since by using it constantly, the abdominal area will contract and flatten with the force that we apply when going up and down.

Parallel to the toning that we have already indicated, the shoulders will also harden and we will give mobility to our back to relieve the pain that is generated by sitting for a long time.

This device is light and portable, since it is a TPR exercise wheel that sticks very well to the basic functions that we require when buying an ab Wheel, especially when we want to focus on the work of toning and defining our abs.

What color? What price? Where do I find it? Which AB Wheel to buy? Surely they are some of the questions that are going around in your head at the moment, so we describe the pros and cons of this model that you can acquire to meet your needs.


Light: This model reaches a weight of 531 grams, which allows easy mobilization and maneuverability of the equipment.

Compact: It has a compact design so you can spend a few minutes strengthening your physical condition wherever you are.

Silent: It is a fairly quiet product that does not cause any kind of hearing discomfort while you use it in each exercise routine.

Grip: It has very comfortable grips that allow you to work more safely without risking injury.


Lumbar: Some users point out that the lumbar position should be properly worked on, otherwise you would cause discomfort and terrible damage.

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4. Adidas  Ab Wheel

It is made up of a wheel whose diameter is 18cm with two grip handles to be able to undertake the exercise, which is considered by experts to be one of the most productive and difficult exercises in the gym, and rollerblading is without a doubt.

If we want to know which is the best ab Wheel and we give the brand an extra score, the Adidas ADAC-11404 could be it. Easy to operate, we will only have to place it on the floor, hold its ends and slide to go back up.

The constancy of doing this exercise will not guarantee that the abdominals will be marked, but they will be strengthened, as will the shoulders and back. The Adidas ADAC-11404 is made with 85% iron that guarantees its durability while we handle it.

In this comparative guide, in addition to giving you the opportunity to learn about very high quality products, we combine it with very cheap prices that can give you a surprising value for money. He details the pros and cons of the model below.


Grip: It has two ergonomic handles that allow you a good grip to avoid slipping and falling unexpectedly, which could cause an injury.

Compact: It has a compact design that will make the transfer process easier and easier when you want to take it with you somewhere.

Bar: The central bar of this model is made of metallic material so that you can enjoy great strength and durability for years.

Wheel: The wheel is covered by a non-slip material so you can exercise without thinking about possible accidents or bumps.


Foam: A part of the users has expressed that the foam that covers the handle of this product is not of very high quality.

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5. Everlast Duo Exercise Wheel

The Everlast EX2413SL is an exercise tool that does what its advertising claims, toning the abdominal area with its smooth and comfortable movement. Thanks to its two wheels you can perform an optimal exercise as it allows stability when using it.

It has molded handles for a more secure grip, in addition to the touch they serve to prevent slipping since they present areas of a soft relief that will not hurt our hands. This provides reliability when starting the ascents and descents of the body.

It includes a practical fitness guide, so that we can follow a training plan with the purpose of making the abdominal area hard. The Everlast EX2413SL also strengthens our shoulders and thus reduces the discomfort that occurs at the lumbar level, after sitting for a long time.

So that you can find a good quality product that fits your budget very well, we help you with the positive and negative aspects of a model that is cataloged as the best AB Wheel for 10 euros.


Wheels: it has two wheels that will give you more balance and thus prevent you from sliding or hitting yourself hard.

Grip: It has a fairly secure grip system that will give you greater peace of mind whenever you want or need to strengthen your physical condition.

Guide: This product has a guide that you must observe and follow so that you can achieve favorable results with the use of this equipment.

Compact: It has a compact design that will allow you to easily transport and mobilize it without major complications.


Carpet: A small part of the clients have stated that it does not include a carpet for the knees, which could hinder the good use of this exercise wheel.

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Ultrasport AB Roller Abdominal Machine

The ab Wheel is characterized by taking up little space, which makes it an ideal device for exercising. The Ultrasport 431100000012 also has this quality added to the fact that it has a support surface so that the knees are not hurt by constant exercise.

This tool works to effectively work the muscles of the back, abdominals and shoulders, thus giving our body more resistance and a better posture, as well as relieving back pain. The Ultrasport 431100000012 guarantees good quality at a low price.

It can also be used by beginners as well as advanced users, the level and consistency of exercise is set by yourself. However, it includes functions of exhaustive use to carry out a training plan.

In addition to offering you the opportunity to get to know different models, we describe the positive and negative aspects of this model designed by the best AB Wheels brand so that you can make a purchase that is really worthwhile.


Compact: It has a compact design that will make it easier for you to store it or take it with you wherever you go.

Protection: To provide you with high protection, it includes a surface so you can support your knees and work very comfortably.

Material: It has been designed in a very resistant plastic material so that you can use it safely for a long time.

Weight: The weight of this product is 621 grams, so it could go unnoticed without major problems in lifting, moving or storing it.

Grip: It has a grip system that allows you to easily adjust your hands and thus avoid slips, falls and bumps.

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How to use an Ab Wheel

Whether we care about toning each part of our body or because we want to practice a routine that fully exercises each muscle, today it is necessary to do some practice to help maintain optimal physical condition. The Ab Wheels are the innovation when it comes to toning the entire abdominal part and the back.

Which areas do you work?

Few exercises make the lower back and abdominal area stronger. With your Ab Wheel you will be able to tone these areas following a daily routine. This type of exercise works the lower back and abdomen, which will improve the curvature of this area and help prevent back pain, as well as tone the lower abdomen.

How to use the Ab Wheel correctly

This exercise instrument consists of a wheel that is crossed through the center by a handle that is the part where you are going to make the grips. After taking the correct posture, take the handles on each side, completely closing your fists on them; this will keep your hands relatively close together.

Take the correct posture

There are two basic postures to use the Ab Wheel within the exercise routines. In the first, get on your knees ensuring that the tips of your feet are supported against the surface where you are going to perform the exercise. Take the ad wheel by the handle and put it on the ground. Slowly raise your knees as the wheel rolls over the surface.

Your entire body should be fully extended without touching the floor. The second position is similar, the difference is that while you roll the Ab Wheel, the knees are flat against the floor while the rest of the body is extended in a straight position.

startup routine

Doing exercises with your Ab Wheel can be too demanding for you because of the strength it requires to execute the movements; especially in the lower back area. For this reason, you should start with a gentle routine that allows your body to get stronger and adapt to the force required by this instrument.

You can start with a routine of between 10 and 12 repetitions in each session, which can be two or three weekly depending on the time you have. You can increase the number of repetitions according to the condition that you acquire until you reach 20 in each session.

Care you must have

If you have a lower back injury, training with an Ab wheel is not recommended for you as it can aggravate the condition. However, you can consult your doctor before ruling out exercise altogether.

When performing the movements, do it carefully, without straining your muscles too much. If you feel any discomfort, take a break before finishing the routine. Always keep your back straight when you extend your body and use your lower back and abdominals to power each movement.

The most popular brands

The AB Wheel or abdominal wheels not only help you tone your abs, they also help you strengthen the muscles of the lower back and thus prevent injuries in this area. There are so many options in the sports market that it is difficult to choose the appropriate one; That is why we have prepared this summary to help you choose the brand that best suits you, these being Ultrasport, Everlast and POWRX.

Ultrasports is a Mexican brand located in Guadalajara specialized for more than 20 years in the production of clothing and sports items for a large number of sports disciplines such as: soccer, basketball, swimming, tennis, volleyball, athletics, among others.

This brand has more than 150 products for sports disciplines and personal physical exercises. The company also distributes its articles to furnish gyms and personal training rooms. Among its products we can find weight bars, punching bags, training cones, resistance bands, various balls, abdominal wheels, among others.

Abdominal wheels are the perfect accompaniment for the home, its compact size takes up very little space perfect for storage in the closet. This product includes a knee support mat and instructions for use with comprehensive core, back and shoulder strengthening routines.

This product consists of two scroll wheels so it provides a good balance when performing your exercises and according to users it is quite resistant even when the weight of the person is high. This product comes in two models: one in orange and gray and the other in black and gray.

Everlast is an American company started in 1910, in New York City. It began with the manufacture of swimsuits and over the years boxing equipment was introduced thanks to the personal manufacture of these for a young fighter who won the world boxing championship in 1919, from there the brand gained worldwide fame and became on the face of boxing around the world.

This company is the main creator and distributor of products for boxing and MMA, and one of the best-selling brands in sports and gym equipment. In 2007 this brand was taken over by the British company Brands Holdings and since then it has participated in the sports trade in more than 101 countries with accredited subsidiaries in 88 of them.

Everlast manufactures a wide variety of sports products such as punching gloves and bags, mouth guards, jump ropes, among others. Its rollers for abdominals are proof of this, its handles and wheels with a rough surface are non-slip for safe exercises.

POWRX is a British brand that designs and manufactures personal fitness and rehabilitation products, famous for its latest invention: vibration plates. This product has gained recognition among women for its visible effects in reducing measurements and toning legs and buttocks.

Among its sports accessories we can find yoga mats, balance balls, jump ropes, bodycross suspension tools, hiking poles, resistance bands, abdominal wheels, heart rate monitors and stopwatches, among others.

Abdominal wheels can be found in the range of exercise accessories, they can be purchased with a support pad for knees or separately. The wheels have padded handles for a comfortable grip, since according to some purchase comments when performing the exercises, a lot of pressure is applied to the wrists.

This model includes adaptable pedals to perform abdominal exercises with the support of your hands and movement work on your legs. In case you get tired of your arms, you have the option of performing the exercises with the movement of the lower part of your body.

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