Top 5 Magnesium Supplements of 2022

Supplement with magnesium – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Magnesium is one of the four most abundant positively charged ions in our body and its importance in its proper functioning can be imagined. Thanks to this compound at the cellular level, energy can be better assimilated and take advantage of the proteins that arrive with the bloodstream, hence maintaining an adequate intake of this element is essential. If you have reached adulthood and you are concerned that your diet does not provide the necessary requirements or you have a deficiency of this mineral, it may be appropriate to seek a supplement that contains it. In case you need two quick recommendations that may be appropriate, the first option is the Aava Labs 400 mg, which in its formulation has been careful not to include lactose or gluten, so that it can be ingested without allergic reactions. Another reliable and high-quality product is the one presented by Nutrivita, a bottle containing 120 magnesium capsules with taurine and vitamin B6 for optimal functioning of the body.

The 5 Best Supplements with Magnesium – Opinions 2022

Now that you have learned a little more about supplements and how to identify the one that might suit you, you can do an analysis of the options that are on the market to finally choose a model for you. Below we present some of the most outstanding supplements, because they have had a good evaluation by users.

1. Aava Labs Magnesium Citrate Supplement

Main advantage:

By ingesting the recommended daily dose to protect your bones, muscles and nervous system and replenish the lack of magnesium that they lose over the years.

Main disadvantage:

Some users indicate in their comments that, although the price is somewhat high, the magnesium supplement fulfills its function correctly.

Verdict: 9.7/10

If you want to buy a supplement with magnesium that has organic properties and does not include chemicals that can cause adverse effects, this product may be the one for you.

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One of the most important characteristics and the one that needs to be paid the most attention to is the effects of the magnesium supplement. Depending on the product you have purchased, you can enjoy various effects in which your body would be the main benefactor.

Aava Labs 400 mg has powerful properties in that it will help keep your bones, muscles, and nervous system in optimal condition, which, in turn, will help you take care of your body and lead a healthier life. In addition to this, maintaining a continuous treatment will keep you in an active energetic state so that you can carry out your daily tasks and activities in an efficient and effective way.

However, before consuming any supplements, it is essential that you consult a medical specialist, since inadequate and excessive consumption of magnesium can have adverse effects on the body.


Before selecting any supplement with magnesium, you must be alert to the formula of the product so that you can verify if there is any organic or chemical compound that could cause an allergic reaction. In other words, each body works differently against the different compounds, so each of the minerals that make up the magnesium supplement formula must be taken into account to avoid side effects.

This product is mainly composed of magnesium citrate and is combined with microcrystalline cellulose which is a volume agent and stabilizer to increase the thickness of the liquid. In addition, this supplement also includes organic rice hulls and extract, sunflower oil, rice fiber, organic gum arabic, and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. The latter helps the components of the supplement to be dispersed throughout the body in an adequate way for uniform and effective absorption.


If among your plans you plan to acquire a supplement with magnesium to complement the vitamin deficiency of this mineral, you must have a medical prescription or nutritional treatment that is prepared by a specialist in the area. That is, depending on the doctor’s evaluation, it will be the number of capsules of the magnesium supplement that you should take daily for a certain time.

The Aava Labs 400 mg has 180 capsules so that, following the prescription of your doctor, you can take the supplement for several days. In addition, with the content of this product, taking 1 capsule a day, you can complete up to 6 months of treatment. However, if the number of capsules is greater and the time spent taking the supplement is greater, you must purchase the appropriate amount to be able to supply the full treatment and enjoy its benefits.

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2. Nutrivita Magnesium with Taurine and Vitamin B6

This product of French origin stands out among the best magnesium supplements of 2022, as it has a formula rich in high-quality ingredients selected through rigorous controls, in order to meet the strictest production standards. It is a supplement that includes magnesium, taurine and vitamin B6, elements that work in synergy to optimize the body’s functions.

Taurine plays a fundamental role in the correct retention of magnesium in the heart, as well as being involved in the efficient transport of this mineral in cardiovascular cells. For its part, bioactive vitamin B6 contributes to boosting the immune system and good health.

Likewise, the magnesium present in these capsules is magnesium glycinate, a third-generation ingredient that provides excellent gastrointestinal assimilation. In addition, it is a gluten-free, allergen-free and GMO-free product.

Although it is not the cheapest option at the moment, it is a high-quality supplement that deserves your consideration. Learn more about this product.


Users: It is a supplement recommended for everyone, since it does not generate allergic reactions and does not contain ingredients of animal origin.

Formula: Its formula synergistically combines magnesium with taurine and vitamin B6, which enhances the good health of the body.

Reliable: It is backed by Nutrivita, a French brand recognized for its high-quality products.


Quantity: You must ingest 3 units daily according to the manufacturer’s instructions, so the bottle is only enough for 40 days.

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3. N2 Natural Nutrition Zma Magnesium Zinc Vitamin B6

If you are looking for a supplement that is characterized by being affordable and that also contributes to the health of your immune system, the N2 Natural Nutrition model would be the most suitable, since in addition to being among the cheapest, it has magnesium and zinc in its formulation.. With this combination, you can improve your energy level considerably while strengthening your resistance to diseases.

Also, because the supplement is provided in vegetable chlorophyll capsules, it is a form that is usually less irritating to the stomach, so it may be the best option for people with stomach sensitivities.

It is recommended to take a daily dose of 2 capsules that provide 300 mg of magnesium, which can be considered enough to avoid deficiency of the mineral in adults, but if you plan to take a lower dose because you have an appropriate diet, you can do it, which represents an advantage.

N2 Natural Nutrition is a company that has been dedicated to wellness since its inception. Because of that, many put their trust in its products and also consider it the best brand of magnesium supplements.


Ingredients: This product has several ingredients in its composition such as magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6, which have the quality of working together effectively.

Testosterone: The formula produces a positive response in testosterone, as it keeps it at a good level and, in addition to that, improves the synthesis of sex hormones.

Vegan: This product is 100% vegan, as it does not contain any element from animals.


Time: You need to wait a while to see the results, so if you want immediate results, this might not be the best model for you.

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4. Sanct Bernhard Magnesium 400 Supra

In case you are still wondering which is the best supplement with magnesium, analyzing the proposal of the Sanct Bernhard brand may help you find the right option for you.

It is a model that is made with 640 mg of magnesium oxide, which is equivalent to 400 mg of pure magnesium, this concentration is considered sufficient to maintain the appropriate levels of the mineral in an adult and you should only ingest one daily. Thus, you can have enough for a treatment for up to 4 months without having to resort to acquiring more.

On the other hand, due to its carrier agent, the stomach upsets of other models that can be laxatives are not associated with its consumption. This allows its use by people who do not easily tolerate other assimilation aids.

Accumulating very good comments due to the quality of this product, Sanct Bernhard brings you what could be the best supplement with magnesium for 10 euros. This option may be ideal for those who want quality for a reasonable price.


Capsule: With a single capsule that you take a day, you can cover the amount of magnesium that an adult person needs on a daily basis.

Relaxing: In addition to strengthening your muscles, this product also has the quality of relaxing them without any problem.

Magnesium: This product has 400 mg of completely pure magnesium so you get the most benefits possible.


Stomach: Some users have commented that the consumption of these tablets can weigh heavily on the stomach, so it is advisable to use gastric protectors and this implies additional expense.

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5. Vegavero Citrate of Magnesium and Potassium

In case you are looking for an alternative that improves your energy level, while at the same time helping to maintain the concentration of essential electrolytes, then this might be the best value for money magnesium supplement. This is due to its appropriate concentration of magnesium and potassium, which is combined with a convenient cost.

To ingest the recommended daily dose, the manufacturer indicates taking 6 capsules spread over food throughout the day, taking care to drink plenty of liquids, so with this presentation you can have enough product for a full month.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it is a vegan product that does not include gluten, lactose or sugar has been added to its production. So it can be recommended for people who have these substances contraindicated in their daily intake.

If you still don’t know which supplement with magnesium to buy, this model may be the ideal product for you, as it has various benefits that can help you comprehensively and, in addition, it can be used by anyone who wants it.


Potassium: Not only magnesium is good, but potassium can also help. Because of that, both elements can be found in each tablet.

Menstruation: In addition to all the benefits of magnesium, this product can also relieve cramps caused by menstruation. This is a detail that makes it stand out.

Certified: This product is fully certified and has been tested in laboratories to offer you completely safe tablets for you.


Consumption: In order to achieve the amount of magnesium and potassium needed per day, it is necessary to consume up to 6 capsules daily and this can be a problem.

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Aava Labs Magnesium Citrate Supplement

This is for many who have chosen it as the best supplement with magnesium, because by using citrate in its formulation it does not have an effect that is too laxative. This can be a good option for those who have problems with chlorides and carbonates that are added in other models of magnesium supplements.

On the other hand, regarding the quality offered by the brand, it is worth mentioning that it has the approval of GMP, IFS Food, HACCP, so it can be considered a safe product. In addition, it does not include preservatives, transgenics, lactose or gluten in its formula, something that is also convenient and allows its use by vegans.

It is recommended for use by adults and its presentation of 180 capsules is considered sufficient to be consumed for about 4 months, since it is estimated that one to two capsules per day should be ingested at most.

The relationship between quality and price, in addition to the multiple benefits that this product offers, makes this article from Aava Labs considered the best magnesium supplement of the moment by some people.


Vegan: Unlike some supplements that are impossible for people following a vegan diet to consume, this product has a formula that does not have any elements from animals.

Magnesium: The concentration of magnesium citrate is high in each of the capsules, as it reaches 400 mg so that the absorption in your body is quite fast and effective.

Additives: This product has a completely natural composition that has not included GMOs, gelatin, artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives or gluten in its formula.

Capsules: The container of this model comes with 180 capsules with magnesium concentrate. This will allow you to do a long treatment that can last up to 4 months, if you require it.

Benefits: Due to the concentration of magnesium it has, this product has various qualities, such as improving the nervous and muscular systems, as well as strengthening all your bones.


Aroma: Many buyers have commented that the smell is not the best aspect of this product, as it is strong and unpleasant. This can be a disadvantage for certain users.

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Buying guide – What is the best magnesium supplement on the market?

When looking for that supplement that gives us the best benefit, we should not only focus on analyzing how much it costs. If you need more information about what may be relevant, here is our guide to buying the best magnesium supplement. Perhaps with it you will have a better idea to base your purchase and choose the best one for you.


As with any supplement, it’s always important to get a doctor’s opinion before consuming. In some people, this food supplement is contraindicated and may be due to suffering from a specific condition or a special physical condition, such as pregnancy. The intake of the supplement is also often denied on some occasions when the person is undergoing treatment with antibiotic medications if it is suspected that it may affect its effectiveness.

On the other hand, some people with a diet rich in vegetables that contain this element may not need it or are at a chronological age where it is not recommended.

So, to obtain the benefits of the supplement, it is better to be in the right conditions so that it fulfills its function and you do not incur unnecessary expenses.

Concentration and formulation

It is possible that in the market you will find a supplement that seems good and cheap, but we invite you to analyze the concentration that it offers. For this you can rely on the intake recommendations for each age and gender. Men from 19 to 30 years old can take a dose of around 400 mg, while in women it is a little lower and is estimated at approximately 300 mg. Children have much lower doses indicated, so if you plan that the supplement be administered to them, you should look for it to have a low concentration and that it is according to their ages so as not to exceed what is indicated as healthy.

Now, not all presentations are assimilated in the same way. In order for magnesium to be used effectively by the body, it must be combined with some other component that acts as a transporter to the cells. You will find that many mention that in their composition they have citrates, carbonates, lactates, oxides, etc. These favor their absorption to a greater or lesser degree, but the reaction to them depends on each organism.

Some of these substances, especially chloride, tend to be more laxative than others and cause a person some stomach upset. So if you have detected that any of these components bothers you when you ingest it, it is better that you look for the supplement that has another carrier, that is more tolerable by your body and that you can assimilate without inconvenience.

Formula Complements

So that you do not have to take several tablets a day to compensate for different deficiencies or avoid them, some models include other substances that promote health in their ingredients. If this is your case, our recommendation is that in your comparison of supplements with magnesium you include those that, due to their cost and composition, can be more beneficial.


As for the presentation of the supplements, you will find them in different types, some as tablets or capsules, at this point each person is different and has a specific preference, because they seem easier to swallow. But in any case, you should review the number of capsules or tablets that are suggested for daily intake, so you can know how long the presentation you have chosen will be enough for you and when you will have to purchase a replacement product to continue with the treatment..

Also consider the freshness of the product, especially in those presentations with many tablets and select the one that contains the container that is most appropriate for you.


As they are food-grade and health-related substances, supplements must adhere to certain production requirements. You can review the quality standards under which the supplement has been made to meet market demands, as well as the additional benefits it offers by not including substances that may be allergenic such as gluten or lactose. In this way they are safe for people who should not be in contact with these substances for health reasons, or who have eliminated these types of ingredients from their eating habits.

How to use a magnesium supplement

Considering the fact that magnesium is an essential mineral in the body of each person to be able to stay healthy and strong day by day, it would not be bad if you could acquire a supplement with magnesium, ideal to enjoy the benefits that it has to offer you. when you are an adult and you consider that your diet is not providing you with a considerable level of this mineral. In this way, after buying said product, you must consume it prudently, so, below, we offer you some accurate information so that you can avoid inconveniences.

Determine how much magnesium your body needs

In order for you to determine how much magnesium you need to ingest to maintain a balanced intake of said mineral, you must take into account different factors, such as your age, your weight or even your gender. Well, it should be noted that experts in the field consider that men should not consume more than 420 milligrams of this product per day, while for women the maximum limit is 320 milligrams.

In this way, the most advisable thing would be to go to your trusted doctor and ask him what should be the dose of magnesium that you should consume per day, especially if you are diagnosed with any deficiency in terms of the values ​​of this compound available in your body.

Be aware of the medications you are taking

You must take into account that the intake of magnesium could inappropriately interfere with the taking of any medication that you are consuming, since according to it, the adsorption of the supplement that you are taking could be delayed. That is why we consider it necessary that you consult your doctor which aspirins you could take and which ones you should not take while you are on the supply of the magnesium supplement that you have purchased.

It should be noted that some of these inappropriate medications could be antibiotics, bisphosphonates, diuretics, even those that are intended to treat acid reflux in the body.

Take vitamin D to supplement the supplement

Among so many existing recommendations so that your body can properly assimilate the magnesium supplement that you have acquired, we suggest that you consume vitamin D, in order to achieve better effects during the intake of said supplement. In this way, you could feed yourself with tuna, cheese, fortified cereals and eggs so that you enjoy the amount of vitamin D appropriate for your body.

Do not consume alcohol in excess

While taking the magnesium supplement, it would be ideal for you to considerably reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages, since these tend to eliminate the available magnesium in the body through the urine. That being the case, it would be very difficult to achieve the increase of the mineral that you require in your body.

eat properly

It is important that you take into account the fact that, like certain medications, some foods also prevent the correct absorption of magnesium in your body. In this way, we recommend that you avoid consuming foods such as barley, whole wheat bread, coffee, tea, chocolate, even brown rice.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is the magnesium supplement for?

Magnesium is one of the most important compounds in the body and, although it occurs naturally and is present in some foods that are consumed regularly, when reaching a certain age, it may be necessary to provide quantities of this element through supplements.

Magnesium serves to regulate the function of the nervous system and muscles, as well as blood sugar and normalizes blood pressure. In addition, it is recommended because it increases performance during sports training and combats depression. There are even researchers who claim that it is favorable against type 2 diabetes and can help relieve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Q2: When to take magnesium supplement?

Although it is a mineral that provides many benefits to the body, its consumption should not be abused and it is recommended to take it in supplements when it has been medicated by a professional, in case there is a deficit. However, this only occurs in some people with digestive problems that lead to malabsorption, alcoholism, when there is consumption of diuretic drugs and in chemotherapy treatments. Also, it can be beneficial for high-performance athletes.

Q3: What are the best magnesium supplement brands?

The recent popularity of this component has led to many laboratories and brands that have brought it to market successfully. However, some of the proposals that meet the standards of the user community are usually Natural Nutrition, Aava Labs, Sanct Bernhard and Vegavero.

Q4: What is magnesium bisglycinate supplement used for?

According to some experts, this supplement is one of the best because it is easily and quickly absorbed and lacks the laxative effects of other types of magnesium. Among its benefits, it helps fight insomnia, improves memory, reduces blood pressure, helps control blood sugar, improves bone health and is favorable for reducing migraines, headaches and leg cramps..

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