Top 5 Trail Cameras of 2022

Trail camera. Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Trail cameras are autonomous cameras designed to stay outdoors and take all kinds of images. They can serve as surveillance cameras, hunting cameras and for any other use. To obtain the best results, they must be products equipped with quality optics, easy to use and that can maintain their autonomy for a long time. On the market you will find trail cameras such as the Apeman H 55 with a 20MP lens, night shooting without LED and IP66 protection, or the Victure HC400 with 20MP and 1080p quality and a detection distance of between 1 and 18 meters.

Buying guide – What is the best trail camera on the market?

If we want to monitor remote areas, where to install a conventional camera, it is complex and it is obvious that the usual cameras are not a good option. Luckily we have products adapted to this end, such as trail cameras. These cameras allow you to take images or videos autonomously and easily wherever necessary, without cables or plugs. If you want to make your own comparison of trail cameras to detect the most suitable model for your needs, we will give you some clues that will be very useful.

Capability and quality in image capture

As the first aspect of our guide to buying the best trail camera on the market, we cannot talk about anything other than the image itself. This image capture is based on two main elements: the CMOS sensor that establishes the resolution capacity of the image, and the sensors that allow remote activation of the camera.

On the sensor side, as with any other camera, it is necessary to evaluate the resolution that it can achieve. Specifically, it is usual for trail cameras to have a resolution of 12 megapixels. This image resolution is also sufficient to have video recording in Full HD format, so it is not necessary to spend more if this standard quality is enough for you.

For trigger sensors, both angle of attack and range need to be considered. The angle is what establishes the image-taking capacity, so that the larger the angle offered by the sensor, the greater the product’s image-taking capacity. The same goes for the range, expressed in meters. The higher the range, the more ability to take photos from a distance. Something perfect to expand the margin of control of the camera.

Protection and autonomy

Since these cameras are designed to be installed outdoors and left alone for a long time, it is essential to take into account both the protection and the autonomy of the product. It is useless to buy a cheap camera if the protection it has is not adequate to withstand environmental situations.

Therefore, we start talking about the protection of the camera. This protection must be in line with the specific needs of the environment where we place it, although the greater it is, the better. This protection is measured by the so-called IP parameter, which the higher the number, the more protection it offers.

The other parameter to consider is autonomy, which is mainly based on the included batteries. We are talking about AA batteries, generally in the number of four or eight units. Some models allow you to have eight, which almost doubles the performance. We should not bet on any model that offers us a duration of less than three or four months under normal circumstances. Even so, keep in mind that this duration depends on the configuration and the more shots we ask for, the less time the batteries last.

Control and display system

The camera control system is normally based on an LCD screen where we can see the images and also the product configuration options. These options are easy to navigate thanks to the button panel included within the panel itself, so that you can easily establish all the camera’s operations.

In principle, the screen is basic equipment, regardless of how much the camera costs. Therefore, having it is not something that will cost you money. The only difference may lie in having a larger screen, which is obviously not going to be cheap. In any case, the usual screen is 2.4 inches, which is more than enough to handle without problems when viewing images.

As for the control system, it is necessary to see the functions that we have, among which we must have the options that allow us to properly configure the shooting or recording mode. Among these options, interval shooting, sensor-activated shooting or the sensor system with continuous shooting, among others, should not be missing. The more options we have available, the better to achieve the perfect photo or video.

The 5 Best Trail Cameras – Opinions 2022

Whether you want to take pictures of nature, or remotely control access to any place, trail cameras are the perfect tool for it. These cameras have autonomous operation, so they take care of everything and do not need human intervention. If you want to know what is moving in the market, check out the models that we have highlighted among the best trail cameras of 2022, which we analyze below.

1. Apeman H55 Hunting Camera 20MP 1080P

Main advantage: 

It has an improved night shooting system, with high-performance sensors, capable of detecting the slightest movements and shooting, making clear shots.

Main disadvantage: 

The shutter speed of between 0.3 and 0.6 seconds is a bit slow for such a camera.

Verdict: 9.7/10 

The Apeman H55 camera is a very suitable product for photo trapping and hunting, thanks to the quality of its images and the performance of its night photos.

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Image quality

The lenses of the Apeman H55 are of high quality, therefore it provides a much clearer image taking, with an improved resolution of 20 MP. With such quality, the photo will be alive and full of details, which is very useful for wildlife photography. 

At the same time, the camera offers video recording quality of up to 1080 pixels in HD, both during the day and at night. Thanks to this, the recorded videos offer detailed and well-defined images, without pixelation problems, without jerks and without “dead pixels”, which can ruin a recording. 

It also has a 2-inch full color LCD screen, with which you can configure all the options and capture modes of the camera, and also see the photos that have been taken. In this sense, it is possible to choose to display the date, the temperature, configure the time lapse between photos or enter a password.

night shot

It has an improved night shooting lens, with a 940nm IR LED and a shooting and flash distance of 19 meters. This allows users to take images in low visibility conditions or at night, without losing resolution. Along with a shooting speed of between 0.3 and 0.6 seconds, which allows you to capture all movements, no matter how fast they are.

The flash, with a very wide illumination distance, is able to balance the light in night shooting, and thanks to the improved lens, no overexposure effect is created, so images and videos shot at night are always crisp and clear. 

IP certification and placement

This trail camera also stands out for its IP66 protection certification that is capable of withstanding the harshest environmental conditions, such as storms and even hail, it also withstands dust, mud and shocks. Thanks to the construction of its casing, moisture condensation inside is minimized.

The camera, thanks to its camouflage paint, is very discreet and it is very easy to hide it in nature, so that animals are not able to notice it and it goes unnoticed by all targets.

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2. Victure HC400 hunting cameras 20 MP 1080P IP66

The Victure HC400 trail camera could be the best trail camera of the moment for those users who are looking for an option for photo trapping. Thanks to its high-quality lens, it is capable of taking images in a resolution of 20 MP and recording video in 1080p, which guarantees clear and sharp images in all types of conditions.

It has an innovative flash system without LED, with 3 PIR sensors capable of detecting movement in low light and night conditions, up to a distance of 18 meters. The non-LED flash does not release a “flash” of light, so the subject is not startled when the image is captured. On the other hand, it has infrared lights with a wavelength of 850nm and a sensor with an angle of 130 degrees, along with a fast shooting mode, designed for photographing wildlife.

The camera is completely waterproof, with an IP66 protection certificate, which guarantees that it is capable of withstanding storms, dust, mud and shocks. In addition, it is coated with a camouflage paint so that it goes completely unnoticed in nature. The camera supports micro SD cards with up to 32 GB of memory, so you can capture all the images you want.


Camouflage: Thanks to camouflage paint and a non-LED flash, the camera will go unnoticed in the wild, so it won’t scare targets.

LCD screen: It has a 2.4-inch LCD screen, larger than that of other similar cameras.

Wide angle: It has a very wide detection angle sensor, 130 degrees, so it is capable of recording large-scale images.


Framing: The camera does not have video framing, something that was present in previous versions of the same camera.

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3. SecaCam HomeVista Full HD Professional for Outdoors

The hunting camera or trail camera, SecaCam Homevista is a product designed for surveillance of all types of terrain, but also as a nature camera.

It is a model designed with a high intensity of light, which offers up to 56 night vision LEDs, so you do not lose detail. The model has a good 100-degree image angle, somewhat smaller than other products, but also efficient.

This product records videos in HD format and images with a quality of up to 12 megapixels so you don’t miss a thing. And although it does not stand out as one of the cheap options, the truth is that the level of shielding and concealment of the product are one step ahead of other models on the market.

SecaCam has some devices that make certain buyers consider it the best brand of Trail cameras and it would not hurt if you know one of its options in depth:


Reaction: From the moment the sensors detect motion, 0.4 seconds pass before the camera is activated.

Timer: you can indicate a certain time in which the camera will take pictures automatically in case you fear that the sensors do not detect correctly.

Memory: an 8 GB capacity SD memory card is included with the purchase, which will allow you to install your camera as soon as you take it out of the package.


Resolution: some consider that the quality of the photos and videos could be improved to better appreciate the details.

Button: one of its buyers let it be known that to turn the camera on or off, you must access a small chamber on the back of the equipment, as well as having a screwdriver at hand, which can be a bit inconvenient.

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4. Campark T20 mini hunting camera 1080P HD

The Campark T20 camera offers wide versatility, since it can be used as a home security camera, a hunting and photo-trapping camera, a wildlife monitor or a garden observation camera. It has a high-quality CMOS image sensor, capable of taking 12 MP images and recording videos at 1080p and HD resolution.

It is a good option for a hunting camera, thanks to its 850nm PIR sensor, with a night vision distance of more than 20 meters. In addition, the lens features innovative low-glow infrared technology that enables better images to be taken, even in very low visibility conditions. The lens has a 120-degree angle of view, so a much wider range can be photographed. 

On the other hand, the camera has a motion detection system, which is capable of shooting in less than 0.5 seconds, together with its external camouflage paint and its IP56 waterproof protection certificate, making it a great option for users looking for cameras for their hunting trips.


Battery: Works with four AA batteries. Once put on and in “rest” mode, they are capable of holding up to 5 months.

Size: The camera has a size of 105 × 90 mm, which, together with the camouflage paint, makes it very easy to hide in nature. 

Monitor: For configuration, the camera has a 2-inch LCD screen, with which to preview images or configure the shooting mode.


Buttons: Being a compact camera, the buttons and the screen are small, which can be a problem for users with vision problems.

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5. Coolife H953 2.7K 20MP HD Hunting Cameras 

The new version of the Coolife H953 trail camera has been updated with a 20 MP lens, capable of recording videos in 2.7K and 1520p. Also, unlike other similar cameras, it has a built-in microphone capable of recording sounds around you in ultra-high quality. It also offers a continuous shooting mode, which can shoot ten photos in a very short period of time, to catch any movement of wildlife or a loop recording mode, perfect for surveillance work, which automatically rewrites the memory when the you need without stopping the recording.

It has an activation distance of 35 meters, longer than other similar trail cameras, and an activation time of 0.1 seconds. At the same time, its PIR sensor is capable of detecting any movement in low light conditions, along with an automatic infrared filter and 46 850nm infrared lights capable of producing sufficient light without overexposure, guaranteeing clear images in the worst conditions. 

The camera also has an IP66 certificate, which protects it from storms, dust, mud and shock. It has a 2.4-inch LCD screen and includes a 32 GB micro SD card, although it supports cards up to 512 GB.


Activation time: With an activation time of 0.1 seconds, it is capable of shooting much faster than most trail cameras.

Modes: It has several shooting modes such as Shot Lag, Time Lapse, Endless Capture or temperature mode.

Distance: It has an activation distance of 35 m, higher than most trail cameras.


Leds: Some users have pointed out that the flash LEDs have too much power and scare the targets.

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How to use a trail camera

Today, everyone needs to protect the integrity of their family and their investments; That is why they opt for complete security systems, where the cameras become a good complement to record and photograph everything that happens around the house or business. That is why it is important that you have trail cameras, designed to be installed under any weather condition and take all kinds of good quality images. Below, you will find a set of recommendations that will allow you to put your trail camera to good use.

Insert the SD (Secure Digital) card

Your carama trail requires a memory to store what it captures; without this memory it will not do its function of recording what you want. If you do not have one of these cards you can buy it at any specialized store, you just have to make sure what the maximum memory capacity that your camera supports is.

To insert the SD card in the camera you must put the switch located next to the slot in “off” and put it in reading mode. Then insert the card and flip the switch back so the camera can recognize the memory and you’re ready to save all the recordings you want. Do a little test by recording or taking pictures to check that everything is ok.


It is important that you know exactly the place you want to monitor with your trail camera; Once the area is located, you must place it in an area where it goes unnoticed, where outsiders cannot manipulate it or interrupt its visualization. Also, the distance of the area you want to cover should never exceed the range of the trail camera, so you always get the best images.

Use night view

Darkness brings with it poor visualization, at least for the human eye, but for your trail camera, with hunting characteristics, this will not be a problem. Even if you are going to use it for surveillance in your home, the night will not be a problem.

Access the menu settings and use the directional buttons to enter the night view mode and press Replay/Ok to save the change and it will be ready to move at night or to keep an eye on your house.

Observe everything around you

When you have a trail camera, you will be able to observe everything that happens around you, even at night, since these trail cameras are conditioned with lenses with enough megapixels so that you do not miss anything that happens in your environment at any time; yes, you are reminded to check the recording or photography range of your camera.

Store your data

Whatever the work that is done, you must always keep track of the data that is handled; Most trail cameras have accessories that allow you to store the data photographed or recorded with it. Make sure you use and take care of your records to improve the work you do with your trail camera.

The most popular brands

People who enjoy outdoor sports and activities often turn to quality cameras to keep memories of their adventures. As you have already seen, there are many aspects that must be considered in the analysis of this type of article, however, to all the information already shared, we want to add our research on the most popular brands of trail cameras available on the market. We hope that the information is useful for everyone.

As a company, Bushnell is a brand that has been in business for more than 65 years. Its long history has been dedicated mainly to the development of related products in the sports optics industry. Consequently, it is one of the favorite brands of users looking for high-quality trail cameras.

Bushnell is a company that, over the years, has won numerous design and performance awards in various competitions. The success of its products is due to the company’s commitment to performance and quality. After thoroughly investigating, it is possible to notice that the main commitment of the team is to be able to provide its clients with reliable and accessible sports optics products.

To achieve the latter, they make use of the necessary strategic alliances that allow them to obtain quality raw material, in large quantities and at a good price. Among its product catalog it is possible to find outdoor items such as its trail cameras and also products for indoor use such as theater binoculars.

For its part, Crenova is a company that began its operations in the market by developing high-quality projectors that could be used to enjoy high-definition movies in the comfort of home. The company wanted to experiment with new ideas, so they decided to put the technological resources at their disposal to develop video cameras for athletes.

Crenova is a brand of Asian origin that started its activities in Shenzhen, China. However, today, it has a license to operate in international markets such as the United States and the European Union.

Since it is a brand that currently exports its products to more than 100 countries around the globe, Crenova seeks to comply with the most rigorous international quality standards, designing products capable of satisfying all demands in the process. They have achieved all this by maintaining a limited catalog of products and focusing their resources on improving them. Currently, this company sells projectors, sports cameras and vacuum sealers.

If you are looking for a good brand of trail cameras and sporting goods, Salomon is a company that deserves a bit of your attention. Founded in 1947 by Georges Salomon, this French company is mainly dedicated to the development of sports equipment. Its great track record, as well as the quality of its products, have served to keep it one of the favorite companies of thousands of users around the world.

This commitment to quality has led him throughout his career to achieve strategic alliances, such as the creation in 2005 of an exclusive line of sports shoes with the Adidas brand.

Salomon is a brand that is characterized by diversity, offering specialized equipment designed according to the needs of the user. In its catalog you can find items for women, men and children alike; In addition, you can find specialized equipment for the following sports: running, skiing, hiking, snowboarding and others.

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