Ultrasport F-Bike Reviews

Main advantage: 

The fast folding system incorporated into the structure is one of its great attractions, since it is an intuitive and safe process. In addition, this way you can save space when storing the equipment or transporting it.

Main disadvantage: 

This exercise bike is not suitable for spinning due to the shape of the frame. However, it will allow you to perform a good exercise at the cardiovascular level.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This exercise bike has a pulse sensor on the handlebars and an LED screen, in which the time, speed, calorie consumption, distance and cadence of each session are recorded.

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Main Features Explained

Foldable and adjustable design

With so many work, home or study occupations, attending a gym on a daily basis can become a bit of a complicated task. However, if you have the right equipment you can exercise from the comfort of your home. In this sense, you will find several options on the market, with stationary bikes being the favorites of buyers, because they offer comprehensive training for all the muscles of the body. Also, most of these devices have folding designs, which is quite flattering for those who do not have enough space at home to keep the bicycle unfolded all the time. Thus, you will not have problems when storing the structure in the closet, garage and even under the bed.

In the specific case of the F-Bike model exercise bike from the Ultrasport house, you should know that it is a product with a format corresponding to 112 x 43.5 x 80.5 cm centimeters, which could be considered standard dimensions with regard to to these types of products. In this way, what is really interesting is the compact shape that the bicycle can acquire once it has been folded, reaching quite compact measurements of 131 x 43.5 x 45 cm centimeters. In addition to this, the intuitive folding method by means of a central axis stands out, which allows the structure to be closed as if it were a pair of scissors. In addition, it incorporates a security mechanism to prevent it from being deployed unexpectedly.

On the other hand, there is the adjustment mechanism for the height of the structure, which in this model has been applied to the saddle area. In this way, it can be adapted in a range of 78 to 86 centimeters, according to the needs of each person. It is a simple process, for which you only have to turn a screw, extend or shorten the base of the saddle and adjust the closing mechanism again.


When purchasing an exercise bike, it is important to evaluate certain aspects regarding its operation, always trying to make it as simple as possible. In this way, we will make the most of the work modes offered, to obtain optimal results in each of the exercise sessions carried out.

Ultrasport F-Bike is an exercise bike that puts cutting-edge technology at your disposal, as well as a completely intuitive start-up and programming method. Thus, the equipment will be able to adapt to the needs of any type of athlete, whether amateur or professional.

Regarding the operation of the bicycle, we must start by commenting on the sensor system incorporated in the handlebar area. Its function is to detect the person’s pulse at the time of exercise, through contact with the hand. Thus, it immediately sends these obtained values ​​to the central console, being able to visualize each of the data thrown through the integrated LED screen. In addition, you will enjoy a fast reading, due to the backlight system and large digits offered.

It is important to mention that the sensor measures the exercise time, speed acquired when pedaling, calories burned, the distance of the route scheduled for the session, the scan and the heart rate. Likewise, you can select from a total of eight resistance levels, which work through a mechanism made up of eight ball bearings. This adjustment mechanism is quite convenient for strengthening the muscles and even more so for our cardiovascular system, since it allows us to gradually increase the intensity in each of the routines. For all these reasons, the product has achieved a great position in the market, being considered according to the opinions of the buyers as one of the best exercise bikes.

Design and manufacturing

Ultrasport is a manufacturer recognized in the market for designing equipment with high quality standards, which adapt to the progressive sports development of each user, from the amateur to the professional stage. For this reason, it has been worthy of multiple positive evaluations in different purchase portals and, therefore, has obtained the acceptance of buyers.

An example of this is its F-Bike stationary bicycle, which adds technological advances to a resistant structure with a pleasant modern style, in which a quite attractive minimalist design line stands out. In addition, it is worth mentioning its acquisition price, which is competitive.

Ultrasport F-Bike is a unisex bicycle, made with robust metal tubes, treated against corrosion and varnished with professional anti-scratch paint. Thanks to this feature, you will have a chassis with an adequate level of support and non-deformable, being able to offer a load level for people with a body weight of 100 kilograms. In addition, it offers resistance to deterioration that can be generated due to the constant process of folding and unfolding the structure, as well as when transporting it from one room to another or when storing it.

On the other hand, the presence of some robust polymer areas with a pleasant soft touch stands out, this being the case of the saddle and the respective adjustment piece to increase or decrease its height. Likewise, the handlebar has a synthetic coating for greater grip comfort, while the two lower bases are made of rigid plastic, providing greater stability to the structure. Likewise, the non-slip coating provides the necessary security to avoid unexpected slips when practicing. Also, you will find reinforcements in the joints of the folding system, in the housing of the monitoring LED screen, in the area for placing the towel and in the support intended for your mobile phone.

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