Vacation in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

When it comes to knowing what to see in Costa Rica, Puerto Viejo is one of those places that should never be missed. A benchmark located among the best of Costa Rica, both for its surroundings and for its reggae atmosphere.

Visiting Costa Rica is always a pleasure. A well-known region that, beyond the usual, has different and very attractive spaces. Among them is the area of ​​Puerto Viejo. This is located in the province of Limón, bordering with Panama. Something that adds a different touch to the region, due to the particular fusion between the cultures of both countries. If you are organizing your trip and you don’t know what to do in Costa Rica, we will tell you everything you need to know about this beautiful place, so that you only worry about preparing your travel bag.

How to get to Puerto Viejo

Whether you are in Panama or spending your vacation in Costa Rica, getting to Puerto Viejo is easy. There are several bus lines that move through the area, operated by the MEPE company. These depart from different areas of the environment and have an adjusted cost, so getting to the Port is as easy as it is cheap. It is also possible to use a rental car, if you prefer, although what moves the most around there are bicycles.

The attractions of Puerto Viejo

The old port of Talamanca, in Costa Rica, is an area that has maintained its traditional flavor over time. Something that has served to become an environment with its own and different approach, which has not been corrupted over time. Therefore, it has a unique appearance, which is combined with an environment full of interesting places.

The beaches of Puerto Viejo

As a coastal area, one of the most attractive aspects of Puerto Viejo is its beaches. The first of these is Playa Cocles, which has constant waves and a regular presence of currents. A mixture that makes this area the favorite of surf lovers and those who do not want to miss a wave. 

For its part, Playa Negra is a more relaxed area, in terms of waters. Its black sand is very attractive and serves as a contrast to the white sand of Playa Cocles. As an alternative, you can also visit Punta Uva. This beach is somewhat quieter, since it is away from the main area of ​​the island. In addition, its waters are also calm, so it is an ideal beach to relax.

Cahuita National Park

This park is another of the attractions of this area of ​​Costa Rica. It has an extension of no less than 55,000 hectares, with a great variety of terrestrial ecosystems, but also marine ones. This park is freely accessible, although a small donation is requested for its maintenance. And the truth is that, seeing how careful it is, they do an excellent job.

Among the most outstanding aspects of the park we find the largest coral reef in the country , a wide variety of marine and terrestrial species and a path of about 8 kilometers, where beach areas are joined by sandy paths, which go into the depths of the Forest. In addition, you can walk on a mangrove through its wooden walkway. An ideal space for nature lovers.

The Kekoldi Reserve

This nature reserve is home to the Bribri Indian tribe . This is one of the ancestral towns that have lived in the region and that, today, teach their culture and way of life to visitors. This reserve has a population of about 200 people and is located in the Canton of Talamanca, on a biological corridor of no less than 36,000 hectares. Another interesting option both to get to know a pleasant natural environment and to see the way of life of the ancient inhabitants of the region.

Chocoart’s estate

We completely changed our approach with an ideal activity for those who love chocolate. This farm has different crops of this particular fruit, offering visitors the chance to learn about the entire process of caring for the cocoa trees, the processing of the seeds, and the making of all kinds of chocolate products. The visit includes the tasting of different drinks and desserts made with the raw material extracted from the farm.

The atmosphere in Puerto Viejo

To complete this analysis, it is time to talk about the environment that Puerto offers to travelers. As we have been commenting, this city has a very colorful appearance and a wide presence of cultures, united by elements such as surfing or reggae. Something that is perceived in the festivals of the Old Port, where fun is always guaranteed.

Other traditional aspects are also common in this environment, such as the presence of old cars, many bicycles and an architecture dominated by small houses. Something that also affects the accommodation available in the area. And it is that, compared to other more crowded areas in tourist terms, when staying in this region it is common to find small hotels, hostels and other simple accommodation , far from the usual large resorts in the Caribbean. However, these accommodations have everything you need during your stay, so you will not miss any basic service.

Nor will you miss all kinds of restaurants, with a cuisine typical of the area, shops and various companies that offer routes, events and sports and cultural activities. Very suitable to complete your visit to this region.

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