Vans Old Skool II Reviews

Main advantage:

The main advantage of this model is that it has a very attractive classic design for those who are nostalgic for the brand or for those who want a simple and discreet backpack.

Main disadvantage:

Keep in mind that it is a soft backpack, so it is recommended not to overload it, to prevent it from deforming or tearing with intense use.

Verdict: 9.9/10

If you want to buy a classic Vans backpack that you can use in your day-to-day to store your belongings comfortably, we advise you to evaluate this option from the Old Skool II line.

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Main Features Explained

backpack design

Since a backpack is considered an accessory, its design must be carefully evaluated in order to ensure a good investment. Likewise, taking into account its size or the distribution of pockets it offers will give you a clearer idea of ​​the utility that you can give the backpack in your day to day.

From the well-known Vans brand, we present what could be the best backpack of the moment for those looking for an alternative with a classic design and a good value for money. The Old Skool II model.

This backpack stands out from the rest for being simple, yet practical and offering a design that was very popular in the 80’s and 90’s, which will be an eye-catcher for fans of retro style. It also has a top handle so you can easily hang it from any hook or carry it in your hand if you need it at any time.

In addition to this, the Old Skool II backpack is black in color and features its logo in white on the front face to give it a striking touch, but, at the manufacturer’s disposal, you could purchase other versions of this line in different colors and sizes to suit your needs. your tastes and needs.

Manufacturing materials

According to the opinions of some buyers, the manufacturing materials play a very important role when choosing which backpack to buy, since these will help determine the durability of the product based on the type of use you plan to give it.

In the case of the Vans Old Skool II backpack, you could consider it a casual use model, since it is made with synthetic material fabrics to make it suitable for daily use, as well as with an external polyester coating, which gives it a pleasant touch and resistance to breakage.

At the same time, these materials are easy to clean, since they could be washed by hand or even in a machine by activating a gentle wash cycle, to avoid damaging the other implements that we will mention below. These are made up of the closure system and the Vans brand backpack uses the classic zipper, using a double one for the main compartment and a single one for the secondary one. These have robust and good quality finishes, as well as a slide without jams so you can open and close your backpack without inconvenience.

On the other hand, it is highlighted that the same design of the backpack includes a tab that covers the zippers to maintain the discreet style of the product, as well as making it difficult for strangers to open it without you noticing it, increasing security to prevent them from being able to steal your belongings

Capacity and practicality

Backpacks are commonly purchased as an accessory to carry personal belongings more comfortably, as well as being considered a practically essential accessory for students, as it helps them transport their books and laptops, for example. Therefore, we advise you to evaluate the capacity and practicality of the backpack that you are interested in buying, so that you can take better advantage of it.

As we have mentioned, backpacks with a good capacity are very useful and this is the case of the Old Skool II model, since, thanks to its simple design, you can store all kinds of objects in it, be they notebooks, standard screen laptops, your phone, wallet, clothes or anything you need.

It has dimensions of 42.5 x 32.5 x 12 centimeters and weighs just 200 grams, making it light and comfortable to carry, as well as offering an approximate load capacity of 22 litres, more than enough for daily use or for Bring what you need for a weekend trip.

In addition to this, the backpack has two compartments, one main and one secondary, both with a zipper and easy access, but highlighting the small one, since there you can place your frequently used objects and with this you will not have to go through the entire backpack to get your money, keys, phone or identification, for example.

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