Victorinox Huntsman Reviews

Main advantage:

It is a compact and practical tool whose multifunctional feature makes it stand out from other knives considered good alternatives on the market. There are 15 functions that allow you to cut, hold, adjust by screwing, open bottles and even saw wood.

Main disadvantage:

Despite its total manageability, the number of elements for various functions can make it feel a bit bulky and heavy in the pocket compared to simpler knives.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is one of the best medium pocket knives with which you can successfully deal with any situation that arises while camping or hiking.

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Main Features Explained


Since 1909, Victorinox has registered its logo to differentiate itself from any imitator who wanted to make use of the success that this brand was having with its original Swiss Army knives. This medium-sized Huntsman model fits perfectly in your clothes pocket or bag with its 9.1 cm length. It is an intense red color and, like the other knives in the collection, has a Victorinox cross and shield at one end. 

If you want to find the best knife on the market, then make sure it has this significant symbol. The brand describes it as the representation of the strength, positivity and protection that its products provide. In addition to the Victorinox quality seal, the practicality and multiple functionality stand out in this hunter model. Thanks to its multi-use capacity, the taste for this knife has spread rapidly among those who practice survival in the wild. 

Looking at something so compact, it’s impressive to see all the elements inside when unfolded. Uncapping and opening cans or bottles is no problem with its built-in bottle opener and bottle opener. Converts to a 3mm or 5mm screwdriver or a handy corkscrew. It can also be a pliers, a wire stripper, an awl reamer, a wood saw, a toothpick, a utility hook, a pair of scissors, a keychain, and of course, its function as a useful knife with a large and a small blade.


The price of this knife is something that its users do not hesitate to consider reasonable when seeing it in action when climbing, hiking or surviving in the camp. Its multiplicity of functions is great, as well as the safety of effectiveness and durability given by the quality of its manufacturing materials. Both its shell and every internal element are built tough so they won’t break or fail when you need it most, and a durable carbon composite ensures it does. 

The excellent precision of the cutting blades and the robustness of its other important elements are achieved thanks to stainless steel, which is the material mostly present in all types of knives of this brand. For this reason, the name of this strong and durable stainless steel has been incorporated into the Victorinox name.

In this hunter model, both the shield and the hardness of its pieces are present and, therefore, you will have no doubts at any time that you have an original tool in your hands or pocket. Sure enough, this hunting pocket knife is packed with the power to be ready to cut through just about anything. Neither the ropes, cables or wood will be an obstacle for an exciting camping.


There are many knives on the market, and the opinions of its users do not wait to frame the Victorinox Huntsman model as one of the best knives in the world. It is that it is not only good prestige that this brand offers, but the support it gives to each of its creations is based on a reputation built with the satisfaction of many people.

The use of these knives is no longer only related to the Swiss army or firefighters. For example, this one, in particular, is mainly associated with adventure activities such as nature walks, camping trips and hiking. There will hardly be anyone in the world of knife enthusiasts and users who does not think and see the Victorinox brand as one of the most reliable. 

If you wonder what the reason is, their immediate answer is quality. Both the multiple functions and the manufacturing materials of this and its collection of pocket knives today attend to the evolution and attention to the needs expressed by its users since 1897. In this year, basic tools known as pocket knives emerged as efficient Swiss originals and, over time, have become highly functional versions for various activities.

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