Westt: Valencian helmet brand with international projection

Emerging brands are a phenomenon that has gained momentum in recent years. If we stop to study the different sectors of the market, we will find that there are many blank spaces yet to be filled in and thus satisfy the needs of the millions of potential buyers in the world.

If we focus on motorcyclists, we will discover that the driver requires some accessories to improve their experience on the road. One of these accessories are helmets, which provide security and protection against unexpected impacts, sun rays, dirt attracted by the wind, among other aspects. Of course, this will depend on the model of it.

Currently, a brand that has generated great comments in the different shopping portals is Westt, which, together with CEO Antonio Guillén, promises to offer its followers a product with a simple design, but at the level of the big brands.

brand story

Westt is a brand with a Spanish quality seal, which was born specifically in the city of Valencia. Its creators initially did not have defined the product they wanted to sell, so they made a list with several ideas. Although they all seemed to have the potential to succeed, none attracted them enough to risk developing it.

It was then that during a lunch they observed a motorcyclist who was parking in front of them, taking off his helmet, they concluded that this was the product they should work on.

The idea was quite attractive, since they both had motorcycles and were passionate about the subject. Furthermore, after thoroughly analyzing the situation, they discovered that the market for helmets is quite large and therefore there would be a large margin of acceptance for emerging products. Of course, as long as they manufacture a motorcycle helmet that is resistant, safe, comfortable and at a good price.

What is the secret to Westt’s quick positioning?

The best kept secret of the manufacturer Westt is nothing more than a careful study of the audience. If we start from the fact that when people start looking for a motorcycle helmet they find a wide range of brands on the web, it is clear that making the selection takes time.

As if that were not enough, once they manage to decide on a certain brand, they are involved in the crossroads that said manufacturer has 20 different models and each one of them has a different color palette. In addition, the sizes are impractical to choose.

In this sense, many people would think that diversity when purchasing a product is a positive factor, which we really do not question. However, it is a double-edged sword, if we consider that people, due to their occupations, do not have the time to review so many details. It is at this point that Westt motorcycle helmets take the lead, making it easier for the buyer to make the decision.

How is this possible? Upon entering the Westt website, you will find helmets in a basic color such as black, with an ergonomic, stylized design and well-defined finishes. In this way, the selection can be carried out quickly, being only necessary to read the attached technical specifications regarding the materials of manufacture, weight, homology and adjustments. It is a model of motorcycle helmets that adapts to the needs of the user and with a standard format that could hardly go out of style.

Amazon as an international sales platform

Westt demonstrated in its pilot sales test that it could penetrate the national and international market by offering the best motorcycle helmet. However, Guillén and his partner knew that it was not enough for the product to be promising and well received, since this could be a mere fluke. So the important thing was to position the helmet on the internet and what better platform to carry out this task than Amazon and Google.

After reviewing both portals, as well as the behavior of users with respect to said sites. Finally, they decided that Amazon was the best option to reach different sectors of the market, since this website is a leader in terms of searching and buying products worldwide.

In fact, once the product began to be part of the Amazon catalogues, it only took a couple of weeks for the Westt motorcycle helmet to become the best seller in Spain, France, Italy and Germany.

Similarly, the brand hopes to have its own ecommerce this year 2022, which will allow thousands of users to purchase helmets directly from manufacturers and without the need for intermediaries.


This brand has achieved great achievements in sales, due to the fact that they initially dedicated themselves to studying the needs of a global market. In this sense, Westt is able to offer a product to satisfy the basic and punctual needs of the driver when traveling on the road.

It is thanks to this that the brand has managed to capture a significant number of followers, who recognize the quality of the materials, ergonomics of the designs, comfort and protection provided through the product.

In fact, the Westt manufacturing house was deserving of the “Young International Company” awards, granted by the AJEV, as well as “Innovative Company” awarded by the CEEI.

Closing of the year 2018 and projections 2022

Westt is a fairly young company, which with barely two years of experience has achieved great achievements in terms of positioning and income generation. Proof of this is the result of the fiscal closure of 2018, in which a turnover of just over half a million euros was recorded. Not bad for a startup company.

For the current year 2022, sales of over three million euros are predicted. To achieve this projection, they have resorted to the financial help of some banks, with the purpose of increasing the productivity of the brand and, therefore, its growth within a market that is usually so competitive.

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