What are the basketball positions?

In basketball, each player fulfills a certain position or role on the field. Basically, there are 5 positions that complement each other to form a successful team: point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and main center. If any player gets out of his position, the formation is disordered and the opposing team sees more free spaces to score points.

If you want to know the positions you must be very clear in the first place that basketball is a game of two teams, each with 5 players on the court. In it, the players have to insert a basketball (if you click here, you have several purchase options) in the opposing team’s hoop or basket, using various techniques, positions and strategies. Like football, each team has someone special who leads it, the coach. This person must create strategies for the players to achieve the most points in the game. The players in turn must pay close attention to their instructions and comply as far as possible with each one of them to win the match.

How is the basketball court?

The track, court, ground or basketball field is a surface of 28 x 15 meters. When the track is indoors, it is usually made of polished wood, especially maple. Instead, the outdoor basketball court can be made of concrete or asphalt, for greater durability against the elements.

The center of the field is divided by a line, just like the soccer field, referring to the official area of ​​play for the two teams. Also, each side has its own ring, which is located at a height of 3.05 meters from the ground.

Also, each of the two parts of the field has a bow to make 3-point shots. Also, the basketball court has an internal and rectangular area usually painted very close to the backboard. Even within this there is a small arc called a “restricted zone”, just below the hoop, in which players must not commit charging fouls.

On the other hand, we mention that the hoop or basket has dimensions of 45 cm, enough for the ball to enter without problems.

basic rules of basketball

The basketball player must comply with certain basic rules, among which dribbling with one hand stands out. This means that the player will never be able to use both hands to hit the ball against the surface. It is also not possible to walk or run without dribbling the ball.

A basic rule is to take shots of 3 outside the arc, that is, if the player steps on the line or goal, he will only win 2 points.

Another very common rule is the free kick, which is done when the opposing team has committed a foul. In the free throw each basket is equal to a single point, but this small difference can lead to the victory of a team in many cases.

basketball positions

Basketball players must have a proper position on the field to be able to win games more easily. That is, all participants must respect their roles, otherwise the team probably won’t win.

These positions are defined according to the skills and height of each player. The coach’s task is to discover which players are best suited to the 5 basic basketball positions. Next, we mention each of the standard positions.

1. The base position

This is one of the most important, because the player must have good command of the ball, taking it towards the opponent’s area. A base player must make excellent passes, not only technically speaking, but strategically. Likewise, it is important that he knows how to make long shots, especially 3-point shots, that is, outside the arc. Another aspect of this player is that he does not need to be very tall. 

For example, the shortest player in the NBA was Muggsy Bogues, who was only 1.60 meters tall. However, Muggsy played very well as a point guard for the team. In fact, most of the base players are short compared to their teammates.

2. Shooting guard position

The shooting guard position is also called a shooter. In this position, the player will have to complement the role of point guard, specifically in the midfield. The main feature is that he takes a lot of long shots and hits most of them. Currently, many coaches ask the shooting guard to act as the base, according to the need or strategy of the moment.

3. Small forward position

This position is also known only as small forward. Here the player will have to distract the opposing defense, make 2-point shots or pass the ball correctly to other players. Also, he must have a lot of ball control to make quick tackles near the backboard and score baskets, since other players are not always available to receive passes. Likewise, the small forward must dominate the game both with his back to the rim and from the front.

4. Big forward position

In the position of power forward or big forward, the player must have a good command of rebounding the ball, because he will be close to the board on offense. This player must have a safe shot, to take advantage of the rebounds of his own team. He is also the center’s right hand man and can sometimes assume his role, depending on the coach’s instructions or the need of the moment.

5. Center position 

The player who carries this position is known as the center or main defender. Although he bears that last name, it does not mean that he only defends, because at the same time he is the main player on offense.

Normally, the center is the tallest basketball player on any team, as he is able to better defend his area and overcome the opponent’s defense. Almost always in professional basketball games the person who assumes this position has a lot of physical strength, so it is difficult for the defense of the other team to stop him. That is why many coaches consider the center to be a central basketball defender.

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