What is crossfit and its benefits for your body?

Crossfit is currently very fashionable in gyms, however, many of us do not know what this sports activity is about. For this reason, it is worth reviewing what CrossFit consists of, to discover if it really is an efficient and safe training for the body. 

The history of crossfit is very interesting. It is a training method that has revolutionized the world of fitness, but it is also a company founded in 2000 by the American Greg Glassman and promoted by the competition called CrossFit Games, directed by the former member of the US Army Dave Castro. The key to this system is to perform many exercises in the same CrossFit session, with high-intensity functional movements , some with weights and dumbbells, but others without any type of equipment. Let’s look at 7 of the main benefits. 

1. It’s an entertaining workout

One of the advantages of crossfit or crossfit exercises (although this last term is not considered correct) is that they are very dynamic and are designed to maintain the athlete’s motivation, reducing tedium and boredom. On the contrary, CrossFit is a lot of fun, especially since most of the training is done in a group, which makes it possible to create bonds of brotherhood and friendship beyond sports. 

2. Helps burn fat

Among the numerous benefits of crossfit, its ability to eliminate fat stands out if accompanied by a balanced diet , this is possible thanks to the intensity of the training. For this reason, it is very convenient for people who want to lose weight, whether for health or aesthetic reasons.

In a crossfit routine there is practically no rest, and the number of repetitions is usually high, so that the activity is more constant than in other disciplines, thus allowing the body fat index to be reduced quickly, which in turn directly affects on the athlete’s motivation to continue with the exercise plan.

Portrait of a fit and muscular woman doing intense core workout with kettlebell in gym. Female exercising at crossfit gym.

3. Increases muscle

It is common to find functional exercises in crossfit that have an objective beyond resistance work, so that they can also increase strength and in this sense allow the increase in muscle mass . Among them we can find the pull-ups, which are exercises performed with one’s own weight, but where the muscles reach hypertrophy. In addition, being a training that changes frequently, it keeps the muscles in a constant process of stress and adaptation. However, it must be said that the crossfit body is not usually too big as in bodybuilding, but rather slim, athletic and toned.

To achieve good results at the muscular level in crossfit training, it is essential to use a good technique when performing the movements. In this sense, people with less experience should go through an adaptation stage and then progressively move towards an increasing demand, where the muscle groups grow little by little. 

4. Helps to stylize the figure

Many models, actors, actresses and dance professionals practice crossfit, so their attractive figures are no accident. Although aesthetics is not the priority of this type of training, it is also true that crossfit routines serve to model the human body and, best of all, it does so in less time than other sports. This is possible because while it tones and enhances certain areas, it also helps eliminate undesirable fat accumulated in certain areas, such as the belly, since it is a comprehensive job, where the loss of calories is very high.

5. Serves as an entrance to other sports disciplines

Although today many consider CrossFit a sport in itself, we must highlight the ability of this type of training to prepare the body for the practice of other disciplines. In reality, many people who train crossfit have started doing other sports, while some athletes who have gone through a sedentary period return to bodybuilding , swimming, soccer, etc., using the crossfit circuit as a previous step, because It allows you to get back in shape quickly to return to a fully active life at a sports level. 

6. Increase endurance

Due to its particular characteristics, crossfit training helps to increase resistance, which allows to increase performance not only in sports, but in daily life, since it includes functional exercises that, among other things, generate cardiovascular well-being, avoiding various associated diseases. to the blood circulation. 

Experts say that crossfit is a very complete workout, this is because it incorporates squats, jumps, sit-ups, push-ups, among other movements that include practically all the muscle groups of the body, in this way, it is possible to gain resistance comprehensively. 

7. It allows to improve psychomotricity

Many of the crossfit training exercises are aimed at improving coordination and balance, favoring agility in other sports such as basketball, fencing, soccer, among others. In this way, it is possible to reduce the risk of injury. Likewise, this allows for a greater ability to react in day-to-day activities, since the body and mind are prepared for any eventuality.

Where to train crossfit? 

If you want to be a crossfitter, you can start at a crossfit gym. The first thing you should do is check if one is near your place of residence. Remember that CrossFit is a brand, so it is recommended that you make sure you go to an authorized place, where there are professionals who can assist you properly.

To give an example, we can say that crossfit in Madrid has spread rapidly throughout the city. However, not all sites are endorsed by the original brand, therefore the quality of the training is not guaranteed. 

Finally, now that you know what CrossFit is and what its benefits are, we recommend that you create a training plan that adapts to your schedule and daily activities, so that you can be constant, with the aim of obtaining better results. 

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