What to bring to a camping?

The success of a camp begins by bringing what is necessary. This can save you a lot of headaches and will allow you to be ready to deal with the most common situations. On the other hand, do not lose sight of the place, to adapt the list accordingly.

Although a camping project involves a large dose of adventure, the truth is that some basic aspects cannot be left to chance, which must be planned in advance so that the time spent away from home is enjoyed in the best possible way. For this, it is convenient to have paper and pencil at hand, to write a well elaborated list of things that are considered essential.

Next, we show you what we consider basic camping equipment and we tell you, among other things, some tips for going camping. With this in mind, you could minimize unpleasant surprises and enjoy the experience more.

Perform a preliminary analysis

How many people will participate in the campsite? Will it be a mountain campsite? On the beach? These are just some of the questions you will inevitably have to ask yourself. Thus, you will be able to prepare yourself and determine which are the most suitable camping utensils as the case may be. 

If your trip is to the mountains, you should bring the corresponding to protect yourself from changes in temperature, which can be many in a single day, and probably from the rain. In addition, you will have to prepare your camping backpack so that it is light and carries everything you need, since you will have to walk a considerable distance to find the best place, which has a great view and is comfortable to sleep in your tent. 

On the other hand, if you visit the beach, perhaps you should set your goals on being comfortable. And if you don’t have to carry too much to the place where you are going to set up your camp, you could take with you some Spanish craft beers to quench your thirst and prepare the car to sleep if you don’t have a tent.

Classification of objects

In order to consider the most important aspects, we will divide the list of elements according to the need they cover during the camp.

A) rest

After several hours of walking and exploring nature, lying down is a must. This will allow you to have energy the next day to continue enjoying the camp and carry out other activities of interest. That is why we must consider everything necessary to make it possible to be safe and comfortable when sleeping.

Include in this section the sleeping surface, such as a mattress or sleeping bag. If the mattress is inflatable, you should not forget the inflation pump, so as not to have to improvise ineffective methods to get it ready.

The tent is another element of this section. You must put it on the list along with its fixing elements. Remember that the rods, pickaxes and the hammer are important to bury them in the ground. Also, you could add some mat to put under the tent and protect the ground from breakage.

B) That the first aid kit and security items are not missing

Something that we would never want to use, but should not be missing from the list, whether for a mountain or beach camping, is a first aid kit. There are very complete packs that you can buy online, designed for various eventualities, but it is also completely valid to assemble it according to what you consider or other campers recommend. Try to include alcohol-based sanitizing gel, basic medications such as antihistamines, to deal with insect bites and various allergic reactions; some pills for pain and what is necessary to carry out small cures. 

In this same section we recommend you to consider a lamp (if it is solar, much better) and a knife.

C) Garments

According to the climate of the time of year in which you are going to make the camping, include among the things to take on the trip the corresponding outer garments, such as a raincoat or the type of footwear according to the terrain. This will help you to keep your feet protected and have a stable progress on the surfaces of the place. Don’t forget to add another pair of comfortable shoes, underwear and pajamas.

D) Food and hydration

It will be inevitable to eat several times in the camp, so you must calculate the estimated number of meals to be made, the portions of food that should be consumed according to the number of guests and, if possible, include food of different types. That is, fruits, vegetables, meats and cereals. 

Of all these types it is possible to carry easy-to-prepare versions. For example, dehydrated fruits are the most convenient, because their nutritional content takes up little space and they are an excellent snack. That is why we recommend including them in your camping food. Cookies are also practical during the time you spend in nature, as they provide you with energy and are easy to store. Also, if you have to cook during the camp, you will have to add your camping stove and fuel in this section.

Do not forget the accessories to prepare the food, such as a frying pan, pot and what is necessary to serve the portions to each member of the camp. Similarly, it is important to consider how to preserve fresh food. For this purpose, a refrigerator could be the most suitable.

E) Hygiene

Letting your guard down when it comes to hygiene is a big mistake. Even if you stay in nature, it is important to clean your hands before eating, brush your teeth and prepare food following basic hygiene rules. Also, add to your list the bags you will need to collect waste. This way you can leave the place as clean as when you arrived.

F) Miscellaneous

In this classification will enter all the other objects that you consider will be useful to you. We offer you a list that may interest you.

Photo camera


Charger for mobile and mobile


Insect repellent products

toilet paper

Ropes and games to have fun

Also, if it is a camping for children or several of them are going to participate, you should prepare some fun activities, and take the opportunity to teach them to use a compass or light a fire from the objects that are available.

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