What to see in Suances?

The autonomous community of Cantabria is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Spain, thanks to its wide range of high mountains, wild beaches and charming towns. This is the case of Suances, a municipality that is worth visiting for its interesting natural and architectural offer.

Being on a beach in Suances can be the fantasy of many in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a town surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Cantabrian Sea, located in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. It is a predominantly natural destination, which is worth visiting to rest during the holidays, since the tourist offer of Suances is quite extensive, so we have compiled information on some of the places of interest.

The history of suances

Suances is known today as one of the towns in Cantabria with a beach, but previously it was the home of a pre-Roman tribe called Blendios, so when the Romans arrived they baptized it Portus Blendium, a settlement with the characteristics of a metropolis. This Cantabrian enclave has always had great importance in the area’s port activity, thanks to its geographical location. From the 12th century, the port of San Martín de la Arena was especially popular, as there was a lot of trade and it was a whaling area. From this time are the mercantile differences for which the city of Santander carried out a ship attack against Suances.

Later, in the 12th century, the Torco Defenses were built, which have been rehabilitated by the INEM Suances Workshop School, with the support of other institutions. Currently, they function as the headquarters of the Summer University of the Environment and also serve as an exhibition hall. In addition, this place is very popular as a viewpoint due to its impressive views, so it is always advisable to bring binoculars (if you click here, you will find several options to buy).

In the mid-nineteenth century the beaches of Suances Cantabria began to be used as a tourist destination, this is the reason why today there are many constructions designed to spend the summer holidays, tourism being one of the most important economic sectors of the municipality, along with industry and fishing, for this reason, it is known as one of the best towns in Cantabria. 

A tour of Suances

As in the coastal cities of the north, this municipality allows you to walk along the seashore, walk the streets of the town and ultimately enjoy contact with nature in truly paradisiacal landscapes, which is why Suances is one of the places to visit in Cantabria. 

Punta del Torco Lighthouse from Outside

The tourist guides of the area assure that Alfonso XII and María Cristina visited the place after the inauguration in 1863 and raised a complaint about the railing of the small service balcony, which was red in color and clashed with the dome and the uprights, so that the kings of Spain ordered to paint it green.

This lighthouse consisted of an oil lamp with an approximate range of 15 km, but in 1929, thanks to the arrival of the electrical system, an optical screen and a lantern with a range of almost 30 km were installed. The structure that the Suances lighthouse currently has corresponds to the remodeling of 1960. It is a white chalet-type tower that combines with the buildings in the Torco area. The focal plane is located 9.35 meters above the ground and at 35 meters above sea level.

Estuary of San Martin de la Arena

At the mouth of the Saja River there is a geomorphological accident that produces an arm of the sea shared by the municipalities of Miengo, Polanco and Suances. The entrance of the sea converges with the masses of fresh water, producing sandy and muddy terrain. A good part of this estuary can be navigated using small boats, which makes it more attractive. However, pollution problems have made it currently unsuitable for bathers. Along the estuary there are outstanding places, such as the Pedrón Island, the port of Requejada, the Borrañal, Vuelta Ostrera, among others.

Ceruti Castle

If you are wondering what to see in Cantabria with children, you may be interested in the Hotel Castillo de Ceruti, located on the path that leads to the lighthouse. This building was built in 1904 and has an architecture typical of medieval palaces. In 1987 it was converted into a hotel and in 2003 it was restored again. Currently, it is a good place to visit and to spend a few days, since it has rooms with sea views, a children’s playground and a cafeteria, in case you are looking for where to eat in Suances.

witches cave

This fossil sink is open in two layers, so it is possible to enter and see drawings made by hand in the Paleolithic period. The cave is located in the neighborhood of La Gerra and today it is protected as an Asset of Cultural Interest. It has a mouth of 1.7 meters high by 5.5 meters wide and is made up of two galleries that cover a total of 74 meters.

Liencres Dunes Natural Park

This protected park is a good option if you are looking for what to see in Suances and surroundings, since it is located between Santander and Suances. It is right on the right bank of the River Pas and has the Canallave and Valdearenas coves, as well as a dune system and a maritime pine plantation, which is why it is of great ecological importance. The dunes are located behind the beaches and are considered one of the most important in the north of Spain.

From Madrid to Suances

If you don’t know how to get to Suances from Madrid, we have good news for you, since you just have to take the A-67 motorway to Torrelavega, and from there access the town via the Barreda road. It’s that easy. However, prepare the car very well, because it is almost a 5-hour drive. We want to take this opportunity to mention that the new Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance tires have received very positive opinions from Internet users.

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