Why fall in love with the Island of Corsica?

When visiting Corsica, it is no longer necessary to look for reasons to fall in love with the Island, because just by spending time on it, loving it is inevitable. Its picturesque streets and the sea air coming from the Mediterranean are enough to make this city a great tourist destination.

“Corsica” is a word that for many people may be totally unknown, however, for many travelers it means the beginning of a new adventure .

If you have ever passed through the Strait of Bonifacio , then you have seen the division between Corsica and Sardinia. The first place is a space belonging to France, while the second area belongs to Italy. Therefore, it can be said that this is a rather special area.

However, the island of Corsica offers much more than just being a border between the two nations. For this reason, tourism in Corsica has increased exponentially and thousands of people want to get there. After seeing the 10 reasons to visit the island, you will surely be looking for flights to Corsica to enjoy it.

1. Scandola Reserve

Considered a world heritage site, the Scandola reserve on the island of Corsica is a place that has remained protected from human contact. This means that its 920 hectares are full of great landscapes and various animal and plant species .

Although you can’t fish, anchor at night or camp in the reserve, this place is still part of the best of Corsica , as it shows the most unspoiled nature of the island.

2. Ajaccio

Ajaccio is not only the capital of Corsica, but also the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte . That is why, when it comes to tourism in Corsica, many travelers set this city as their first destination.

If you go by ferry to Corsica you will probably arrive at the port of Ajaccio, as this is a fishing town. When you get off you can walk through its narrow streets and visit the Bonaparte house , a treasure that the Corsican capital keeps for its visitors.

3. Lavezzi Islands

When it comes to choosing between Corsica or Sardinia , the Lavezzi Islands tend to be decisive for some people. These Islands are the last corner of France, which you can verify by looking for Corsica on the map.

In this place you will be able to enjoy the beautiful bluish tones of the sea, and you will also be able to see the lighthouses, the old cemetery, the Paleo-Christian rock chapel and a single tree: a mulberry tree. Make the most of your time in the archipelago and then you can travel to the “ Corsica of Italy ”, that is, Sardinia, passing through the Bonifacio Strait.

4. Ostriconi Beach

If you are looking for the best beaches in Corsica , then you cannot forget to visit Ostriconi Beach. This paradisiacal place is one of the reasons why people go to Corsica for tourism.

After a swim in its crystal clear waters you can visit the nearby towns, which have viewpoints that will let you take the best photos of Corsica in France.


5. The city of Court

In Haute Corse in France, the city of Corte is one of the most important on the island. If you look up Corsica on Wikipedia, you will surely read something about Corte, as it was the seat of the first independent Corsican government and is home to many impressive buildings. To know the identity of the Corsicans of France, it is necessary to visit Corte.

6. The GR20 trail in Corsica

If you arrived in Corsica with a map in hand and don’t mind dressing up in hiking boots (here are a few options to choose from), then don’t miss the Grand Tour 20 of the island. Walking the GR 20 of Corsica, considered the most difficult trail in Europe, is to venture on a path of 16 stages that extends from north to south with a length of 200 km.

As well as being great exercise, this is probably the best way to see the island in all its glory.

7. The flight of seabirds

The Sanguinary Islands have a terrifying name, but you should not be scared, because their landscapes are impressive. Not only will you be able to see how fantastic the Mediterranean Sea is, you will also be able to enjoy the flight of seabirds at dusk.

This place has a very diverse fauna and flora, so nature lovers will love visiting the archipelago.

8. Travel back in time with shipwreck stories

The Bonifacio Strait and Corsica have many stories of pirates, conquests and shipwrecks. So many that, probably, many films have been inspired by the coasts of the island. Called the Corsican Gibraltar, Bonifacio is a marine cemetery, whose waters have kept mysteries and shipwrecks for centuries.

9. An artistic citadel

Have you ever known a place where all kinds of artists coexist and have their creations on view? Probably not, but if you want to know it, you just have to visit Calvi. 

When you already know how to get to Corsica, you should save time to go to Calvi and walk its streets full of craft workshops to bring a souvenir of the island to your home.

10. High Rock

Even the stones are interesting in Corsica and you will discover this when you get to the south of the island, as you will find the great Corsican mountain of Alta Rocca . This rock formation is impressive and you can walk it if you like hiking. In addition to giving you an excellent view of the Island, it will also allow you to follow routes to various towns.

It can be difficult to choose between Corsica or Sardinia, as both islands are beautiful. However, perhaps these 10 reasons are enough for you to visit this French area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea. When looking for your flight, remember that it is not Corsica or Córsega , the island is called Corsica and it awaits you to offer you great landscapes and incredible history.

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