Willful SW327 Opinions

Main advantage:

This product offers you an autonomy that will allow you to use it for 3 consecutive days with a single charge. Likewise, its design makes it a very practical and striking model with which to carry out control of your activities.

Main disadvantage:

Perhaps the charging time that this bracelet needs to reach 100% is longer compared to other models. However, it offers you quality performance, as well as adequate autonomy. 

Verdict: 9.6/10

Due to the functionality and practicality that this activity bracelet offers you, it is considered a quality product, thanks to the variety of functions it has as well as its IP67 certification.

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Main Features Explained

Design and autonomy

If you plan to buy the best activity bracelet available on the market, you must take into account different details present both in its design and in its system so that you can deduce if it is really what you are looking for to satisfy your daily needs.

In this sense, the SW327 model sponsored by the Willful brand has a very attractive design that has straps for adjustment such as those of a watch, therefore, you will have the possibility to choose how tight you want the bracelet on your hand, taking Keep in mind that it includes several holes so you can regulate its size precisely. Likewise, its structure is completely black, so you can combine it with different types of clothing, whether sports or casual.

Likewise, it has a weight of only 99.8 grams, which makes this a light model with an appropriate size for you to wear daily without causing discomfort. In addition, its OLED screen is 0.96 inches, color and touch to provide you with a great user experience.

On the other hand, this bracelet represents a considerable level of quality that you will be able to notice mainly in its structure, since it has good finishes and has been manufactured with resistant and durable materials, therefore, even its price is very reasonable for a product of this type. type.

Regarding the autonomy of this bracelet, it is important that you consider the fact that you could use it for 3 consecutive days or perhaps more, all depending on the use you give it. Also, the charging time you need is 2 hours at most. Its charging is done easily and simply by means of a plug that the USB type bracelet has. Among other details, the composition of the battery is lithium polymer.


Activity bracelets are an ideal product for those people who enjoy having total control of the activities they carry out on a day-to-day basis or while practicing sports. There are many models on the market and with them a variety of functions that make them special for each use.

That being the case, you could not put aside the idea of ​​verifying how many functions the model you want to acquire could offer you, since in this way it will be easier for you to verify how functional and practical your new activity bracelet would be.

It should be noted that the Willful brand has developed the SW327 model designed to satisfy all your needs, thanks to each of the options it offers you to keep track of your activities, in this sense, you could monitor your sleep without problems in an efficient way. and know several details related to this aspect. Also, you will have the opportunity to make the bracelet vibrate to wake you up, as in alarm mode, all with the idea of ​​knowing better the quality of your sleep.

For its part, you can use the bracelet as a GPS walk mode, where you can easily view the time of the trip you are making, whether by bicycle, walking, running or even being in your car. Likewise, the bracelet is considered smart as it has 4 sport modes for greater comfort when carrying out your physical activities.

Among other functions, this product gives you the opportunity to keep control of your mobile’s camera, in this way you could take the photos you want from a distance, easily, quickly and comfortably. You can also control the music that you are playing on your mobile from the screen of the bracelet. In this way, you can pause it as well as change it if you wish.


The level of connectivity that an activity bracelet could provide you with is another important aspect to analyze, since this will allow you to make a connection between said product and your mobile. According to the opinion of some users, it would even be much easier to enjoy a great user experience thanks to this feature.

In this way, we invite you to know the level of connectivity that this Willful brand activity bracelet has, which works interconnected with other devices through Bluetooth, in a way that complements its use making it more versatile.

Likewise, it is a product compatible with Android 4.4 or higher versions, you could also use it with your iPhone if it includes its IOS 7.1 or higher operating system.

It should be noted that thanks to the connectivity that this activity bracelet offers you, you could be aware of the notifications that you receive on your cell phone, for example, from the different social networks that you have, such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, Instagram or even LinkedIn. Likewise, you could see who is calling you and who is sending you messages without needing to touch your mobile. This feature makes the bracelet a very practical model, especially when you are doing your sports activities and you do not have your mobile with you.

It is also important that you know that you will be able to establish a connection with the GPS of your mobile and as if that were not enough, you will have the opportunity to use free applications to easily synchronize your bracelet such as 8SPORT and 9 SPORT or Smart Wristband, which you will get in your On-line shop.

Last but not least, this activity bracelet has IP67 certification, which makes this product waterproof, therefore, you can use it while you shower, in the rain or even when you wash your hands.

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