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Main advantage:

It has a night monitor, to know the quality of sleep, for example, the time in which it is light or deep. Also, monitor how long you are awake at night.

Main disadvantage: 

This activity bracelet comes without the charger, so you must purchase one separately. However, it fulfills its functionality, counting well the steps you take throughout the day.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This is one of the best pedometers for running, thanks to the fact that it has IP68 certification, that is, even if it rains suddenly it will not be damaged by water. In addition, you can also use it while swimming or taking a shower.

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Main Features Explained


Perhaps this is the best pedometer to lead an active and healthy life, since it has a sedentary lifestyle alert. This means that it will vibrate if you sit for a long time.

It also has a wrist sensor that will allow you to know your heart rate while you sleep, exercise or do another activity, without having to wear an uncomfortable chest device.

On the other hand, we mention that it has a 0.96-inch color LCD screen with 5 adjustable brightness levels. With it you can see data such as the time, date, charge level, etc. If you are in the sun, thanks to the brightness of the screen you will see all the information that is displayed there without any problem. All these qualities make it a good pedometer to give to people of various ages, including your elderly friends or family.

Modes of Use

This activity bracelet has a multi-sport mode, you only have to choose the training you will do and you will obtain the data that this device records while you exercise. That is, you will enjoy several options to keep your body in shape.

Among these options we mention the cycling mode, to activate it you must press the button for 3 seconds and, automatically, you will be able to see on the screen of the smart watch how much time you have been exercising on the bike and the calories burned. To exit this mode, you just have to press the clock button for 3 seconds.

On the other hand, it is one of the pedometers that has the new remote control function for the camera, which will allow you to take both videos and photos from a distance. So you can capture important moments in your work, training or entertainment moments.

Notifications and alarm

With this activity bracelet you will receive SMS and messages from WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. However, you decide which notification you want to receive, for example, only WhatsApp. According to user opinions, the fewer notifications received, the greater autonomy the pedometer will have.

In addition to this, we inform you that this activity bracelet must be charged for a full hour, so that it lasts for approximately 3 or 4 days. To charge it, you will need to remove the strap and connect it to a charger. Because this accessory does not come in the package, some people on the Internet recommend using an Android phone charger.

In another order of ideas, if you want to connect the pedometer to your mobile device, you must download and install the 9SPORT application in the Play Store or Apple store. This means that it is compatible with iOS and Android devices that have Bluetooth.

On the other hand, you should know that it has a smart alert, that is, an alarm that you can set if you want to carry out an activity at a specific time of day, making it a very practical activity bracelet.


Despite its low price, this smart watch complies with the IP68 standard, that is, it supports water up to 1 meter deep. Use it while bathing, swimming or washing your hands, as long as you don’t exceed its limits. Also, keep in mind that you cannot use it in hot water or in the sea, because it could be damaged.

Another aspect to highlight is its sporty design, which can be used by men, women and children. Likewise, this same model of smart watch comes in three different colors, black, blue and purple, so you can choose the one you like the most.

In addition, this activity bracelet has a soft TPU strap, so if you use it constantly, you will not feel discomfort on your wrist. In the same way, we inform you that at the bottom of the screen there is a single touch button, so its user interface is quite simple. 

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