Xiaomi presents its spinning bike with smart personalized trainer

Currently, there are many possibilities that exist to train. You can go to the gym and work on body weight, join a spin class, do aerobics, do Zumba, TRX, yoga, pilates, jog or ride your bike and take a tour.

If none of this convinces you, because you have to leave the comfort of home and you feel like you don’t have time, you can also opt for a home workout.

There are no excuses, since to keep your body active and strengthen your muscles there are many models of spinning bikes that can be installed at home and that will not take up much space.

At home, the intensity of the pedaling is dictated by you. You can even exercise on your bike while watching a movie, listening to music or reading a book. In the current market, one of the models that most attracts users is one of the Chinese brand Xiaomi.

The presence of Xiaomi

Although you may associate the firm with sound, video or smartphone items, this company also has a presence in the sports area, being popular because the devices it brings to the market are usually the latest generation, following the same quality standards as its divisions. most internationally recognized.

Gradually, this company of Chinese origin with stores in countries such as Spain, Russia, Mexico, Colombia, India, and other European countries, as well as some countries on the Asian continent, has gained ground in different production areas for being avant-garde and bet on ideas that many companies leave aside because they believe them to be unviable.

In this sense, Xiaomi has presented some distinctive projects that have been recognized, such as a shower that has two design awards. In addition, it also has a doorbell that is equipped with night vision and, in addition to this, the product has facial recognition, being a revolution in the market and increasing the standards in terms of quality and technology.

All this has led many to wonder, what is new that Xiaomi offers? On this occasion, the Asian brand has presented a spinning bike to the market that has intelligent features.

With this new product, the company continues to go strong in the sports field, as it has shown the public some watches and activity bracelets, which control physical performance during sports. But now, it is going one step further and trying to conquer another market.

Thanks to the reputation that has been created by designing high-end products, users trust the brand’s proposals, because they are unlikely to be disappointed. Rather, it is expected to meet and even exceed standards.

The smart exercise bike

Through the Youpin crowdfunding platform, the official site for the online sale of its products, the Xiaomi company has offered the general public an exercise bike or spinning bike, which has intelligent qualities. As indicated, it is designed for those people who do not have the time to go to a gym and must do their routines at home.

This product has a design similar to conventional spinning bikes, but it has a modern style and works through opposing magnets that generate resistance. The bike is known as the Wild Beast M3.

Within its specifications and features, this bicycle has a Weigel belt that provides a high level of resistance, while reducing friction and reducing the noise produced by the brake pads, being a silent and practical model for small spaces.

In addition, the Wild Beast M3 model incorporates intelligent properties into its structure, which work by taking the data of the activity carried out by the user and storing it on a chip. Through this information collected during the different training sessions, the bicycle is capable of generating new routine programs that are adapted to the demands and specific sports level of the user.

So there is a personalized operating mode, maximizing effectiveness and enhancing the time spent on the bike. Thus, greater resistance can be gained and a program can be obtained that adjusts to the individual needs of the user.

smart personal trainer

Although you will not be in a gym, your activity will be controlled by a personal trainer, who is in charge of keeping track of the intensity of the pedaling. Likewise, it is possible to consult data related to calories consumed and variation of the heart rate during the activity, as well as other data that can help improve the performance and experience of the spinning routine.

In addition to controlling activity, this trainer is also capable of alerting the user when it thinks there is exercise overload, to avoid excessive training routines, which can atrophy muscles and lead to injuries. The coach’s instructions are activated by excess or decrease in intensity. Each of these features allows the user to have a safe, personalized and efficient experience.

But if you think that training alone at home can be boring, you should not worry, because the manufacturers of this bicycle have also foreseen this and have equipped it with some instructions and advice from professionals in the sports area. These can be viewed online and be a company, which in turn serves to learn.

next generation display

Xiaomi’s model differs from any classic spinning bike, hence the prototype plays in the major leagues. In addition to the training-enhancing features already mentioned, the Wild Beast M3 bike is equipped with a 10.1-inch screen, on which it is possible to view different types of content such as the aforementioned lessons, music videos and even movies. All this without having to get off the bike, or having to stop the personalized training routine you are running.

Likewise, through this screen it is possible to control physical activity and for greater effectiveness it has hardware that uses the Android operating system, so that it is possible to connect the bicycle with the vast majority of smartphone models on the market.

Its design is elegant, it weighs only 37 kilos and has an aluminum handlebar, as well as elements that denote quality. A good number of features at a competitive price to be considered the best smart spinning bike for its price, since on the official page it costs 1,499 yuan, which would be about 190 euros to change.

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