Your motorcycle and your bike together. Possible and also simple!

Don’t decide between a motorcycle or a bicycle when you can have them both. With the correct device, you will be able to choose which way to go through all the routes that appear before you, if with the power of the engine, or with the strength of your legs.

The motorcycle shares much more than a similar name with the bicycle, for that reason, many cyclists and motorcyclists have the same taste for both means of transport. It is not necessary to choose one exclusively, since the two offer different benefits that different people like.

It is very likely that those who ride motorcycles were children who were fond of bicycles and, additionally, there is also the great possibility that today’s motorcyclists continue to use their spare time to use bicycles. It is not necessary to prefer one over the other; Ultimately, things in common make them more alike than different.

Both means of transport allow you to move on 2 wheels. Both the bike and the motorcycle give you the freedom to feel the air while you travel the different trails and, because of that, both require that the person who uses them is dressed with the appropriate safety accessories, such as a helmet, for example. Taking them both everywhere and enjoying both experiences is now a possibility, with the new bike racks for motorcycles.

Mastech Support

The Colombian brand Mastech is a company in charge of manufacturing and distributing different accessories for motorcycles of different brands, sizes and colors. In this case, the support you have created is ideal to unite the two passions of many motorcyclists who want to go out on their motorcycle, but have their bike at hand for when they want to do a little exercise.

This support stands out for being easy to install. In fact, you do not need to take your motorcycle to a mechanic or any expert. Its assembly is carried out on the motorcycle luggage racks, in the rear, an area colloquially called “grill” in many regions.

Fortunately, the device is compatible with all pannier mounts, so no matter what your motorcycle is, the bike rack will fit perfectly without any problem. It is a universal support that will allow you to carry different types of bicycles with you, no matter if it is a mountain bike, a touring bike or an incredible BMX bike.

This product includes everything you will need to install it, so every little part will be at your fingertips and as soon as you have the bike rack you can use it. It is made with materials resistant to oxidation and constant exposure to the elements, while electrostatic painting gives it a modern design.

This revolutionary device makes it possible to transport the bike along without having to completely disassemble it. As long as you follow the instructions to maintain a maximum speed between 60 and 70 km/h, you should not have any risk of an accident. It is recommended that you also do not exceed a distance of 100 km with the bike on the stand.

When you arrive at your destination, you will only need to disassemble the bike and close the support, because, in addition to its resistance, it is quite comfortable to use. This incredible device could be one of the best bike racks of 2022 for motorcycles, as it is retractable to take up very little space. In the same way that its assembly is simple, its uninstallation will not give you any problem either. It can be done in a matter of minutes, if you wish, and even if you put it away and don’t use it for a while, the support will remain intact.

Country restrictions

Although this bike rack could be a very useful accessory for all cyclists and motorcyclists around the world, you should keep in mind that the legislation on the transport of cargo on motorcycles and its circulation vary from one country to another. Therefore, the fact that this medium is legal for use in various territories does not mean that it can be used in all of them.

In Colombia, the place of manufacture of this versatile product, the transport of bikes on motorcycles is completely legal, therefore, if you will use the support there, you will not have any problem. However, if the country in which you plan to travel by motorcycle does not share the same laws as Colombia, then you should find out if it is legal to carry the bike as motorcycle cargo.

In the case of Spain, unfortunately, using a motorcycle as a means of transporting a bike is illegal. Not because both cannot be moved together, but because in that country the regulations on the excess measures that loads can have in relation to vehicles are strictly stipulated.

For example, with motorcycles, the appropriate maximum excess is 0.25 meters. In other words, if the load protrudes from the motorcycle more than 25 centimeters, it is considered an illegal and potentially dangerous load. The bikes are exceeded by much more, so it is  impossible to transport them by motorcycle.

Measures to travel in Spain with both items

If you really want to travel the country with both, your only option is to have a large car like an SUV or a campervan so you can put both the motorcycle and the bike on the racks, or in the garage of the campervan, if you have one..

In this way, you will be able to transport yourself with a car but when you want to use your motorcycle or your bike, you will be able to do so without any inconvenience or restrictions. Always remember that the important thing is not to exceed the regulatory measures to avoid fines and accidents.

If your dream is to drive your motorcycle with your bike as cargo and you are in Spain, another option for you is to move with a car or motorhome to a neighboring country that has easier laws on this subject and allows you to carry the bicycle on your motorcycle.. While you are in Spanish territory, you can carry them separately but, when crossing the border, you can make the change without breaking any law.

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