4 essential tools to browse the Internet safely

The threats related to the use of the Internet are increasing. Therefore, it is essential that when moving around the network we do so armed with the key tools so that nothing and no one affects our online security.

The rise of the Internet is unstoppable. Today, we use the network every day to communicate with friends and family, to make purchases and bank transactions, to enjoy streaming content or to play games with people from all over the world. An intensive use that has caused an increase in fraud, scams, viruses and other risks linked to the use of the network. Something that no longer affects only large networks, such as business ones, but is increasingly focused on the home user. The keys to your bank accounts, your profiles on social networks or your personal information have become a juicy treasure, which arouses great interest among hackers.

Fortunately, if we have the right tools, it’s easy to keep our data and online activity safe from these threats. We are talking about tools that are worth investing in, easy to use, that do not usually alter our ability to use the network and that we are going to detail below.


The antivirus is the basic and fundamental tool that every computer or device that is going to surf the Internet must have installed. The presence of computer viruses is becoming more and more intense and affects all types of users. It is no longer about infecting large companies and corporations, but anyone can be a victim of a virus or a hacker. Something that can have dire consequences if they manage to get hold of sensitive personal information, such as account numbers or names and passwords of any social network. All this without forgetting risks such as information hijacking, via ransomware, or data loss that can be caused by a destructive virus. 

To avoid all these risks, it is essential to have a quality and properly updated antivirus. This must include proactive options that prevent possible viruses from attacking the system while browsing. It is also key that this antivirus is not too intrusive and does not consume a lot of resources, which can slow down the operation of our computer. And if the antivirus includes protection against malware, spyware and other similar risks, all the better.


A VPN is another basic tool to move safely on the Internet. It is responsible for protecting your online activity, adding an additional layer of security that prevents your telecommunications service provider or any unauthorized person from accessing your personal information or your browsing data. Its operation is simple and does not disturb the use you make of the Internet under normal conditions. As a bonus, since a VPN also allows you to change your geographical location, it is very practical to access content on streaming platforms that are not available in your country. 

Among these VPN services currently available, we highlight those of Surfshark, whose operation and comfort are suitable for all types of users. In addition, if you wish, you also have access to additional tools, such as its antivirus and antimalware or its leaked password alert service. Very interesting accessories that will give you even more security to move around the network without risks.

password manager 

Passwords are another of the fundamental elements when browsing the Internet. Precisely for this reason it is essential that we have a good password manager. This has the advantage of remembering all our passwords and usernames when we access any web page or service that requires their use.

An issue that is not only practical, but also allows us to use complex passwords to increase our security. If we have to write a password by hand, we will probably choose to use the simpler and easier to guess than the complex and unintelligible passwords that we can use if they are stored and loaded automatically. 

Best of all, many of these password managers, like the one built into the Chrome browser, include a password review process for possible leaks. In the event that our passwords or our usernames appear in the database that the password manager has to see if they have been leaked, the application will notify us and will urge us to change these passwords for new and safe ones. Something that represents a considerable improvement in our online security. 

Common sense 

As the last tool to move safely on the Internet, we can resort to something that all human beings bring as standard: common sense. This tool is essential when it comes to avoiding risks on the network, since it allows us to detect possible fraud and scams, as well as other similar problems. 

Currently, there are many emails and content that we see on the network that only intend to steal our data or get money from us with deception and fraud. The same happens with those wonderful offers for which we can buy high technology at bargain prices or make investments with which we will obtain incredible returns from one day to the next. They are all frauds who only want our money.

It is essential that when browsing the internet we are critical of what we see. If we add this component to the rest of the tools that we have mentioned, our Internet browsing will be much more secure.

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