5 Reasons to Give Amazon Gift Cards

When it comes to giving a gift, sometimes it is difficult to get it right. Even when we know the person well, finding something that they like is not easy. Fortunately, it is possible to comfortably solve this circumstance with an Amazon gift card. A solution full of advantages for all.

It is common for us to find ourselves in doubt as to what to give that special person on a special day. The fact that we have everything or that we do not know what you would be interested in receiving makes it difficult to find the ideal gift. Something to which is added the little time that we often have to look for it.

Fortunately, there are now versatile and very practical solutions for giving gifts, such as Amazon gift vouchers. An Amazon check allows the person who receives it to buy what they want on Amazon Spain, so we have no risk of making mistakes. Also, considering how easy it is to buy a gift certificate on Amazon, you will not need to spend more time than necessary to find that gift with which to entertain any loved one and meet on any special occasion. If you are not sure, we will analyze for you the five advantages of an Amazon gift voucher.

1. You can choose the amount that you like the most

One of the advantages of Amazon cards is their wide range, in terms of amount. If you buy them through the web, you can charge them with amounts ranging from 20 to 1,000 euros, when it comes to physical checks. In the case of the Amazon code in electronic format, it is possible to choose the exact amount you want to charge on your Amazon check, with limits ranging from a few cents to a maximum of 5,000 euros .

It is important to know that the amount of Amazon gift cards, in any of their formats, expires after 10 years from the date of purchase . So if you buy a gift card for a large amount, whoever receives it can manage that balance as they want, in one or several purchases and without rushing.

2. Wide variety of products to choose from

Another advantage that these cards have is already well known, especially if you buy on Amazon. We are talking about the wide variety of products that this page offers its users, which will even make it somewhat difficult for that person to decide what to buy on Amazon with the balance on their card.

When shopping on Amazon as a gift, the lucky cardholder will have more than 250 million products to choose from. An offer in which we find books, clothing, electronic devices, computers, perfumery, sports equipment, winery, food and dozens of other different categories. In addition, this offer includes products of different prices, which makes it easy to choose the most appropriate according to what the person prefers and the amount of the gift voucher that we have sent him.

3. They are easy to buy

Buying an Amazon gift voucher is very simple. Simply access the Amazon card website, choose the model you like best and that’s it. Once you have purchased that Amazon card, in physical format, you can send it directly to its future owner or to yourself, depending on what you prefer. 

You can also use the eCheque. In this case, what the person receives is the Amazon code with which to access the gift amount. A faster solution to send and manage than Amazon checks in physical format. By the way, this code can be sent to an email or even by SMS, for greater convenience.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to go to Amazon to buy that card, it is also possible to buy an Amazon gift card at Carrefour, Media Mark, Fnac and many other superstores. The only drawback is that the purchase options are smaller than those we have when buying that Amazon card directly on the web, since the offer depends on the modalities that the store physically has in stock.

4. They are fully customizable

We have talked before about how to choose the amount of the gift voucher according to our preferences. But if you want to make an authentic Amazon gift, the page puts at your fingertips the tools to give that gift the perfect touch. Among these options, we have cards with a standard design, designed for occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, marriage or birth, to name a few others. The variety is so wide that it is better to go directly to the Amazon section on gift vouchers to know them all.

But this is not all, since you will also have the option of physically personalizing the card, printing on it the photo that you like the most . Something similar happens with the boxes that contain those gift vouchers. The variety of them is more than considerable and helps you to personalize or give that gift a special touch. 

As for electronic checks, it is also possible to customize them a little. During the purchase process, you can indicate the message you want to accompany the code, as well as the delivery date on which you want the card to be sent to its recipient.

5. They are very easy to use

So that the person who receives that Amazon Gift Card does not waste time using it, using the Amazon codes present on the card is very simple. As well as accessing your account and writing the Amazon redemption code printed on the card or sent via email. If the code is correct , the amount is added to the user’s account , remaining as an option to use when necessary. Something that allows you to add several cards or gift vouchers to the same account.

From here, it only remains to buy what the person wants. In case there is money left over from the card, that amount remains pending in the Amazon account until the person wants to use it again, without having to save the card. It is also possible to check the remaining amount of the gift card, as well as the time available before it expires, through the corresponding section of the user’s account.

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