7 ideas to use your old tablet

One of the greatest pleasures in life is brand new technology. But it is also true that, if we are renewing a device, this means leaving the old product aside. And when we buy a new tablet (you can find a list of products here), we will find an old tablet without use. Luckily, today’s technology allows us to turn this device into just about anything and still get the most out of it. And with these practical ideas it will be easy for you to know how to give a new life to this old tablet that is drawer meat.

digital photo frame

A digital photo frame is a fun way to put an old tablet to good use. You just have to load the photos you want into its memory and configure their reproduction according to intervals from time to time or simply in carousel mode. A function that some versions of Android allow you to run directly, while others require a specific app for this purpose. And if you also want to play videos, there are quite a few applications of this type that also allow us to do so.

Smart TV Box

A Smart TV Box is a device that turns any conventional LED TV into a Smart TV. A product that bears considerable resemblance to a tablet, so this is another good destination for that old tablet. For this task, the only thing we are going to need is a cable that allows us to connect the tablet to our television, either a micro USB to HDMI cable or a type C cable to this same output.

Once connected, we can see the screen and listen to the sound of the tablet directly on the television. So you will only have to install the applications you prefer to enjoy them in large size on the television screen. And if that wasn’t enough, thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity that any tablet has, you can control the device remotely, using a wireless keyboard or similar.

second monitor

A tablet can also become a second monitor. Something that can be a good idea, especially if you like to work with your laptop but you lack the space. This tablet, properly configured and connected, can become this second monitor, with which you can have an extended desktop or a second independent desktop, depending on what you need.

However, for this use it will be necessary to have an application that allows us to connect both elements. Fortunately, there are several apps that we have at our disposal and that allow us to make the necessary connection and configuration. Some of these apps work wirelessly and without cables, giving us extra comfort when setting up our workstation.

car media player

An old tablet is a strong candidate to become a multimedia player for the car. And it is that thanks to its compact size and the wide range of existing supports, you will not have problems to leave the product placed in the rear seats of the vehicle and turn it into a small rolling cinema. Plus, by simply changing the micro SD card used for device storage, you won’t have to go to much trouble to load your favorite movies onto your tablet.


Turning your old tablet into a stereo is also easy. In fact, you probably don’t need to install anything else on it. What you are going to need is a Bluetooth speaker or a conventional speaker connected by the headphone cable, so that the sound has enough power to listen to it with quality. In addition, the advantage of this music system is that you can play songs from the SD card, from its internal memory or also from the network. So if we install Spotify, YouTube or your favorite podcast application on the tablet, you can access this content directly and listen to it without using any other device.

Remote control for your home

The home automation is a reality, which is increasingly present in our lives. So giving your tablet a new life by turning it into the “remote control” of your connected home is another good idea. Among the elements that you can control with a tablet is the heating thermostat, the lighting or the control of these plugs, as long as they are compatible with this remote use. By the way, whether the tablet is Android or Apple, you can use the Google assistant or Siri to remotely control the functions of the device or even those of your home.


If we analyze what an e-book is, the truth is that it is nothing more than a tablet with an application that allows us to use it to read this type of book. And since there are many existing apps with which to provide our old tablet with this use, we won’t have to look too hard to achieve this goal. Among them, we have the Amazon book reader or some apps with which to load epub, pdf and other types of files, which are usually the most common formats for this type of electronic book.

And if you don’t decide…

Although we already have all kinds of ideas to reuse our old tablet, it is possible that none will convince you. Anyway, we can still save the tablet from the drawer. One of the options would be to sell it, for which we have all kinds of platforms where we can advertise the product and get some money for it.

And if you are not convinced by this idea or the tablet is something old, you can also recycle it. To do this, all you have to do is leave the old tablet at a clean point or at a recycling point that is usually found in all kinds of establishments in the sector. A good idea to take proper care of the environment. Although yes, in both cases it is essential that you delete all your fingerprint from the device, to avoid security risks.

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