Acer GN246HLB Reviews

Main advantage:

This monitor is considered one of the best models on the market thanks to its 24-inch screen and 144 Hz refresh rate, especially for reproducing images in three dimensions. In addition, it incorporates an LED panel fully compatible with nVidia graphics cards.

Main disadvantage:

The only real downside to this monitor is the lack of G-sync technology that helps reduce stuttering, however by connecting it via a DVI cable, you’ll be able to enjoy smooth gaming.

Verdict: 9.4/10

If you are looking for a gaming monitor that allows you to enjoy a gaming experience at Full HD resolution and with a special refresh rate for three-dimensional images, we recommend this model.

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Main Features Explained

inches and resolution

When we get ready to look for a new monitor, a lot of doubts come to mind that we can clarify only by listening to the opinions of the experts. First of all, whenever you intend to invest in a new monitor, especially if it is needed to carry out a specific activity, be it work or play, it is vital to look at some important aspects such as inches and resolution. These characteristics define the size of the screen and the quality in terms of color reproduction, contrast and image sharpness.

First of all, consider purchasing a monitor with an optimal size for the activity you are going to carry out so that you do not fall short of visual space. If you work with architecture, design or photo and video editing programs, it is advisable to use a large monitor that allows you to make a “Split Screen” to be able to comfortably view several windows simultaneously. 

This model of the renowned Acer brand has a 24-inch screen. In addition, it has an FHD 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 px) that will allow you to obtain images with great definition and quality, making it ideal for playing videos and images with a high level of detail.

Panel and technology

Currently, knowing how to correctly choose a monitor for your computer, especially if you carry out an activity such as graphic design, computer-aided architecture or video editing, is a basic and very important task, although a bit difficult, especially if you are interested in get the best monitor on the market. One of the aspects that many leave unnoticed is the type of panel that equips the monitor, which is key to carry out one or another activity optimally. Currently, you will be able to choose between the three most common types of LCD panels which are VA, TN and IPS.

This Acer brand monitor equips a TN screen panel, which stands out for its high speed in the change of state with an incomparable response time of only 1 millisecond, in addition to being one of the cheapest on the market, for what, if you are interested in having an affordable price, this is your monitor. 

In addition, it has a 3D LightBoost technology that allows twice the brightness and allows you to reach a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz, offering you images with fluid movement and ultra-smooth 2D scenes. On the other hand, it incorporates Acer Adaptive Contrast Management ACM technology, which provides a contrast ratio of 100,000,000:1.

Design and connections

The design that the monitor presents is another of the characteristics that many users do not look at in detail when opting for one or another model. However, if you want your equipment to look a certain way and you want to avoid your editing computer or gaming station clashing with your studio design, we recommend that you take a good, hard look at this detail. This Acer monitor has a modern and very functional design thanks to its black and red X-shaped base, in combination with the latest range of Acer Nitro computers. In addition, it has an ultra-slim profile thanks to the LED panel, which allows it to adapt perfectly to any environment.

On the other hand, look at the connections that the monitor has, since they will allow you to connect it to the computers through one or another way of connectivity that the video card has. In this sense, check what input ports the monitors you are comparing have to make sure they are compatible with the video outputs that your computer has. Also, remember that each type of connection has different speed and resolution characteristics. This model has various connection ports such as a VGA, a DVI and an HDMI input, which expands your possibilities of use.

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