Amazon Prime, a complete proposal for all types of users

Amazon Prime is a complete package loaded with services that are offered at a fixed price. A very interesting option that goes beyond free shipping on and that, thanks to its adjusted price, becomes a very interesting proposal.

Over time, Amazon has become one of the most interesting places to make purchases of everything you want. A page whose catalog offers more than 250 million references of all kinds, which you can receive at home in a few days. But the offer does not end here, since this company also has other interesting services, such as Amazon Photos, Amazon Prime Video and much more. 

To take better advantage of this wide range, the company offers users a kind of Amazon Premium, which can be accessed by paying an annual fee. A comprehensive package loaded with services that receives the name of Amazon Prime and that we are going to know in depth.

What is Amazon Prime

When we go to create an Amazon account, we are not allowed to do more than open a standard account. However, once we have it open, it is possible to access special services, such as Amazon Prime. This kind of VIP account adds a large number of advantages to your account, both in purchases and in access to all kinds of services. Let’s see the most outstanding.

Advantages in purchases

The first advantage of this service is free shipping on all products included in the program. In addition, it is common for Prime customers to have shorter delivery times, with shipments in one day or even in a few hours, under the Amazon Now program. Considering how much Amazon Prime is worth, with a few shipments you will amortize the amount of the service, in addition to enjoying its other advantages.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a kind of Spotify that the firm offers so you can listen to your favorite music on all kinds of devices. Through this service, you will be able to access more than 2 million songs of all kinds , as well as hundreds of podcasts and radio stations. A content that you can access without ads thanks to your Amazon Prime account. In addition, the system can be used from any PC or laptop, from your tablet, smartphone or from the Alexa devices you have at home.

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is another of the jewels that your Amazon Prime account includes. We are talking about a Streaming video application that you can access from any device and in which you can watch series, movies, documentaries and much more content. Just go to prime from any device and discover how much there is to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Best of all, the system is multi-device, being able to use the account at the same time on up to 3 devices . To do this, you just have to register these devices, simply by going to and entering the corresponding code, or through your own web browser, on that same page. It is also possible to create several user profiles, so that each one has their list of programs watched and monitored, always up to date. So with your subscription you will be able to watch Amazon Prime Video at zero price and have everything under control, since it is another of the services included with your account.

Amazon Prime Books

We continue to analyze the services that Amazon Prime Spain includes, taking a look at its proposal for bookworms. In total, there are several hundred books that can be accessed through Amazon Prime Reading, in a catalog that is renewed monthly. You can access these titles from any device and you will have the advantage of keeping the reading points duly updated on all of them, for greater convenience.

Amazon Photos and Amazon Drive

Amazon Photos is another of the services included with your Amazon Prime fee. This service offers you 5 GB of space to store your photos in the cloud safely and without losing quality or resolution. An intelligent solution to free up space on your mobile and have a backup of your memories, accessible from any device connected to the network. By the way, this space can also be used through Amazon Drive, where you can save all kinds of files. Another service that is among the advantages of Amazon Prime.

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

The best of all that we have discussed is the price of Amazon Prime. At the time of writing this article, the Amazon Prime fee is 36 euros per year or 3.99 euros per month . If you pay for the annual Amazon Prime subscription, you save around 25% of the cost with monthly payments.

You also have a free trial of Amazon Prime for 30 days, to evaluate if the service suits you without having to spend anything. A very interesting possibility that we recommend you take advantage of. On the other hand, it is possible to obtain free Amazon Prime through certain specific promotions. However, keep an eye open when accessing them, as some may be fraudulent.

By the way, if you are a student, you can access an Amazon Student account, with the same advantages as Amazon Prime and only paying 18 euros a year . In addition, a trial period of no less than 90 days is also included. So if you are looking for Amazon Prime at an even lower price and you meet the requirements of the program, this would be your best option.

How to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime

Unsubscribing from Amazon Prime is very easy. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to request your cancellation before the contracted subscription period expires, since if it is renewed, you must be subscribed for one more year or one month to the service. To proceed, simply access your Amazon subscription first, choose the option ‘Update, Cancel and more’ and proceed according to the on-screen instructions. 

By the way, from here you can activate a reminder, which will notify you three days before the renewal date of your Amazon Prime. This way you will be in time to cancel Amazon Prime when you need it. And if you need help, you have the Amazon Prime telephone number, the Amazon support number: 91 048 45 00.

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