Anet A8 Reviews

Main advantage:

This 3D printer is equipped by its manufacturer with high-end features for printing. Hence, the final results are precise and with an adequate level of detail in all the filaments that it uses, from ABS to nylon.

Main disadvantage:

Although it includes a user manual, this model can be complex to assemble and assemble, since it requires time and following the instructions to the letter.

Verdict: 9.5/10

This alternative stands out as one of the best 3D printers on the market because it is equipped with state-of-the-art features that provide precise prints. In addition, it has adequate compatibility and competitive price.

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Main Features Explained

Connectivity and compatibility

There are many factors that can make a 3D printer model more suitable and practical to get the most out of its functions. Part of these factors are the connectivity and compatibility that the equipment has with other devices, since this will ensure a versatile use and suitable for sharing information, which will result in a better achieved product.

In this sense, the opinions of the users agree that the Anet A8 printer has a convenient degree of compatibility and connectivity, since it is suitable for use with different equipment and operating systems, as well as with cards, which guarantees that the files that you want to print may arrive through different means.

In this way, the Anet A8 can be linked with computers of different brands and with different operating systems ranging from Mac to Windows, to share files dynamically and quickly.

In addition, if the user does not want to use a computer to share the data, then it is possible to use an SD memory in which the information is contained, since the printer has been equipped with a card reader, which facilitates its use and diversifies your connectivity for faster and more efficient operation.

Interface and materials 

3D printers have become one of the most used technologies today due to their many advantages and speed. Although there may be fear or doubts in relation to its manipulation, there are many brands that have created simple interactivity mechanisms with the user. Such is the case of the manufacturer Anet, with its A8 model, which has been enabled with a practical interface and can be used by any user, even if they do not have experience in the use of 3D printers. 

In addition, this alternative is equipped with an LCD screen and, although its interface is only available in English, its handling is simple and it has a total of only five keys, so operating it will not cause any inconvenience.

Likewise, both the software and the instructions and the test file are contained in the SD card that is included in the package, so that all the elements to complete the process are within the user’s reach.

These features for intuitive use are advantages that, together with the price and versatility in the use of filaments such as ABS, PP, nylon and Hip, make this 3D printer one of the most convenient on the market, because it has functions that allow prolonged use., for greater efficiency in working time.

Design and features 

The elegant design, with modern lines, as well as state-of-the-art functions for precise and stable prints, are some of the properties that make this alternative the best possible 3D printer on the market.

This model has a base plate with sophisticated touches and a T-shaped lead screw. In addition, its structure combines stainless steel with an acrylic frame, so it is resistant and tolerates constant use, without diminishing its useful life. 

Similarly, the Anet A8 printer has improved technical properties with the inclusion of an advanced motor that works at high speed, to achieve an efficient and long working pace. It also features a custom MK8 nozzle, featuring an innovation capable of fluid filament reproduction. 

On the other hand, the temperature can be adjusted according to the material used and, for its operation to be efficient, the power system must be connected to a safe wall power source.

In addition, some of the components that it includes, such as the screw and the lead rod and a brass nut, provide greater stability and precision in each of the jobs. Among the components included in the package are the printer, an SD card, the card reader, 4 hex keys, an open-end wrench, a screwdriver, a nipper and a roll of filament.

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