ASUS VG278QR Reviews

Main advantage:

It has a good size screen along with a fast response, so you don’t miss a single detail when playing. In addition, to increase image quality, an automatic synchronization system has been integrated.

Main disadvantage:

Keep in mind that the image calibration that comes from the factory is usually not optimal for the reproduction of certain content, so you will have to configure it manually.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The performance of the monitor is capable of satisfying various requirements to enjoy video games, considering its playback quality, response time and image technology.

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Main Features Explained

monitor design

Gaming monitors are accessories that you must choose carefully when installing your computer, since there are several features and specifications that you must analyze, to make sure you choose the best model. This can focus on installation, mobility, and ergonomics, primarily.

Consequently, we indicate that the monitor of the well-known brand ASUS is robust with a weight of 5.6 kilograms and its size is 21.1 x 61.9 x 50.6 centimeters. With these dimensions, the device makes the most of its screen and, in addition, offers you a plugin that will not take up too much space, but will provide a considerable image size.

In addition to the aforementioned, one of its most practical and striking aspects is the base, since it has a support that will allow you to tilt the screen at various angles and even put it in a vertical position, making it useful as a secondary monitor. Likewise, you can also adjust the height, to level according to your comfort.

screen details

Another of its important characteristics, and although it is a factor that increases the sale price of some models, expert opinions highlight that a monitor with a higher refresh rate is better for playing, since you will not miss a single detail thanks to speed.

In this sense, one of the first things you should know about its screen is that it has a native refresh rate of 75Hz, but it can be overclocked to 144Hz when necessary. As for its response time, this is just 1 millisecond, being effective and suitable for gaming.

As for the size as such, this ASUS monitor offers you a 27” Full HD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p and a 16:9 aspect ratio, for video playback.

imaging technology

To choose between the best gaming monitors, it is necessary to review beyond the size of your screen. Other technical aspects such as image technology or available controls are also essential to buy a good product.

For this reason, we consider it important that you know that the VG278QR monitor is compatible with Nvidia’s G-Sync technology, to provide a much more fluid and natural transition of images. In addition, you also have the alternative of enabling the VRR function, which is based on the variable refresh rate, to balance the performance of the monitor based on the type of content being played.

In addition to this, it is important to mention that in ASUS monitor image technology we also find a system specialized in eliminating the dreaded “blur” in video games, since it directly affects sharpness, resolution and is the cause of FPS drops.. The system in question is called ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur and can be activated automatically, to avoid configuration.

built-in elements

Some gaming monitors have parts or accessories that increase their usefulness and make them more practical when playing games, surfing the internet or working. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the money invested, it is important to evaluate the equipment extras as a whole.

And one of those notable elements in the ASUS monitor is its speakers. In total, it has 2 speakers installed which, in combination, generate a sound power of 2W so you can play games or watch movies without the need to connect headphones or an external speaker system.

On the other hand, a striking complement to the equipment is the series of buttons designed for gaming users, where you can find an ASUS Game Plus and ASUS Game Visual button. Here you will find several options to increase the image quality, as well as specific improvements for the gaming field of the computer.

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