BenQ TK800 Reviews

Main advantage:

What stands out most about this projector is that it has a 4K resolution, which will allow you to enjoy high-quality multimedia content. In addition, the 7-lens optical system provides more light input to display pure and sharp colors.

Main disadvantage:

One of the main disadvantages of this BenQ model is that the decibels are a bit high, so it emits a lot of acoustic noise when the equipment is in operation.

Verdict: 9.9/10

If you usually make a lot of presentations at work or at university, this option could be the most suitable, since it offers good image and sound characteristics.

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Main Features Explained


If you have a small business or you tend to do a lot of presentations at work, you probably need a projector that has high levels of resolution so that the image can be seen clearly and sharply. 

In the case of the TK 800 model presented to us by BenQ, this projector has 4K quality, which will allow you to view multimedia content with high levels of contrast, sharpness and vivid colors as if you were watching it directly from a giant TV screen. Being a very practical feature to be able to see every detail of the images.

Additionally, this projector has hyper-realistic quality thanks to HDR10 technology, so it will optimize each of the colors so that they appear naturally and more vigorously. 

On the other hand, the color processing is due to the 8.3 million pixels that are reproduced for each image, which will allow you to enjoy even the smallest details so you don’t miss a thing.

Likewise, with this model you will be able to visualize the image even if the brightness of the room is high, since it is capable of reproducing multimedia content without any problem. This is thanks to the fact that it has >3000 lm and vivid colors greater than 92% Rec.709.


If you are looking for opinions to be able to acquire a good projector, a feature that we advise you to take into account is the speaker, since this will allow you to listen to the sound of the multimedia content without having to make an extra investment.

However, for the BenQ TK800 this is not a problem, since it has a surround audio system that, running at the hands of CinemaMaster Audio+2, the high sound is combined with the bass to offer a cinematic listening experience.

Additionally, another aspect that is worth emphasizing in this BenQ projector is that the aluminum diaphragm provides good precise details in the voices, being an ideal product for listening to conferences and presentations. In addition, it has an equalizer that will allow you to adjust the audio mode that will be able to regulate the sound emitted, since it has the ability to balance the treble, bass, bass, and frequencies thanks to its automated algorithm. Thus allowing you to choose between the modes: games, sports, cinema, music, soccer or personalized to offer you the most detailed sound levels.

Likewise, all these sound aspects are improved thanks to the NdFeB magnets and the resonance chamber, since they improve the audible spectrum in general.

Design and technology

Before you look at the price of the different models of projectors on the market, you need to evaluate their technology, since this is what ensures that each of the pieces of equipment works at its maximum potential. Being a feature of vital importance to be able to acquire one of the best projectors of the moment.

As for the TK800, it has SmartEco technology that is responsible for adapting the image according to the type of lighting in the environment. In other words, the colors will be even more intense while there is more light, as well as allowing energy savings so that your utility bill is not affected.

Additionally, it has 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB type A and B connector, RS232, VGA and audio input – output so you can connect screens, Smartphones, additional sound systems and multimedia player equipment.

On the other hand, design is also another important aspect, since having a computer that has a compact structure will allow you to take it with you wherever you go. The BenQ TK800 has dimensions of 27.2 x 35.3 x 13.5 centimeters, weighs 4.2 kilograms and is colored in white that combines sky blue with the curves of the edges, giving the projector a elegant and minimalist.

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