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Coin counter – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

One of the most common problems when running a business is controlling cash. And although with banknotes things are complex, with coins the problem is even greater. Fortunately, there are automatic solutions such as coin counters. Equipment with which it is easy to count a good amount of coins in a single process and obtaining an adequate separation of them that facilitates the following steps in their management. To take advantage of these benefits we can resort to products such as the Cablematic DB360 meter. An efficient model with which to count your coins and easily obtain their value, also being able to count both in absolute mode and by predefined batches. If you prefer something simpler, the Autocompra model 0287893It has a capacity to process up to 300 coins per minute, with an efficient counting system even though it is a model that is among the cheapest.

The best coin counters on the market

When it comes to counting coins in bulk you have two options. Either you waste a lot of time, resources and patience by counting them by hand or you resort to an automated coin counter. These products take care of doing the hard work for you, offering various options to obtain the counting results that make it easier for you both to keep your accounts and the subsequent processing of the coins. If you want to benefit from what these machines offer you, get to know in detail some of the most interesting models of the moment, which will help you decide which is the best coin counter of the moment according to your needs.

Cablematic DB360

When it comes to counting coins efficiently, the Cablematic DB360 model is a great help. This counter has the capacity to hold from 300 to 500 coins in its hopper, depending on its size. Coins that fall into each of the corresponding containers and are counted as we see fit.

This allows for a general count or counting in batches, which helps their subsequent packaging. A model that offers a performance of 216 coins per minute, in line with the best coin counters of 2022, making it very suitable for mass counting.

And when doing accounts, its large screen and its keypad make it easy to see the results, as well as the total accounting of the amount that passes through the machine.

If you are looking for the best coin counter of the moment, the Cablematic DB360 model may be a good candidate. Let’s see more about its features.


Operating capacity: The counter can manage up to 216 coins per minute, for fast operation.

Dual mode: You can use it for general or batch counting, which helps you refill coin cartridges for input.

Counting function: The counting function helps to show both the quantity and the value of the coins that you are counting.


Tube mode: To name a “but”, the product does not have the option of using tubes instead of boxes, which would further facilitate the process of packaging them.

Boxes: The size of the boxes is somewhat tight for larger coins, according to users. Something that requires more frequent emptying of them.

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Self-purchase 0287893

When it comes to getting a coin counter, it is not necessary to spend more, as the Autocompra 0287893 model shows us. This product has the capacity to manage up to 300 coins per minute with a hopper capable of holding up to 700 coins in a single load.

An efficient process, which distributes the coins both in a general way and in batches of previously programmed quantities, in order to help their subsequent packaging. All this in a model that counts from cent coins to 2 euro coins with the same efficiency.

And to give you extra security, the product eliminates foreign currencies, to avoid later complications. A highly efficient model that, being among the cheapest we have analyzed, could well be the best value for money coin counter in our selection.

For those who do not know which coin counter to buy, the Autocompra model 0287893 offers functions that satisfy even the most demanding users. Let’s see them in detail.


Operating speed: The product is capable of counting up to 300 coins per minute, depending on their size.

Foreign currency: This equipment counts currency in euro and is responsible for discarding those foreign currencies that can “sneak”.

Cleaning: The process of cleaning the meter is as easy as removing the three screws that protect the interior and proceeding to clean it thoroughly.


Addition function: Some user comments that the model does not include the addition function, so if you need it, you will have to do it manually.

Jams : The product can jam if used with large amounts of coins, which is avoided with a more progressive feed.

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Safescan 1250

The Safescan 1250 counter is another interesting product if you are looking for the best coin counter you can find. A model with a capacity to process about 220 coins per minute, performing an adequate sorting job.

A job that can be done in conventional boxes or in the tubes included with the machine, which makes the subsequent packaging of the coins even easier. Both the containers and the tubes are transparent, so you will have no problem seeing the state of use of the machine at a glance. A complete team where the totalization functions are not lacking, so that you will know how many coins pass through the machine and what its value is.

You can even obtain these reports directly on paper, since the machine is compatible with the printer of the same brand, making coin counting and subsequent control even easier.

Considered by some users to be a good representative of the best coin counter brand of the moment, let’s see some more details about how this product works.


Counting in tubes: This product not only counts in containers, but can also count in tubes, which makes it easier to manage coins later.

Totalized function: The counter allows both the amounts of coins counted and the corresponding amount to be known, either separately or together.

Transparent containers: Both the reservoirs and the counting tubes are transparent, which makes it easy to see at a glance how full they are.


Compatibility: According to some users, the product has compatibility problems with the bill counter of the same brand, strange as it may seem.

Speed : The counting speed is “only” 220 coins per minute, which is somewhat less than what other models on the market offer.

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MVPower Professional

The MVpower professional coin counter is another interesting model to easily control cash. A model with which to manage up to 300 coins per minute in the way that suits you best. For this, it has the usual separate containers, which combine a good capacity with a slightly external design that makes it easy to see the interior at a glance.

It also has a digital screen where you can control the counting process, as well as configure batch counting, if you need it. A full range of features saves you time when it comes to counting large amounts of cash both globally and preparing those coins for packaging.

All this in a device with a hopper capable of holding up to 700 coins and somewhat larger containers, where you can store from 80 coins of 2 euros to 300 cent coins.

For those who need help with cash counting at work, this model offers some interesting functions that we will detail below.


Hopper capacity: The machine can accommodate up to 700 coins in the hopper, which reduces the time needed to count them and the amount of reloading to be done.

Container capacity: Compared to other models, the container with the smallest capacity, due to the size of the coin, can hold about 80 2-euro coins without space problems.

Control system: Both the screen and the keypad included in the equipment allow you to maintain control over the process of counting your coins.


Connecting the modules: It is important that the different modules are always well fitted in place in order to prevent them from coming loose during the counting process.

Jams: Some users indicate that the product can get stuck occasionally, although moving it a little the problem is solved without further complications.

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Securin24 SR-1450

The Securina24 SR-1450 coin counter has some details that make it different from others that we have analyzed. One of them is its double digit screen, where it is easier to see the counting results or configure its options.

It also stands out for including a rear area where foreign objects found, such as foreign coins, end up. A complete model with a speed to count about 360 coins per minute, which is combined with a hopper with space for about 700 units.

This counting is carried out using the usual absolute counting or batch counting functions, in order to count specific quantities of each of the currencies it accepts. A set of features that saves you time and hassle when it comes to managing cash, so you can spend your time on more important things.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, find out more about this coin counter and maybe you’ll find out which one is right for you.


Work capacity: The counter reaches a speed of up to 360 coins per minute, also having a hopper with space for up to approximately 700 coins.

Recognition of foreign objects: The device has a rear hopper in which to accumulate coins that are not correct, such as foreign ones, so that they do not mix with the rest.

Batch counting: The machine supports batch counting, in order to prepare specific amounts of coins based on your needs.


Containers: The containers are made of non-transparent dark plastic and are completely inside the machine, so you cannot see their content if you do not remove them from their place.

Usability: The model does not accept continuous operation, but needs some rest when it has been used for a long time.

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Guide to buying coin counters

When it comes to counting coins in bulk, investing in a quality, efficient coin counter is one way to save time and hassle. Especially considering the size of today’s cent coins. To make the most of your purchase, all you have to do is consult our guide to buying the best coin counter so you know what to expect from these devices.

Shopping guide

manual or electronic

For a long time, this was the first question we had to ask ourselves when buying a coin counting machine. However, it is enough to take a look at any comparison of current coin counters to understand that the battle in the end has fallen into the hands of electronic products.

However, it is still possible to find old-fashioned manual models, which use the traditional system to separate the coins using the centrifugal force generated in the rotating plate on which they are poured. These models also count them, by units, although separately according to the size of the coin that we indicate.

In return, the electronic models perform this same task at high speed, also offering a complete count of both the coins of each type that have been counted and their value. Just pour them into your inbox and the product does all the work, versus all the hassle of the manual process. In addition, there is no longer much difference between how much a manual model and an electronic one cost, so it is not surprising that the manual ones are left in the background.

Of drawers or cartridges

Once the comfort offered by electronic currency counters is clear, we are left with the doubt between the two most common models on the market: those that use cartridges to organize the coins and those that use drawers to collect them.

The cartridge models have the advantage that the coins come out properly organized and in the quantities that we want, so we only have to pour them into the current plastic cartridges that they have in all the banks to keep them well stored. However, this requires a little more work and the process is not as fast as with the drawer models since the cartridge tends to fill sooner.

And it is that these models of drawers have a greater capacity to store coins, so the counting is extremely fast. In addition, it is usually possible to set certain amounts that are not going to be as tight as those of the cartridge models, such as 100 coins of a certain type, for example. So we can complete a count in less time by keeping the distribution of coins organized. Therefore, it is all a matter of seeing what suits us best and what we are going to do with the coins after counting them, to choose one model or another.

Counting speed and additional functions

To top off a good coin counter, see if the product has any of the extra features that are already easy to find on many models. However, in the search for these functions we cannot ignore a key aspect such as the product’s counting speed. A capacity that varies between the different products currently on sale, although in most of them it usually works at least 200 or 300 coins per minute. Just in case you have very high counting needs, you will surely have more than enough with these standard models.

As for those additional functions that make the counting process easier, one that is highly appreciated is the one that allows us to prove it, as is the case with the models that can be connected to a printer with which to obtain a summary of the quantities. counted. If the product does not include this function, it generally does include the possibility of viewing the counting results on the screen, even totaling the amounts to make the calculations for you of the amount of money that we have counted.

Nor should your product lack the function that allows you to discard false coins, separating them from the real ones and keeping them separate so that they do not disrupt your calculations. And so that you can control the process properly, it is also worth looking for models that you can program, so that the count stops when you reach certain amounts of coins in each container or with similar options.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to reset a coin counter?

Resetting a coin counter can be done in two ways. The first is through the included control panel, so that once we finish the process and want to make a new count, we will only have to choose this option on the control panel or turn the counter off and on again. If this process fails, because the counter has been blocked, it will be necessary to remove the power supply and place it again for the reset. Some models include an emergency reset, which is activated by a needle or similar and is usually located at the base.

Q2: Which is better, a cartridge or drawer coin counter?

Both the cartridge counter and the drawer counter have the same capacity for use, although they do vary in their functionality. The model with cartridges is recommended for counting those amounts that we are going to pack, for example, for deposit in the bank or to load the cash boxes for the next day. If this is not the case, a coin counter with drawers may suffice, which speeds up the counting process due to the greater capacity of these drawers compared to cartridge models.

Q3:  How to make a coin counter with Arduino?

Although it is possible to build a coin counter with Arduino, the main problem we have is to recognize the different coins. In conventional coin counters, this problem is solved with detectors similar to those used by slot or vending machines, but applying this solution to Arduino is not always entirely easy and, worse still, it tends to be somewhat expensive. Once this problem is solved, it would be a matter of elaborating the rest of the machinery, so that each coin is placed in its place or, at least, each one of them is counted and a report is offered on the matter. In any case, as a practical matter, it is best to resort to a conventional coin counter, whose safety and comfort are more than proven.

Q4: Which is better, normal or portable coin counter?

The answer to this question depends, fundamentally, on the type of use that we are going to give the product. It is true that the evolution of coin counters has been remarkable, so that portable models already have almost the same functions as conventional models with the advantage of being more portable and lighter. If we had to point out a difference, perhaps it would be that the portable models do not usually include the coin sorter, so they count but do not separate the coins. Having this clear, we must evaluate the use that we are going to give the counter to see if the portable model is worth it or if we can take advantage of the functions of a conventional coin counter, even carrying a little more weight.

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