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Laminating machine – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Laminating documents is one of the easiest ways to protect those important documents that we use every day. A process that can be used to create cards or identifications, posters of higher quality than paper or even menus for restaurants, to name a few uses. An easy-to-use process, as long as you have some of the best laminators of 2022 that we are going to get to know in this analysis. One of them is the  Fellowes Saturn 3i A3 model. This A3 format laminator expands work options with a width of 325 millimeters, in addition to having a system capable of laminating documents with sleeves up to 125 microns, heats up quickly and is functional in terms of performance and size. Another model is the Genie F9011, a compact, small-sized laminator that is useful for laminating sheets with formats up to DIN A4, with a working width of 230 mm.

The best laminators on the market

The laminator is a product with which to give greater duration and resistance to any document. A process with which it is easy to give these impressions a longer life at a reasonable cost, through a simple process that is accessible to almost any user. At least this is what the laminating machines that we have selected and that we present below offer.

A3 laminator 

Fellowes Saturn 3i A3

When it comes to laminating large documents, the conventional A4 laminator falls short. Luckily, we have products like the Fellowes Saturn 3i A3 Laminator, which increases your job size up to standard A3 and expands your job options too. An efficient model with a working width of 325 millimeters and a system capable of laminating documents with sleeves up to 125 microns.

This A3 laminating machine model also includes a rapid heating system, which takes approximately one minute to leave the machine ready to work, as corresponds to a model that would be close to being the best laminating machine of the moment, considering its characteristics, among the that there is also a system that reduces the risk of jams and a control panel that is very easy to use.

Let’s see some more details about this model, belonging to a manufacturer that is considered by many to be the best brand of current laminating machines.


Laminating size: This model is capable of laminating documents up to A3 format, thanks to the admission size it offers.

Fast warm-up: The laminator only needs a minute of warm-up to reach operating temperature.

Accepted width: The model is capable of laminating documents with sleeves up to 125 microns thick.


Jams: It is necessary to properly place the documents inside the product when laminating in A4 format, in order to avoid jams during the laminating process.

Center Alignment: Since documents are aligned in the center and not along the side, you’ll need to be careful with smaller laminates so they go in as straight as possible.

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Abox ES OL381C

If you are looking for a functional model, you may want to take a look at the properties of this alternative that is listed as an A3 laminator, which allows you to work with documents with a maximum width of 33 cm and supports A4, A5 and A7 formats. This design is versatile and with it you can cut, laminate and round the corners.

As a cutter, it holds up to 8 A3 sheets in a single block. The laminator is equipped with a double roller design, which allows fast and smooth lamination. In addition, it has a hot or cold laminating system, according to the requirements, with a speed of 230 mm per minute. 

Its heating is generated in just 3 minutes and it is equipped with an anti-blocking mechanism through the ABS button, to release or eject the documents in case of jams. Likewise, its heating system is with an aluminum conductivity tube for uniform laminates.

Abox A3-A7 is a convenient alternative for its consistency in laminating and versatile functions.


Jam: It has a quick document release button called “ABS” that can be used in case of jams.

3 in 1: A single piece of equipment is used to laminate, cut and even round corners, being an ally in offices.

Documents: Supports documents with a maximum width of 33 cm on A3 sheets. Also, A4, A5 and A7 can be added.

Heating: It can start to be used after only 3 minutes of power on, because its heating is fast.


Covers: Includes a couple of gift covers that have been rated as poor quality. 

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A4 laminator 


The manufacturer Genie presents the model F9011 to the market, a cheap laminator, but with a high degree of quality. This laminator works through the heating of two rollers, being suitable as an A4 laminator, because it accepts documents with formats up to DIN A4, with a width of 23 cm, with a thickness of between 80 and 100 microns of film. 

In addition, this model has a modern and technological design that stands out for being compact and portable, weighing only 830 grams, and is available in an elegant silver tone with black. Within its technical aspects, this laminator has a pair of LED indicator lights, which show the user the state of operation, alerting the operation phase by colors. 

It also incorporates a protection system against overheating through an automatic shutdown, as well as a jam release function using the Abs button. Also includes five sheets.

There are many models with attractive functions, hence it is necessary to analyze their properties.


Asb: It has a release system in case of jams, which is activated by the “abs” button.

Protection: In case of overheating, it turns off automatically to avoid accidents.

Design: It has a compact design of only 830 grams, being available in elegant silver and black.

Capacity: Its rollers are heated to accept documents with A4 formats, with a width of 23 cm and 100 microns of film.


Heating: According to some users, the model takes more than five minutes to heat up.

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If you are looking for an A4 laminator model, you can consider this alternative from the manufacturer Matcc as one of your options, because it has versatile functions and its quality is high-end. This option is multifunctional, since with a single equipment it is possible to laminate, round the corners and cut precisely with a guillotine. 

It has a heating system through two rolls. To start the process, it is only necessary to wait a maximum of four minutes of preheating, for 30 cm per minute laminates. Also, the manufacturer has equipped this option with LED indicator lights that help the user to have control of the machine’s activity. 

It supports a maximum of 9-inch lamination and is equipped with an anti-jam function that releases the document if necessary. Its weight is only 700 grams and it works with an alternating current voltage of 110 volts.

MATCC A4 is a model with versatile specifications at a competitive price. Know its pros and cons.


Jam: It has a system in case of jams, so it must be turned off and the document will be released.

Versatility: With a single machine the user will be able to laminate, cut precisely and round the corners.

Light: In order for the user to be certain of the status of the process, the machine has LED indicator lights. 

Documents: It is designed for A4 format documents with a thickness of 23 cm and a maximum lamination of 9 inches.


Warm-up: The model has a slow warm-up, as indicated by some users.

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Fellowes Laminator

Lunar Fellowes+

If after knowing some alternatives you still haven’t found a model that suits your needs, then it’s time for you to review the attributes of this Fellowes laminator, which stands out as one of the best for its laminating capacity and functionality. It is equipped with an anti-jamming system, which allows the document to be released when it has become trapped. 

Likewise, it is recommended for large sheets with A3 format, being also a convenient laminator for A4 documents, capable of laminating in just 60 seconds. Due to its specifications, it is a model compatible with 75 / 80 and 125 micron sleeves with a high degree of efficiency. 

The warm-up of the machine takes about four minutes, plus it includes a green indicator light, which warns that it is ready to start laminating. Its design is compact, with dimensions of 10 x 40 x 16 cm.

Fellowes Lunar+ is an affordable alternative with versatile features. Know its main properties and negative aspects.


Compatibility: Due to its specifications, it is compatible with covers between 75 and 125 microns.

Capacity: It has the ability to laminate documents in A3 and A4 format in just 60 seconds.

Time: To start working, it needs to warm up for an estimated time of only four minutes.

Design: It has a compact, lightweight and portable design, practical for the office, with dimensions of 10 x 40 x 16 cm.


Stuck: Some users have expressed that after constant use the blades get stuck.

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Other products

Olympia A230

Located among the cheapest options on the market, the Olympia A230 laminating machine is a pleasant surprise for those users who do not need large laminating capacities. A model that works with documents in A4 format with a feeding width of 23 centimeters and a double roller system that reduces jams. In any case, it also includes an accessory lever in case these occur.

A very simple model to use, with which it is enough to place the document in the cover, center it and load it into the machine to start working. And for you to finish off your documents properly, it is accompanied by a roller shears with which to cut the remains as well as an angle cutter to eliminate unnecessary corners. Very suitable accessories to achieve an almost professional finish.

If you want to know one of the candidates for the best laminator of the moment, even despite being among our cheap options, read on and learn about the main characteristics of this product.


Dual system: The product is capable of laminating both hot and cold, just by changing the type of sleeve used.

Thickness: The product can be used with up to 100 micron laminating sleeves, thus obtaining adequate results during the process.

Accessories: The laminator is accompanied by a shear and an angle cutter that make it easier to give your work a professional finish.


Warm-up time: The machine’s warm-up time ranges from 3 to 5 minutes, so it is not suitable if you need a faster response.

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Blusmart BL01

The Blusmart BL01 laminator is a complete product, with which to have in a single machine a laminating area as well as the cutting area by shears to finish off the work, which is located in the upper part. A complete model that offers you a laminating speed of up to 25 centimeters per minute, with sleeve thicknesses that can even reach 250 microns thick.

This gives you a good cutting capacity when carrying out any job, which is executed in a simple way and with a pleasant result. Something that is helped by its two closing rollers, which release air bubbles and generate a more efficient and quality seal. And if you are worried about jams, the model has a button to release them without damaging the machine or wasting more time than necessary.

If you still don’t know which laminating machine to buy, this adjusted price model that we analyze below may be what you were looking for.


Compact design: This machine includes in a single piece both the laminating machine and the shears with which to finish the job, which saves you space when it comes to equipping yourself.

Speed: The product is capable of laminating at speeds of up to 25 centimeters per minute, around one A4 sheet of paper per minute.

Dual system: The product can laminate both hot and cold, with good efficiency in both modes of use.


Warm -up: The warm-up time can reach five minutes, so the model is recommended for users who are not in a special hurry in the process.

Cutting Slide: The cutting shear works pretty hard, so you will have to apply a little more force to get an efficient cut.

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AmazonBasics PL9-EU

When it comes to finding the best laminating machine that is needed, many users prefer simple models designed for occasional use. A pattern in which the AmazonBasics PL9-EU model fits properly. This laminator has a working width suitable for documents in A4 format, also having a double adjustment system that allows you to choose widths of 80 and 125 microns respectively.

A selector that facilitates better application of the laminating process, which reduces the number of jams and other inconveniences. In any case, it also includes a quick release button, for when this occurs. A simple but efficient design, which makes this model a firm candidate to be the best value for money laminating machine that we have selected.

If you don’t have great laminating needs, know some additional details about this product, which may probably be of interest to you.


Thickness selector: The thickness selector allows you to choose the work size of the covers, thus obtaining better results.

Jam button: The jam button releases the documents present inside the product, in order to remove the possible jams that occur.

Compact size and design : The machine offers you a compact design and format, which makes it easy to store the machine when you are not using it.


Working width: Compared to the working width of most A4 laminators, which is 23 centimeters wide, this model is only 22.9 centimeters wide, so the jobs fit more tightly.

Jam level: Some users comment that the feeding process is sometimes not as smooth as it should be, which can increase the risk of jams.

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Fellowes Spectra A4

The Fellowes Spectra A4 laminating machine is a traditional cutting model of the brand, highly recognized among users, with which it is possible to carry out work in A4 format easily. A process with which to carry out work with covers up to 125 microns by simply inserting the work inside the product.

A simple model that does not require temperature adjustments, since it uses a single temperature for any job. Something that has the additional advantage of needing only 60 seconds to laminate each sheet of paper in A4 format, which saves you time during work. And so you don’t spend more energy than necessary, it turns off after 30 minutes of inactivity, in case you accidentally leave it on. The product is accompanied by 10 document covers with which to make your first laminations and learn how the machine works.

Let’s break down a few more details about this model and what it can do for your lamination jobs.


Operating speed: The laminator needs no more than 60 seconds to properly laminate each sheet.

Automatic shutdown: If more than 30 minutes pass without the equipment being used, it turns off automatically.

Thicknesses: The product accepts cover thicknesses of 80 and 125 microns, depending on what you need at any given time.


Central alignment: As with other models, the product has a central alignment system, so you must ensure that small documents enter straight.

Warm -up: Going along the lines of excessive heat-up time, at least this model cuts the time down to “just” 4 minutes.

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Guide to buy laminating machines

Laminating documents is a practical option with which to protect them, create cards, diplomas and other documents and save in the process of converting any printing into a durable medium. A task in which our guide to buying the best laminating machine will give you the necessary knowledge so that you can find a suitable product for your needs without having to spend more.

Shopping guide

Laminating system

Although at first glance they may seem the same, an in-depth look at any comparison of laminating machines reveals that there are two main laminating systems: the cold system and the hot system. Let’s see what each of them consists of and what are the advantages and disadvantages that they offer us when working.

The cold laminating system uses sheets that contain a high-adherence adhesive that sticks by contact. So we will have to use the laminator simply so that both layers are united efficiently. This system has the advantage of not using heat in the process, but as a drawback it does not generate results of the same quality as the hot system.

This hot laminating system is the most common in most current laminating machines. A system that slightly increases the cost of both the machine and the covers, but which has the advantage of creating a physical bond between the two layers of protective plastic, which, when melted by heat, has the advantage that the result is more resistant. An interesting alternative and one that is usually the most used today.

Lamination options and efficiency

Another aspect that we must consider when buying a good and economical laminating machine is the work capacity of the product and its efficiency. In this case we will have to see the dimensions and properties of the product as far as the plasticizing process is concerned, to verify what it is capable of doing and if this fits what we need.

Within these options we can find issues such as those that affect the mode of operation, since some cold laminating machines can also be used hot. So with a simple switch we can choose the mode that suits us best depending on the work to be done. Some models also have two temperature modes, depending on the thickness of the material we are using, although this is not as frequent as having dual products.

It is also a good idea to check the warm-up time and operating speed of the model. An average warm-up time would be around 5 minutes, while a high-speed warm-up would require no more than 2-3 minutes for the machine to be ready to work. And in relation to the speed, it is useful to see how much material, in centimeters, the laminator is capable of moving per minute. Something that we should also take into account, especially in models that can work in A3 format, whose size is more considerable.

finishing elements

The last question that arises when buying a laminating machine is to know if it is convenient for us to choose a conventional model or one that includes the guillotine and the other finishing elements integrated into the structure of the machine itself.

When considering this question, we should see what we have in our office. If we already have elements for that finish, you may not be interested in a complete model unless you do not have to renew it. But if you don’t have anything to finish off the laminations, having these elements will surely be practical for you to give this final touch to your work.

Some elements among which we find the guillotine, with which it is easy to eliminate the remains of unused material from our work at the time of having removed the lamination from the machine. Something similar to what we can do with the corner, which softens the edges of this work and rounds the corners, so that they do not get caught when using that laminated document. And the best thing is that when these elements are integrated into the machine they do not take up additional space, as is the case with independent models.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to unclog the laminating machine?

Virtually all laminating machines incorporate a button that allows us to release the inner area of ​​it and extract those elements that have been stuck inside. Something fundamental when it comes to avoiding damaging the laminator with more aggressive procedures when extracting that stuck material. If by chance your laminating machine does not include this function, it will be necessary to take a look at the manual to find out how to solve and eliminate these possible jams.

Q2: How to disassemble a laminating machine?

Starting from the basis that, with few exceptions, we should never disassemble a laminating machine, the process of disassembling it is not something simple either. In general, the machine has some screws at the bottom that serve to release the base of the product. These screws are also usually found in the upper area, allowing access to the heating area of ​​the product. And once you access it, you will also find the screws with which to access the lamination area, itself, in case you have to release any rest or residue from it. Do not forget to memorize the process, to proceed in reverse when it is time to reassemble the machine.

Q3: Is a laminating and guillotine machine worth it?

Since the price difference between a guillotine laminating machine and one that does not include it is tight, the truth is that it is something that may be worth it if you do not want to complicate yourself when finishing your work. And it is that this guillotine makes the process of eliminating the excess material of your work much easier, as well as finishing off edges and corners that may remain during the process. As the guillotine is included, you only have to extract the document from the laminating area and, at the moment, finish it off in the guillotine area.

Q4: What is the difference between a laminating machine and a laminating machine?

The main difference between a laminating machine and a laminator is the way they use to bind the documents. In the case of the laminating machine, the product uses sheets with a quality adhesive that adheres through pressure but without the use of heat. Just the opposite of what happens with laminators, which use heat to physically join the two sides of the document, literally melting them.

Q5: What are the risks of a laminating machine?

The main risks of a laminating machine are related to the use of heat. High temperatures are reached inside the product so it is important to be careful during the process not to touch the hot areas of the product. These zones are indicated directly on the product and, logically, it is also easy to know what they are. A risk to which is also added that of keeping the product free of jams, since if the work gets stuck in the hot zone it can cause a fire.

How to use a laminator

Laminators are handy items to have around the office, school, or home. Its basic function is to laminate documents. However, there are some alternatives that include other specifications such as a precision via guillotine cutter and corner rounding. They can work with cold or heat, the latter being more common. In order for you to learn how it works, we have prepared a section on how to use a laminator, with some recommendations and keys that will improve its durability.

Check and remove the laminator from the box

First of all, it is necessary to remove the laminator from the box and check the contents. Most models include the laminating machine and an instruction manual. Proceed to read it to know the specific operation of the model.

Place on a flat surface

Once you have removed the laminator from the box you must select a wide table or a flat surface to place the laminator properly. It is usually installed on secondary desktops. Remember that you must have a free space in the front and that the machine must be stable. In addition, it is necessary that it has a nearby power outlet, with a distance that does not exceed the length of the cable that includes the laminating machine.

Plug in and turn on the laminator

Once installed in place, it is necessary to connect to the power outlet so that the electrical power that will make the equipment work is generated. To do this, take the cable with your hands and carefully plug it into the socket. Next, it is necessary to select whether it will work in hot or cold mode (depending on the model) and then turn on the equipment. In this step, you need to press the “on/off” button. Remember that depending on the model this may change, since there are some laminators that start heating just by connecting, so it is necessary to review the instructions.

wait for it to heat up

Once the laminator is turned on, it can be used, it is only necessary to wait a few minutes for the rollers to heat up. Depending on the model, this time can take between one and five minutes. In general, these devices have an LED light that indicates the status of the equipment, going from red (when it has just been turned on) to green (when it is ready to start laminating). Other models turn on the red light when they are ready to start the process.

Cover the document and insert it into the laminator 

When the machine is ready, it is necessary to hold the document with your hands, carefully wrap it with two sleeves and insert it into the entrance of the laminator. The machine will pick it up and start the process.

Remove the document from the laminator 

When the laminator has finished the process, you must remove the document. It is recommended to wait about 10 seconds to avoid burns. Similarly, the device should not be touched while it is in operation.

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