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LED Strip – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

LED lighting has revolutionized the way we light our homes. And not only because of the energy savings of this new technology compared to conventional light bulbs, but also because of the new possibilities it offers in designs such as modern LED strips. These strips have a very low consumption and a wide installation flexibility, making it easier to turn any project into reality. Among these LED strips, we find models like the Maxcio Alexa. This strip includes WiFi connectivity as well as Alexa compatibility, so you can fully control the strip with just your voice. Another interesting proposal is the Auelek RGB strip, an easy-to-install model that can be cut and used in different areas by sticking with the built-in adhesive on the back. It also has 6 light modes and adequate protection against short circuits and low voltage.


Opinions on the best LED strips on the market

When it comes to taking advantage of all the advantages that modern LED lighting offers our home, knowing which is the best LED strip that we can find is essential. And it is that the market offer is wide, both in sizes and designs. In addition, since it is not very clear what the best brand of LED strips is currently, there is also no clear reference on what to use. Luckily, our list of the best LED strips of 2022 is available, so it can serve as a starting point to start looking for the product with which to give your home its best look.

Maxcio Alexa 

Jumping into a new world through LED strips is easy with this Maxcio model. We are talking about a strip of traditional visual design, with a total of 150 LEDs and 5 meters long. So far nothing special. 

But the news comes hand in hand with its connectivity. And it is that this product has compatibility with Alexa, so that you can control the strip with your voice. You can do the same with your mobile, thus facilitating the process of managing the lights without having to depend on remote controls and the like. 

For the rest, the installation is also as easy as ever, with a high quality adhesive on the strips, which will last you a long time. Almost as long as the bulbs last, which have an estimated useful life of approximately 50,000 hours.

For you to see everything more clearly and control your lights better, nothing better than a high-tech model like this one.


Color: The color of the strip can be modified according to the RGB scale, giving more play when it comes to lighting any room.

Control: These lights can be controlled directly from your mobile, and they are also compatible with assistants such as Alexa.

Easy installation: The strip can be placed anywhere, thanks to the quality of the included adhesive.

Durability: This device has an average durability of about 50,000 hours, so the strip will accompany you for a long time.


Light Change: Although the lights change color with the music, it may take a while for the strip to react.

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Auelek RGB

With a weight of 820 grams and 10 meters of LED strip, this model is one of those recommended for those who want to illuminate spaces in a different and fun way, because its color is RGB. Likewise, it is resistant because it has been made of acrylic material, with IP65 waterproofing, making it suitable for interiors or exteriors.

This strip is easy to install, as it incorporates glue on the back, which allows the tape to adhere to surfaces. Its length is flexible, so that, according to the requirements, it can be used completely or cut, since it has cut marks every 10 cm. 

In addition, it has protection against short circuits and low voltage. To diversify its use, this proposal has six light modes, with 20 static colors, DIY mode, as well as jump of three and seven colors. 

This model is one of the best, but you can analyze this on your own by knowing its pros and cons.


Control: It has a remote control that allows you to adjust the brightness and speed to give dynamism. 

Pieces: Includes a total of 300 quality RGB LED pieces and an estimated duration of 50,000 hours.

Modes: It has various light modes and four dynamic change modes called fade, smooth, flash and strobe.

Memory: It has a memory function that remembers the last color and brightness configured, so it does not restart.


White: White lighting is poor and decorative, so it is not recommended as a main light.

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Eseye SMD5050

If you need an LED strip that can get wet and adequately withstand the most adverse weather conditions, the Eseye SMD5050 model is what you need. This strip has been designed with IP65 protection, so it adequately withstands the rain or humidity typical of this type of assembly. In addition, it has a surface of five meters, so you will not have problems to cover large areas of your home, both indoors and outdoors.

Its assembly is simple thanks to the quality of the included adhesive, designed to withstand these complex conditions without detaching. And so that you can control all its functions, the model is accompanied by a remote control where you can choose between its 20 lighting colors or configure the rest of the options offered by the device.

The Eseye SMD5050 LED strip is an interesting option for those who want to illuminate both the interior and exterior of their home safely.


Outdoor use: The strip incorporates an IP65 protection that withstands rain, humidity and splashes, so it can be installed outdoors without problems.

Remote control: The remote control is used to control the different functions of the product without having to physically approach it.

Reinforced adhesive: The reinforced adhesive has a high resistance, adequately supporting the adverse conditions of outdoor assemblies.


Power adapter: The power adapter does not have the same protection against water, so it must be installed in a place where it cannot get wet.

Connection of the strips: Although the strips can be cut, some users comment that the subsequent connection process is not easy.

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The LUXJET LUX-05 battery-powered LED strip is an efficient solution to provide light for those dark spaces where placing a conventional light would be more complicated. This product has a simple installation system and works with four AAA batteries, so the assembly is not complex. In exchange, it includes improvements such as an automatic ignition system at distances of about 3 to 5 meters with a lighting time of about 15 to 20 seconds.

In addition, the strip includes a system that activates the light only when the environment is dark, saving battery power. A 1 meter long strip whose assembly is as simple as removing the strip from the adhesive and sticking it on the surface. And if you don’t want to spend a lot, this model is among the cheapest options that we have evaluated, being close to being the best value for money LED strip in our selection.

If you are looking for cheap and compact LED strips to illuminate complex areas of your home, this model offers you a 1 meter long design with high lighting efficiency.


Motion detector : The motion detector turns on the light only when it detects your presence, including a system that prevents turning on when there is natural light in the environment.

Number of LEDs: This strip includes a total of 30 LEDs on its one meter long surface, so that it is easy for you to see in the area where you install the product.

Light tone: The light offers a pleasant warm yellow color tone and allows you to see clearly without being as dazzling as white light.


Batteries: The fact of being a battery-powered LED strip makes the assembly a bit more bulky, although this has the advantage of being totally independent of plugs and other connections.

Adhesive : Some users comment that the adhesive tends to lose its properties over time, just reinforcing it with double-sided tape.

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Adoric 5m

If you are looking for an efficient and resistant model, this Adoric alternative may be the right one for your requirements, since it is an LED strip with energy efficiency class A+++, which is waterproof. It has a self-adhesive tape design, making it easy to install on any flat surface. 

The model is made up of 300 LEDs, with 44 remote control keys and a 5-amp, 12-volt power adapter. In addition, due to its specifications, it can be cut every three LED bulbs at the indicated marks. The strip is made of materials of outstanding resistance, with double layer copper that is responsible for keeping the colors uniform and mixed. 

For greater versatility and tonality, it has 20 multicolor options, which will change in speed and automatic time, to provide different lighting. The strip is equipped with remote control, with short circuit protection and memory function. 

To buy, it is prudent to know more about the details of the model of interest. Read the following pros and cons of this product.


Design: It has a practical design composed of 300 LED lights that can be cut as required.

Impermeability: It can be installed outdoors because its properties are resistant to water.

Color: It has RGB colors and a wide range with 20 multicolor options to offer original lighting.

Adjustment: With the control you can adjust the intensity, brightness and color, for different types of lighting.

Installation: Its installation is simple, since it only requires self-adhesive tape for flat surfaces.


Adhesive: Once the tape is attached, it is difficult to remove, so this process must be done correctly.

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Para quien simplemente busque una tira LED simple, sin las complicaciones de los modelos RGB, en la tira LEDMO KW554D-EU encontrará lo que necesita. Esta tira se presenta en un bonito color blanco cálido con toques de amarillo con el que alumbrar cualquier entorno de forma sencilla. Una luz potente gracias a los 300 elementos LED que se distribuyen en los cinco metros de largo que tienen la tira, sirviendo tanto para una iluminación decorativa como para dar la iluminación precisa a aquellas zonas de tu hogar que lo necesiten.

La tira incluye todos los elementos necesarios para su montaje, como el adaptador de corriente y el transformador, que además de suplir de energía al producto también alarga su vida útil al estabilizar la tensión de entrada. Y para que el montaje sea sencillo y duradero, la tira cuenta con un adhesivo de calidad fabricado por 3M que soporta adecuadamente el uso.

Esta tira es una alternativa interesante para quienes solo busquen un modelo con una luz cálida y no quieran pagar por opciones que no va a utilizar.


Adhesivo de montaje: El adhesivo de montaje 3M que incluye la tira ofrece una resistente instalación, incluso con el paso del tiempo.

Vida útil: La calidad del producto y su adaptador aseguran a esta tira una vida útil estimada en unas 50.000 horas.

Tamaño: Al contar con 5 metros de tira no tendrás problemas para hacer el montaje que más te convenga, pudiendo además cortar el sobrante.


Colores: En este caso hablamos de una tira LED de color más bien amarillo, que no puede modificarse como ocurre con las tiras RGB.

Mando a distancia: La tira tampoco incluye mando a distancia, aunque dado que su única función es la de encendido y apagado esto tampoco es un inconveniente.

Simfonio 5050

La tira LED Simfonio 5050 es uno de los modelos más destacados del momento. Entre otras cosas, porque es una tira eficiente con iluminación RGB y una densidad de 60 elementos por metro, lo que da una mejor intensidad de luz que otros modelos del mercado. Una tira que tiene un largo de 5 metros, así que también es adecuada para realizar montajes de gran tamaño sin necesidad de ir haciendo empalmes. De todos modos, también es fácil de cortar en caso de que te sobre tira.

Un producto completo que cubre todo el espectro de color RGB con sus bombillas, pudiendo controlar todas sus funciones a través del mando a distancia incluido. Algo que hace fácil elegir entre colores y modos de iluminación. La tira se acompaña de todos los elementos necesarios para su montaje, incluyendo la caja de conexiones y el adaptador de red, que se conecta a cualquier enchufe convencional.

Si tienes dudas sobre qué tira LED comprar, este completo modelo cubre casi cualquier necesidad de gran calado sin gastar demasiado.


Iluminación RGB: La función RGB ofrece una alta variedad de colores y ajustes a la hora de establecer la iluminación como más te guste.

Tamaño: Dado que hablamos de una tira de 5 metros de largo, podrás cubrir amplias zonas con una sola compra.

Ajustable: La tira puede cortarse fácilmente, ofreciendo así la posibilidad de ajustar su extensión a tus necesidades concretas.

Densidad: Este modelo dispone de unas 60 luces LED por metro, casi el doble que otros modelos similares, ofreciendo una mayor densidad de iluminación.

Mando a distancia: El mando a distancia incluido hace mucho más fácil controlar las funciones del dispositivo.


Uso exterior: Según comentan algunos usuarios, este modelo no incluye protección contra la humedad, por lo que no se recomienda su uso en el exterior.

VicTsing 300 MP

La tira LED de VicTsing es un producto que, originalmente, ha sido diseñado para ser instalado detrás de tu televisor y dar un aspecto diferente a tu salón. Un extra que también cuida de tus ojos mientras ves la TV. No obstante, este puede instalarse en cualquier parte con la misma comodidad y sencillez. Comodidad como la que ofrece el mando a distancia incluido, donde podremos elegir entre los diferentes colores que incluye la tira, así como en los modos de iluminación de la misma.

Entre ellos, no faltan la iluminación dinámica o los efectos de desvanecimiento, por citar algunos. Una tecnología propia de la que algunos consideran como la mejor tira LED del momento, que podrás usar tanto con una corriente de 12 voltios mediante el puerto USB incluido o bien conectando directamente la tira a la red a un enchufe de 220 voltios, para lo que precisarás un adaptador como el cargador de un móvil o similar.

Para quien quiera darle un toque de color a su hogar o le guste disfrutar del efecto Ambilight en su televisor, el diseño de esta tira cumple sobradamente con ambas funciones.


Mando incluido: El mando a distancia incluido con la tira facilita el control de las diferentes opciones del producto.

Ajustable: La tira es fácil de conectar y cortar, para que ajustes su forma como más te convenga.

Modos de luz: Como firme candidata a mejor tira LED actual, este modelo dispone de varios modos de luz que van desde el modo de luz fija a las luces estroboscópicas o dinámicas.

Especial para TV: Esta tira ha sido diseñada especialmente para su montaje en la parte trasera de televisores LED, aunque puede instalarse como más te guste.


Adhesivo: El adhesivo incluido para el montaje puede ser algo más débil de lo deseable según apuntan algunos comentarios.

Alimentación: La iluminación de este modelo es mediante puerto USB, así que tendrás que tener una batería externa o un enchufe de corriente de móvil para usarla, que no se incluye.

Onforu 15M

Con un grado de iluminación de 5000 kelvins, esta tira LED es una de las más eficientes y con mayor capacidad de brillo, ya que es versátil y se puede colocar en distintos espacios del hogar, ya sea la cocina, el salón o el dormitorio. 

La cinta está integrada por 15 metros de LED, con 450 piezas de brillo regulable en intensidad, capaz de emitir una luz de color blanco frío, para iluminar de manera elegante las áreas. Además, al ser flexible, sus usos son ilimitados y puede cortarse cada tres LED. Asimismo, esta cinta está fabricada en PCB, por lo que es segura, ya que este material disipa el calor.

Por otro lado, el modelo incluye un adaptador con interruptor que facilita su uso y es a prueba de agua, de modo que se puede instalar en exteriores. También incorpora tornillos de sujeción y adhesivo en la parte trasera. 

Para evaluar mejor este modelo, conviene que analices sus aspectos positivos y negativos.


Iluminación: Esta tira incorpora 15 metros de luces LED, con 450 piezas de brillo regulable en intensidad. 

Fabricación: La tira está fabricada con materiales de calidad, que disipan el calor y son a prueba de agua.

Usos: Sus usos son versátiles porque la tira puede cortarse cada tres LEDs, lo que diversifica su utilidad.

Accesorios: Incorpora el adaptador con su respectivo interruptor, de modo que no se debe adquirir por separado. 


Adhesivo: Aunque su adhesivo es de calidad, este no sirve para todos los tipos de superficies.

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