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Paper Shredder – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

In times when privacy care is essential, having a document shredder in our office is essential. Both to avoid problems with the data present in those documents and to avoid the risk of a harsh sanction by the agencies that ensure compliance with current legislation on data protection. Luckily, there are a large number of options with which to avoid these inconveniences and have that extra security. One of them is the Hama SC 510L paper shredder., a device that activates automatically when it perceives a leaf, which has been equipped with a 10-liter waste tank and includes an automatic shut-off system to prevent damage from overheating. Another classic model in this segment is the Fellowes P-48C shredder, which combines a P3 cutting system with an 18-liter bin and the capacity to shred up to eight sheets in each paper load.

The best paper shredders on the market

When it comes to disposing of confidential documents, it is not enough to just tear the papers into pieces. Current legislation on the matter requires specialized machinery to destroy old documents, which also saves you time and inconvenience in the process. The good thing is that the current offer of paper shredders is wide enough to cover any need, as you will discover below.

cheap paper shredder 

Hama SC 510L

A cheap paper shredder is a convenient option to dispose of documents sporadically, with domestic use, this model from the manufacturer Hama being an alternative that you should consider for having a competitive cost and quality attributes. 

This model has been equipped with a high level of destruction, being able to reduce sheets to thin strips of paper in a matter of seconds. This model is suitable for destroying sheets and documents of A4 format, being capable of processing five sheets at the same time, so that it is made for a width of only about 3 cm of paper. 

It has a modern and spacious design in black, incorporating a storage tank with a capacity for a volume of 10 liters of waste. Its operation is activated automatically when inserting a paper into the slot. In addition, it has an auto-off mechanism to protect the equipment.

When selecting a model, price and performance should be verified. Therefore, review the pros and cons of the SC 510L.


Design: It has a black design, suitable for domestic or sporadic use, which admits the entry of only sheets.

Storage: It has a tank to store waste, which has a capacity of 10 liters

On: It is activated automatically by simply inserting a sheet into the slot of the machine.

Destruction: It is capable of converting A3 format sheets to thin strips of paper, in a matter of seconds.


Language: Some users have expressed that, although it has simple software, it is not available in Spanish.

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Duronic PS391 GDPR

If you are looking for an efficient model, it may be convenient for you to review the attributes of the PS391 model from the manufacturer Duronic, which is usually recognized by users as a cheap and quality paper shredder. This alternative is equipped with a bin with a volumetric capacity of five litres, so it does not need to be emptied daily. 

In a single session it is capable of destroying up to three sheets of A4 format folded in half, in a span of just three seconds. According to the specifications, it converts the sheets of paper into strips of 3 by 9 mm, making it impossible to recompose the documents. 

In addition, it has a stylish, compact and lightweight design that can be carried from one office to another. Its operation is simple, since it is only necessary to open the lid, insert the paper and the machine will activate automatically. It includes a reverse function, to extract the document in case of a jam.

Duronic PS391 GDPR has a convenient design for its size, being fast in destruction. Here its pros and cons. 


Storage: It has a tank or bin with a volumetric capacity of 5 liters.

Time: Due to its capacity, it can destroy documents with the thickness of three folded letter sheets, in three seconds.

Operation: It is automatically activated by simply opening the lid and inserting the paper into the slot.

Reverse: In case of a jam, it has a reverse function to release the document.


Jams: It has been reported that the shredder jams frequently after heavy use on thick materials.

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Fellowes Paper Shredder 

Fellowes P-48C

If you still don’t know which is the best paper shredder you can find, the Fellowes P-48C model is another interesting candidate. This model combines an efficient system with a pleasant ability to shred almost any document into small elements.

This Fellowes paper shredder is a product with the capacity to hold up to 8 sheets at a time for destruction, and can also destroy paper clips, staples or even credit cards without complications. A complete proposal that is finished off with a tank with 18 liters and a daily work capacity for approximately 160 sheets.

Regarding safety, the product has protection against excessive heating of the cutting element, as well as a reverse gear system that makes it easier to remove possible jams. Something that its paper capacity gauge also helps.

Let’s see more features of this model from the best brand of paper shredders of the moment, according to many users.


Paper support: The product supports up to 8 sheets per process, saving you time when shredding documents in large quantities.

Bin: The bin has the capacity to hold up to 18 liters of destroyed paper, which reduces the frequency and need for emptying it.

Safety lock: The safety lock system prevents the machine from processing more paper than it can hold, thus reducing the risk of jams.


Work capacity: The work capacity of the model is 160 sheets per day. High but not as high as that offered by other models that we have on the market.

Work time: The work cycle goes from 3 to 5 minutes, in line with the limited production that we have mentioned, so it will take you longer to eliminate large amounts of documents.

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Fellowes 62Mc

This Fellowes paper shredder is equipped with a large design of 48 cm high, 35 cm wide and 24 cm thick, being a black machine that incorporates swivel wheels to facilitate its transfer from one place to another, without having to carry the weight. 

It has a fast and effective operating mechanism, being able to silently shred up to nine sheets of 70gr/m2 in a single batch. Thanks to its blades, it can reduce large sheets of paper and even cards to 2000 small pieces of 3 mm by 25 mm, due to its micro-cutting function. 

In addition, the shredder is equipped with a removable 19-litre bin, which can hold around 400 shredded sheets. In addition, for greater safety, it has a blocking system to prevent accidents and incorporates both a jam and a full bin indicator. 

Before making a hasty purchase, it is advisable to thoroughly review the specifications of the models. Here you can meet the Fellowes 62Mc.


Bin: It is equipped with a removable bin with a capacity of 19 litres.

Safety: To protect the user’s safety, it has a locking system to prevent unexpected activation.

Indicative: Through indicative lights, the model alerts the user about jams or a full bin.

Design: It has a large black design that incorporates swivel wheels to facilitate its transfer from one place to another.


Destruction: Some users lament that this model does not support the destruction of CDs.

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professional paper shredder 

Bonsai 3S30

Within our selection of the best paper shredders of 2022, we take a step forward, in search of a professional cutting model. We are talking about the Bonsaii 3S30 shredder, specially designed for corporate environments and for users who have a high demand for destruction.

Enough to offer continuous operation for three hours, with an internal ventilation system that reduces waiting times. The product is capable of destroying up to 18 sheets in a single pass, also having a 30-liter capacity bin, which reduces the need to empty it, being considered a professional paper shredder.

It can also take care of destroying credit cards and even CDs or DVDs. A complete range of functions that make this model the best paper shredder for those users who have a high need for destruction and do not want to waste time during the process.

If you don’t know which paper shredder to buy and you need a high-capacity model, take a look at the features of this professionally cut product.


Professional design: This product has a professional design designed for corporate and high-demand work environments.

Sheet capacity: This model shreds up to 18 pages per load, which is well suited for professional use.

Ventilation: In addition to having a low level of heating, if it occurs, the model includes a fan that cools the shredder.


Price: This product is not exactly among the cheapest options we have found, although it is also true that its functions justify that cost.

Cable measurement: The power cable is 1.8 meters long, which can be short if the plugs are a bit far from where we want to place the shredder.

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Rexel Auto+ 60X 2103060

For those looking for a professional paper shredder, you can take a look at the attributes offered by this model from the manufacturer Rexel, which stands out among the best, for having a high destruction capacity that leaves the sheets like confetti. The model simultaneously destroys up to 30 sheets of A4 format sheets, weighing 80 grams, into up to 200 pieces of 4 by 45 mm. 

In addition to sheets, this model is also suitable for shredding cards and staples. The destruction process is activated automatically when inserting a paper into the slot. Similarly, it has an automatic shutdown system to protect the equipment, as well as a reverse function to activate in the event that jams are generated in the machine. 

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, it can work for four continuous minutes, after which it requires a cooling time. It has a removable 15 liter bin and is silent.

There are many models available, but few are equipped with quality attributes and at a good price. Get to know this alternative in detail.


Litter bin: It is equipped with a removable bin with a volumetric capacity of 15 litres.

Destruction: It can destroy up to 30 pages simultaneously and about 6 in manual mode.

Operation: The machine is activated by simply inserting a sheet into the main slot.

Protection: It has an automatic shutdown system and a reverse mechanism in case of paper jams. 


Jams: Some users have presented problems of jams in its automatic mode.

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Other products

Amazon Basics AU610MA

The AmazonBasics AU610MA paper shredder is an interesting model for those who want to destroy small amounts of paper without spending too much. This model, which could well be the best price-quality paper shredder at the moment, is capable of cutting up to 600 sheets per day, also having a 6-sheet magazine, which ends up shredding particles according to P4 level.

To do this, it has a microcut system that generates remains of 1.19 x 0.4 centimeters in size. This cutting system also has several improvements that prevent problems with jams, while generating good cutting performance with cycles of 3 minutes.

And if you need to cut other objects, such as credit cards, you can also do it with this model, which can also work with stapled documents or clips, without the need to remove these elements from the paper before they are destroyed.

Considered by many users as the best paper shredder of the moment, let’s see some additional details about its features.


Work capacity: The model can cut up to 600 sheets a day, so it supports the longest work cycles you may need.

Advances ShredSafe System: This system is responsible for improving safety when cutting all types of paper, avoiding jams and possible accidents during the process.

Reverse gear: In order to avoid jams, the model takes care of reversing the cut when a jam is perceived during operation.


Cut per cycle: The shredder only accepts 6 sheets per cut cycle, so you will have to spend a little more time on the process.

Noise: The noise level generated by the product is 68 decibels, somewhat higher than that generated by other products on the market.

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Olympia PS 57 CC

The Olympia PS 57 CC shredder is another interesting model to equip your office with. This product has a P4 level shredder system according to the current standard, so it is suitable for all types of documents. It is also capable of eliminating credit cards, leaving them duly shredded.

Its feeding system has the capacity to destroy up to 7 sheets in each load, which will fall into its 15-liter capacity tank. This deposit is extracted from the side of the machine and not from the front, which allows you to make better use of the space when organizing your office aids.

All of this in a model that does not lack the usual automatic start and stop functions or an improved system in order to avoid possible jams during the use of the product. Very suitable to avoid more problems than necessary when it comes to destroying paper.

Get to know some more details about this model, which will surely help you decide if it is the right option to equip your office.


Side bin: Compared to the front bin that most of these products usually mount, this model has a side bin that allows better use of space.

Anti-clogging: The model has all the necessary measures to reduce the risk of clogging and properly maintain the operation of the equipment.

Steel motor: The steel motor generates a high performance when cutting the paper, which extends the useful life of the product for a longer time.


Noise: According to some users, this model generates a little more noise than other similar products on the market usually generate.

Wheels: The wheels included with the product must be treated with care, to avoid premature deterioration.

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Walftron Orange

The Walftron Orange paper shredder is a good novelty among cheap shredders, which can solve the need to occasionally destroy documents at a reasonable cost. And it is that, in this case, we are talking about a manual type model, with a crank, which is activated by turning it.

This gives the product a highly portable character, which is also helped by its adjusted weight of only 475 grams. Therefore, there is no problem moving it or taking it to where it is needed. As for its capacity, it can destroy documents of A4 format and smaller, just by folding them. Some documents that become strips of an adjusted width, therefore being suitable for working on documents that do not require great protection measures.

The shredder is finished off with a transparent reservoir, where you can easily see its fill level and which also has an easy cleaning and maintenance process. This tank has a suitable capacity for the characteristics of the model, although its size is deceiving at first glance.

Featured among the cheapest paper shredders on the market, let’s take a look at some more features of this amazing model.


Ultra-portable: The shredder has a compact design and a weight of 475 grams, so you can place it anywhere or take it wherever you want.

Efficient: The cutting system generates strips of a reduced width, suitable, therefore, for documents that are not particularly confidential or risky.

Transparent container: The transparent container makes it easier to know when it is time to empty it and remove the remains of paper.


Manual operation: Since we are talking about a manual model, it is necessary to make a physical effort to destroy the documents.

Paper folding: In order to be able to destroy A4 format sheets, it is necessary to fold them with some precision, since the entrance only accepts A6 format paper.

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Guide to buying paper shredders

In these times when privacy is fundamental, it is key that in our company we have a suitable paper shredder both to take care of daily use data and to avoid possible sanctions for not complying with current regulations. And although you can always turn to a specialized company, in general it will be enough for you to read the advice in our guide to buying the best paper shredder to know everything you need to avoid problems.

Shopping guide

level of destruction

Given that not all documents have the same level of security or risk, current legislation on data protection establishes different levels of destruction depending on the importance of the documents to be processed. This translates into a more or less intense shredding of the documents according to the level of risk they can reach.

In total, we have five levels established although several of them are similar. The first level refers to documents of little importance that are not vital for the company. These documents must become remnants of less than 2,000 square mm in area. In category 2 we would have the internal documents of the company, such as lists of personnel or clients, which must be destroyed in fragments of no more than 800 square mm.

Level 3 involves documents that include personal data, the risk of which may be considerable for the privacy of individuals. They must be destroyed in fragments less than 594 square mm. Finally, levels 4 and 5 would be the most serious, since they are documents that can endanger the continuity of the company. Level 4 requires destroying the document in particles of no more than 30 square mm, while level 5 requires the destruction and conversion of documents into powder, which must be carried out by professional companies. Fortunately, there are paper shredders that meet the other four levels and can be used in your business without difficulty.

Working capacity

Once the necessary level of security has been chosen, the next aspect to assess when buying a good and economical paper shredder is the work capacity it offers us. This capacity tells us what is the amount of paper that we can destroy in a single work session and what is the monthly volume for which the machine is recommended, if applicable.

This aspect has a notable influence on how much the shredder costs, since the greater the capacity of use of the product, the higher the price will be. That is why it is convenient to assess, or at least estimate, the amount of paper that we are going to have to destroy in our daily work. Something that depends on the type of activity to which we dedicate ourselves or the number of people who work in the office.

For reference, the basic models can destroy around 100 to 250 sheets daily without problems, although sometimes dividing that amount into several work sessions to avoid heating problems. The most advanced models can destroy up to 1,000 sheets per day or even more. However, it is also important to know that the more intensive the destruction process, the generally tighter the product’s working capacity. Because it is not the same to turn a piece of paper into large strips than into tiny confetti.

Additional functions

Within the additional functions we are going to see some additional characteristics that can make a product stand out in any comparison of paper shredders. Among these details we find the load capacity, which translates into a certain number of pages destroyed at the same time. The higher this amount, the faster the destruction process. There are even more advanced shredders that include autoloaders that make it all that much easier.

When loading the documents, it is also a good idea to check if we should clean them beforehand of staples or clips. Many shredders already have the ability to shred documents including staples, saving you time and hassle in the process. An issue in which it also helps to have a product with a large tank, that we do not have to be emptying every few minutes.

Finally, we cannot ignore the versatile models, which in addition to destroying documents, are also capable of destroying bank cards or CDs. An extra that can be interesting to eliminate these physical supports safely and avoid their subsequent reconstruction, leaving them totally unusable.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to unclog the paper shredder?

If we have been careful to buy a quality paper shredder, it should include an automated return system that is responsible for ejecting the paper once it detects a jam. However, this process can fail. In this case, it will be necessary to remove the paper manually, pulling it outwards carefully so as not to damage the loading rail. And of course, scissors or other metallic elements should not be used in the process, since this poses a risk to our physical integrity and that of the device itself.

Q2: How to lubricate a paper shredder?

The process of lubricating a paper shredder has been similar to preparing toast with oil. All you have to do is take a sheet of paper, pour the lubrication oil (specific for this purpose) on it and proceed to destroy it as if it were just another document. Additionally, we can also pour Ester oil in the entrance area of ​​the shredder and subsequently destroy some sheets so that the oil is properly distributed throughout the different elements. Once it’s lubricated, it’s a good idea to let the oil spread and the debris flow, waiting a few minutes before using it again.

Q3: What is a confidential shredder?

Within the different levels of security offered by paper shredders, the so-called confidential ones are those that offer the highest level of security of all. According to the different existing security qualifications, these models would be the ones necessary to destroy those documents that could put the company’s activity at risk if they fall into the wrong hands. For this reason, the process of destroying them must be extreme, using equipment that generates a residue that is small and diffuse enough to prevent the subsequent reconstruction of these documents.

Q4:  Is it possible to give the paper shredder continuous use?

The operation of a paper shredder involves the generation of heat, due to the process of turning and rubbing the documents during their destruction. When this heat builds up it can damage the product or even cause a fire, which is why the machine includes a thermostat that stops its use. Therefore, continuous use of a paper shredder is not possible. And that is why it is so important to choose models with adequate capacity.

Q5: What precautions should we take when using a paper shredder?

The use of a modern paper shredder is safe, although it does not hurt to take some precautions in this regard. Among them, it is advisable to be careful with ties, handkerchiefs or necklaces that can get caught in the cut area and pull the object inwards. We must also keep our hands away from the cutting area to avoid problems during use. And in case of intensive use of the shredder, it is important to ventilate the room from time to time since paper dust can also cause some respiratory problems.

How to use a paper shredder

Whether it’s to remove personal information and prevent identity theft or important data, such as shredding old and unimportant documents, paper shredders are functional machines to have at home or in the office. Although they are common stationery machines and are used frequently, there are many people who do not know how to operate them. Therefore, below we will give you some tips on how to use a paper shredder. 

Check the contents of the box 

Upon receiving the package, check the contents of the box and remove everything inside. The most common is that there is the shredder and the instruction manual. It is important that, before turning on, you can read the instructions, since the operation of this equipment varies according to the brand and model.

Install the paper shredder

Depending on the model, whether it is a table or floor model, it is necessary to locate the place where the paper shredder will be installed. In both cases, the space needs to provide stability for the shredder and be close to a power outlet no longer than the length of the shredder’s power cord.

Plug in and turn on the paper shredder

Once the paper shredder has been positioned in a suitable space, it is necessary to connect it to the wall power supply, in order to start its operation. To do this, you must hold the shredder cord and carefully insert it into the power outlet. At this point, the machine is ready to go. Depending on the model, it may have a power button, while in others, when connected, the process can be started.

Feed sheets into shredder slots or tray 

To begin the material destruction process, the sheets must be inserted into the slot provided for this purpose. To do this, depending on the model, lift the protective cover and insert the number of sheets it accepts at a time and wait for it to shred the paper. For the automatic destruction mode, you must open the tray and leave the sheets for the machine to feed them in automatically. Remember that some models admit sheets with different formats, being necessary to adjust these values ​​in the menu.

Empty the shredder’s trash

Once you have used the shredder and the volumetric capacity of the bin has been filled, the paper scraps inside need to be removed and disposed of, so that there is room for new waste. Remember to only destroy the content accepted by the machine and, in case of jams, press the back button, so that the sheets are released and there are no problems. As an additional recommendation, it is prudent not to exceed the working time because the equipment can overheat. In addition, from time to time the blades must be lubricated. When finished, turn off and disconnect, for greater security.

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