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Surveillance Camera – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

When it comes to maintaining adequate surveillance of any area of ​​our home or its surroundings, modern surveillance cameras make this process easier. So there is no longer any need to go to an outside company, pay fees and put up with false alarms. Thanks to these products, you will be able to monitor and record surveillance videos from anywhere, also having details such as the possibility of viewing these cameras remotely on your mobile or having compact and easy-to-disguise products. Among these models we have the Sricam SP017 camera, with which to obtain images in HD-Ready quality both during the day and at night, being able to vary the position of the camera to focus on what you want at all times. Another interesting model is the Fredi EC6BLANCA camera. A flat design model with a good image capture angle and adequate quality in this process.



Opinions on the best surveillance cameras on the market

Deciding which is the best surveillance camera for our home may seem simple. However, this task requires a detailed analysis of what the market offers us, as well as how to cover special needs such as outdoor surveillance cameras or spy models. Luckily, we have proposals of all kinds, including cheap and quality proposals, which make the process of choosing that perfect device with which to keep everything under control remotely easier.

Sricam SP017

When it comes to keeping an eye on any environment, the Sricam SP017 model is a versatile and effective solution. This model, which is close to being the best surveillance camera of the moment, has a sensor capable of taking images in HD Ready 720P format.

In addition, we can move the camera position both in inclination and rotation on its axis to focus on what you need. A complete model that you can access via WiFi to see what the camera is recording or manage its movement.

This allows you to receive alerts on your mobile when the included motion sensor trips for some reason and instantly see the cause. And for you to keep these images, it also has an SD card port, so that the videos are stored directly on it once they are recorded.

Let’s see some more details of what, for many users, is the best current surveillance camera.


Image quality: The camera is capable of recording images in HD 720 format, both in day and night situations.

Adjustable : This model is adjustable, so you can focus on the area to be monitored depending on what you need.

Discreet : Although it is not the size of a spy camera, it is a relatively easy product to hide in your home.

Recording: It is possible to record images on your SD card, so that you have them later.

For mobile and PC: This model can be controlled remotely through the app available for iOS and Android or from any web browser.


WiFi Connectivity: This model is only compatible with 2.4 Ghz WiFi connections, so it will not work with modern 5 Ghz connections.

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The Fredi EC6BLANCA surveillance camera is another interesting model in our selection, which is also among the cheapest options that we have analyzed.

A model designed for installation on ceilings, with a peripheral recording angle of 360 degrees. Something that is combined with its ability to take images in a format equivalent to Full HD, with which it is easy to see everything clearly.

The camera has a circular design that could well resemble a small lamp, which helps to disguise its presence. And in part it has a lamp function, with which to illuminate the area by means of infrared when there is not enough light, without it being perceived by those under surveillance.

A complete product that includes USB power, as well as an SD card port in which to record those images.

For those looking for the best price-quality surveillance camera, this model is a good candidate to equip you.


Panoramic recording: The lens of this model allows you to record with a peripheral vision of 360 degrees and high quality.

Night light: Infrared lamps allow quality images to be obtained at night without the camera being seen.

Accessibility : WiFi connectivity allows you to access the device remotely, also having a motion sensor that alerts you if something happens.

Design : Although it is a camera that must be visible, its design resembles that of a small ceiling spotlight, thus helping to go unnoticed.


Configuration : The product configuration process is somewhat complex, and you must follow the detailed instructions to avoid inconveniences.

5 Ghz connectivity: As with other models, this camera is not compatible with modern 5 Ghz connections.

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Within the indoor surveillance cameras, the adjustable models are the most demanded. Products like the LESHP SP017 camera, which you can adjust to a vertical angle of 80 degrees and up to 355 degrees horizontally or rotate. This makes it easy to control any zone with a single device.

Something that is helped by its WiFi connectivity, which allows you to see what is happening in the monitored area at the moment and even makes two-way communication possible, by including speakers and the ability to make yourself heard wherever the camera is.

A model that is finished off with details such as the SD card port or the wall bracket, with which to mount the camera anywhere depending on what you need. This support is accompanied by the necessary screws to carry out a safe assembly.

For those who are not sure which surveillance camera to buy, knowing everything that this model puts at your fingertips will surely make your choice easier.


Movement : This model can move at an angle of up to 80 degrees vertically and up to 355 degrees horizontally, making it easier to see the entire area to be monitored.

Two-way audio: Two-way audio allows you to hear what is happening in the room but also to speak and be heard in the monitored area, through the included speakers.

Versatile installation: The product can be installed in desktop mode or on any wall, including the support and the necessary screws for its assembly.


Configuration process: The camera configuration process is somewhat complex, so it is advisable to be patient until you obtain the desired result.

Apple Compatibility: This product is not compatible with Apple devices such as Mac computers.

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The FREDI YY100S-LB807 camera is a model designed for outdoor installation, making it suitable for monitoring porches, gardens, garage entrances and other outdoor areas. Something that does not affect its image quality, with 720P quality, or its range, which reaches 10 meters in night mode.

A complete product that also has IP66 protection to adequately withstand rain and outdoor humidity. It is also easy to mount, which also allows the camera to be oriented towards the area we want to control thanks to the versatility of its support.

This product is completed with other interesting details, such as the app for its remote control, or the alert system that notifies you when something happens wherever you are watching.

Featured as the best brand of surveillance cameras on the market for much of it, let’s see everything that this equipment offers belonging to its outdoor offer.


Outdoor use: Its IP66 protection gives it high resistance to weathering, withstanding temperatures from -10 to 50 degrees and having no problem with rain or humidity.

Image quality: The product is capable of recording images in 720 format, with a range of up to 10 meters in night recording mode.

Installation : The installation is not complicated, being able during the same to orient the camera towards the zone that you want to control.


Reset button: The reset button is quite small, which makes it difficult to press it when necessary.

Recording angle: The recording angle is 98 degrees, somewhat smaller than the amplitude offered by other similar models.

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Fredi FR-W9-ES

Among the best surveillance cameras of 2022 there is also room for spy and mini-sized products that allow you to monitor any area without being noticed. A job in which the Fredi FR-W9-ES camera is all you need.

A product so small that it can be placed anywhere you have to keep an eye on. A surveillance that you can do both day and night, thanks to its infrared lighting with which to record about 5 meters in low light conditions. These recordings are stored in its SD card memory, which can reach up to 128 GB of capacity, with a renewal system that eliminates the oldest videos to make room for modern ones.

It also has WiFi connectivity so you can see what is happening at the moment on your mobile. And as for its battery, it records around 1 hour approximately, being able to connect to an external source if you require it.

If you are looking for a hidden and wireless camera that you can place without being noticed, this model has all those characteristics.


WiFi connectivity: WiFi connectivity allows you to see directly on your mobile what the camera is seeing without cables or complications.

Continuous recording: The camera can record in a loop by means of a system that erases old files and replaces them with newer ones.

Illumination : Infrared illumination makes it easy to see images clearly when there is no surrounding light.


SD card: The model does not include the SD card necessary to record, so you will need to buy one separately.

Autonomy: Battery autonomy is around 1 or 1.5 hours depending on whether it is day or night, although if you connect it to an external power source you can record endlessly.

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