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Antena TV – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

When it comes to giving a boost to the antenna signal that our television receives, it is not always necessary to look at the roof of the house. And it is that, if we are able to find the best TV antenna for our home, according to our needs and the location of the broadcasting center, the task of improving that antenna signal will be something much simpler. However, in this search it is necessary to look for quality antennas, easy assembly and adequate efficiency in signal delivery. Among them we have economic options as well as efficient, such as the 1byone ODE00-0542 model. This flat antenna is installed on any wall or glass and offers a signal improvement at ranges of up to 40 kilometers away. But if this distance falls short, the TS-Ant Tuoyuan modelIt reaches 240 kilometers and can transmit content in 4K quality, more than enough for home use.

Opinions on the best TV antennas on the market

If you are tired of pixelations, freezes and cuts when watching your favorite television programs, surely you need a little more power in your antenna. A power that you can obtain with complicated roof antennas and other complex solutions or with some of the best TV antennas that we have highlighted. Products with a simple installation and adequate gain, with which to enjoy the quality you deserve when it comes to enjoying a high-quality television broadcast.

1byone ODE00-0542

Economic but efficient. These two words define the 1byone ODE00-0542 antenna, a model that stands out among the best TV antennas of 2022. A product that has a range of about 40 kilometers in open field when it comes to capturing signals, both in SD format and HD, maintaining the reception quality in both cases. All this in a product that is easy to assemble thanks to its flat design or the 4 meter long connection cable with which to place it anywhere.

In addition, it includes passive power so you won’t need anything else to make it work. And when it comes to placement, the two high-quality 3M adhesives on its back keep the antenna securely in place, unlike the lesser-quality fasteners on cheaper options. That is why many users value this model as the best TV antenna for value for money at the moment.

Although users have not just decided on any manufacturer as the best brand of TV antennas on the market, the truth is that the details of this product that we are going to know make this manufacturer win in this fight.


Scope : This antenna is capable of receiving signals from transmitting centers located about 40 kilometers away.

Reception quality: This product is compatible with the reception of signals in HD quality.

Connection cable: The connection cable to the TV is four meters long, which makes it easier to find a place for it and connect it without problems.

Power : The power of this DTT antenna is passive and uses the current from the TV antenna socket, so you don’t need to connect anything else.

Assembly : The assembly and installation process is as easy as sticking it on a wall or glass and connecting the cable to your TV.


Reception capacity: According to some users, the signal can vary depending on the location in the room, so it is recommended to test it before fixing it on the wall.

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TS Ant Tuoyuan

TS-Ant Tuoyuan is the name of the model of a TV antenna that will be very practical if you are looking to enjoy free-to-air channels in your region.

This device is connected to the TV through the coaxial port, in order to reproduce the signal that has been captured on the screen. This will allow you to enjoy varied content for a low price.

Its design is simple, consisting of a thin piece that you can place directly on the wall to connect it to the TV. In addition, you will also find a switch with which you can adjust the signal range for the antenna, whether the source is in a range greater or less than 60 kilometers away.

This leads us to mention that the TS-Ant equipment has a wide range of 240 kilometers and can play channels in 1080p and 4K resolution without any problems.

This TS-Ant option could be more practical than you imagine, so you should review its qualities in detail:


Amplifier: It is capable of amplifying the number of channels that can be seen on the screen.

Scope: It has a wide range, to be able to capture the open signals available in your area.

Image: Its capacity allows you to transmit images in 4K quality, so you can enjoy high resolution.

Cable: The purchase is accompanied by a practical coaxial cable for installation.



Location: You must carefully choose the place where you are going to install it, to guarantee that it has access to the open sky.

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Rishuo Smart IC

The Rishuo TV antenna is another compact and efficient proposal when deciding which is the best indoor TV antenna and enjoying a better signal at home. To achieve this, this model has a typical conventional antenna format, with a magnetic base and compact dimensions. Details that make it easy to place the product almost anywhere.

Its estimated range is about 150 kilometers in open field situations, although as long as it is placed in areas where there are no obstacles nearby. Thanks to its included processor, it is capable of receiving signals with Full HD quality and up to 4K, if available.

The device is completed with a simple installation, just connect the antenna and retune the channels on your TV to enjoy a new powerful and quality signal. Perfect so you don’t have problems when watching traditional television.

So that capturing all the channels in your area is not a problem, turn to this high-quality antenna.


Range: The estimated range is around 150 kilometers, being capable of capturing signals located at very remote distances.

Quality: Thanks to its power and its processing system, the product is compatible with broadcasts up to 4K.

Magnetic Base: This base sticks to any metal surface and fixes the position of the antenna, so it doesn’t fall off.



USB: It is necessary to have a USB port nearby or plug the equipment into a charger head, to give power to the antenna.

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Ts-Ant ‎CJH-358A

With the Ts-Ant ‎CJH-358A model we find ourselves before a product with a dual nature regarding its installation, since this device can be placed either on the wall or in tabletop mode. Something that adds extra versatility when looking for the area with the best range in your home to place the antenna.

In this task, its wiring helps you, five meters long and that facilitates installation. Regarding its range, it reaches 380 kilometers, according to the manufacturer. It has a connector with which to adjust that range to less than 90 kilometers, with more intensity, or more than that distance, with a little less force.

In any case, this does not prevent the device from capturing all kinds of channels efficiently and that you can even receive signals in both Full HD and 4K formats. Ideal to see everything clearly with the quality you deserve.

Give your television signal a boost with this complete indoor antenna, which we analyze below.


Amplifier: The amplifier system increases the ability to capture a signal 380 kilometers away.

Installation : It can be mounted in desktop or wall mode, with a 5 meter long cable.

Image : Following the approach of the most current models, this antenna is capable of capturing signals up to 4K resolution.



Size: It is not one of the most compact options we have found, although at least its finish is elegant.

USB : The antenna needs to be connected to a nearby USB port to supply power.

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One For All SV9395

As an alternative to wall-mounted models, the One For All SV9395 indoor TV antenna is a table-top model, so to speak, which is nonetheless one of the few 4K TV antennas we have found on the market. Sufficient therefore to capture the maximum signal quality in those emissions that are in a range of up to 25 kilometers away, as always in open field.

To further improve the quality of this reception, this model incorporates a 4G filter that eliminates interference generated by mobile phone antennas and that may affect signal reception. All this in a product that is easy to install, since it can be placed on any table both vertically and horizontally, and is also compatible with wall installation, if desired.

If you are looking for an antenna with 4K reception capacity, discover this interesting model and everything it can do for your television.


Signal quality: It is one of the few indoor TV antennas with reception capacity in 4K UHD format that exist on the market.

4G filter: The 4G filter is responsible for eliminating possible signal interference caused by mobile phone antennas and other similar interference.

Installation : The antenna can be mounted on a desktop, flat or inclined, or you can hang it on the wall if you prefer.


Range : Its range is only 25 kilometers, so it should be taken into account if the emitting centers are further away.

Instruction manual: The instructions for the antenna are quite poor, so you will have to use some intuition when using it.

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Shopping guide

Indoor TV antennas are an interesting solution for when you don’t have a general antenna outlet nearby or it doesn’t perform as it should. However, the task of finding a good and cheap indoor TV antenna is not always easy. For this reason, we want to give you some clues so that you know what to look for and how to get the most out of it.

The first piece of advice in our guide to buying an indoor TV antenna is to choose a model with the necessary power to meet your needs. These are measured in kilometers, so it is convenient to know where the emission centers are and evaluate that distance, which today is easy with Google Maps. However, it is obvious that the more range you have, the more powerful the antenna is. Even so, it is key that it is placed as close to the outside as possible and away from obstacles or equipment that may interfere with the signal.

It is also important to see the design that suits us according to our needs. If we take a look at any comparison of indoor TV antennas, we will see how there are several types to choose from. The most current is the adhesive, which sticks to any window or wall, although those of conventional design are also common, which usually have a magnetic base and can be moved comfortably.

The final highlight is the assembly. It should be noted that some current antennas include external power, so we will need to have a USB port or a plug nearby, in this case. The length of the wiring should also be verified, checking that it reaches from the mounting area to the television. Something key that does not influence how much the antenna costs, but it can ruin its assembly if it falls short.

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Zehot COCO-1

If for you the best TV antenna of the moment is the one that offers you the greatest power and range, the Zehot COCO-1 model would be what you need. And it is that this product has the ability to capture signals located at distances as far away as 95 kilometers, thanks to its efficient design.

Una señal que también mejora de forma notable, con una ganancia de 15 dB con la que disfrutar incluso de canales en resolución HD, si están a tu alcance. Una antena que, en lo que a su aspecto e instalación respecta, sigue el moderno diseño plano que facilita su instalación sobre cualquier pared o en una ventana. A esta instalación ayudan sus casi 5 metros de cable de conexión, que facilitan la ubicación de la antena en la zona donde más señal captes.

Si aún no tienes claro qué antena TV comprar pero necesitas una alta potencia, descubre algunos detalles más de este modelo y lo que te ofrece.


Potente: Esta antena de TV interior es una de las más potentes que hemos encontrado, siendo capaz de recibir señales a distancias de hasta 95 kilómetros.

Alcance ajustable: En caso de que esa potencia extra no sea necesaria puedes ajustar la recepción a unos 50 kilómetros aproximadamente.

Ganancia: Esta antena te ofrece una ganancia estimada de 15 dB, lo que añade un extra de calidad a todos los canales que tengas a tu alcance.

Montaje: A diferencia de otros modelos, que usan pegamentos de alta resistencia, este modelo usa ventosas, resistentes pero menos agresivas con la pared.


Alimentación adicional: Es necesario aportar corriente adicional a la antena mediante el cable USB incluido para que la misma funcione.

Optimización de la ubicación: Tal como ocurre con otras antenas similares, es necesario buscar el punto más adecuado para colocarla, generalmente cerca de una ventana.

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