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TV Stand – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

If you have a flat TV at home, you may be interested in a TV stand with which to place this product in the position that suits you best. Something that also helps you save space, so that you take better advantage of the layout of any room. To do this, all you have to do is rely on one of the existing TV mounts on the market, which usually offer good quality, as well as a personalized experience when placing the TV. This is what we can achieve with models like the Perlesmith PSPISF1-E bracket. This is suitable for TVs up to 42 inches and its design allows us to adjust the tilt angle and other parameters to achieve better viewing. Something similar is offered by the RICOO D0122 model, noted for having high compatibility with large TVs and, in addition, being rotatable to be able to focus the screen on a particular point.


Opinions on the best TV mounts on the market

One of the advantages of modern flat screen televisions is that they can be hung anywhere. Something that helps us to dispense with the usual bulky television furniture and that allows us to place the equipment wherever we like. A task in which it will surely be interesting for us to know which is the best TV support that we can find, according to the measurements of the device and our own preferences. So that you know the options you have in this regard, we leave you some selected products, which cover practically all types of TV supports existing today.

TV wall bracket


Perlesmith PSPISF1-E

When it comes to hanging a TV, it’s a good idea to turn to a good quality TV wall mount like the Perlesmith PSPISF1-E. This support is optimal for any small to medium sized TV, being compatible from 13 to 42 inches diagonal in its structure. 

Its structure supports up to 20 kilos of load, to avoid risks during this assembly. Its measurements correspond to a VESA compatibility of 75 x 75 up to 200 x 200 mm. The best thing about this product is its design, with a double mobile arm and an adjustable system, so you can either separate the TV from the wall or tilt it in any dimension, in order to achieve the best viewing angle. 

As for its installation, the support includes quality screws, so you only need your tools, to have it assembled in a short time.

We analyze in detail this complete wall mount, ideal for medium-sized flat TVs.


Measurements: The product is capable of supporting televisions ranging from 13 to 42 inches diagonally.

Mobile arm: This arm allows you to separate the TV from the wall, according to your needs.

Adjustable: It is also possible to adjust the support in inclination and angle, thanks to its mobility.

Compatibility: It is compatible with VESA measurements from 75 x 75 to 200 x 200 millimeters.

Screws: The kit includes the necessary screws for assembly, applicable to almost any use.


Support: The product is suitable for mounting on all types of walls except plaster or similar.

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Ceiling TV mount



Although wall mounts are usually the most common when mounting a television, the truth is that ceiling TV mounts are also a good option. If you prefer this type of mounting, the RICOO D0122 support will surely be of interest to you.

This model has a swivel and tilt system with which it is possible to rotate the angle of the television up to 90 degrees, having the same tilt capacity. This bracket is designed for average TV sizes, with compatibility from 17 to 42 inches, so you won’t have any problems hanging a conventional 32-inch TV, for example.

Regarding its installation and materials, the ceiling TV mount system is relatively simple and is made of laminated steel and aluminum, which give you all the necessary security to mount something hanging from the ceiling.

If you still don’t know which TV stand to buy, let’s find out more about this model and its features.



Screen adjustment: This model allows you to adjust both the angle of the screen and its inclination in a simple way.

Manufacturing: The manufacture of laminated steel and aluminum gives you all the necessary security for a safe assembly.

Compatibility: The product is compatible to hang televisions from 17 to 42 inches, with its corresponding VESA compatibility.



Ceiling resistance: It is essential to verify prior to purchasing the product that the ceiling on which we are going to mount it supports the weight of the assembly.

Screws: It is advisable to verify that the screws included for the installation are correctly adapted to the type of material on which the support will sit.

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Floor TV stand


Ricoo FS304B

The Ricoo FS304B floor TV stand is an interesting novelty for those who do not want to go drilling holes or looking for space on the wall. In this case, we are talking about a support with which it is really easy to mount our television and place it anywhere.

For this, it has a hanging support system compatible with models from 30 to 60 inches, as long as they maintain the corresponding compatibility with VESA systems. These VESA measurements range from 75 x75 millimeters to 400 x 400, thus offering a wide working range capable of supporting up to 40 kilos of weight.

A model that, due to its characteristics, has a really simple installation and is finished off with a beautiful glossy black exterior finish, with which to give a touch of elegance to any room in your home.

In our selection of the best TV stands of 2022, a standing model like this could not be missing, which we analyze in detail below.



Easy installation: The model is easy to install, as the screws are visible and in an easily accessible position for tightening.

Finish: The glossy black finish gives an extra quality to the product, which presents an elegant and very pleasant image.

Compatibility: Within its compatibility, the model allows you to mount televisions from 30 to 60 inches diagonally.



Fixed position: In this case, the TV is in a fixed position, so it cannot be tilted or rotated on the stand.

Height of the foot: It is possible that the height of the foot is somewhat higher than desirable, in case you want to place some furniture on the support and take advantage of its lower hole for assembly.

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32-inch TV stand


TooQ LP2042TNL-B

As with other products, cheap TV mounts do not always have to be of poor quality. The proof is found in the TooQ LP2042TNL-B model, suitable for mounting compatible televisions and monitors with measurements from 13” to 42” diagonal.

It is also suitable as a 32-inch TV stand, as it has a large number of adjustments, with which it is possible to orient the TV, set its angle or tilt it in the way that suits you best.

The process is also easy when assembling the equipment, since the detachable arm allows each step to be carried out separately, thus gaining comfort and safety. A good number of functions that, together with its adjusted price, make this model an outstanding student in order to become the best quality-price TV mount of those analyzed.

When looking for the best television mount, there is also room for cheap models, such as this mount that we analyze below.



Control capacity: With this product we can place the television in the position that best suits us, since it allows the adjustment of the inclination, leveling and even the rotation of the television.

Mounting: Thanks to the removable arm, mounting the main board on the wall is much easier, as is mounting the bracket on the TV.



Size of use: The model has a maximum compatibility with 42-inch televisions, so it is not suitable for today’s larger televisions.

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Swivel TV mount


Tooq LP2142TNL-B

The option offered by the Tooq brand is a rotating TV mount with which you can focus the screen of your equipment in different directions according to your needs. It is a model designed so that you can install televisions that have screens within a range of 13” and 42”, so you have a wide range of compatibility.

On the other hand, the support is made of metal with a matt black finish and can support a maximum weight of up to 20 kilograms to keep your TV firm and stable at all times.

Regarding its adjustment, you can change the tilt angle position between -12° and +5°, while the leveling one allows you to choose between -3° and +3°. As for the angle of rotation, you can change the position of the television to a maximum of 180 ° from its initial position, so you can comfortably orient it where you want.

Taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of each model can help you choose which one to buy and here are the Tooq product:


Materials: It is made of metal and its finishes are robust to use it with confidence.

Settings: You can change the orientation of the TV and also its tilt angle for your comfort.

Capacity: The maximum weight capacity supported is 20 kilograms, as well as compatibility with TVs of different sizes. Enough to be compatible with various models of televisions.

Hook: The support has a hook to collect the cables and thus have everything more organized and pleasing to the eye.



Screws: It seems that the securing screws are a bit short for some TVs, although removing the washer fixes it.

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Floor TV stand


Bontec FIH-B

Compatible with a wide variety of TV brands, the Bontec TV Floor Stand can stably support models ranging from 30 to 65 inches. In addition, its load limit is 40 kg, so it is robust and offers security.

On the other hand, it is designed in an elegant black color, very easy to adapt to any decoration style, and in relation to its distribution, it has 3 tempered glass shelves in the lower area. Due to this, it allows the projection area accessories to be well organized, such as a sound bar, a Blu-Ray player, etc. As for the order of the cables, it includes clips that hold and hide them effectively.

To contribute to comfortable viewing, it offers a swivel angle of 20 degrees and it is also possible to choose one of the two available height levels. Also, to prevent unexpected slipping, the base has 6 rubber feet, which will help protect your floor from scratches.

If this model has caught your attention, review the pros and cons that we have identified in it.


Safety: The support has been designed for a maximum load of 40 kg, which is considered sufficient for the size of televisions compatible with its measurements.

Storage area: It offers 3 sturdy shelves to place accessories and organize your room.

Appearance: Its sober black design blends well in almost any space.


Height Adjustment: The length of the frame is only changed by 2 levels, but they are designed in such a way as to provide ergonomic viewing.

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55-inch TV stand

Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B

Talking about the Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B support is talking about big words. And it is that this model is the most suitable for modern large televisions, being able to support equipment of up to 80 inches diagonally. A system that is also capable of supporting up to 75 kilos of weight, so you will not have to worry about the safety of your television.

To keep it in place, the model that can also be used as a 55-inch TV mount, consists of two tilting bars on a main frame that distributes the weight properly on the wall for that security. Something that helps its design, which is shipped already assembled so that you only have to anchor it on the wall. A task in which all the hardware elements necessary for a conventional installation are also accompanied.

If you need a large TV wall mount, this model will surely be adequate to meet your needs. Read on to find out.



Capacity: It is one of the models with the highest capacity that we have found, being able to offer secure support for televisions up to 80 inches diagonally.

Installation: Unlike previous models, this product ships pre-assembled, so all you have to do is attach it to the wall and mount your TV on it.

Accessories: It is accompanied by a high-quality HDMI cable, a level to make the installation more precise and the rest of the screws necessary for its assembly.



TV adjustment: The only adjustment we can make with this support is tilt, not being possible to adjust the angle or position of the TV.

Fixing screws: As usual in many of these products, it is convenient to review the screws included for wall fixing, in case it is not suitable for our specific needs.

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Folding ceiling TV mount


My Wall HL12WML

If you need a folding ceiling TV mount, you could consider the option offered by the My Wall brand. The main advantage of this model is the fact that it can be operated using a remote control to adjust the position of the television. To achieve this, it uses a motorized mechanism and has the capacity to support units between 23” and 55” with a maximum weight of 30 kilograms.

It can also be tilted to an angle of up to 75° in case you need to change the focus of the TV. As for its design, this support can be purchased in white or black depending on your preference and has dimensions of 51.6 x 43.5 x 66.3 centimeters with a weight of 9.07 kilograms.

The compatibility of this model is also striking, since it can work with televisions with housings for VESA mounts and its fixing is quite reliable and robust.

If you want to know more about this product, we invite you to read its pros and cons below:


Space: With this type of supports you will not occupy the area to walk and you will have more free space for furniture and others.

Adjustments: You can change the position of the TV relative to its tilt angle for better viewing.

Management: It can be operated with a remote control included with the purchase.

Accessories: All the necessary elements are also included so that you can mount it on your ceiling.



Power outlets: One detail to consider is that this support works with electricity, so you will need to have a power outlet nearby.

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TV table stand


Putorsen GSMT-001

The Putorsen brand TV table stand is a tool designed for monitors and televisions, since it uses a gas spring arm that will allow you to change the focus of the equipment in different heights, angles and directions.

Specifically, its tilt range is from -35° to +35° and, depending on where it is installed, you can enjoy 180° or 360° rotation to offer you freedom and comfort.

Also taking into account its manufacturing materials, you should know that this model has a structure made of steel, thus guaranteeing a high level of robustness so that you can install your TV or computer monitor safely.

Regarding the dimensions of the support, the GSMT-001 measures 41.4 x 17.3 x 10.7 centimeters and weighs 3.84 kilograms, being easy to handle so you can install it yourself without help if you want.

Now, we advise you to consider the advantages and disadvantages that you would obtain if you acquire this support model:


Ergonomics: With this support you can add ergonomics when watching TV or using the computer, since you can accommodate it according to your position.

Adjustments: The design of the support allows for various and very useful position adjustments for any monitor.

Tools: All tools and items necessary for assembly and installation are included with purchase.

Capacity: You can mount televisions or monitors between 17 “and 32”, enough for the office.



Weight: However, you should know that it can support a maximum weight of 8 kilograms.

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42-inch TV stand


Mounty 40070156

Mounty offers you a TV mount that may be to your liking if you have a large-screen model, since it has the capacity to install televisions between 32” and 65” that have a maximum weight of 55 kilograms, being very practical for the living room living room or bedroom.

Mounty’s product can also be used as a 42-inch TV stand thanks to the fact that it has the necessary capacity to support both size and weight, and you can even choose between mounting LED, LCD, Plasma or modern televisions with curved screens.

Another interesting detail is that the support is made of laminated steel with a double paint coating, which adds both attractiveness and robustness to the entire structure. The joints are reliable and firm, as well as offering a folding design that will allow you to move the monitor away or closer to you in case you want to change its position.

If you are interested in purchasing Mounty support, here we have compiled some extra details for you:


Compatibility: It has an adjustable design with which you can use televisions from 32” to 65” so that you can choose the appropriate model according to the environment.

Materials: The manufacturing materials are of good quality and provide confidence, robustness and firmness when holding your TV.

Capacity: The TV you install can weigh up to 55 kilograms so you don’t have to worry about an incident.

Standards: The bracket is suitable for VESA standards from 60 x 60 to 400 x 400.



Rotation: You must bear in mind that with this type of support you will not be able to rotate your TV from position.

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How to choose the best TV mounts?

Below, you will find a guide to buying the best TV stand where we have taken into account the most important features mentioned by some buyers on online shopping sites. We invite you to take this information into account when reviewing any comparison of TV mounts.

Shopping guide

Manufacturing materials

Today it is usual to have at least one large television or several at home, either complementing the living room or the rest rooms and, many times, it is difficult to sacrifice the available space to be able to have it without getting in the way.

However, it must be considered that these televisions can have considerable sizes and weights, which is why the manufacturing materials are the first aspect that you must analyze if you want to purchase a TV stand.

In general, supports made of steel are quite reliable, since this material has a high resistance and durability, so, in addition to lasting a long time, it will also ensure that it is capable of supporting the weight of the equipment. However, depending on the support, it is likely that it works with several pieces at the same time and in this case you should verify that the joints are well made and firm, to keep everything in order when assembling the TV.


Stand capacity

Another extremely important feature that you should analyze is the capacity of the support and it is very likely that this will also have a significant influence on how much it costs, so if you want to purchase a product with good value for money, it is necessary to find the proper balance.

In order to do so, you must take into account the size of your television, as well as its weight and evaluate them based on the capacity of the support indicated by the manufacturer. In general, it is advisable to purchase a model that can support a couple of kilograms more than the TV weighs for greater safety, a detail that you could consider when reviewing which one to buy.


Structural compatibility

The next aspect that you should check in order to buy a good support for your TV is its structural compatibility. This feature is complemented by the design, because each TV can have back shells with particular shapes to install the brackets.

Therefore, it is essential that before spending a single euro, you make sure that the TV mount you want to buy is suitable for adapting to the rear sockets of your equipment. This way you will avoid problems when you want to install it or be forced to mount it without all the screws and insurance, which is not recommended at all.


Support Features

TV stands have evolved along with these pieces of equipment, so the designs have been updated to offer more and more practicality. Also, the use of televisions for advertising has opened up a new market for TV mounts, which is why integrated accessories have their deserved importance.

It is likely that, if you are looking for an economical model, you will have to sacrifice some functions of certain models of TV mounts, such as the possibility of tilting the equipment in case the mount has the appropriate structure for it.

In other cases, you can find models of TV mounts that allow you, in addition to changing the angle, adjust the direction of focus of the screen, change the orientation of the TV, move it easily, among others. Therefore, if you need a support that is practical and safe, you should take care of the details in its offered functions and accessories.

Installation Requirements

The last feature we will look at will be the installation requirements. As you know, there are many models of TV stands that vary in size, capacity, design and requirements.

In order to find a suitable model that offers you both security and confidence, you should verify how it should be installed before purchasing it because some supports are designed to work with a maximum weight and if it is not installed on a sufficiently resistant surface, everything the set could give way.

Likewise, it would not hurt if you choose a support with specific functions such as rotating or changing the angle of the screen, also check if you have the necessary space so that the equipment can perform these movements without tripping over a column or another wall, for example.

And in case you don’t want to modify any surface of your home, you also have the option of choosing a floor bracket with which you won’t have the need to embed it in the wall or ceiling.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a TV stand?

In order to make proper use of a standard TV mount, you must take into account the manufacturer’s specifications in terms of weight and maximum recommended size of the equipment. After verifying that the bracket is suitable for your TV, use the necessary tools to install it, either on the wall or the ceiling. If it is an independent model, try to place it in a space where it will not get in the way or cause a trip.

Once you have the bracket in place, you can start installing the plate that goes on the back of the TV. Make sure each screw is firmly in place and proceed to attach the TV to the bracket.


Q2: How to make a TV floor stand?

To make a stand, you will first need to start with the base and assess both the size and weight of the TV, so that you can correctly calculate the thickness and weight of the wood to achieve a good balance. Next, decide how high you want your equipment to be to create the mast. Finally, taking into account the position of the TV stands, make a wooden base with the appropriate design to fit them.


Q3: How to install a TV mount on the wall?

To install a TV mount on the wall you must use the template that is usually included with the purchase of the product. In this template you will be able to find the appropriate position to make the holes where the screws of the base of the support will be secured.

Using the template, mark the positions and open the holes with a drill. After this, put a plug in the hole and, if necessary, you can use a hammer to go in completely. Now, take the base and aligning it with the holes, start putting each of the screws until everything is strongly supported and secure to support the weight of the TV.


Q4: How to put a bracket for LG TV?

If you have purchased a support to install it on an LG TV, we assume that you have verified that it complements the design of the rear cover of the equipment. Therefore, take the template of the LG TV bracket to mark the location of the holes that you will have to open with a drill to be able to embed the product.

Next, take the base and mount it to the TV with the screws and washers making sure all components are secure. Now that you have everything ready, all you have to do is reinstall the base on the bracket along with the TV, likewise checking that all the joints and connections are connected correctly.


Q5: How to remove a Samsung TV mount?

One by one, remove the screws, whether they are located on the wall or on the TV. If your stand is foldable, this will help you to access the screws more easily, if not, don’t worry, there is usually enough space to work. At the end, when you have removed all, you can remove the product from your television.


Q6: At what height is a TV stand placed?

In general, it is advisable to place the television at eye level to avoid having to lower or raise your head to watch the content. To do this, you can consider whether you are going to watch TV from a sofa or a bed and thus be able to decide where the equipment would be best located.


Q7: How to hang a TV bracket on plasterboard?

If you want to install your TV on a recessed mount on a plasterboard surface, you must first verify that the wall or ceiling can support the weight of the two elements combined. If not, you should add a reinforced profile for added security. However, the installation process is the same as for a common wall, only that in plasterboard you must be more careful with the size and weight.


Q8: How to make wooden TV stand?

As explained above, there are tutorials and templates you can download online that will give you the exact measurements to cut the pieces of wood for your type of TV.

For the most part, you will need wood and tools to work with, as well as DIY skills and extra accessories like screws, washers, and glue.

Regardless of the procedure to manufacture the support, we advise you to respect all the in

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